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Jason Hornung’s Academy of Advertising Review – 3 Glaring Issues When Paying for Traffic Online

April 27, 2023

The Academy of Advertising by Jason Hornung is a training platform that teaches you how to convert and scale paid traffic ads. Jason shares his advanced strategies, which include a $1 million ad swipe file that you can implement and customize for your campaigns. 

The problem with running a digital marketing agency is that if you want to scale your agency, you need to learn how to do all kinds of digital marketing skills. Skills which include running paid traffic ads on Facebook, Google, YouTube, TikTok, and more, which takes time and money to master. You also need to know how to manage social media accounts, help your clients generate more reviews online, create content for them, and more. There is a lot that is expected of a digital marketing agency, especially when running paid ads.

Many online coaches promise to teach you how to master paid ads and scale them, but is Jason's course the one course that will help you scale your agency past 6 and 7 figures? After all, someone has to know what they're doing.

If you're trying to make money online without offering so many services to your clients or dealing with the complexities of paid traffic, check out the popular local lead generation business model that offers a passive income by generating leads online using free organic traffic. 


Jason has generated over $100 million in revenue for his clients. 

12 different models for you to create video ads.

You get several bonuses, which include the 7 Figure Agency Blueprint.

There is copywriting training, which helps you when creating content for any ad you're making.


Digital marketing agencies don't earn a predictable income each month, which isn't good if you're trying to maintain a budget. 

Paid traffic is a digital marketing skill that is getting more expensive with each passing year. 

Social media marketing is a hassle even if you take a day each week to create and schedule content. 


Academy of Advertising costs $95.

Refund Policy

365 day money-back guarantee if you don't double your agency's revenue within the first year. 


7 module course with training videos being 10 minutes or less. 


Exclusive Facebook group. 


Jason Hornung has an excellent reputation among all the elites in the digital marketing world. If you search for Jason Hornung reviews, you won't find any negative reviews. 

5 Glaring Issues When Paying for Traffic Online

1. Expensive to Run Ads

Over the past several years, the cost of running ads on social media has risen each year. The CPM for Facebook advertising has risen 61% each year and Google's CPM has risen 75%. These numbers are only set to continue rising as more marketers and business owners flood the platform and compete to get the attention of their audience. There was once a time where creating a Facebook ad, for example, was the most cost effective way to run ads. Today, you are competing with thousands of marketers. 

2. Lots of Competition

The increase in competition started when everyone saw how cheap it was to run ads on Facebook and Google several years ago. Over time, more and more marketers and business owners have leveraged social media platforms to increase their brand awareness and to generate more business. Even though it is more expensive to run paid traffic ads, still more people continue to migrate to social media and start promoting on these platforms. You've got to run some targeted advertising to see solid results. 

3. Ad Accounts Can Be Shutdown

Being that you are running ads on platforms you don't own, your ad account can be shut down at any time. If you happen to not read the entire terms of service for each platform, you may overlook something and get your ads removed or your account suspended. A suspended account only means you will not be providing results for your clients or your business. This will only result in you losing money. This is the reality of running paid ads no matter the platform you use. If you find that your ads have been flagged, you need to go back to the drawing board and find out why they weren't approved. If your ad account was suspended, you need to contact support immediately to help you understand why, which can be a long process. 

What you get in Academy of Advertising

Profit Playbook

In this section, you learn how to convert and scale paid traffic ads. Jason shares his advanced strategies, SOPs, and frameworks along with the ad swipe file that generated $1 million for his clients. 

Bonus 1) Facebook Ads Bootcamp Training

This training teaches you how to run Facebook ads. You learn about all the ad formats you can create, how to launch and optimize your ad campaign and what steps to take for you to scale. 

Bonus 2) Google/YouTube Ads Bootcamp Training

Jason shows you how to get setup with running Google and YouTube ads. Once you learn the basics of getting started with Google ads, it will be easier to manage campaigns for YouTube ads since they are created and managed on the Google ads platform. 

Bonus 3) Copywriting Bootcamp Training

Bonus 3 is about how to create ad copy for all of your paid traffic campaigns. Jason dives into the mindset you need to have when creating copy and how to dive into the mindset of your audience so that you can create copy that is going to get them to take the action you want to them to. 

Bonus 4) Email Marketing Bootcamp Training

This training will open your mind to the world of email marketing. You learn what platforms you can leverage to send campaigns for your clients.

Bonus 5) 7 Figure Agency Blueprint Training

The 7 Figure Agency Blueprint is a training course with 7 modules where Jason shows you his marketing strategy of offering more services to your current clients instead of always looking to take on more clients. 

Who is Jason Hornung?

Jason is a digital marketing expert from San Diego, California. He grew up in Sauk City, Wisconsin and attended the University of Minnesota from 1998 to 2000. His parents were alcoholics, and they lived in a trailer home. When he was young, his mother abandoned him, his little brother, and father.

When he was 12 years old, he started working on his uncle's farm on the weekends. At 16 years old, he got his girlfriend pregnant and had his first daughter. After not being able to pay for his student loans, he got a job at Circuit City. He was then hired by American Family Insurance to sell property & casualty and life & health insurance. In 2003, he started his own insurance agency. Over time, he tired of working 80 hours per week and started looking for a better way to make money.

Then he found Dan Kennedy and his direct response marketing strategies. Jason grew his agency to over $1 million in revenue and won a JD Power Award for Outstanding Client Service from 2005 to 2007. After joining State Farm and going through a sour situation that had State Farm filing a complaint against him with the NASD (National Association of Securities Dealers). This all made Jason want to leave the insurance industry for how unfair he was being treated.

