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Advertise On YouTube: The Free Step By Step Guide

August 15, 2020


You can be wildly profitable by advertising on YouTube in 2020.

Do you remember when YouTube came out in 2005 and there were no ads before or during a video?

Crazy to think that was 15 years ago.

As a viewer, those days were great.

We'd spend hours and hours watching video after video… after video.

Things changed in 2007 as the first in-video ad was launched.

It’s actually amazing what you can accomplish on YouTube other than just binge watching videos late at night.

Advertising on YouTube might seem like a mystery, but it presents another dynamic to the advertising game due to the fact that the content is all video based.

Why YouTube?

As always, you have to look at the numbers.

When you see the amount of active users that are currently on YouTube, it's impossible to ignore.

As of today, there are more than 2 billion users on the YouTube search engine.

That’s second to how many Facebook has (at least 2.6 billion) and yes, I said search engine.

That's what it is.

On a daily basis, over 5 billion videos are being watched.

Also, it’s so much cheaper to advertise on YouTube than any other platform due to the low competition that exists and the fact that if someone doesn't watch 30 seconds of your view, you don't get charged.

You convinced yet?

When you have that many users on a platform and your cost per lead is cheap, you shouldn’t think twice as to IF you should advertise on it.

You should, and this is the guide you need to get you going in the right direction.

Welcome, to...

What You'll Learn

Facebook and Google are giants in regards to social media and online search.

This is no surprise.

YouTube is a big deal though because as we advance deeper and deeper into the age of technology, more and more people are consuming more content visually.

It's not only easy to get in front of people who are spending endless hours on YouTube, but the creation and management of your ads isn't difficult at all.

As you go through this course, you'll learn everything you need to set up your YouTube ads campaign and how to optimize it as best you can so that you can consistently keep your costs down.

I created this guide because not many business owners or digital marketers are totally familiar with yet.

Check out the steps to the left and remember, this guide is completely free.

Get to it!

Step 1: How To Create A YouTube Channel

Before you even think about how to create an ad on YouTube, there are things that you need to set up initially.

The first of those things, is to create a YouTube channel.  

You’re not a YouTuber by simply creating a channel.

No, your purpose here is a different one. You're looking to create and manage ads that will convert well and help you achieve whatever goals you've set for your business.

YouTubers are looking to create a following, bring awareness to their brand, exponentially increase their likes, subscribers and telling everyone to "drop a comment" and share. Though there's nothing wrong with having plenty of those, that may not fall in line with what your business goals are.

If your business goal was actually to bring more awareness to your brand, then those things matter a little more and you can run a campaign with that objective.

At the end of the day, you want people to take action and become your customers.

That's why you advertise.

You’re here to make money and lots of it for yourself and your clients, if you have any.

To create your YouTube Channel, follow the steps below:

As you can see, the first step in all of this is really easy to do.

Once you've successfully created your YouTube channel, it's time to link it with Google Ads.

Step 2: Linking YouTube Channel With Google Ads

“Wait, I thought this guide was all about advertising on YouTube…”

Don’t be perplexed.

Google bought YouTube in 2006 for a cool Billion.

Therefore, if you want to run ads on YouTube, the Google Ads platform is where you’ll be able to.

 There are two ways of linking your YouTube channel with Google Ads.

*Just to clarify: The ads are created and monitored in the Google ads platform, but the ads themselves are seen on YouTube. Similar to running ads on Instagram. You create and monitor on the Facebook Platform*

Creating a Google Ads account is necessary and almost as easy to set up as your YouTube channel.

If you don’t currently have a Google Ads account and would like to see a step by step guide on how to do it, check out my article, How To Create Google Ads Account.

Get this done before you move forward so that you can follow along with this guide.

You'll benefit from using Google Ads because you’re able to advertise to customers that have visited your channel, seen your videos, and those who have subscribed to your channel.

Once you link your channel and Google ads, you're good to go.

Inside of Google Ads, you’re also able to monitor your campaigns with the help of additional reporting metrics such as video view stats and earned views.

There are two ways of linking your YouTube channel with Google Ads.

  • Through Google Ads
  • Through YouTube Channel
Check out the steps you need to take to link your channel and ad account in each of the two ways possible.

