Ali Charafeddine’s Acez Academy Review: Can This Interactive Virtual Training Help You Succeed in Sales Closing?

April 10, 2024

Acez Academy by Ali “Ace” Charafeddine is an educational platform providing interactive virtual training for salespeople of all skill levels. It teaches students how to follow up, build your own scripts and close your sales.

Acez Academy reviews are positive. Although they’re all from the course site. Sales closing is a high stress job requiring you to handle rejections on a daily basis. According to Invesp, 60% of customers will say “yes” after rejecting you 4 times. But it has high potential income with 20% to 30% average commission rate according to Indeed.

In this Acez Academy review, you’ll know what their virtual training is, who is Ali “Ace” Charafeddine and the pros and cons of working with them. You’ll also learn about a low stress but high potential income business idea for 2024.

Acez Academy Review: Pros and Cons


Interactive Lessons: The students aren’t passively consuming videos.

Weekly Calls: Acez Academy has a weekly live call.

For All Skill Levels: Beginner, intermediate and seasoned sales people have training lessons specific for them.

Scalable: Sales closers can scale easily since they can adjust how many calls they want to do daily.

Mobile Application: The training is accessible anytime and anywhere.


Takes Time: There is no fixed time for a buyer’s journey so closing sales can require as much time and effort to reach out and follow up.

Expensive 1-on-1 Coaching: Private coaching with Ali Charafeddine costs $500 for 30 minutes only.

No Social Media Selling: Social selling isn’t covered in the curriculum.


Acez Academy’s Individual Package costs $99. The Team Package costs $997.


Acez Academy’s training is Interactive with weekly live calls via Zoom.


Acez Academy has a private group in Discord.

Refund Policy

Acez Academy has no refund policy indicated in their website.


Acez Academy was founded in April 2022, according to Ali’s LinkedIn profile.


Ali Charafeddine has a positive reputation.

Can Ace’s Interactive Virtual Training Help You Succeed in Sales Closing?

Ace’s interactive virtual training can help you succeed in sales closing because it guides you to create your own closing strategies. They provide fill-in-the-blank templates you can eventually use as a playbook for closing sales. Carnegie Mellon University study showed students’ information retention are 6x higher with interactive activities.

According to CPD UK, practice doing like the guided custom sales playbook has a 75% retention rate. So it equips you with information you’ll apply right away so you’ll remember them longer.

What is Acez Academy?

Acez Academy is a learning platform on sales closing. It provides tools, tips and scripts to increase students’ closing ratio. Students will learn objection handling, and matching the preference and needs of their potential clients.

The Acez Academy also provides leadership training for companies and their sales team.

What Do You Get With Acez Academy?

You get training modules, marketing tools, plug and play templates and weekly live coaching with Ace. Potential students will also get scripting tools for phone, text or email and a mobile application.

The training modules are:

  • 10k USD in 10 Days
  • 1 Problem To Solve
  • Beat Any Objection
  • Secret To 10x Sales
  • Building Rapport
  • Leave Your Comfort Zone
  • How To Actually Follow Up
  • AI Wants Your Job
  • Crushing The Huddle
  • Be Different
  • Hack Your Introduction

The Bonus Modules included are:

  • Special Access To Ace’s Secret Sales Closing Technique
  • Access To Weekly Coaching Calls with Ace

Who is Acez Academy for?

Acez Academy is for salespersons, sales managers, sales closers, entrepreneurs, aspiring business owners and corporate leaders. The course can help them advance their sales skills with modules for different experience levels.

Are Acez Academy Students Getting Results?

Yes, Acez Academy students are getting results like increasing their close rates and better work system. Dario managed to level up his deals to 10+ from 3 to 4 deals only per month.

Radi Al-Mahayni of Radi Car Sales commended Ali Charafeddine’s lesson for students to balance  working and doing their passion. So they stay driven. According to Al-Mahayni’s Acez Academy reviewi, after taking Ace’s classes, he gained so much more confidence.

Another student success story is Nick Jaafar, a real estate agent and Acez Academy alumni. He was featured in Wayne County Real Producers magazine for the October 2023 issue as a top realtor.

The Acez Academy’s sales lessons prove to be applicable to any industry like car dealerships and real estate.

Who is Ali “Ace” Charafeddine?

Ali “Ace” Charafeddine is a business coach, entrepreneur and writer. He graduated college in 2012 at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan with a bachelor degree in Paralegal Studies. He attended the Fordson High School in Dearborn. Michigan.

Ali worked for FIFO, a manufacturer of accessories for electronic devices, from January 2007 to January 2015. Then worked as senior director in Rocket Mortgages from July 2015 to October 2023. 

He also wrote books on sales and leadership with accompanying planners. Ali Charafeddine lives in Northville, Michigan.

