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6 Figure Agency Review – 3 Challenges Facebook Ads Agencies Face

May 25, 2024

6 Figure Agency is a social media marketing agency (SMMA) course created by Billy Willson. It is one of the older Facebook advertising courses online. Originally a Facebook marketing course, it now teaches you how to create a Facebook ads agency. You will learn how to find clients and fulfill and run their Facebook ads and other social media marketing campaigns.

Facebook ads are a costly and risky marketing strategy. Prices of Facebook ads are increasing because of the increase of competition. Running effective Facebook ads can be very difficult due to market saturation. I have listed down the 3 challenges Facebook ad agencies face in this article.

6 Figure Agency reviews are positive. Students of the 6 Figure Agency course praise the detailed step-by-step approach to starting and scaling a social media marketing agency. They highlight the actionable steps, real-world examples, and supportive community. The course has been criticized for the expensive mastermind upsell. Currently, all the 6 Figure Agency programs are bundled into a single purchase.

In this article, you will discover what you will get with the 6 Figure Agency bundle, what students say about it, and if it's worth it. I will also be discussing all about Facebook ads and how much you can expect to spend on it.

6 Figure Agency Pros and Cons


Billy Willson has made over 7-figures in revenue with Facebook ads and coaching

He shares cold calling and cold email scripts, ad templates and a sales funnel you can use in your own business. 

Training on how to deal with sales objections

In-depth training on landing page creation


Billy hasn't updated his course in over a year but the information is not completely outdated

Billy is more focused on his Facebook ads agency for car dealership than this course (understandable as he's making a killing promoting them)

Facebook ads are a hassle because there are many moving parts that need to be in alignment if they are to convert


6 Figure Agency Bundle costs $997.

Refund Policy

30-day action based guarantee; You must prove that you contacted 30 businesses the way Billy shows you in the course.


Private mastermind Facebook community


Billy created a Facebook ads course before updating it and creating a more complete course geared towards creating a Facebook ad agency in 2021.


Billy is a well-known online marketer and has been one of the more transparent course creators for learning Facebook ads and online marketing. You won't find legit negative reviews about Billy on Reddit or Quora because of his transparency. He's self proclaimed himself, "The Most Honest Marketer in the World".

3 Challenges Facebook Ad Agencies

1. Ad Cost Is More Expensive with Each Passing Year

Every year, Meta's CPM (cost per thousand) has increased 61%. There are many factors why the CPM is rising that much each year. One of the main reasons is because of the rise in competition. With more marketers and business owners joining Facebook to run ads, the rise in ad cost is inevitable. It's a bidding war to be seen and try to get people to engage with your ads. The more you spend and the better you target and articulate your offer, the more your ads will convert. Facebook ads are expensive.

2. Increased Competition

In 2016, there were over 3 million advertisers on Facebook. In 2016, there were over 6 million. By the end of 2020, there were already over 10 million advertisers on Meta. This exponential increase in competition has made it more difficult for advertisers to reach customers unless they spend more money and always promote new products or services with the newest ad creatives Meta provides.

3. Meta Business Account Suspensions

Many advertisers ignore Meta's advertising terms of service and then they wonder why their ad accounts were suspended. This can slow your business down and you can even lose money if you don't check on your account fast enough to see it's suspended. By not taking the time to go through the Facebook's TOS, you can waste time creating ads to see if they will be approved to go live or not. This is just something you have to deal with when running ads on a social media platform. You have to play by their rules.

What Do You Get With the 6 Figure Agency Bundle?

  • Main Course: Covers everything you need to know to start, grow, and automate a social media marketing agency. This includes setting up, finding and closing clients, and fulfillment.
  • Elite Program: An advanced program with additional training, featuring guest speakers and in-depth content to help scale your agency to higher levels.
  • Live Event Recordings: Exclusive recordings from in-person mastermind events, providing insights and real-life applications of the strategies taught in the program.
  • All Agency Documents: Includes templates and scripts such as meeting demo templates, monthly advertising report templates, client outreach sheets, cold outreach scripts, objection handling scripts, Facebook ad campaign templates, and contract agreement templates.
  • Client Systems: Provides automated systems for client management, including sales scripts, lead notification texts, follow-up scripts, lead-tracking systems, and email follow-ups.
  • Bonus Resources: Access to bonus courses, software recommendations, tax-saving strategies, LLC creation guides, contract agreement setups, and more.
  • Community Access: Membership to a private Facebook group with over 777 members for networking and support.

