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4 Course Bundle Review – Frank Kern (4 Courses for $4 – Sales & Marketing)

August 15, 2022

Ok, we've written about Frank Kern here very recently.

He's one of my favorite 'gurus'.

He's a straight shooter and a no bullcrap kind of guy, and I like that.

He's also very generous for a money-grabbing marketer, and often goes for shock value.

It don't get much more shock value than this!

He has recently bundle 4 of his best selling courses and put them on sale for $4.

Yeah you heard right: 4 bucks right here:

  • The Ultimate Offer
  • Advanced Closing
  • Power Positioning
  • The 6 Magic Steps to Scaling Big Online.
frank kern site cover

For those who were late for class, a quick rundown on who Frank is:

He's a renowned entrepreneur, marketing guru, and business consultant.

Kern is also the creator of the ‘Behavioral Dynamic Response’.

This is automated marketing method that speeds up your sales cycle.

He does that by customizing his marketing messages based on your prospect’s behavior.

He is one of the highest-paid internet marketing consultant and copywriter.

With his knowledge and research, he launched the most lucrative online marketing campaigns.

He has made other gurus like Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi multiple millions in sales.

Before we dive into a review of these 4 courses, just a little bit about me..

Mind you, for $4 you should not need a lot of convincing!

A lil bit about me... My name is Ippei...
Tree Care Service Gif

Until 2014, just like a lot of people who read this blog, I was working in corporate from 9 to 5.

Not only was it driving me crazy, but it didn't give me any time to plan any bigger projects.

That was until I discovered a method to rank sites organically, generating free leads for my clients.

That website you see above, for the tree care company, I created that site in 2015, and since then I haven't had to touch or update it:

It has gained me a passive income of $2000 a month.

That's more than $100,000 for one site, in 5 years.

That's the magic of the Lead Generation business, it's by far the best model to generate passive income. If you want to know more, just take a look over here!

But enough about me.

Frank Kern's ideas have helped me even in my Lead Gen adventures.

Let's jump into a thorough review of these 4 courses for $4!

The 4 Course Bundle

I don't want to bore you with a module by module description of the courses.

Instead, I will write about the main takeaways I have gained in each course.

That will give you an idea about how much of  genius Frank really is.

I love his no-nonsense, foul mouthed approach.

But doesn't be fooled:

The surfer dude facade is just an act.

This guy knows exactly what he wants and how to get it.

And you can too for only 4 bucks.

1) The Six Magic Steps to Scaling

In this minicourse, Frank leads you through six magic steps to lasting success online.

He walks you through the six individually and then goes through them in detail.

These are:

  • Embrace theGospel According to Kern.
  • Stop Thinking Like a Marketer.
  • Understand Reality.
  • Know Your Real Numbers.
  • Decide, Commit,Obsess.
  • Expand Your Thinking and Your Skills.

Takeway 1 - Embrace the Gospel According to Kern

The Gospel according to Kern is not that hard to summarize.

You make money by turning advertising into profit.

Simple, right?

But why is this?

  • Advertising is never going to go away. Never.
  • It's a transferable skill: if a product is dated, transfer skill on new product.
  • It can increase the value of existing assets if done well.
  • Advertising funds its growth without debt as long as ROAS is higher than 1.

Let's try and analyze these points shortly.

We've all heard about people buying stuff on Ali Baba and selling it for 5 times the price through branding and advertising done right.

Let's take an example and try and explain how good advertising makes millions.

The IG influencer Gretta van Riel launched her watch collection 'The Fifth'.

Before that she had made millions through her tea brand 'SkinnyMyTea'.

So she basically took that skill, transferred it to another brand and reused it.

The watches were bought wholesale and personalized, and sold for 10x their value.

So through her organic advertising, she increased the value of her asset and profited.

Being mostly organic advertising, her ROAS was waaaay above 1.

She could rinse and repeat while never going in debt.

She reapplied all these skills with her new product 'DropBottle'.

Takeway 2 - Stop Thinking Like an Internet Marketer

That may be a weird thing to say.

A lot of people buying the course will identify as internet marketers.

But Frank has his reasons.

The term typically means someone who uses the internet to make short term money.

And add to that no long term plan for sustainability.

So what exactly should an internet marketer think like?

You should think like a billionaire.

Billionaires think about multiplying money through leveraging assets.

The idea behind it is that you have to learn to treat your knowledge like assets.

Your FB advertising skills are your asset, for example.

You make money like billionaires do, in that you leverage the assets you have.

Check this out:

  • Cash Producing Asset #1Product and Marketing System: these assets are the product you are selling and the ads you use to achieve the goal.
  • Cash Producing Asset #2The List: each email address collected is more or less $1 dollar a month asset that pays you like clockwork.
  • Cash Producing Asset #3 Automated Systems and Campaigns: The money is in the follow up, right? Nurture your clients and keep emailing them.

