UpFlip 7-Figure Cleaning Business Blueprint Review: Is it Worth Starting a Cleaning Business?

May 18, 2023

The 7-Figure Cleaning Business Blueprint by Cristobal Mondragon is UpFlip’s latest entrepreneurial program that teaches you how to start and maintain a recession-proof profitable cleaning business. Cristobal claims that applying the lessons found in the course can help you earn $10,000 a month in profit in just 60 days. 

But, what is glossed over is the actual implementation of the program. 7-Figure Cleaning Business Blueprint is only as effective as the amount of work you put into it. The 10-module course is a guide that may simplify specific processes, but it still requires you to operate the business, file your taxes, find and pay your workers, deal with customer complaints, and design a marketing strategy.

It is not meant for individuals looking for a passive business opportunity or an additional source of income.

With 7-Figure Cleaning Business Blueprint, you are taught to create your own cleaning business, which has the advantages and disadvantages of an actual full-time job. 

So, is it worth starting a cleaning business in today’s economy? Is the industry really as recession-proof as Cristobal claims? 

I’ll tackle these questions in this UpFlip 7-Figure Cleaning Business Blueprint review. I will also discuss my preferred business model, local lead generation, which, unlike setting up an entire business from scratch, allows a business owner to build a successful and profitable website in a few weeks. Once your website is running, you can immediately start earning passive income each month.


Comprehensive curriculum

Experienced mentor

Ongoing support

Good refund policy

Great potential revenue


Requires consistent and daily effort


Is not a passive business model 

Requires constantly looking for cleaners 


7-Figure Cleaning Business Blueprint is available for $987 for a limited time. The original price of the program is $14,710. 

Refund Policy: 

7-Figure Cleaning Business Blueprint has a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee. 




7-Figure Cleaning Business Blueprint has a good reputation. 

Is it worth starting a cleaning business in 2024

Yes, it is worth it to start a cleaning business in 2024, but not to the degree claimed by Cristobal Mondragon. Experts noted a dramatic rise in cleaning businesses at the height of the pandemic. It was entirely possible for a new cleaning startup at that time (around 2020 to 2022) to earn five to six figures a month after only a few weeks. That being said, recent studies suggest we will soon be reaching a plateau, where cleaning businesses will still continue to be popular, but not at such a dramatic rate. 

This means that starting a cleaning business will be as profitable as any business that you decide to invest in. There are pros and cons to any industry, and starting a cleaning business is no different. Should you invest in 7-Figure Cleaning Business Blueprint, you will need to develop a marketing strategy to differentiate your brand from the competition; and this is a lesson that most business owners already know. 

So, 7-Figure Cleaning Business Blueprint is worth learning, but only if you intend to experience the same struggles and triumphs as any full-time active business that you start from scratch. 

Keep in mind as well that unlike other businesses, a cleaning business requires you to constantly find and hire new cleaners every few months. Cristobal says that even with a competitive salary and great equipment, a person may find the job to be hard work. It is rare for you to have cleaners with decades of experience. If you're not in cleaning business, check Ad Agency Master Program that teaches how to build music business. 

What’s inside 7-Figure Cleaning Business Blueprint? 

7-Figure Cleaning Business Blueprint is a self-paced 10-module video series course that details the A-Z to starting a cleaning business from incorporating your brand to marketing your services to finding a new customer or a potential customer to hiring the right workers. 

The program itself costs $987 for a limited time, but you would need at least an additional $1,200 to build your brand, including paying for legal fees and website maintenance, among other things. This doesn’t include any outsourcing services you may want to consider, such as an SEO copywriter, marketer, or software engineer to make your website more user-friendly (an advice that Cristobal highly recommends that you do). 

That said, Cristobal says that the ROI for a cleaning business is relatively fast, and you can conceivably earn $10,000 a month in profit after 60 days. Of course, if you invest more, you might earn more as well. 

