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AC Hampton Review – Does he have enough Dropshipping experience?

March 4, 2024

AC Hampton was in debt when he quit his 9-5 job and only had $1,800 in his bank account. After spending his last few dollars buying a dropshipping course and working endlessly, he earned millions of dollars selling products online. Today, he is an 8-figure seller on Shopify and course creator of one of the most popular dropshipping courses. Supreme Ecom Blueprint 2.0. In this AC Hampton review, we'll cover AC's story and what you can get out of the Supreme Ecom program. We'll also look into how much money his students are really making with dropshipping and if any negative reviews of AC are legit. 

I'm even going to compare dropshipping with a business model that's been a hot topic as of late because of its passive income potential. I'm referring to local lead generation.

AC Hampton Pros and Cons


AC has created several 7-figure Shopify stores in only a few years.

He is very active on his YouTube channel with videos being uploaded on average every couple of days.

His Supreme courses are reasonably priced for the amount of info in them.

AC sells a course that shows you how to make money with Airbnb


The only traffic source AC focuses on teaching is, paid ads with Facebook and not TikTok, YouTube or Google ads.

No refunds allowed with AC Hampton's courses.

Dropshipping isn't an online business that will earn you a passive income. 

AC Hampton's Story

AC's name is Alex Hampton. He hails from Kansas City, Missouri and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Missouri in 2018. He learned about dropshipping from a roommate in college. After working a 9-5 job for about 4 months after graduating college, he quit. He invested in a dropshipping course but didn't see any results initially. 

He eventually found his first winning product on December 24, 2018, which did $165K in sales in two months. AC was fulfilling each order on AliExpress. Then he moved to Oberlo. But he was having so many orders coming through his general store each day. This was too much work for him.

As a solution, he found a supplier who could handle all the fulfillment of his orders. To this day, he works with that supplier. Once March 2019 came around, the product he was selling ran its course. Facebook also shut down the ad account for this first store and product. Paypal also put a hold on his account for over 90 days. It was back to the drawing table for AC.

He bought a new theme for his new one-product (niche-focused) store and sales went through the roof. That store made him over $1.7 million in sales from March 15 - December 12 of 2020.

Ever since, AC has made millions dropshipping products in his many eCommerce stores. All the experience that AC gained over the last few years were put into his online dropshipping course. Supreme Ecom Blueprint. In 2022, he updated the course. To get a glimpse of what he teaches in the course, you can view the AC Hampton YouTube channel where he posts video content often.

What are AC's Supreme courses?

AC's Supreme courses teach you how to make money dropshipping and he even has a course on how to get started making money with Airbnb rentals. He offers a live masterclass, preparation for that masterclass, and 1-on-1 mentorship. 

Supreme Ecom Blueprint 2.0

This is AC Hampton's main course, which was updated in 2022 and costs $597. You learn how to build and scale your Shopify dropshipping store from scratch by creating a Facebook ad that converts. He shares info on how to best track your data with new iOS14 updates. AC also has a private Facebook group they give you access to when you join. There is a free training you can sign up for to get a taste of what you can expect in the Supreme Ecom Blueprint 2.0 course and a crash course which helps you start your dropshipping business as quick as possible. AC does live coaching calls each week.

Read my Supreme Ecom Blueprint 2.0 review for more info on the course.

Live Masterclass Preparation Kit

This kit costs $597 as well and teaches you how to create a profitable Shopify store in 7 days, how to always find winning products, and how to efficiently run ads on Facebook.

Dropshipping Mentorship 

This program allows you to get 1-on-1 guidance from AC Hampton.

Supreme BnB Formula

The Supreme BnB Formula is a course that teaches you how to become a real estate investor through Airbnb rentals. It costs $497 and can also be bought in a bundle with the Supreme Ecom Blueprint 2.0 course for a price of $1,097.


Dropshipping is one online business that you need to generate a lot of traffic for. If not, you're going to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars in ad spend with no ROI. To run ads efficiently, you need to split test to see what works. You can split test an image, the copy, the headline, call to action or even the format (Ex. video ad). AC only teaches you how to run ads on Facebook which is getting saturated as the years pass because of the increase in marketers flooding it. There are millions of Shopify sellers using Facebook. According to SpoutSocial, TikTok has over 1 billion active users each month. Therefore, TikTok ads might be a better option for generating traffic in 2022. Overall, taking advantage of as many social media platforms as possible will help increase sales.

Do AC Hampton's students actually make money?

Although the dropshipping success rate is 10%, according to most polls, some of AC Hampton's students have made thousands of dollars with his course. Here are three examples.

AC interviewed Tommy in March 2021. He was working as a cost analyst for a construction company and joined the Supreme Ecom mentorship in November 2020. Tommy got started because Black Friday was approaching, and he thought it was a great opportunity to dropship. After only 3 months, he generated over $580,000 in sales, but his profit was only around $60K. Tommy claims that what sold him on this course what how AC proved his worth with data and results.

Amen is another 6-figure student of the program who joined the program in November 2020. He joined this program while still working a 9-5 job. Amen made around $5K in his first month. The next month, he made $55K in sales. In January 2021, his sales revenue dropped because he changed his store from a general store to a niche store, but in February 2021, things went back up. Total sales revenue for Amen was over $178,000, with an average profit of around $20,000. He joined this program because, just like Tommy, he saw how AC had what it took to prove his worth as a dropshipping coach.

