Pat Flynn has a pretty bomb youtube channel with over 100K subscribers and a website called that he’s had since 2008. Through these 2 mediums, he’s generating quite a bit of organic free traffic.

When you’re generating this much free traffic, it becomes quite simple to make money with affiliate marketing, simply by sharing with your audience tools that he’s using and that the audience might find useful also.

So given his track record I had some high expectations for his 123 affiliate marketing course.

Does it live up to the hype?

Unfortunately the course, confirmed to me that affiliate marketing is simply a bad idea for anyone looking to make their first dollar online.

Why I adamantly tell my readers to do local lead generation instead.

Pat Flynn’s course didn’t do much to persuade me otherwise.

& I have quite the extensive background in affiliate marketing as well.

And what makes affiliate marketing hard is being able to generate the traffic for it.

Yet Pat does not go over that crucial piece in this training.

I’ll go into why he doesn’t cover it.

Also who is this course for exactly?

How come all the juicey details of what actually made Pat successful online is missing?

123 Affiliate Marketing Course Outline

When I was reading Pat’s sales page for this course I was immediately a little worried because he didn’t talk at all about SEO or how to actually generate traffic.

All he emphasized was how he was going to show you how to promote affiliate links to your audience given that you already had traffic & audience!

But I thought to myself, there’s no way Pat of all people would create an affiliate marketing course without the training on traffic generation.

Well below is a write-up, reviewing each module of this course and unfortunately my concerns were true.

There is literally no single training on how to rank your site so it can generate traffic.

General Thoughts of This Course

Honestly, this course might be alright for a beginner but tbh the training is way too basic to really succeed with affiliate marketing.

I respect Pat Flynn because I see him post pretty quality content on youtube but how can he create an affiliate marketing course that just teaches about picking product, getting the affiliate link & how to promote it to the audience?

When the most difficult thing in affiliate marketing is how to generate traffic?

Maybe if you already had a blog that was generating tons of traffic then you could benefit from this course, but if not this isn’t going to help you much.

How to be successful in Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing you need to build a site or massive youtube channel that gets tons of traffic.

Making a commission simply by promoting others’ products sounds great but what you have to understand is that conversion rate is really low because you’re at best only recommending a product to an audience that’s sort of interested at the topic in hand for the most part.

Its not like local lead generation where you’re targetting buyer intent keywords like “best plumbers near me” where you know that the traffic is ready to buy something immediately.

Look at Patt’s website for example: which has 10K different domains pointing a link to him.

Or his youtube channel that has over 100K subscribers and he’s regularly posting new videos on there

Obviously, these are the true driving forces of his internet income

So how come he does share the how-to in his affiliate marketing course?

Well I know why, its because if he were to truly teach what he had to do to get to where he’s at.

Most people would run the hell away.

He grinded his ass off through producing quality content for many years to slowly gain his traffic on his blog. He’s been doing it since 2008 for god sakes. This is not a very teachable model. & for the most part, simply producing content on a site doesn’t work in 2021. Now you need to combine that with high-level SEO skills.

But then how come he doesn’t teach about making youtube videos to build up an audience?

I thought about this, & honestly, the only reason I can think of is that he doesn’t want to create for himself whole bunch of competition on youtube.

Is Affiliate Marketing Right for me?

The biggest misconception is that affiliate marketing is easy.

In actuality, affiliate marketing is one of the hardest online businesses.

Its only easy to get started.

But to be able to drive the kind of traffic you need to make legit income with it, is way beyond 99% of most everyone’s scope/capacity.

I do not recommend affiliate marketing if you’re brand new to making money online.

Especially in 2021 and beyond, building that authority blog has become so much more challenging because now good content isn’t enough, you actually need to know what you’re doing with the SEO side of things.

Which requires much more advanced training than what Patt Flynn is showing you with his 123 Affiliate Course.

Affiliate Marketing vs. Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation takes the best parts of affiliate marketing business model which is being able to generate passive income by monetizing free traffic on your blog or youtube.

But doing it at the local level, so the competition is much easier and its much more doable for anyone starting out, even if you’ve never done anyting online before. Its an ever-green skill because local businesses aren’t going anywhere soon & neither is the internet.

We have students from all walks of life that begin generating leads for a local business & get paid pretty handsomely for it.

Who has the resources to build an authority site with 10,000 backlinks from other sites if you’re a complete novice?

Its not a very coachable business model because the main reason why Patt has such a powerful site is because he’s had it since 2008 and has been working consistently at it since then.

Using you can take a look at what he’s site looked like in the early years, below is a screenshot of what it looked like in 2009

Unless you have a time machine, you can’t really use Pat’s old school tactics anymore to succeed

Which was to simply write good quality content back then, and your pages would rank automatically & people would link to you because there was just that much less competition back then.

Now you can’t expect to receive links automatically just for writing good content. You need a skill to create your own backlinks. Which is what we teach in the lead gen coaching program, so it puts you in 100% control over your business.

This is why this course that Pat created is more about how to monetize your traffic given that you’re already generating traffic!

Its clear to me that Pat really doesn’t know the latest SEO tactics to push a brand new site up the search rankings so that it can begin generating traffic.

Being able to generate free traffic is the only skill that truly matters online in my opinion.

Its where the rubber meets the road.

People that think SEO tactics do not work anymore, just don’t know what they’re talking about.

Pat also knows its all about increasing traffic because he’s still constantly producing youtube videos where you still don’t need much SEO tactics, it still relies more on the quality of content like the old days with blogs.

I have the SEO skills to actually take a brand new site and begin generating free traffic with it.

When you have this skill, you can cut your own paychecks using the internet.

This is why our students have such high success rate inside our local lead generation coaching. We literally give our students everything they need to know to build a 6-7 figure business from scratch, with NOTHING left out.

You can apply the same ranking skills to rank affiliate sites but we do not recommend it.

For the most part ranking brand new affiliate sites takes way too long and costs way too much money.

When you’re looking to make your first dollar online, you’re much better off ranking local lead gen sites.

Rankings are much quicker and the ROI is much greater.

Many people have not caught on to the vast opportunities that exist in local lead gen yet.

Also there’s so much more opportunities in local because now you’re talking about every single city out there has its own rankings specific to a niche and there’s so many niches within each city.

Take it from a guy that has already been doing affiliate marketing for quite some time and spent some good money on it as well, until I became pretty proficient at it, its around 10% of my online income.

My bread & butter, around 80% of my income is lead generation.


I believe Patt Flynn means well, but I expected a lot more from him on this one.

When you create a course about affiliate marketing and you’re the owner of in which you’ve positioned yourself as the go-to expert on passive income…

But you leave out the most important piece of affiliate marketing which is traffic generation…

Then I’m left scratching my head at figuring out who can really benefit from this course?

You also didn’t share at all how you were able to build that successful website & youtube channel? When its clear those two avenues is how you’re generating your income?

Just digging into Pat’s business further, leads me to understand that how he was able to create his success is a product of good timing and sticking with something for a very long time, since 2008 to be exact.

So its not really a duplicatable method for others to copy.

Now if you didn’t make a site from 2008, are you screwed?


I didn’t build my first lead gen properties till 2015, but I was still able to build my multiple 6 figure business and the key is to understand that I’m creating brand new sites in 2021 and I know how to rank them, generate leads with free traffic & make that cash money.

Wanna make money online?

Get your skills up! with our proven lead generation process that works in the current times of 2021. The fastest way to build your first 6 figure online business so that you can quit your job asap.

Affiliate marketing is something that you should stay clear of until you’re making at least $10K per month online passively.

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