It really doesn't make a difference which way you choose to link the two.

The point is that it's very simple to do and can honestly be done within a minute or two.

I'm glad Google made this process easy so that you can get to advertising ASAP.

Step 3: How To Create YouTube Ads

After creating your YouTube channel and linking it with Google Ads, you're ready to begin the creation of your ad.

It's not as complicated as you may think.

If you've ever ran ads on Google, you may have noticed that creating an ad is easy. After a few easy steps, your ad is ready to go live.

The same can be said for YouTube when you're first starting out.

If you haven't created your ad video yet, do it

If you're not sure where you can go to do this, YouTube recommends various platforms where you can go and create your ad.

These platforms really do make your life easier when it comes to creating a video ad.

Here is a list of the platforms that YouTube recommends and is partners with:

As you create your ad, keep in mind that you'll be spending less on ads than you would if you were on the other big ad platforms.

Just knowing that really does give you a peace of mind moving forward in this new advertising platform.

When creating your ad, you've gotta get creative so that it can attract your ideal audience.

What are important points to keep in mind when creating an ad?

You want to make it as easy as possible for people to take action. For example, if you're selling a product on your website, you can put a link in the description that will send people there. In your video, let people know to click the link.

There are people whose intent is to buy a product or service and are searching for it.

There are people who are simply surfing YouTube and looking for information.

Others have a mild interested in certain types of products and services.

When making a video ad, create one with content that's unexpected and different. Just remember that it always needs to be relevant to what people are searching for and the most important thing is that it needs to capture their attention immediately. People's attention spans are low these days so don't be bland nor boring.

You can also tell people what they’re going to get from your video as your ad starts.

If you’re selling something, such as a course for example, this is a great way to go.

As your ad starts, tell your potential customers what your course can accomplish, show results through case studies. Even a screenshot of what you’re bringing in money-wise helps make you look like the real deal.

These are all things that would attract someone who is already at least interested in your product.

If you’re selling something, make a great offer. The price alone needs to make people feel more inclined to take action. 

When it comes to your call to action, you need to be clear and make the process of purchasing easy. 

Articulate what they need to do and inform them what comes next.

Once you make things difficult for people, you start losing them, even those who may have been interested and who had high intent to buy.

Step 4: YouTube Ads Keyword Targeting

If you’ve ever ran ads on Google, you’re aware of what keyword research is.

It’s possible that it gave you a headache at first especially if you were new to that advertising platform.

Surely though, you realized how important it is to the success of your Google Ads campaign.

When you realized that your ROI was amazing, your headaches stopped.

You came to the realization that maybe you can’t live your life running ads on Google without doing keyword research.

Guess what?

You aren’t the only one who that’s happened to.

If keyword research is important for Google Ads campaigns and Google (most popular search engine), owns YouTube (2nd most popular search engine), then that clearly means keyword research/targeting is going to be important for YouTube ad campaigns as well.


Well let’s think for a second.

What do you do when you open up your YouTube app?

If you aren’t just scrolling through recommended videos, you go straight to where it says “Search” and begin typing what it is you're looking for.

For the simple fact that people are searching for videos and using certain words instead of the exact titles of the videos to do so, means that you need to choose the correct keywords that are relevant to your campaign so that your ad can be shown to people who are already interested in your product or service.

Let's look at some tools that will facilitate this part of the process.

The great thing about each of these 3 tools is that they're free to use.

By taking advantage of these free tools, you're already saving yourself money. 

Money that you can put into your ad spend when you're ready to scale.

Step 5: How To Optimize YouTube Ads

Optimization is all about the improvement of your ads.

If you were thinking that it was as simple as putting together any kind of video and throwing it up on YouTube, you're mistaken.

To attract people to your business, there are a number of things you need to do so that your video campaign can convert as much as possible.

If you're familiar with advertising on social media platforms, then you're aware that your first ad campaign may not always be a hit on the first try.

You need to make adjustments and changes as time goes by.

There are many aspects to an ad and because of that, you'll need to test each part of your ad to see what works best.

Testing needs to be a constant thing.


When you test, you'll be able to find the ad that's most profitable in your campaign and when you do, you're then able to scale that ad by increasing the budget which in turn will have your ad be shown to more people.