In 2010, he got into the online marketing world, specifically through affiliate marketing. After spending over $60,000 on his credit cards, building tons of websites and writing thousands of articles, he was advised to do marketing for other companies. That was when Jason gained traction and started to make money. He signed up for coaching from Adam Spiel to help him with Facebook ads. It went to well that Adam wanted to hire him. Jason ended up doing work for Digital Marketer and in a 5 month span, he generated over $3 million in sales for them. In 2014, Frank Kern asked Jason to do ads for him and ever since, has gotten many requests from some of the biggest marketing experts to do ads for them. In total, he's generated over $100 million in sales for his clients. 

Jason now turns all the knowledge he's accumulated and put it into online training courses. He owns the Jason Hornung Agency and JH Media. Jason also created the Academy of Advertising. On his Instagram he has over 3,700 followers and he posts content about how to scale your digital marketing agency. 

Jason Hornung Net Worth

Jason Hornung has an estimated net worth of between $10 and $20 million when you factor in the over $100 million that he's generated for his clients, which includes high-profile names like Sam Ovens, Frank Kern, and more. You can also consider the over 6-figures he makes with his own online training programs. 

Academy of Advertising Testimonials

Sam Ovens is the CEO and founder of When he was trying to figure out Facebook ads by himself, he had little success. After learning how to manage Facebook ads first hand from Jason, he started spending $30,000 per day on Facebook ads. After generating millions of dollars in revenue for his clients and his own business, he hired Jason to manage it all for him. Sam says that when Jason took over his FB ads management, his business made over $7 million in revenue within a year. Sam recommends Jason's training because he says Jason knows exactly what he's doing. To learn more about Sam Ovens and his programs, check out my Sam Ovens review

Frank Kern is one of the top digital marketing experts online and a master copywriter. Jason had originally signed up to become Frank's student. As time went on, Frank turned to Jason for guidance on how to scale his paid traffic ads. Eventually, Frank hired Jason to manage his campaigns and help coach his students in his own course. To learn more about Frank Kern, read my Frank Kern review.

Academy of Advertising Review: Is it worth buying?

Academy of Advertising is worth buying if starting a digital marketing agency and running paid traffic is something that you are passionate about doing. Jason will cover all the paid traffic platforms except TikTok and reveals what to pay attention to when getting started on each one. There is training on how to get up and running on each platform, how to split test ads, how to optimize your campaigns and how to write copy specifically for your audience on each platform. The top digital marketing experts and coaches have grown their businesses because of Jason's training, and you can benefit from implementing what he teaches.

Academy of Advertising Alternatives

Agency Navigator by Iman Gadzhi is an online course that teaches you how to start and scale your digital marketing agency. In this program, Iman shares the tools, templates and funnels he uses in his agency that you can put to work for you in your agency. This course has over 50 hours of video content and you are provided with over 25 custom built website templates. Every Tuesday, Iman hosts live coaching calls for his students so they can ask questions they need to and get the support they need for their agency as they go through the program.

Price: Agency Navigator costs $1,499.

More Info: Agency Navigator Review

AltAgency by Greg Hickman is a training platform that helps you grow your agency. Greg focuses on teaching you how to package your services by implementing automation systems, all to make running your agency easier. There are two programs you can join. Foundations is a 6-week program where you learn to package your services into one offering, promote and charge a premium for it, build your social media authority, get clients without using a proposal, and more. The Academy is a 12-month program you can only be a part of after you've finished the Foundations course and are making $10K per month in revenue. There, you learn how to scale your agency past 6 and 7 figures for maximum profit.

Price: This program is offered as a monthly membership, and the cost of each program is given to you when you get on a call with Greg's team. 

More Info: AltAgency Review

Are digital marketing agencies profitable in 2023?

Digital marketing agencies are profitable in 2023 because, according to a study by Global Industry Analysts, the global advertising and marketing market is projected to reach over $786 billion by 2026. There is plenty of money to be made in this industry, and those who take the leap and who find the right training and guidance will make some money.

The biggest problems with starting a digital marketing agency are dealing with numerous competitors, the high fees that come with running paid traffic ads, and how non-passive managing paid traffic campaigns and social media accounts is. There are too many variable that will make starting a digital marketing agency feel like a job. Not to mention, you don't own any of the digital properties that you are managing, whether they are websites, ad campaigns, social media accounts, and more. If you own no assets, your income will never be predictable or secure. 

As with other online business models, you can make money if you start a digital marketing agency, but you won't have the financial freedom, time freedom, or control that the local lead generation business model offers. 

Profit Margins are higher with Local Lead Generation than with running a Digital Marketing Agency

Local lead generation offers profit margins of over 95%. This is possible because you build service sites you own. After ranking your lead generation websites, they will start generating leads. Those leads you exclusively send to local businesses looking to take on more leads each month. 

I built a tree care site over 8 years ago and by continuing to rank it at the top of the search results in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I have gotten paid $2,000 each month, like clockwork.

Local lead generation

This is not like running paid ads where you have to spend money every day to rank your sites. Once you pay for your upfront costs like a domain name and hosting, there isn't much else you need to pay for after it ranks. You also aren't paying for ads to generate leads. Your traffic source is Google organic. This means your profit margins are over 95% if you're paying for backlink placements and 100% if you don't need to. Local lead generation will pay you a predictable passive income each month after everything is up and running. 

At that point, you can work on building more properties to pay you passively each month. There are over 7000 people who are currently building out their digital assets and getting paid thousands of dollars each month for the leads they generate. 

To learn how you can earn a passive income without having to pay for traffic on social media platforms, check out the local lead generation business model where you actually own your digital assets and dictate who you work with and how much they pay you every month. 

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