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6 Figure Drop Shipper Review (Who is Reza Qorbanie and is the 6FDS course legit?)

October 30, 2023

6 Figure Drop Shipper (6FDS) by Reza Qorbanie is a dropshipping course that claims to teach you how to build a $10,000+ per month Ecom store in 6 weeks or less. According to their website, this course is Australia's #1 ecommerce course. Reza teaches you how to find a winning product, the psychology of marketing, copywriting, how to run Facebook ads for your products, and more. In this 6 Figure Drop Shipper review, we'll learn what Reza Qorbanie's story is, if this course has any successful students, what the alternative Australian eCommerce courses are and if dropshipping is still profitable in 2024. I'll also compare dropshipping with the popular local lead generation business model that allows you to earn a passive income without having to search for any physical products to sell.


Reza is a self-made dropshipping millionaire 

Reza focuses on teaching dropshipping with this course

6FDS has a full-time team that does 1-on-1 calls for support to help you pick products, build your site and run ads.

Live coaching calls by Reza on Tuesday and Thursday nights


There is no 6FDS YouTube channel with extra content

Reza has posted nothing on his Instagram page in over 2 years.

Dropshipping is more competitive than ever and PPC ad costs continue to rise


6-week program; They provide website templates that have made millions of dollars already for you to use.

Refund Policy:

No refund if you have made at least one sale or you have completed and implemented all the course material and still weren't able to make a sale.


Private Facebook group


Reza started looking into ecommerce when he was 15. By the time he was 17, he began making 6-figures. When he was 21, he had already created 3 businesses that were making over 6 and 7-figures. 6FDS was founded in 2020.


Reza's course has taught over 2,000 people who have generated over $15 million in sales. 

Who is Reza Qorbanie?

Reza Qorbanie is of Iranian descent, and his mother and older brother immigrated to Australia when he was a baby. Life was tough for Reza and his family growing up in Australia. They didn't live in the best parts of town and went to the worst schools. He dropped out of high school in 10th grade and also failed to get his marketing diploma from a TAFE college

While working at Hungry Jack's, he had saved up a couple thousand dollars w and put all the money into marketing courses. He was determined to learn from successful marketing gurus. By the age of 16, he started his marketing agency called, MarketingX. For 2 years, he made no money. 

At 17 years of age, he started making 6-figures and working with established e-Commerce brands. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, he knew he had to find a product to sell online. He came across stainless steel laundry pegs. He invited his brother Shahin to start a new online store called In their first year, they made $1.1 million dollars in sales.

His brother could finally leave his previous job completely and, because of this success, Reza taught his friends to do the same. By his age 21, he had already built 3 businesses that make $10,000 to $20,000 per month. His marketing company has worked with companies such as The Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Norwood Day Surgery, Vapoureyes, and more.

Now, he's taught over 2,000 people to make money by selling products online in Australia with his course, 6 Figure Drop Shipper. 

What's inside 6 Figure Drop Shipper? (6FDS)

6FDS is a 6-week program where Reza teaches you how to start your dropshipping business from scratch without using suppliers from China. Here's the brief breakdown of what you'll learn each week.

Week 1) How to find a Winning Product

In the first week, Reza teaches you all the best strategies to find a winning product. He shows you how and where you can find them using certain platforms.

Week 2) How to Build a Website

If you're going to sell products, you need a well-crafted website to promote them. Reza shows you the best methods to implement while you create your site. Your website needs to make people want to buy your product even if they weren't looking for it. One method Reza talks about is having high-quality images and videos of your products.

Week 3) Marketing Psychology

Marketing is more than just telling saying, "50% off"! You must think of who your audience is, why they need your product, and then clearly show them why they do. Reza walks you through the psychology of marketing so that you can have an advantage over your competitors. Understand the psychology of marketing will give you a better understanding of how to successfully sell products.

Week 4) Copywriting (Writing your ads)

In week 4, Reza dives into the importance of copywriting to help you prepare for PPC ads.

Copywriting is one of the most important skills in marketing. With your words, you need to grab your audience's attention. Touch on their pain points, provide a solution, and have a clear call to action to make them take action.

Week 5) Facebook Ads Mastery

Week 5 is where Reza dives into how to leverage Facebook to generate traffic to your dropshipping store. 

Week 6) Designing Your Life for Success

In the last week of this program, Reza talks about how to set yourself up for success. It comes with hard work, a determination to succeed as a dropshipper, and also, outsourcing work to focus on more money generating activities.

How many products should you start dropshipping with?

You should start dropshipping with 1-3 products. As your stores grow, you can then scale out to more products. This way, growing your business doesn't become overwhelming.

What Australian dropshipping suppliers are good?

Good Australian dropshipping suppliers are ones that are in Australia who provide quality products and fast shipping times. Look at the list below for the top Australian dropshipping suppliers you can use.