Don't think that just because YouTube is cheaper to advertise on that testing isn't important.

It is.

Anytime you run ads, you should be testing, otherwise you're not a true advertiser.

This is something that will require some attention and patience. Taking the time to look for the best ad will be worth whatever time you dedicate to it.

Check out some of the things you should do to optimize your YouTube ad campaigns.

Final Thoughts: Advertising On YouTube

Advertising on YouTube is a big deal and you can no doubt be profitable by doing so.

In 2020, many business owners and digital marketers still don't know as much about advertising on this platform.

After having gone through this step-by-step guide, you're already steps ahead of most business professionals.

Now is the time to act and get advertising your product, service or brand on YouTube.

In review, to successfully and efficiently run ads on YouTube, you must:

  • Know what your business goals are so that you can choose the correct campaign objective
  • Create your YouTube channel
  • Link your YouTube channel with your Google Ads account
  • Take time to do keyword research and set up keyword targeting for your video campaign
  • Make sure your video captures your audience's attention
  • Don't bore your audience
  • Create high-quality videos (It's 2020, there's no excuse)
  • Increase your budget once you've found a winning ad
  • Articulate the offer
  • Commit to being successful on this advertising platform
  • Make testing your ads a constant in any ad campaign you run no matter the platform

If you're new to this platform in regards to advertising, don't feel overwhelmed.

Anything can be learned as long as you dedicate yourself to it and don't quit until you learn it.

If it makes you feel better, running ads on Google is relatively easy compared to Facebook. If Google owns YouTube, do you really think they're going to make it difficult to run ads there?

No way.

Google wants you to advertise on YouTube so they won't make it so difficult on you.

Many more business professionals are beginning to advertise here, especially in this new year.

Will you take advantage of the new skills you've learned in this guide and be successful?

That's on you to decide.

When you do decide to do so, give it your all and if you think you can't anymore, you can.

Mamba Mentality...

How To Advertise On YouTube: FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to advertising on YouTube.

Why advertise on YouTube?

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Also, all of the content consumed on YouTube is video content which is a great way to attract customers to your brand because as opposed to a written ad, they can see what your product or service is. Another great reason to run ads on YouTube is that the competition is relatively low which means so is the cost to advertise in comparison with Facebook. There is no better time to advertise here than now.

If I've never created a video, will it be difficult for me to run ads on YouTube?

No it won't. YouTube suggests a variety of softwares that you can use to create your video ad.

Why do I need to create a Google Ads account?

Google owns YouTube. Therefore, you create and manage your YouTube ads through the Google Ads platform.

Must I create a YouTube channel if I want to advertise?

Yes you must.

Is linking your YouTube channel with Google Ads necessary?

Absolutely. Doing so allows Google Ads to run ads based on the interactions with your channels videos.

Is is difficult to unlink my YouTube channel with Google Ads?

Absolutely not. It's just as easy as linking. Follow the same process for linking the two except this time, click 'Unlink'.

What is YouTube Autocomplete?

Autocomplete is when you go to the search bar, being typing a topic and YouTube gives you many suggestions as to what you may be looking for or what's related to what you're searching. This is a great way to do keyword research and targeting for your ads.

What does CPV mean?

Cost Per View. It's a metric that will let you know what your cost per view is.

What are different ways in which you can optimize your YouTube ads?

There are many ways to do so. A few of the ways are to create high quality videos that capture people's attention with color, clarity and your message, target your audience correctly, exclude the audience or location that isn't ideal for your business and choosing to run ads under the expanded inventory type.

Is keyword research/targeting important?

Yes it is. You want to efficiently run ads and that's done by doing your keyword research/targeting. It's a simple process and you'll be glad you did whenever you look at what you're spending for ads on YouTube. Doing this will help make sure that you're showing your ads to people who are actually searching or interested in your product, service or brand.

What's the best way to scale YouTube ads?

The number one way to do so is to simply increase your budget. If you've never ran ads on Facebook, it would be wise to take your YouTube ad that is converting very well and run it on Facebook. Of course, it's a different platform and you will need to add ad copy but you should definitely have some success as long as you don't ignore the targeting.

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