6 Figure Agency Main Course

6 figure agency review

The 6 Figure Agency main course comes with lifetime access to over 25 hours of comprehensive training. It covers every step of the business with clear action steps. The course includes all of Billy Willson's agency documents and client systems, ensuring you have the templates and scripts needed for successful operations. You also receive the Perfect Meeting Script, which helps you convert strangers into high-paying clients in a single meeting.

Additionally, the course offers niche walkthroughs and access to an ad bank, providing specific examples and strategies for different markets. There are recordings of real $5,000 client closings and student ad critiques, allowing you to learn from actual experiences. Lastly, you get the 6 Figure Agency Workbook, a valuable resource to keep you organized and on track throughout the program.

6 Figure Agency Curriculum

  • Welcome:
    Here, Billy welcomes you to his course and talks about what he believes the fastest way to a sustainable income is. He shares his story of how he dropped out of college, why he believes college is a scam and how he's achieved the success he has already.
  • Step 1: Build Your Foundations For Success:
    This module can be considered the typical "mindset" module. Billy talks about what you can do to rewire your brain for success. He also gives valid reasons why businesses will pay you thousands of dollars to run Facebook ads for them and why he believes FB ads can help a business grow their revenue quickly.
  • Step 2: Find "Hidden Gem" Clients:
    In module 2, Billy shows you who are the best clients to have and 13 ways to find your ideal client. He also gives you tips so you can spot businesses who are only going to waste your time so you can avoid them.
  • Step 3: Get Meetings at Will:
    Module 3 is all about what you can do to set up meetings with potential clients. Billy shares 8 outreach methods, as well as how to get meetings on demand by leveraging Facebook, LinkedIn, and email marketing. Billy also includes a video where he does cold calls for almost an hour. Finally, you are taught how to handle several types of objections.
  • Step 4: Close Clients at Will:
    Billy now dives into closing clients while in the meeting you set up with them. The method he uses is to offer free trials up front so that there is less risk for your prospects. It's all about having a perfect meeting. You then learn how to follow-up with your potential clients after the free trial is over, how much to charge, and how to collect payments.
  • Step 5: Get Ridiculous Results for Your Clients:
    Module 5 is where you get into learning how to run Facebook ads. He gives you a walkthrough of how to get started in the Meta Business Manager section, shows you how to create ads, deliver leads to your clients, help your clients close leads, and manage & scale your Facebook ad campaigns. Billy also includes training on the Facebook pixel, how to onboard your clients, how to close leads for your clients, and how to send leads by email to your clients.
  • Step 6: Automate and Scale Your Agency to 6 Figures & Beyond:
    In the last module of this course, Billy shows you how to automate and scale your agency by building a team. Even better, Billy shows you how to create a case study funnel that will help you increase appointment quality and automate outreach. You'll also learn how to scale through referrals.
  • Bonus Resources:
    Online marketing software
    How to pay the least amount of taxes with your agency
    How to create an LLC
    Creating and sending a contract agreement
  • On Landing Pages:
    In this module, Billy takes the time to talk all about landing pages and shows you how to create one from scratch. He goes into the difference between landing pages and websites and with lead gen forms on Facebook. Billy dives into the intricacies of complicated funnels and how to optimize landing pages for mobile.
  • Learn From Other's Mistakes With These Student Ad Critiques!
    In this section, there are 4 videos, at least 35 minutes each, where Billy reviews students' ads.
  • Watch Me Close High Ticket Clients in Real Meetings!
    Here, you see Billy close 3 high ticket deals. Two are deals of $2,000 each month and one deal is of $5,000 per month. Each of these sales calls is over 40 minutes long. 