  • Amazon Australia
  • Kogan
  • Target Australia
  • Crazy Sales
  • MyDeal
  • TradeMe (from New Zealand)

Compare these Australian dropshipping suppliers with the best US dropshipping suppliers.

6 Figure Drop Shipper Alternatives

Dropship Downunder 2.0 is another course for Aussies by Aussies that teaches you how to successfully dropship. Grant and Klint Parker are the course creators behind this training program and there are coming out with the Dropship Downunder 3.0 update in June 2022. They teach you how to find the best Australian suppliers so that you don't need to worry about long shipping times, how to build out your e-Commerce store and how to drive traffic to it using Instagram and SnapChat. They even do a personal audit of your store once you go live.

Price: Dropship Downunder 2.0 costs $497 AUD

More info: Dropship Downunder 2.0 Review.

Ecom Excellence by Jack Parrotta is a more affordable option compared to Dropship Downunder 2.0. Jack Parrotta is a 6-figure earner from creating one product Shopify stores selling resistance band sets, being in the dental niche, and more. Jack has over 30 training videos in his course and is active in providing support for his students. You can watch his YouTube videos where he posts content related to dropshipping. They updated the course in 2022.

Price: Ecom Excellence costs $399.

More info: Ecom Excellence Review.

Full Dropshipping Course by Mostafa Nouman is an affordable option for a dropshipping course. Mostafa is an online entrepreneur with a 5 year experience with dropshipping and earning online money. He is praised for his mindset, that started out at an early age. He offers 4 modules with 9 episodes you can go through. Mostafa also has a private community he offers at $24.99 monthly that has over 100 video tutorials on different business models such as Amazon FBA, crypto, affiliate marketing and many more. 

Price: Full Dropshipping Course cost $89.

More info: Full Dropshipping Course Review.

Click here if you're looking for the best dropshipping course.

6 Figure Drop Shipper Success Stories

These successful dropshippers found success with the help of Reza's course.

Emma joined the 6FDS program with no experience. After only 3 months of being in the program, she was making $93K in sales. She credits the success of her ecommerce business to Reza and the other coaches in the program. Now, she can work from home and take care of her daughter while making money online. 

Luke was able to make $12K per month from a one-product store in only 6 months of being in the program. He didn't think he would have the success he's had with this business model and group, but found that the coaching and support Reza and his team offer is great. In his testimonial video, he advises you to take advantage of the support that is provided to you. Luke says that during the 6 weeks of training, there is time, effort and work that needs to be done to succeed.

Michael Bondarenko is from Adelaide and a member of the 6 Figure Drop Shipper course. He is one of the best success stories this program has. In only 8 months of joining the program, he was able to reach a monthly income of $30K per month. This success surprised Reza and his team so much that they hired him. Now, Michael is the head coach for students that join this program. He says that he learned many skills that now allow him to work from home and be financially free. For Michael, the 1-on-1 coaching and free tech support were things that helped him reach his goals.

Is dropshipping profitable in 2024?

Dropshipping is profitable in 2024. According to Statista, they project the global dropshipping industry to reach $196.78 billion in 2022. That may sound promising, no doubt.

But what people need to understand is that it's going to take work to find success with dropshipping. It takes time to find profitable products. It takes time to find a trustworthy dropshipping supplier to buy inventory from. You also need to focus your efforts and money on PPC ads.

PPC ads are not as simple as they used to be. Ad costs have risen in the past few years, which makes it expensive, especially because you need to split test your ads before you can find the best converting one. That takes time and money. Also, you can't ignore customer service. Many customers will want refunds if your product quality is low.

If you can get an excellent product, a local supplier, and your ad converts, your dropshipping store will be profitable. At that point, you can try to scale. 

The dropshipping model may be for you, but it isn't for me anymore. There are many online business models, but local lead generation is my #1 choice.

Conclusion (My #1 online business model)

The 6 Figure Drop Shipper by Reza Qorbanie is a good option for any Australians who seriously want to get started in the business model. Local lead generation is a much better business model compared to dropshipping for many reasons. 

You aren't competing with thousands of dropshippers from around the world, only 10-15 local businesses. You control who you work with and how much you make per month. With dropshipping, a product can be out of season and not be profitable. Or your inventory source can stop making a product. With lead generation, you can get into recession and year-round niches like plumbing, electrical and, depending where you live, pool cleaning.

There are thousands of niches you can get into. Once you build your lead generation sites on Google, all you have to do is collect your monthly residual payments. If you're dropshipping, you always need to be looking out for the next trendy product. That is too much of a hassle for me.

I'd rather stick to a business model where the overhead is low and my profit margin is high.

To learn more about how you can earn a passive income online, check out the local lead generation training program.

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