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Billy Willson – 6 Figure Facebook Ads Agency – Bonus Resources Review

August 15, 2020


Bonus Resources

Video 1: Creating and Sending A Contract Agreement

No legal advice here.

Billy goes into detail and shows you how to create and set this up in detail.

He prefers to make a digital version due to how easy it is to make.

Don’t do anything illegally.

Video 2: Creating an LLC

The benefits and whether you should set one up or not.

He gives good reasons for creating an LLC, when is the best time to do so, and where you can get it done.

This video is helpful only to US citizens.

Video 3: Set-up Automated Text Messaging For Your Clients

An easy to understand walkthrough of how to automate text messages for your clients.

The benefit?

Using this method, your clients will have a higher response rate than on the phone and it reminds the lead to take action.

It’s more personal.

Billy does a fine job showing you how to automate text messages with the help of ClickSend.

Then he goes through what you need to tell the business owner so they are constantly paying attention to the leads through the ClickSend system.
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