6 Figure Agency Elite

6 figure agency review

6 Figure Agency Elite is an advanced training program coached by Jared Curry. It also features several guest speakers. This program is a collection of dozens of hours of coaching videos. The topics cover a variety of subjects, from appointment setting to business automation. The coaching videos are organized into the following sections:

  • Foundations
  • Pack Your Calendar Section (Appointments)
  • Sales Training To Take You To $100k PLUS
  • Fulfillment
  • Go High Level Training
  • System
  • Goal Setting Calls
  • Mindset: Winning from Within
  • Q&A Calls
  • Bonuses
  • Resources (PDF's & Links)

6 Figure Agency Elite (Starter Course)

6 figure agency review

The 6 Figure Agency Elite (Starter Course) is a collection of coaching videos for beginners. This program is a great supplement to the main 6 Figure Agency Elite course. The few dozen videos are organized into the following sections:

  • Foundations
  • Pack Your Calendar Section (Appointments)
  • Bonuses To Take You To $100k P/M
  • Resources (PDF's & Links)

6 Figure Agency LIVE 2021 (Event Recordings)

6 figure agency review

The 6 Figure Agency LIVE 2021 is a collection of recordings of the full in-person mastermind in Tulum, Mexico. The 2021 mastermind covered a wide range of topics essential for building and scaling a successful social media marketing agency. It starts with an introduction by Jared Curry on his journey and how he got started, from Billy Willson’s blueprint to a seven-figure agency to Sam Jacob's leveraging social media for business growth. Speakers included Billy Willson, Jared Curry, Kendall Shaw, Robert Miller, and more. 

What Are the 6 Figure Agency Reviews?

There aren't much reviews from students of the course online. But there have been several testimonial videos throughout the years. Students often praise the comprehensive yet manageable content length and practical examples. They also cite the sales calls examples and ad critiques for being helpful. A standout feature is the Ad Bank, providing many ad examples for reference.

6 Figure Agency Successful Students

Cameron Blas took Billy's course and was able to gain more clients than he already had in his marketing agency. Cameron has 3 clients but after going through Billy's course, he was able to close 2 clients in only one day. He closed $3500 in start up fees with a $500 retainer fee until he produced more results. Cameron appreciated the structure Billy set up in his course and loved how easy it was to go through the course. 

Zachary Boyer is another one of Billy Willson's students who found success because of what he was taught. Four days after starting the program, he shared his testimonial, where he closed a car dealership for $3,500 per month. This client had another location and if things went well, Zachary would run ads for those both locations at $3500 as well. He gives credit to Billy for teaching him what he needed to close that initial deal. 

Adam Harder is from Indianapolis and is another success story because of Billy Willson's 6 Figure Agency course. In only 2 weeks of being in the program, he was able to close 5 clients for $5000 per month to run Facebook ads for them. His goal for the next 6 months after that was to grow his digital marketing agency to over 6-figures in revenue. Adam loved this course because of the way Billy presented the information and explained everything. He was also pleased with how supportive the private Facebook group has been.

Is 6 Figure Agency Worth It?

6 Figure Agency is worth it if you're dead set on starting a Facebook ads agency. The bundle offers a wealth of value for its price. However, the courses are no longer being updated. The live coaching and mentorship are no longer offered. While you can still get value from the community, do not expect old members to remain active.

6 Figure Agency Alternatives

The Lead Generation Blueprint by Ryan Wegner isn't as in-depth as Billy Willson's course, but it is similar. Ryan teaches you more than just how to run ads in the Meta Business Manager. He shows you how to setup a Facebook ads agency. His goal is to help you get to 6-figures in only 90 days. Some methods he teaches to help you get clients is to leverage email marketing and going on UpWork. 

Price: Lead Generation Blueprint costs $497

More Info: Lead Generation Blueprint Review

kevin david

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass by Kevin David is another popular Facebook marketing course and it is also the most expensive one you'll come across. It's been around for a handful of years and teaches you how to start with Facebook ads. Kevin shows you how to get set up in the Meta Business Suite, creating your ads manager account and showing you how to create several types of ads depending on the niche you're in. He shows you real-life examples of ad campaigns that are working for him and he shares lots of good tips and strategies. 

