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How To Create A YouTube Channel

August 15, 2020


Is it a surprise to you that in 2020, so much of the content we consume on the internet is video content?

It shouldn't be.

That's why YouTube is amazing. Many people, children and adults worldwide, want to create a YouTube channel and make money. If you have a product to sell, want to make a YouTube brand account that you want to grow or even if you have a message you want to get out to the world, YouTube is the tool you can use to accomplish your goals and get paid while doing it.

You can do so by means of a YouTube channel for your business.

We're in the business of advertising and to do so you need to create one.

You won't be able to run ads on YouTube if you don't have a channel.

As you go through the easy steps, you're going to realize how easy it'll be to set up. If you've been wondering how to be a YouTuber, this is also the first step for you.

Let's get into how to start your youtube channel.

Step 1:

The first thing you need to do is go to and click on the ‘Sign In’ tab to sign into your account. You'll find this tab at the top right of the YouTube homepage. It's best to create your channel on a desktop or laptop especially since you're going to want to jump right into creating ads soon after your channel is created.

If you don't have a Gmail account before logging in, you can always create one or create an account using another type of email. You could definitely use a work email. (Ex.

Step 2: Create A Channel

Once you do, click on your profile icon which is exactly where you clicked ‘Sign In’ and click on ‘Create a channel’.

Step 3: Get Started

You’ll then need to click on ‘Get Started’ once you see this:

Step 4: Type Of Channel

Once you’ve done so, YouTube will want to know how to create your channel. You’ll see the two options below.

Most YouTubers and artists will use the option to the right where they create a channel using a brand or other name and picture. If you're creating a channel for a client, you would also go with the option to the right unless your client gives you their login information. In that case, you would go with the option on the left because you would essentially be creating the channel as if you were your client. 

For this guide, we'll go with using your own name or the name of your business. Go ahead and click ‘Select’ under where your name is.

Step 5: Complete Your Channel

Next, YouTube will ask you to enter your information about your channel as you scroll through this page.
Don’t feel pressured to deal with this section now. You can set this up later but, I suggest you just do it now so that you can get it over with. It’s up to you, but since this is super easy to do, get it done now.

Step 6: Profile Picture

If you decide to fill these sections out now, you’ll start with uploading a profile picture.

When it comes to your profile picture, YouTube recommends a square or round picture that’s 800 X 800 pixels. If you want to make sure your profile picture is exactly 800 X 800, go to and add your photo to the Social Media design template. This will make it easy to get your profile picture quickly sized correctly.

Step 7: Channel Description

The next step is to let your viewers know what your videos are about. Fill in your channel description.

Step 8: Add Media Links

Then, it’s time to add your social media links to your site.

Step 9: Save & Continue

When you’re done with everything in this section, review the whole page. If you’re satisfied with what you have, click on ‘Save and Continue’.
At this point, you should be on your channel homepage.

That wasn’t difficult was it?

Make sure to keep your YouTube channel login information close to you so that you don't have issues trying to remember it later on.

I use LastPass to save my YouTube channel login along with any other passwords.

Create YouTube Channel On Mobile Phone

If you were wondering, how to make a YouTube channel right on a phone. It's quite simple.

Step 1: YouTube Mobile App

Go to your YouTube mobile app.

Step 2: Click Account Button

Next, click on the account or profile tab on the top right in the app.

Step 3: Sign In

Sign in using your Gmail account so that you can create your YouTube account. If you do not have one, you can create one.

Step 4: Create Channel

Once you've created your YouTube account, go back, click the account or profile tab on the top right of the app and click on 'Create Channel' as seen above in Step 2 of creating a YouTube channel on desktop and follow the steps.

At this point, you're all done. If you need to make a YouTube channel edit to any settings, you can do so either on mobile or desktop.


In review, here’s how you create your YouTube channel.

You really shouldn't have any difficulty creating your channel. Once you've reviewed your information and made sure it's all correct, it's time now to link your YouTube channel with Google Ads.

Don't worry, I'll explain in the next lesson why Google Ads is now in the picture.

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