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Dino Gomez 7 Figure Visionary Review: What Is His Mini-Workshop Funnel Strategy?

April 26, 2024

7 Figure Visionary is a private coaching mastermind by Dino Gomez that teaches you how to generate leads and increase sales by using the mini-workshop funnel strategy. The mastermind teaches Facebook ads marketing to generate leads and mini-workshops to sell your offer. Facebook ads are costly and can lead to negative cash flow if done ineffectively. Your target market will also largely affect the effectiveness and competitiveness of your ad campaigns.

Reviews for 7 Figure Visionary are extremely positive. Students praise Dino's unique approach to increasing sales conversion and the practical and actionable training. I have found no negative reviews of the course so far. Dino's previous program, Funnel Consultant Society, also has extremely positive reviews.

In this article, you will discover what Dino's mini-workshop funnel strategy is, what you get with 7 Figure Visionary, what the Mini-Workshop Maverick course is, and who are the programs for. You will also learn all about Dino Gomez, his claims, and other lead generation strategies.

7 Figure Visionary Pros and Cons


Free-to-join Skool group.

Mini-workshop funnel strategy is a great marketing tool for small audience groups.

Very positive feedback from students.


Facebook ads are expensive and highly competitive.

The mini-workshop funnel strategy is time consuming and has low scalability.

Lead generation strategies taught in the courses are limited.


7 Figure Visionary packages begin at $400/month. Mini-workshop maverick costs $87/month x 12 months or a 1-time payment of $997.

Refund Policy

No refund policy listed




7 Figure Visionary and Dino Gomez enjoy a extremely positive reputation.

What Is the Mini-Workshop Funnel Strategy?

Dino Gomez’ mini-workshop funnel strategy is a systematic approach to increasing lead generation and conversion rates by leveraging mini-workshops. Examples of a mini-workshop include zoom-workshops and interactive webinars, which can be free or paid. The mini-workshop funnel strategy involves traffic from social media into a mini-workshop in order to increase the chances that those leads will convert. You can use this strategy in any niche, such as health and wellness, personal development, digital marketing, business skills, and more.

What Do You Get With 7 Figure Visionary?

The 7 Figure Visionary mastermind comes with 1-on-1 coaching calls with Dino and his team of experts, "Deep Dive" training sessions 3X/week, access to a support group, and access to the quarterly client-only 3-day mastermind retreats. It also includes done-with-you service that includes funnel building, ad designing, launching of marketing campaigns, hiring of sales representatives and marketing manager.

What Is 7 Figure Visionary’s Mini-Workshop Maverick?

7 Figure Visionary’s Mini-Workshop Maverick is a 16-week live coaching and 6-module training course program. The training comes as step-by-step video and live group coaching calls. You will also get access to templates, messenger scripts, marketing posts, workshop funnels, the high-converting workshop slide deck, and the members-only community.

Mini-Workshop Maverick Modules

  • Module 1: The Approach and Offer - Learn how to create your $500+ core offer and what the best workshop strategy is based on your target audience and niche.

  • Module 2: The Design and Topic - Learn how to choose the best topic that will attract leads for your mini-workshop.

  • Module 3: The Build - Beginner, Intermediate, Expert Roadmaps - Discover the 3 different workshop options, from low-tech to advanced types.

  • Module 4: The Marketing and Lead Getting - Find out how to invite your audience to your workshop without guesswork using the provided post swipe files, examples, frameworks, and cheat sheets.

  • Module 5: Prep for Delivery - Learn how to maximize conversion from your workshop through the use of the provided examples and presentation slide templates.

  • Module 6: Maximize Sales Post Workshop - Finally, you will learn how to persuade your mini-workshop audience to buy into your core offer.

Who Is 7 Figure Visionary For?

  • Aspiring coaches who want to learn how to create their core training and market it using mini-workshops.

  • Coaches and consultants who want to increase their sales and conversion rates through the use of free or low-priced mini-workshops.

  • Service providers and ecommerce businesses can also utilize the mini-workshop funnel strategy to sell their offers.

What Are the 7 Figure Visionary Reviews?

