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Billy Willson – 6 Figure Facebook Ads Agency – Niche Walkthrough Review

August 15, 2020


Niche Walkthrough

Video 1: Facebook Ads For The Fitness Niche

In-depth and updated walkthrough of fitness ads.

Billy shows some example offers you can use for your fitness clients and alerts you that gym owners may be weary.

That’s simply because they may not understand why you need to do a special offer.

It’s on you to explain the value ladder.

Video 2: Fitness Niche - Ads & Funnels Proven to Work 

Included in the guide is every single one of Billy’s ads and funnels he’s ever made for his fitness industry clients.

He took a gym from 50 to 250 members in 2 months using this formula, so his methods work.

The reason he made this guide was because he had no clue of what he was doing when he first started off.

This is a very valuable video that will save you time and headaches if you are pursuing clients in the fitness niche.

He lays out what you'll get in the eBook as well as what not to expect.

For example, don't expect an A-Z guide on how to make/run ads.

He explains the details in regards to the money-back guarantee and why businesses will pay you for leads.

Video 3: Real Estate Niche Walkthrough

Billy goes over how to provide results for your real estate clients.

There is more information here than on the Youtube video he uploaded in regards to real estate.

After showing the Lifetime value of real estate clients, Billy breaks down how to bring more volume through the door for your clients.

He then shows you the BEST real estate funnel that he created himself.

It’s almost identical to the Fitness funnel. The only difference would obviously be the ad and copy.

Tip: If you have a Spanish speaking agent, target Spanish speaking people.

Billy has seen insane results because so few people are targeting that way.

So that you don’t make the same mistakes Billy made, he shows you an ad that failed and explains why it failed.

He then offers his Real Estate Advertising Guide at a discounted price and breaks down what is included.

Video 4: Real Estate - How To Easily Charge Clients $1500 per Month

A video made specifically for everyone in the Facebook group.

Billy put together a real estate eBook.

You’ll get the funnel, ads and eBook that Billy has used that are proven to generate qualified seller phone leads.

As he did when he spoke on his fitness eBook, he breaks down what you get and what you shouldn’t expect in the eBook.

There's a money-back guarantee because Billy is SO sure you’ll be able to generate leads.

For you to be able to receive and buy this eBook, you will need to jump on a call with Billy so he can qualify you for it.

You have to be serious about implementing his methods.

Video 5: Chiropractor Walkthrough

A valuable video to help you bring in plenty of leads for your chiropractor clients.

Billy talks on the lifetime value of chiro clients, the value ladder for a chiro, what to use for creative and shows an example of an ad.

He also points out why you should target a certain way for chiropractors.

Not everything is easy and there will be some problems that you face. Billy does a great job making you aware of some of those problems.

Video 6: Dentist Walkthrough

Just as he did for the chiropractor niche, Billy jumps right into this video by demonstrating the lifetime value of a dentist client.

The value ladder is shown for this niche as well as what the upsells can be.

Dentists have so many upsells!

Billy has not had a dental client himself, but he has made proposals.

Although it may be difficult to land a dental client, it is very easy to land clients for them.

He shows an example of an ad his friend made for a dentist and what the ideal targeting for dentists is.

Also, he explains what the best creative is to use and what the potential problems may be.

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