Price: Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass costs $1,997

More Info: Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass Review

VSL Masterclass by Peter Kell focuses more on using video sales letters or VSLs and ensuring that you come up with scripts that comply with policies of Facebook ads and YouTube ads. Peter will guide you through his VSL Masterclass's "signature techniques" that helped him create profitable campaigns.

Price: VSL Masterclass costs $3,000

More Info: VSL Masterclass Review

For more alternatives to this course, check out my article on the best Facebook ads courses.

Who Is Billy Willson?

Billy Willson is an entrepreneur from Overland Park, Kansas. He specializes in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok advertising. He is the owner of the digital marketing agency, DealerSmart. The agency helps car dealerships generate leads through targeted advertising campaigns on social media platforms.

Billy attended Kansas State University to study architectural engineering. He dropped out after just one semester, despite having a perfect 4.0 GPA. His departure from college got viral after he posted a picture of himself on the Kansas State University campus, flipping off the camera. He stated that he believed the college system was a scam. Billy decided to instead learn a skill on his own and sell his services.

He worked as a crew member of Chipotle Mexican Grill, then as a project management assistant for Skyline E3. During this time, he was learning all about social media marketing. In his first full month as a digital marketing entrepreneur, Billy earned $2,550. He created his digital marketing agency, DealerSmart, in 2017. Within eight months, he achieved six-figure revenue.
In 2018, Billy launched the 6 Figure Facebook Ads course to teach others how to run ads for businesses. The latest version, 6 Figure Agency, teaches you how to create your own Facebook Ads agency.

Today, Billy works with over 40 car dealerships across the United States. His agency earns between $30,000 and $40,000 per month. His YouTube channel, Billy Willson, has over 58.4K subscribers and features content focused on Facebook marketing. Billy's earnings come from social media marketing for clients, affiliate marketing, and coaching.

Are Facebook Ads Profitable In 2024?

Facebook ads are profitable in 2024. The fact that there are over 2.9 billion Facebook users proves that the eyes of the masses are still on Facebook, even though platforms like TikTok and Instagram are exploding. 

Facebook ads can make you money but you need to understand that it's more difficult to achieve a ROAS than it was 5 years ago. Split testing your ads is more time consuming than years ago because of the increase in competition on the platform. That increase in marketers and businesses creating Facebook ads is the reason each year, it gets more expensive to run ads. 

Let's say you land a Facebook ads client. There's no guarantee that they're going to continue paying you each month. For a couple of reasons. One, another ad agency can offer your clients a better deal than you. You are expendable as an agency owner, which forces you to always look for new clients. The second reason they may not continue paying you is that if they don't feel that you are providing the results they want, they can simply cut you off.

Average Cost Per Lead of Facebook Ads

The average cost per lead (CPL) of Facebook Ads is $5. A survey by DataBox found that most marketers spend $5 and $7 per lead on Facebook ads. This cost is expected to continue rising as increasing competition increases ad bid. Cost creates one of the biggest risk of Facebook ads. Ineffective ad campaigns can lower your conversion rate. Not making enough sales while spending on ads can make you lose money.

Diversifying your lead generation channels can help mitigate the risks. It can also increase your customer base. It would be best to take advantage of multiple social media platforms. Utilizing free marketing methods, such as SEO, can also create sustainable long-term lead flow.

Earn Low-Cost Passive Income With Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation is a business model where you rent out Google ranked sites to local businesses. This means you use SEO to rank your site to generate free traffic on Google. You then rent out this site to local businesses who will benefit from it. As opposed to a marketing agency where you work for the client, you own the website and are in full control of it.

Google is the number 1 search engine. This means a ranked site can drive a lot of traffic to a business. Rank sites are the best way to create sustainable and organic leads for your clients. A site can stay ranked on Google for years before even needing an update. This means you basically earn passive income every month. You keep all the profits and spend nothing on paid ads.

Scaling a marketing agency means hiring a team to do all the work. This only creates more costs and risks. Scaling a local lead generation business is as simple as repeating the rank and rent process. You can earn $500 to $3,000 per site. There is no limit to how many sites you can have. This makes local lead generation.the perfect choice for creating time and financial freedom.

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