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Billy Willson Course – 6 Figure Facebook Ads Agency Review, is it legit?

February 24, 2021


In this review, I'm going to go over Billy Willson's 6-Figure Facebook Ads Agency.

You'll learn what Billy's course teaches and after we go over everything, I'll compare this business model with my local lead generation business.


...I'm not an affiliate of Billy Willson

There are so many courses that can teach you how to advertise on Facebook.

The question is, how do you know which course is going to provide you with the most value, at the most affordable price?

Now, you've most likely come across a Billy Willson ad where he invites you to watch his free webinar.

Once you get to the page with his webinar, he shows you his easy 3-step funnel process to generate leads for your clients and earn thousands of dollars a month for your agency.

Before moving on...

Allow me to reintroduce myself... My name is Ippei...

I got into entrepreneurship in 2014.

I didn't expect to reach the levels of success I have but, I did with the help of the lead gen coaching program.

The skills I've learned have allowed me to generate leads for local businesses each and every month.

The site above earns me $2000 every month on autopilot.

That's what I call passive.

Interested in learning more about lead gen?

Click that link below.

Time to get into the only review you're going to need to help you make a decision on if this course is worth it.

Forget about Quora and Reddit.

Let's now learn a bit about Billy.

Introduction to Billy

One semester at Kansas State University and Billy Willson realized that college life wasn’t for him.

What'd he do about it?

He made a post on social media that explained what he felt were the major flaws in the college system.

Then he dropped out.


That post went viral.

Fast forward to his age 20, after much hard work and cultivating his social media marketing skills, Billy had transformed himself into a very successful 6 figure entrepreneur.

As of today, he owns his own academy and social media marketing agency, WillsonMedia.

You can check out the WillsonMedia website by clicking the photo below.

He eventually put together the 6 Figure Facebook Ads Agency Course which teaches how to advertise for local businesses on Facebook.  

What to Expect in this Course?

Billy guides you through the entire process of advertising on this platform.

Here's a list of exactly what you'll learn:

  • How to create a Facebook Business Manager account
  • Create effective & efficient ads on FB and Instagram
  • Retargeting
  • Helping business owners close the leads you generate them
  • How to create an LLC

Towards the end, there's bonus material in which he walks you through his best funnels and things to keep in mind for certain niches.

His method of teaching, makes it very easy to go through the course and learn how to be successful when advertising on Facebook.

If you're able to pay attention and follow step-by-step what Billy says in his course, you’ll be on your way to helping out local businesses and generating a 6-figure income for yourself.

Without further ado, let’s get into this in-depth course review.

The 6 Figure Facebook Ads Agency Course Breakdown

Module 01 - Introduction

This is where it all begins.

If you're new to Facebook ads and the world of digital marketing in general, a few of the questions you might ask yourself are:

Billy takes the time in this initial module to answer those exact questions.

I like how Billy explains that business owners are basically handing you checks, so that you can "hand" them bigger checks by means of the leads you generate for them.

It's really an easy way to close a client when you explain that to them. Especially when you tell them to pay you AFTER you've gotten them leads.

I explain this to potential clients of mine also when explaining my lead gen process.

Business owners are more inclined to work with you if you give them that option.

They'll feel like they have nothing to lose.

I'm a fan of results in advance because when you do, unless a business owner already has a ton of work lined up, it'll be hard to be told no.

If I'm providing results, unless the business owner doesn't know a lick about business, I'm going to close the deal more often than not. 

Billy also goes on to explain what the Value Ladder is.

Total video time for the module: 29 minutes, 59 seconds