Ali Charafeddine’s Other Service Offerings and Products

  • 1-on-1 Mentoring and Coaching - 1-on-1 mentoring and coaching with Ali costs $500 for a 30-minute call on Zoom.
  • Free Interactive Sales Playbook - The Free Interactive Sales Playbook guides sales leaders to write down their processes. It forces salespersons in the shoes of their prospects and how they can lead the conversation to a sales close.
  • Free Follow-Up Sales Guide - Free Follow Up Sales Guide is a script book for following up on different types of clients. It includes scripts for text messages, voicemails and emails.
  • Free Top Five Objections and How You Respond to Them - This free video is about addressing potential objections, providing reassuring responses and controlling the conversation through questions. Ali provides different strategies like ARC and Planting Seed Method.
  • Free Top Ten Sales Strategies - This video tackles working strategically, having morning and evening routines and using all communication methods.
  • Acez Academy Merchandise - These are customized T-shirts, hoodies, baseball hats, polo shirts, coffee mugs, dress shirts. They are designed with motivation quotes and the Acez Academy logo. The merchandise cost ranges from $19.99 to $104.99.

Ali Charafeddine’s Books

  • Acez Academy Sales Playbook: For Sales People And Sales Leaders - The Sales Playbook covers qualifying leads, prospecting, negotiation tactics and closing questions. It also has a guided template for salespeople to create their own scripts. Acez Academy sales Playbook costs $24.99.
  • Acez Academy Leadership Playbook: The Keys To Setting Up a Championship Team Culture - The Leadership Playbook tackles vision, accountability, empowerment and effective communication of a leader. It has structured ready to fill templates. The Acez Academy Leadership Playbook costs $24.99.
  • The 10 Keys of Sales: The Formula To Reach Your Top Sales Capabilities - This book contains the 10 lessons Ali Charafeddine learned in his 15 years of sales. It specifically builds communication strategies for struggling salespeople. It is available at $19.99 as paperback and $29.99 as hardcover.
  • Acez Academy Sales Planner: The Formula To Reach Your Top Sales Capabilities By Mastering Your Plan - The Sales Planner contains Ali’s 8 Pillars of Sales Success. It includes Personal Morning Routine, Value Question of the Day, Midday Charge Up and Evening Rituals. The planner has an hour by hour schedule template. It is available at $24.99 subscription on Acez Academy or hardcover on Amazon.
  • The 10 Keys of Leadership: The Formula To Become a Top Leader and Build a Championship Work Culture - The 10 Keys of Leadership book contains Ali Charafeddine’s 20 years of leadership. It is applicable in any industry from insurance agencies, business-to-business sales, broker companies and small business owners. The paperback costs $19.99 and the hardcover costs $29.99.
  • The 10 Keys of Leadership Planner: The Formula to Become a Top Leader and Build A Championship Work Culture Through Your Daily Plan - This planner is a 3-month planner for leaders. The Leadership Planner is available at $29.99 subscription at Acez Academy and as a hardcover book on Amazon.

Ali Charafeddine’s Claims

Ali Charafeddine claims salespeople of all skill levels can scale their sales with his interactive virtual training and coaching program. He claims the transformative virtual training will make students break into 6 to 7 figure sales.

Ali Charafeddine’s Claims DEBUNKED

Sales closing can be scaled by taking more calls. However, that also requires longer work hours. On top of that, Hubspot reported 81% of customers don’t trust salespeople. And for B2B sales closing, 82% of executives think salespeople are unprepared as per Spotio.

According to Get Accept, competition with low-cost providers is a top challenge. Salesman mentioned bottom and middle sales jobs are highly competitive since they’re selling commodities and functional items against low-cost providers.

Is Sales Closing a Great Way To Make Money Online?

Sales closing is a great way to make money online if you have a wide connection. According to Spotio, 8 out of 10 buyers start the buyer’s journey with a referral from people they know. The same is true for B2B sales closing. The IDC revealed 73% of executives prefer salespeople referred by an acquaintance. 

Sales closing is also a great way to make money online if you are skilled and experienced in remote sales closing. You can make money by investing time and effort into calling as many leads as you want. However, it has gotten even harder. According to Spotio, it only took 3 call attempts to reach a prospect in 2007 but takes 8 attempts today. 

According to a Reddit user Old-Significance4921, sales is also an industry with the lowest bar to entry and highest potential income. Although the income is not guaranteed and you’ll have to handle rejections daily.

Is Sales Closing Worth It in 2024?

Sales closing is worth it in 2024 if you’re already in the sales industry and looking to grow your income. According to Get Accept, 5% of marketers are putting sales closing as a top priority for the year. So there’s an opportunity to expand. 

You should also ensure you’re earning more than the money you spent on tools and upskilling. According to Task Drive, 6 out 10 sales professionals think it’s harder to sell today than 5 years ago. Reddit user joeschmo28 believes it’s also become a skilled role requiring industry knowledge, math skills and quick business decision-making.

X user BowTiedSalesGuy said you don’t really need closing techniques like SPIN selling. The buyer will close themselves, if you have the skills above.

Why Local Lead Generation Can Offer Higher Income Potential Than Sales Closing

Local lead generation can offer higher income potential than sales closing because it’s passive and duplicable. To scale at sales closing, you’ll have to work longer hours to take more calls. With local lead gen, you create a website, rank it on search engines and rent it out to a small business. The income is passive. And because there are 50+ service niches, you can own multiple websites.

Longer work hours to close more sales and hit quotas  can also lead to health issues. According to Lepaya, 79% of people in sales suffered work-related stress. Local lead gen doesn’t have this because you are your own boss.

Once you rank on the top spots on Google, you can stay there even with minimum maintenance. The website I created years ago still earns me $2k per month. And all the websites I own today generate me $52k every month. Local lead gen is a low-stress business model with high income potential.

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