With the leverage of these 3 assets you will be doing yourself a great service.

And you'll stop thinking like an internet marketer and start making money.

The step above links with another suggestion by Frank.

That is, accepting reality:

  • This is not easy: or everyone would be doing it and be rich.
  • It almost never works as planned at first: something is going to give at the beginning, whether it is your copy or your opt-in rate.
  • This takes risk: you may launch an ad and nobody will buy, there are risks attached to this. Learn from them.
  • You've always got to be messing with it: never give up, always be tweaking, then finally something will happen.

As Frank says:

"Understand reality.

Understand you're going to have challenges.

Understand this takes risks.

Understand this is not easy.

Finally understand it's worth it".

Takeway 3 - Decide, Commit, Obsess

This is a pretty simple lesson, but invaluable nonetheless.

Decision and commitment are critical. 

Sometimes people approach internet marketing like a side hustle.

And there is nothing wrong with that.

What is wrong is not treating it like a business.

Treating it like a glorified hobby.

And benching when the results don't come your way.

And this, according to Frank happens all to often.

The main issue here is to find your WHY.

WHY are you doing all of this?

WHY are you hustling and bustling everyday?

There is no right or wrong answer.

If you're not getting the results you want online in your business, or really in anything, it is because:

  • You don't know how. Easy to fix, you learn.
  • You don't accurately know what's really going on: you learn to do the math.
  • You're not really committed: there's not a solution to this unfortunately.

The final thing is to obsess.

You absolutely must be obsessed with this stuff.

Look, there's no such thing as set it and forget itwhen it comes to massive success.

If you're obsessing over it and you're enjoying the process guess what?

It's not work.

You're actually enjoying your life, you're obsessing over something you really, really enjoy doing.

2) The Ultimate Offer Formula

This is where you're supposed to continue.

Everything is laid out and pretty much crystal clear.

All you need to do is follow Frank's lessons and implement.

Here you'll learn:

  • The Twelve-Step Offer Template For Creating Irresistible Offers On Demand.
  • The "Safety Net" System For Making Prospects Feel Like Buying From You Is The Right Decision.
  • The "Calm And Confident" Approach For making A Pitch Without Sounding Salesy, Intimidated, Or "Weird".
  • Three Ways To Add URGENCY To Any Offer ...So You Can Make More Sales In Less Time.

Takeway 1 - Preparing for the Close

The thing with Frank Kern is that you always learn something valuable.

In this course, that's preparing to win even before you close.

How do you do that?

By following 3 steps laid out by Frank:

  • You've got to understand that your mind is one of the biggest obstacles you can have to making a sale.
  • The second thing we want to do is,in order to avoid making people angry,we always want to deliver value before the pitch.
  • The third step in this process is going to be you want to know their objections before you actually start pitching.

If you utilize these three methods, most of what comes first is going to lead to the sale.

One of the core steps about the first point, which Frank really drove home to me was:

Don't be an jerk.

In that way, if anyone responds to your pitch annoyed or rude, it's not your fault.

As Frank says, you shouldn't care what people think about you.

'Stop letting your family down in order to please people who will never buy from you anyway'.

This was a real eye-opener for me.

If you're not an jerk and you are pitching a valuable offer, then you do no wrong.

If someone want's to get mad about something, it's their problem.

You always want to be delivering your sales presentations to people who are predisposed to want to buy from you.

You can easily filter out the bad apples through your copy:

  • Make sure they realize it's not a get rich quick scheme you're selling.
  • Make sure you target audience that knows what to expect from buying.
  • Polarize and be confrontational towards the audience you don't want.

By pre-filtering your audience in such a radical way, you're turning away a lot of people.

But it's all people who wouldn't have bought from you in the first place.

So what you do before you even pitch the sale is fundamental in getting you in front of the right people.

Takeway 2 - Haters

I think this aspect affects more people than we actually think..


They're everywhere.

They're going to mock your ads, belittle your work, while they don't do anything themselves.

Frank puts it out plain and simple.

Unless you are completely invisible and totally unknown, people are going to say bad things about you.

People have said bad things about Gandhi.

They have said bad things about Mother Teresa.

If you pick the most beloved figures in history and start Googling them, you will find people saying bad things about them.

A really good point Kevin makes against haters and reacting against them is..

Don't be the guy who says to your children:

 "Hey congratulations, kids, on getting into Harvard.

Unfortunately,daddy can't pay the tuition, because he was afraid that AssClown_69 might call him names on Twitter."

Always keep in mind the major reasons you are working for.

And don't let the haters get at you.

Learning to prioritize your whys is going to get you a long way ahead.

Takeway 3 - Always Deliver Value Before the Pitch

The more real value you give people in advance of asking for the money, the more receptive they're going to be to your offer, and ultimately, your close.