  • Module 1: Overview of the cleaning industry & how to start your business (3 lessons)
  • Module 2: How to research your local market (9 lessons)
  • Module 3: How to create a recognizable brand and build a great marketing strategy (6 lessons)
  • Module 4: How to establish government identities, including setting up an EIN and business license (4 lessons) 
  • Module 5: How to set up your business, including setting up business bank accounts (7 lessons)
  • Module 6: How to operate your business, including day-to-day operations (2 lessons)
  • Module 7: Designing the right systems to automate your cleaning business as much as possible (9 lessons)
  • Module 8: How to hire the right people for your business (6 lessons)
  • Module 9: How to create a strong marketing strategy that you can use for Google Ads, Yelp, Craigslist, and Facebook (16 lessons)
  • Module 10: How to make a great sales strategy to encourage repeat business (6 lessons)

You will also receive 6 free bonuses: 

  • Bonus 1: How to attract potential customers using Google local service ads
  • Bonus 2: How to become a trusted cleaning service for AirBnB 
  • Bonus 3: Lifetime access to a private community of cleaning businesses 
  • Bonus 4: How to increase the number of positive reviews of your business 
  • Bonus 5: Monthly webinars where you can also ask questions to the moderators after the session
  • Bonus 6: 4 success guidebooks: a) Hiring and training manuals in English; b) employee company manual in English and Spanish; c) Employee safety manual in English and Spanish; and d) Cleaning procedures in English and Spanish

You can choose to pay a one-time fee of $987 or pay in 3 payments of $410. Either payment scheme gives you full access to the program and the 30-day money-back guarantee.

The program currently has graduated 120 students. 

Who is Cristobal Mondragon?

Cristobal Mondragon is the founder and owner of Queen Bee Cleaning Service, a premier cleaning company in Seattle. Cristobal started with no knowledge of the industry but through sheer perseverance, he grew the company to now be part of the top 2% highest earning cleaning businesses in the country. He credits his success to knowing how to price his services and keeping his customers happy. 

Cristobal says that one of the best ways to generate income is to become the trusted cleaning service provider of an AirBnB estate. This is similar to what is discussed in the AirBnB course. Cristobal explains that you can charge more for cleaning an AirBnB and even discuss a monthly or yearly contract. 

What is UpFlip?

UpFlip is an online school that features several courses taught by different entrepreneurs. The goal of the school is to teach students how to grow their businesses by learning from experts. 7-Figure Cleaning Business Blueprint is its flagship course. 

It will release two more courses, “The Basics of Starting Any Business” and “How to Start a Vending Machine Business” soon. 

Is a cleaning business recession-proof?

No business is entirely recession-proof, even a cleaning service. Still, the average cleaning business income is around $56,000 per year for a one-employee business. This can become greater if you hire more employees, and whether you offer residential or commercial cleaning services. Experts estimate a decent steady growth in the cleaning industry for the next 5 years. This is barring any dramatic economic change, such as another global pandemic. 

Why should I start a cleaning business?

Cleaning businesses typically have lower entry points and require little experience. You can easily start a humble business with only $1,200 and have a 1000% ROI in a few months. 

What common mistakes do people make when starting a cleaning business?

The most common mistake people make in their cleaning business is charging by the hour. According to Cristobal, it’s better to charge a flat rate instead, especially if you’re dealing with repeat clients. This prevents instances where your client feels “cheated” because your workers finish their work in less time than what was paid for. 

For example, if a client pays for 4 hours' worth of cleaning, your workers may take that long during their first session. However, subsequent sessions will most likely take less time, since your workers are already familiar with the room or area. They know what and where to clean. However, if you charge by the hour, your customers will not prioritize efficiency. They will say that they expect 4 hours of cleaning, even if that means your workers re-clean the apartment. 

This also has the unintended effect of workers feeling less inclined to perform their work well. When you pay and charge by the hour, your workers and clients respectively just want what they can get - they will not care about quality. 

CONCLUSION: Can you make money in commercial cleaning? 

You can make money in commercial cleaning and 7-Figure Cleaning Business Blueprint helps you start a cleaning business with more confidence. The entire program is comprehensive, and the insights that Cristobal gives are priceless. 

All the same, starting a cleaning business comes with the same challenges as any active, full-time company. You must be prepared to handle day-to-day operations, file taxes, and market your services. Regardless of how much you learn in 7-Figure Cleaning Business Blueprint, you’d still have to do the work. The program is for an active business model, and should not be used as a passive income opportunity or a side hustle. 

You need to be entirely dedicated to this venture, and that means spending a lot of time during the initial stages. This is entirely different from online business models, such as local lead generation, that offer you both time and money freedom. My particular favorite is local lead generation because it has high-income potential, low entry point, and has a lower competition rate than others. 

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