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Billy Willson – 6 Figure Facebook Ads Agency – Module 1 Review

August 15, 2020


Video 1: Welcome

As most courses do, Billy starts off by thanking you for buying his course and mentions a few things about himself.

  • College Dropout
  • Worked a 9-5pm
  • Started working on Social Media

He put this course together because he felt that other courses left a lot of things out.

There is no easy money, and it will take work!

This course was intended to cut out mistakes that most will make without any guidance.

Billy is super confident that Social Media Marketing is easy to sell because you can simply tell a business owner:

“If you hand me $1000 dollars this month, I’m going to come back 6 months from now and bring you $6000, it’s the best investment you’ve ever made!”

Sounds easy, right?

It’s not that simple, there’s a lot more that goes into it but, that line is still hard to reject.

The fact that you can tell a business owner that you’re going to make them more money than they are giving you, really is an easy sell.

It will all come down to results.


You control your growth.

You can add a new client for $1000-$1500 per month at your own will. In comparison to most businesses that take up to 3 years to be profitable, you can be profitable in the first month

 It’s all on you.

To start a business, there’s not much start up income needed. You can start with $0 dollars, and free trials to get going. After those free trials are up, you’ll probably only spend around $150-$200 a month on the software necessary to run ads for clients.

Billy suggests that you watch the course all the way through before actually doing anything so that when you talk to a client for the first time, you completely understand everything and will be sure you’ll be able to get them results.

Video 2: Why Clients Will Pay You So Much

This video is made so that when you speak to a business owner, you actually feel that you are giving them an amazing deal. 


You’re helping businesses so much by making them more money than they are paying you.

The good thing is that there is so much space in this market and there still will be in the years to come.

Why can you charge so much?

As you can see above, LTV is worth so much.

LTV (Lifetime Value) is how much a client is worth for as long as they are with the business owner.

For example:

If you are able to bring just one client a month and those clients refer one person or family member, you are continuously bringing them more and more money.

Even if you were able to bring in just 5 clients per month, which Billy says is VERY, VERY easy, you’re showing your value and there will be no issue with them paying you $1500.

Every business is different of course and these numbers are a general estimate.

You’re really charging them NOTHING compared to what you’re bringing them.

Video 3: What We Do For Clients

Billy makes it clear what your role is.

What you do:

Bring new customer traffic and leads to local businesses via Facebook ads.

What you don’t do:

Don’t close local business leads. You can’t FORCE the business to pick up the phone and call these customers.

He then goes on to explain in detail what the marketing process is:

  • Customer
  • Bait
  • Ad
  • Funnel
  • Sale
Here’s his funnel process:

Retargeting is also a key aspect of this business as Billy points out.

You’ll be able to retarget customers that took certain actions on your ads such as people who have visited the landing page or watched a video, but are not completely sold. Those folks can be retargeted with a completely different ad.

Additionally, you’ll see examples of ads, landing, and thank you pages.
Here’s an example of an ad:
The process is very simple and that is presented clearly in the video.

Video 4: Why We Use Facebook Ads

Billy goes over why Facebook ads are the best way to bring your clients results compared to any other form of advertising or bringing in clients.

When he used to do social media marketing as a whole, he realized that 90% of the clients that came through the door, came from Facebook ads and it only took 10% of the work.

Clearly, a change was necessary.

You’re taking time out of the equation and providing results.

Billy’s reasons why you use Facebook:

A couple of other reasons why Facebook ads are better:

  • Facebook owns Instagram
  • Cheaper than Google AdWords, LinkedIn, TV, Radio, Magazine, Newspaper etc.

Next, he goes on to give examples of who you can target, as well as how you're able to do that in Facebook.

Targeting is an essential tool when it comes to advertising on Facebook.

Video 5: The Value Ladder

This video explains the value ladder, which is a key concept that needs to be explained to business owners.

Business owners might question and object to low or no-cost offers. Since low-quality clients are one of business owners’ main objections, it’s on you to nicely explain:

A low-cost offer is the bait to increase the number of people getting in the door. The more people that are able to experience their service, if their service is good enough to sell itself, the more clients they'll end up with.

It may be necessary to lose a bit on the front end to then gain more on the back end of the value ladder.

This is an explanation that is simple to understand.

 If a client still finds it difficult to understand this, they’re most likely not going to be the best client.

Billy then goes on to show different value ladders for the following niches:

  • Chiropractor
  • Florist
  • Architect
  • Business Coach
  • Broker
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