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4080 Scaling Academy Review – Do Ethan Bence’s testing strategies work? (5 Mistakes FB Advertisers Make!)

January 13, 2023

The 4080 Scaling Academy by Ethan Bence is an online training that teaches you how to scale your Facebook ads by first testing all aspects of your ad to find the formula that makes them become highly profitable. Ethan and his team include the strategies and theory behind testing so that you can implement it in your business and scale on a variety of ad platforms. In this 4080 Scaling Academy review, we'll find out when Ethan got started with Facebook ads, what you learn in each of the modules in the course, if Facebook ads are worth doing in 2024 and how paid traffic with FB ads compares to the popular local lead generation business model which generates leads organically and offers a passive income each month.


Ethan Bence and the 4080 marketing crew have worked with many 7-9 figure brands

Testing ads is an essential skill for anyone paying for traffic on Facebook

In-depth training on how to test your Facebook ads to gain more customers without spending all of your money


Paid traffic is expensive and there are too many variables that you aren't in control of

Facebook ads clients are a hassle because they always want to control what you do


The 4080 Scaling Academy costs $49.

Refund Policy:

Lifetime money-back guarantee


7 video modules, downloadable content, and bonuses


Private Facebook group


Ethan Bence and his company 4080 Marketing have a great online reputation. Several large brands have worked with them and seem more than pleased with the results they've been able to provide them.

Who is Ethan Bence?

Ethan Bence is originally from Pittsburgh and is the founder of 4080 Marketing. He has a background in statistics in data analysis and started running Facebook ads in 2014-2015. Today, he mainly works with Commerce brands and info product creators to scale their businesses past 6 and 7 figures using Facebook ads. There isn't much information online about his personal life.

5 Facebook Ad Mistakes Advertisers Make

1. Not Testing Their Facebook Ads

One of the biggest mistakes Facebook advertisers make is that they don't test their Facebook ads. What that means is they don't test different aspects such as the copy, the image, calls to action, landing pages, etc. They think that by picking one image, one call to action and writing anything they want, their ad will convert. This will not work. The only way to succeed with Facebook ads is to test different things and see what generates more conversions.

2. Poor Audience Targeting

The second mistake FB advertisers make is that they don't do a good job targeting their ideal audience. Their targeting is too broad, or they try to add too many demographic options and user interests which can hurt your marketing campaign.

3. Facebook Ads & Landing Pages Don't Match

Something else that hurts Facebook advertisers is not having any congruency with their Facebook ad and landing pages. If a potential customer comes across your ad and sees your landing page doesn't match your ad, they'll click back and move on. This has been hurting many advertisers' conversion rate and wallet even though they're getting engagement. If your ad and landing page never match, your account will get exhausted and no one will engage with it anymore.

4. Sticking to One Ad Format

Sticking to one ad format is not a good practice to have. Although using one ad can work, you don't want to just stick to one. After all, some people are more likely to engage with one type of ad than another type. Sticking to one ad format can hold you back from getting more customers. It's best to try different ad formats to appeal to different people within your ideal audience and, as a result, increase your conversion rate.

5. Not Monitoring FB Ads or Using Pixel

A massive mistake advertisers make on Facebook is going live with an ad and not monitoring it for days or weeks. Doing this will not allow you to know if there's something you need to change or add. You can easily lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars in a matter of days with no ROI to show for it. This will be highly frustrating for you. Do not ignore your ads. Monitor them and use the Facebook Pixel to help you track what people are doing while visiting your websites.

What do you learn inside of The 4080 Marketing Scaling Academy?

1) Introduction To Testing

In the first module, you'll learn why testing is a requirement for scaling Facebook ads and what almost all other marketers get wrong with Facebook ads. Ethan shows you the "perfect ads day" framework that can be done in under 5 hours per week and you get shown a step-by-step walkthrough of the testing procedure that was done for one of their 8-figure clients.

2) Budgeting & Testing Planning

You learn why testing your ads too much can be just as detrimental as not testing at all, and how to bulletproof your testing KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Ethan then tells you exactly how much you should spend on testing ads, for how long, and the ideal number of tests to run.

3) Audience Testing

In module 3, Ethan touches on audiences and what the biggest mistake most advertisers make is. According to Ethan, it's a difficult thing to burnout an audience. He explains why "audience hacks" aren't real, what really gets you a return on ad spend, and how they're able to never run out of new audiences to test.

4) Creative Testing

There are many ad creatives that you can use to get leads. In this module, they show you how to create ads that have people clicking within seconds of viewing them. You also learn how to eliminate account-wide fatigue. This is when people get used to see ads from your business page so much that they don't bother looking at even your new ads.

Ethan also emphasizes the importance of testing when running paid traffic and how it's the lifeblood of profitable scaling in paid traffic.

5) Scale Testing

In module 6, you learn the difference between CBO (Campaign Budget Optimization) and ABO (Ad Budget Optimization), what they are, how to scale, analyze, and optimize them.

6) Funnel Testing

Funnels are another aspect that needs to be tested when running paid traffic. This module shows you how, when, and where to scale you entire funnel. Also in this module, you're taught how to run ads to each piece of your funnel, not only to just one product your selling.

7) Backend Testing

The final module introduces what Retention Funnels are and how to use them. Ethan shows you where and when you can increase customer retention and how to pick the perfect upsell/cross-sell.


There are 4 bonuses you get after buying this course. They are...

  1. Budgeting Spreadsheet to help you stay on track and reach your monthly goals
  2. Avatar Worksheet to help you identify your ideal audience
  3. Ads Manager Dashboard setup to read all data easily
  4. Call with one of the 4080 advisors

Is The 4080 Scaling Academy worth it?

The 4080 Scaling Academy is worth buying for the price of $49. There are some valuable things you'll learn with testing ads. Online advertisers need to realize that to succeed with paid traffic, you must constantly test your ads to see which ones will convert the best. You've got to test all aspects of your ad such as the ad format, ad copy, image, call to action, landing page, and more.

Paid traffic isn't a set it and forget it business model. 

You have to monitor your ads and marketing campaigns every day to make sure your ads aren't running inefficiently and to know if there are any changes or tweaks needed.

Are Facebook ads worth it in 2024?

Facebook ads aren't worth it in 2024 because the cost of ad spend is rising each year due to all the competition flooding all ad platforms. The business model is far from passive because you need to monitor and test your ads daily, which can get more expensive. Ad exhaustion is a real problem if you aren't a Facebook ad expert like Ethan Bence.

Another reason Facebook ads aren't worth it is because you aren't the one in control of your income. Your client can drop you at anytime and you lose out. Of all the online business models that promise you can earn a passive income, Facebook ads are not near the top of the list.

Facebook ads don't have all the benefits that local lead generation does for many reasons. 

Final Thoughts

Local lead generation allows you to have more control over your business than Facebook ads.

You are the decision maker with niche selection, optimization, who you work with and how much you're going to get paid every month.

This limousine website I built over 7 years ago is still paying me every month on autopilot. Why? 

Because it ranks at the top of the search results for limo rental in Lansing, Michigan.

It's been paying me $750 per month ever since I created it.

Here are some numbers to pay attention to with my limo site.

Now imagine you rent a site for $1000 or $2000 per month. Do the math and see what you'd make.

Over 7400 students from around the world have joined the coaching program that teaches you the skills to rank and rent lead generation sites with the goal of becoming financially free.

If you'd like to start a business, that's going to pay you passively after you build your digital properties, check out the local lead generation training program.

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