The reviews for 7 Figure Visionary are very positive, with Dino Gomez having a 4.8 rating on Trustpilot with 40 positive reviews. Students have praised his programs and also mentioned that Dino tailors his training style based on his students' needs.

Jeffrey Enabe has worked with Dino for several years and has both joined 7 Figure Visionary and taken the Funnel Consultant Society program. He explains how the programs always over-deliver and has helped him make a lot of money.

Anne Ryan from Australia mentioned that in just 2.5 months in the 7 Figure Visionary mastermind, she was able to double the return on her investment by applying what she has learned from Dino. She praised Dino for being hands on and delivering next level value.

Who Is Dino Gomez?

Dino Gomez is an internet marketing expert and mentor from San Diego, California. He has found great success earning millions from 2 coaching businesses, Funnel Consultant Society and 7 Figure Visionary, and earned 2 Two Comma Club awards from ClickFunnels.

With a business marketing degree from Sonoma State University, he worked as an internet marketer consultant for San Diego Flash, a professional club soccer team, for 11 years. He managed the team's website and social media accounts. At the same time, he founded the SEO agency Dynamik Internet Marketing, formerly DinoMite SEO. In 2018, Dino created Funnel Consultant Society, a Facebook ads training program for online marketers. Finally, he created 7 Figure Visionary in 2020 to help coaches and agency owners scale their businesses.

What Was the Funnel Consultant Society?

Funnel Consultant Society was a 6-module course that taught online marketers how to launch effective Facebook ads. The training included the A-Zs of Facebook ads on topics such as, Ads Manager, Facebook Pixel, ad types, ad placement, advanced targeting, engagement campaigns, and optimization. The course no longer appears to be available on Dino’s website but it is still up on Teachable for $4,997.

Case Study: How Dino Gomez Made $47,000 With A Low-Ticket Sales Product

Specific Steps That Dino Took To Reach $47,000

  1. Dino leveraged various social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok to drive targeted traffic to his sales funnel.
  2. He created a sales funnel with a $47 workshop as the front-end product and grew his email list by adding 29 new buyers who purchased his $47 offer.
  3. After conducting a workshop, Dino engaged his buyers using high-quality content to entice them to purchase. 
  4. And then, he threw a high-ticket offer that cost $7,000. Six individuals bought this program which significantly increased his revenue. 
  5. With $1,300 from his front-end revenue and $42,000 ($7,000 x 6) from the back-end, Dino made $43,000 in total. 

Challenges That Dino Faced 

  1. Building a Targeted Sales Funnel: Dino struggled to create a targeted sales funnel that effectively converts leads from various social media platforms into buyers. 
  2. Creating Engaging and Valuable Content: He had to ensure the free workshop was enticing enough to hook leads that would soon convert to high-ticket sales. 
  3. Conversion Rate Optimization: To achieve 17.7% conversion, Dino had to ensure the sales page was optimized and well-designed so the offer was attractive. 
  4. Maintaining Quality in Delivery: He also had to maintain the quality of the workshop and exceed the buyers’ expectations so he could upsell them the high-ticket offer which made up for the bulk of his sales. 

What Is Dino Gomez’s Claim?

Dino Gomez claims that his mini-workshop funnel system will land you 5+ paying clients per mini-workshop. In his videos, he even makes the bold claim of increasing your conversion rate up to 100%. Dino explains that the average adult has a 7-min attention span on social media. In order to keep their interest, you have to offer them an invitation to an interactive mini-workshop where you can persuade them of your core offer. Your mini-workshop can be offered for free or for a price and can either be online or in person.

5 Biggest Challenges of the Mini-Workshop Funnel System

Dino’s claim that attracting more leads and increasing your sales conversion rates by using the mini-workshop funnel system is definitely possible however unlikely. You do have to take into account the many factors and challenges that will affect the performance of your mini-workshop funnels.