You don't have to go and grab people by the throat and say,

'Buy right now or else everything's going to be terrible'.

That's not necessary.

Online we have the ability to follow-up so much.

And the money, as most of you have heard already, is in the follow up.

The fact of the matter is people online don't usually buy immediately.

People on webinars don't usually buy immediately.

Have you ever done a webinar and closed most of them?

Probably not. It's normal.

They need more value. 

The more value you give people in advance of the sale, the easier that sale is going to be.

And that brings to the final thing to think about before you even get to the sale.

If you don't address objections before you make your offer and before the close, all they're going to be thinking about while you're selling is the objections.

You want to address them before the close. 

You do it during that part where you're actually delivering value.

This entire process here could be modeled and turned into a pre-pitch value delivery:

100% overcoming the objections. 

Frank has a complete formula to structure your pitch around:

  • Here's what I’ve got.
  • Here's what it will do for you.
  • Here's how it works.
  • Here's what I want you to do next.
  • Here's why you should do it now.
  • Here's why it's safe and smart.
  • Add bonuses or boosters such as price reduction.
  • Finally, recap what you just said.

He makes it sound so easy!

3) Advanced Closing & The Big Idea

This course is all about what to do before even pitching the sale.

And on top of that it adds the concept of stacking on the offer.

Just to make it so irresistible, you can't go wrong.

That is if you are keen on:

  • Your sales to go up.
  • To compound the power of every sales message you write.

This is where Frank really shines, and where his years of experience come through.

Takeway 1 - The 3 Rings of Lasting Success

When pitching a sale, people usually just go for the promise.

They tell you what they will be able to tell you with and that is it.

Frank believes that this is why most salespersons fail.

Here he introduces the idea of the three rings of lasting success.

These are used when it comes to promoting yourself and positioning yourself as someone people should pay a lot of money to.

Again, not all salespeople go through the whole process, so many fail.

The first ring is that of The Big Idea.

The big idea is the thing that grabs your markets attention.

It presents the promise in a new and possibly even unusual way.

The big idea is a very small phrase that has one purpose:

To open the door for a conversation with that prospect.

The second circle is Positioning:

Positioning is what they think of you before you actually make the promise.

If you have bad positioning, they’re not going to listen to the promise at all.

You may call it your reputation, but it can also be your knowledge of the field.

Something that sets you apart from all the other sellers..

Only after the first two processes can you actually make the promise, the offer.

The opening conversation is almost always about the promise.

It’s pretty effective... that’s why 99% of people do it.

That is in fact the least effective thing you could do.

While our competition does the least effective thing, weve instantly got an unfair advantage. 

Takeway 2 & 3 - Stacking and Compounding

What's interesting is so many marketers and sales people think that,once they have presented the offer, their job is done.

Boy, they haven't even started the real game.

The whole Advanced Closing is dedicated to this part of the late game.

Frank teaches how to stack closes on top of one another.

This while continuing the act of selling from multiple different angles while you're in the same close.

This is done by stacking.

But what exactly is stacking?

Stacks are basically re-closes.

You've already made your offer, you've already stated the guarantee, you've given your call to action and most people are going to quit.

You're either going to state an objection and overcome it or you're going to approach your close from another angle.

Some stacks are:

  • Stating the pros and cons of the buy.
  • Call out bullcrap objections with the 'What I'm really hearing is' technique.
  • Comparing Apples to Oranges, in a way that sidesteps the objection.
  • Chunk the Price down, showing the cost per day and trivializing the whole cost.
  • Create trust through success stories.
  • Worst case and best case scenario use skewed towards best case scenario.

These stacks, as the name suggests, should be used in combination.

Only in this way is the effect going to be achieved and the sale made.

Frank admits that it might not be the most ethical pitch ever.

But if you are selling a good product you trust, there is no harm in stacking.

That creates the compound effect that will convince even the most picky buyer.

Try it out yourself!

4) Power Positioning

This course is dedicated entirely to a concept that we have already discussed.


This really goes into the nitty gritty of things.

Here Frank really breaks down the concept of positioning even more.

After this course, you will be a positioning genius.

No, really!

Takeway 1 - Positioning Unveiled

How do we influence buyers without directly influencing them on the external? 

Well we do it through positioning.

Positioning's really built on three foundational pillars.

  • Pillar number one is surface positioning.
  • Pillar number two is psychographic and demographic positioning. 
  • Pillar number three is your demonstration.

To these three pillars, we should add a 4th one, a golden rule that applies always:

We are magnetically drawn to people who are just like us.

Remember this when trying to position yourself.

If we know that we are magnetically drawn to people who are just like us,then it makes sense for us to cause our prospect to logically conclude this person's just like us.

