7 Figure Media Buyer Academy Review: The 3 Things Alex Fedotoff Doesn’t Teach You About Media Buying

January 25, 2023

The 7 Figure Media Buyer Academy is one of three courses offered by eCommerce Scaling Secrets. Created by Alex Fedotoff, but taught by someone else, you learn how to become a successful Facebook media buyer or train someone else to buy ads for you - for only $97!

The course is meant for intermediate or expert Facebook media buyers who can spend around $10,000/day on ads. Over 28 lessons, this mysterious teacher (a former student of Alex) will guide you to create automated Facebook ads that can potentially earn you thousands of dollars each day.

But a look at the modules offered by 7 Figure Media Buyer Academy shows that there are a few critical lessons in media buying that are lacking. Even then, you should consider that digital media buying, inherently, requires you to check the status of your ad each day. According to Alex, however, his course will allow you (or your preferred media buyer) to only check your ads for 7 minutes each day - but is this really possible?

In this 7 Figure Media Buyer Academy review, I’ll tackle the 3 things Alex Fedotoff doesn’t teach you about media buying, what you can expect to learn in this course, and why Facebook media buying may not offer consistent or reliable passive income compared to other business models such as local lead generation


Relatively affordable

High income potential

Supportive community 


Not taught by Alex himself

Too focused on creating ads and no focus on pre- or post-implementation

High chance of upselling

This course is part of a series of courses you need to take



Refund Policy:






The 3 things that a great media buyer should be doing

Media buying is when you purchase ad space on various platforms, such as TV, radio, or websites to improve campaign performance. For the sake of this review, I’ll only be focusing on Facebook media buying.

1. Strategizing and planning a campaign 

If you take a look at how the Meta Certified Media Buying Professional exam is scored, you’ll notice that almost half of the test is based on how well you can plan a campaign. This extends far beyond just creating a nice-looking ad, and looks at how well you conduct a market analysis and content strategy. You should be able to understand the overall business objectives, how well previous ad programs, if any, fared, and the current climate of your specific industry. 

Keep in mind that it is not necessary for you to be certified by Meta to post Facebook ads, but it is a good idea for you to see what they value so that you can become more competitive in the digital marketing industry. 


Right from the start, you are taught how to layout and design an ad, including how to make them automated while targeting a lookalike audience (people who share similar characteristics as your actual target market). 

2. Identifying the target audience and customizing to them

A great media buyer knows who they are talking to and the best way to reach them or how to create “impressions” - the media buying marketing jargon that refers to the total number of times an ad renders on a person’s screen. 

So, for example, if you were promoting a cat scratching tower, you would be targeting people who own a cat or who are thinking of adopting one. You wouldn’t place content for a cat scratching tower for people who own dogs or snakes or simply hate cats. 


Supposedly, Alex has templated ad marketing designs for 50 different niches. You simply have to copy and paste the template and add your own information and that’s it. The potential challenge here is that media buying is a dynamic industry - Facebook, especially, is notorious for changing how they maximize ad marketing spaces. So, there is a possibility that you won’t get the right “mix”: meaning, getting the ad in front of the right audience at the right time. 

3. Tracking results and optimizing a campaign 

One of the main parts of your content strategy is tracking your campaign’s performance. As soon as it launches, you need to gather data on how well (or not) your ads are performing. This allows you to make informed decisions and change courses, if necessary, so that your digital marketing campaign is always optimized. 

With Facebook ads, you can allocate a daily budget or a lifetime one, while choosing the type of people you are targeting. If you track results, you can ensure that you are spending the right amount of money for the results you are expecting. 


Nowhere in the 28-module course is there a single discussion on tracking your results. Alex dedicates five lessons on how to prevent Facebook banning (which, in itself, is strange because why are you assuming your account would be banned if you’re legitimate?) but nothing about what to do AFTER you post a Facebook ad. 

Alex Fedotoff’s plan with eCommerce Scaling Secrets 

If you search “eCommerce Scaling Secrets review”, you’ll find a whole lot of people talking about a system that is no longer being promoted by Alex Fedotoff. In fact, it would seem that Alex has decided to split his initial course into three and make eCommerce Scaling Secrets his business name instead. 

I recently reviewed Alex’ “secret” training program, Brand Builders Academy, and the end goal of that course was to book a “free” coaching call with Alex where you will be sold a personal coaching session with him for around $1,000 to $2,000. 