AC also interviewed Demetria, who has been in the Supreme Ecom program since January 2021. She tried to dropship on her own but didn't make the progress she expected to. During the time she started dropshipping, she was working a 9-5 job but didn't want to give up on it. In her first month, she only made $600 in sales. She had $41,000 in sales in the second month. In 3 months, she made over $100,000 in sales and her profit was around $15K. Demetria found that AC's supplier and Supreme program were key to helping her reach the success she had. 

17 Years Old Andrew Makes $182,000

Andrew's Background and Story

Andrew joined the Supreme Ecom mentorship a few years ago because he didn't want to take the corporate path. He chose this program because he trusted AC Hampton and liked his teaching methods. Before this, Andrew had bad experiences with other mentorships that turned out to be scams. 

Current State of Andrew’s Business

Andrew's business has made over $182,000 in sales. He achieved this even after his ads got temporarily banned. In his best months, his sales were over $57,000, with the highest day reaching $4,419. Andrew focused on choosing valuable products and optimizing ads. He believes in using proven products and effective ads instead of inventing new ones. Despite challenges like ad bans on Facebook, he keeps reinvesting his profits and plans to grow by testing new products which he will launch in the fourth quarter of the year. 

Lessons Andrew Learned and Challenges Faced

Perseverance Pays: Andrew's primary lesson is to believe in oneself and never give up. He faced many dark days and moments of doubt, but persevered.

Ad Mastery: He learned the importance of understanding and optimizing ads and targeted the right audiences with engaging content. 

Serious Commitment: Andrew realized the significance of treating e-commerce like a real business, and not as a get-rich-quick scheme.

Ideal Candidates: He advises that the mentorship is best suited for those with a budget and have the determination to scale a dropshipping biz. 

What's not mentioned in the interview: Andrew did not mention in the interview how much of the $182k was profit. According to industry statistics, the usual profit margin for dropshipping is around 15% to 20%. Taking the conservative average, Andrew's net income would have only been around $27k. 

Negative AC Hampton Reviews

After seeing several success stories, it was interesting to come across some negative reviews of AC Hampton and his program.

In this recent Reddit post, a student claims that the mentorship in the Supreme Ecom Blueprint course is bad, and that AC is a fraud because AC has his previous students teaching in the course. This may not be a bad thing. That could be a sign that his program is growing, and that he's is looking to be a bit more hands-off. 

If the program is growing, though, doesn't that mean that the course content is not the problem?

This next comment from 2 years ago was odd. This Redditor said that AC Hampton was copying Sebastian Esqueda's videos word for word. 

What's interesting is that Sebastian has over 400 videos and over 2 million views. AC has fewer videos (220+) but more than double the views Sebastian has. This tells me that AC's videos are just more valuable, especially since he's uploading videos with more frequency than Sebastian Esqueda

This negative comment about AC seems invalid. We looked for more negative reviews about AC, but we couldn't find any.

Is AC Hampton a scammer?

AC Hampton is not a scammer. He's a self-made entrepreneur who teaches actionable steps and processes that are helping his students generate thousands of dollars in revenue within the first few months of joining the Supreme Ecom Blueprint program.

He updated his dropshipping course and is active on his YouTube channel, which proves that he is sharing a proven system with current methods of dropshipping. 

Final Thoughts on AC Hampton

AC Hampton has been dropshipping for a little over 4 years and the amount of money he's made in this brief span of time is impressive. He's someone you should listen to if you're looking to get into dropshipping in 2024. The students in his course have found success quickly and some are even teaching in his program now, according to that comment on Reddit.

AC updated his dropshipping course, which proves that he's actually sharing valuable tips and strategies that work today. The AC Hampton YouTube channel is a great resource to get your feet wet with dropshipping and to AC himself, but I'm just not sold on dropshipping in 2024.

Local lead generation is better and here's why

Although during Black Friday and Cyber Monday of 2021, $6.3 billion in sales were generated, leaving you to think you should start dropshipping this upcoming holiday season, local lead generation is better because your startup costs are minimal, you have more control over your business and the income is more predictable

I rather do dropshipping or even affiliate marketing than work a 9-5 hamster wheel job, but dropshipping is much more unpredictable, demanding and your profit margins are low for all the work you put in compared to local lead generation.

You always need to do product research and look for the next trendy product for your Shopify store. Then you need to do a good job of split testing your ads in the Facebook ads manager to see which one works best because just having a solid product doesn't mean you know how to promote it well. It takes time to create successful online marketing campaigns. Also, you may end up dealing with customers that are unhappy with their products and that will want a refund.

I've made my fair share of money dropshipping, but I'll stick to the lead generation business model I learned in 2014.

Over 7400 students in the local lead generation training program have reached financial freedom by learning how to generate leads for local businesses. They've found that running an online business doesn't need to demand so much of you. Once you rank your lead gen sites, you don't need to worry about the Chinese New Year, finding new products or ad exhaustion. You just get paid a sustainable passive income.

If you'd like a more in-depth explanation about local lead generation, click here.

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