We do it through psychographic positioning:

  • The first step of Psychographic Positioning is to reverse engineer the value systems of your prospects.
  • The second step is to identify how you can match those value systems in your messaging.
  • The third step is to use Surface Positioning and Demonstration to illustrate that match.

You are going to figure out how their mind works right now:

There's basically four pillars that this is built on.

  • Number one is their desires.
  • Number two is their fears.
  • Number three is what they are for.
  • Number four is what they are against.

We've already gone through surface positioning in a previous takeaway.

That combined with psychographic positioning are going to make you a force to be reckoned with.

The whole second part of this course is basically just a rehash about normal positioning.

There will be no need to go through it again.


  • Seriously, $4 dollars is probably less than your fancy frappucino at Starbucks: you're getting 4 golden courses from the king of sales himself. Even if you won't be interested in all that is covered in this bundle, it's a sin not to pick it up.
  • The material in these courses is more or less timeless and it's been created with multiple viewings in mind. There are a lot of concepts that could go over your head the first time. But the bundle will be on Kajabi forever, waiting for you to go through it again.
  • If you want to learn sales, there is probably no better teacher than Frank. If you can get over him cursing and using graphic language to make his points, then you have yourself a winner, and there is a lot to learn and apply.
  • You are also provided with the pdf transcripts  of all of his lessons, so printing it out and learning old-school is not a problem, if you are so inclined!


  • Sometimes I got the impression that somethings that work for Frank, after his 20 year career as a salesman, could possibly not work for someone greener, but at $4 who's counting, really.
  • There is a reason why you're being sold these courses at the price they're being sold. Sure, I wouldn't go as far as to say they are outdated, but Frank has definitely got some fresher products on the shelf, and has moved onto more complex and interesting courses.
  • In 2021 you don't really need to have all these selling skills: there are models, such as the local lead generation one that I have been following for almost 7 years, that sell themselves. Carry on reading for more!

Why I Quit Going Frank's Way... Lead Generation Proved to be a Much Better Biz Model, Here's Why...

So Frank advocates for the heavy use of email marketing and FB Ads.

To be honest, I'm just not putting up with Facebook Ads in 2021.

Facebook advertising has actually been one of the cheapest types of advertising in the past.

And mixed with email marketing it has made people millions of dollars.

But in 2021, the cost of advertising on Facebook has increased.


Over the last few years, more and more digital marketers have come onto the scene.

What does that have to do with you?

Now you're competing against other marketers and you or your clients will end up paying more for ad spend which cuts into your own share of the pie.

Reasons why I don't like Facebooks Ads.

  • Firstly, they can fail spectacularly: you can follow all the templates you want, but sometimes FB Ads just don't work, and you're left pumping more money trying to resurrect a dead ad. That money slowly bites a chunk in your finances.
  • Secondly, after a while, your ad will exhaust its lifespan. Those who were supposed to click on it, already have, and no matter how much cash you throw at it, it just ain't worth the hassle.
  • Lastly, banking all your chips on Facebook Ads is very risky business: your money is going to be spent without any guarantee. Sometimes you'll get returns, other times you won't and you'll need to be monitoring the ad constantly: chances are that, with a low return of investment,  you are potentially going to lose money.

As I said at the beginning of the review, I run a $50K per month lead generation business but all of my leads are generating through free traffic or SEO.

The website I create ranks on the first page of Google, in the so-called map pack, and the leads just start pouring in.

So, you see, it's passive income, I don’t have to worry about the performance of my ads or anything.

Once my site ranks it generally keeps its rank with very little to no maintenance.

Don’t get me wrong you can still make leads running FaceBook ads or Email Marketing, and surely Frank Kern knows how to do so with profit.

The problem with Facebook Ads or Email Marketingg is that you are constantly looking at your CTR, conversion and opening rate.

How many people are clicking on your ad, and out of those people, how many actually end up giving you the lead you're looking for?

If things go wrong, it's back to tweaking, spending more money, trying a different approach.

Facebook Ads are unreliable at best:

Believe me, I spent thousands of dollars before moving into free traffic lead generation.

This is why I still recommend people look into doing lead generation with free traffic.


You can still make money in Internet Marketing.

Especially if you have the dough to work with people like Frank Kern.

But let me tell you, there are niches that work with Facebook ads or Direct Mail, as Frank himself says more than one.

But the problem is there are many niches that really struggle with Facebook Ads.

Unlike Facebook Ads, if you know how to generate leads with free traffic, you can  go into any niche and create an incredible level of results for clients.

That’s how 90% of my multiple 6 figure income is generated. 

And I should add that it's passive income: see free traffic never stops.

In 2021 I continue to build more lead gen sites and I write at least 1 blog post a day for this site, because I’ve come to realize that these are the high-income producing activities because it directly increases my free traffic every month.

Click here if you want to learn more about creating leads with free traffic.

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