While Brand Builders Academy never quite took off, Alex was gracious enough to use a similar logo to create a private Facebook group called “Brand Hyper Growth”, where he invites eCommerce entrepreneurs to network and learn better strategies for creating an online business. 

This seems to be Alex’ master plan. He wants more students to enroll in all of his courses to create a powerful e-commerce business, from setting it up to media buying. Perhaps this is why Alex doesn’t pay any attention to who you will be selling for or any sort of brand awareness in 7 Figure Media Buyer Academy, because he assumes you’ll buy his other course on creating your own business as well. 

The not-so-hidden agenda of Alex Fedotoff

Not all of these are speculations. When discussing why he is offering 7 Figure Media Buyer Academy for only $97, Alex openly states that he is so confident in his program that once you do find success in digital marketing media buying, you’ll buy his other courses too. 

It’s not exactly clear what the sequence for learning the ultimate eCommerce Scaling Secrets class is, but whether you start with 7 Figure Media Buyer or Brand Builders Academy, it appears that Alex wants you to join his multiple private Facebook groups and potentially pay him for some one-on-one coaching. 

Who is Alex Fedotoff? 

Alex Fedotoff is a Ukrainian entrepreneur who fought his way to success by learning how Facebook ads work while studying English. With nothing but grit and determination, Alex now owns several successful e-commerce and has traveled around the world with his wife and son. 

Alex has styled himself as the “King of Scaling FB Ads”, and started eCommerce Scaling Secrets with the goal of helping other struggling businesspeople, from the humble agency owner of an advertising agency to the high-flying entrepreneur to the social media project manager, find their footing and gain financial freedom. In particular, he says that Facebook ad buying is one of the best ways to earn lots of money without having to work 8-12 hours a day. 

What is in 7 Figure Media Buyer Academy? 

There are 28 lessons, split into four parts on how to build successful ad campaigns. The course looks like this:

Part I (8 lessons): Teaches you how to create paid ads that maximizes LLA (lookalike audience) optimization, generates fast ROAS (return on ad spend) marketing campaigns, and distributes CBO (campaign budget optimization) correctly. 

Part II (10 lessons): Teaches you how to shift your mindset. With titles such as “radical open-mindedness” and “entrepreneurial health hacks”, this part sounds similar to Driven Academy by Albert Preciado. 

Part III (5 lessons): Teaches you how to troubleshoot potential Facebook issues, such as restoring a blocked account or sourcing pages with no Facebook score. 

BONUS Part IV (5 lessons): Teaches you how to create an automated webinar and standard e-commerce sales funnel promotion

You’ll also receive an additional bonus of different templated sales funnels that you can use for your Facebook ad content creation

Are the reviews of 7 Figure Media Buyer Academy good? 

Not for the program, per se. When showing his social proof, Alex interestingly shows students who are reviewing “eCommerce Scaling Secrets” instead. It may be that these students also took 7 Figure Media Buyer Academy, but it’s unclear at this point whether these success stories are for the course, or some kind of elaborate affiliate marketing scheme.

Does 7 Figure Media Buyer Academy have a refund policy?

No. Alex says that once you enroll in the program, you will be shown confidential agency data that makes the program unique. As such, there are no refunds available

Is Alex Fedotoff legit? 

Alex does seem to know what he’s talking about but his entire eCommerce Scaling Secrets business is rather disorganized. Alex has so many secret programs and private Facebook groups, it’s hard to tell what he’s talking about or focusing on. 

His entire spiel is to get you to create successful e-commerce, but he uses so many sales funnels to talk about the same message. 

CONCLUSION: Is 7 Figure Media Buyer Academy worth it? 

If you intend to purchase all of Alex’ courses, then this marketing program is worth it. Alex does not appear to be a fake guru (even if you won’t be taught by him in this course) and he seems to be active on Facebook and Twitter, so there’s a high possibility that you can interact with him personally - though whether or not he’ll try to sell you his personal coaching services is still up in the air. 

All that being said, let’s focus on the fact that media buying - while fun and interesting - requires you to develop a certain skill set (such as marketing, creative writing, and financial planning) and forces you to spend a few hours a day (not 7 minutes) to check your progress for you to be successful. 

If you’re looking for a better way to earn passive income, I’d recommend local lead generation. This business model targets niche audiences within a local area - and while there is a certain amount of marketing and pitching involved, it mostly involves the products (websites) selling themselves. Local lead generation also allows you to truly not work for days and still generate income. 

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