  1. Targeted Marketing Efficiency - The first challenge is to identify who the right audience is and to specifically design your marketing campaigns to target them. The idea is to have all the participants in your mini-workshop to be genuinely interested. It is very difficult if not impossible to have a social media ad that ensures every audience that joins your mini-workshop is 100% interested.
  2. Content Relevance and Engagement - Ensuring that the content of your mini-workshop is engaging and directly relevant to the audience’s interests and needs. Delivering valuable insights and solutions that will influence the audience to invest more in your core offer is already a challenging task. This is already difficult with 1-on-1 sales calls, much more with multiple audiences.
  3. Conversion Optimization - The flow of your mini-workshops should be optimized to spark interest and lead to decision-making effectively. This also includes any follow-up processes such as email sequences and sales calls.
  4. Technical Execution and Accessibility - Ensuring that all participants can access the platform without issues and that the presentation tools work flawlessly can be a challenge with online mini-workshops. You also have to make sure you have quality audio and video.
  5. Scalability and Repetition - While your mini-workshop can be effective for a small audience, it will be a challenge to scale this for a larger group. Maintaining the quality and engagement of your mini-workshop after repeating it over and over again will also be a challenge.

The average conversion rate of online sales funnels is 2% to 5%. Top-performing funnels in well-optimized campaigns sometimes exceed 10%. The industry and niche that you are in also has a large effect on your conversion rate, potential audience pool, and mini-workshop’s content.

Then there’s the matter of running ads. While the mini-workshops promote your core offer, you need to run ads to promote your mini-workshop. Dino Gomez specializes in running Facebook ads to promote mini-workshops which can be very costly.

Average Cost Per Lead on Facebook Ads

The average cost per lead on Facebook ads is $5 to $7. This figure will depend on your niche or industry and conversion rate. The cost will only increase over time as competition increases. With many niches, the efficiency of Facebook ads has been declining. Depending on your target audience, your target audience may be migrating to other social media platforms. This is especially true with younger audiences migrating to Instagram and TikTok. You might want to consider other methods of marketing or diversify.

Lead Generation Strategies for Small Business

There are tons of lead generation strategies for small businesses, such as SEO marketing, free social media marketing, influencer marketing, paid Google ads, and online forums. These strategies can range from free to paid and active to passive. Some are effective at generating leads in the short-term, while some work best in the long-term. There are strategies that also work best for certain niches and industries.

For coaches and mentors, putting your course on platforms, like Skool, which is a go to for people searching courses, will add another channel for leads. Dino Gomez himself promotes his course on Skool. Millionaire entrepreneur, Alex Hormozi invested $200 million in Skool on January, 2024, which could mean rapid growth in the platform.

SEO Is My Recommended Strategy For Generating Free Leads

SEO is my recommended lead generation strategy, as it creates a steady and sustainable way of generating organic leads. According to, Google handles about 8.5 billion searches daily. A huge chunk of these searches are for people looking to buy a product or service. By ranking your website high on the SERP (search engine results page), customers who are actively seeking for your offer will find your site easily. As long as you maintain visibility by ranking high on SERP, you will keep getting leads for free. Compare this to running Facebook ads, where you rely on the efficiency of Facebook’s ad targeting and hope it reaches the right interested audience. The problem is that it is‌ less likely for people who are actively seeking to purchase a solution to their problem to look for it on Facebook.

Turn Leads into a Passive Income Business with Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation is a business model where you rank a site on Google that will generate quality leads, then rent it out to local businesses who will benefit from it. Compared to an SEO agency where you work to rank your client’s site, often for a one time project, you keep ownership of your local lead generation site. It is a type of digital real estate business where you are the landlord. As you do not run any ads, you have low operating costs and low risks. For as low as $500 in initial investment, you can start ranking sites on SERP. It costs as little as $30 a month to maintain. With the low entry barrier and low operating costs, you can earn up to $3,000 a month in complete passive income. 


When running paid ads, competing with hundreds of other marketers results in higher costs because of the impact of bidding on pricing. In a local lead generation business, you only have to outrank a handful of competing sites in the local SERP. To scale your business when running ads, you have to invest more money on ads. Scaling a local lead generation business is as simple as repeating the rank and rent process. There is no limit to how many sites you can rank and rent. These reasons are why local lead generation is my recommended business for creating time and financial freedom through passive income.

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