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Linking YouTube Channel With Google Ads

August 15, 2020


You're going to manage your YouTube Ads in your Google Ads account. 

Google Ads used to be called Google Adwords. Through Google Adwords you were able to promote your new YouTube channel. Now, you'll be monitoring and managing your ads in the Google Ads dashboard.

To make this all possible, you're going to need to link your YouTube Channel with your Google Ads account. Don't worry, there's no cost to do this.

There are two very simple ways to get this done.

  1. Through your Google Ads account
  2. Through your YouTube Channel

It's tough to say which is the easier way because this is really simple to do no matter which route you take.

You'll breeze through this part of the process. 

To me, linking your channel with Google ads is just as easy as creating a channel.

Maybe even easier.

If you're interested in a free Google Ads training so that you can be familiar with that platform as you run ads on YouTube, check out my article called How To Advertise on Google: The Free Step By Step Guide.

Google Ads

Let’s first go through how to link the two through your Google Ads account.

Step 1: Tools & Settings

While in your Google Ads account, go to ‘Tools & Settings'.

Step 2: Linked Accounts

Under the ‘Setup’ tab, click on ‘Linked Accounts’.

Step 3: Linkeable Accounts

You’ll see all of the different types of accounts that you can link with Google Ads.

Step 4: YouTube > Details

Scroll down until you find ‘YouTube’ and click on ‘Details’.

Step 5: Add Channel

Your next step is to click on ‘Add Channel’.

Step 6: Link Channel

You’ll need to enter your YouTube channel or URL in the box below.

Step 7: Confirm Owner Of Account

After you do, you’ll see your channel in the next box where you have to let Google know if you’re the owner of the channel or if someone else is.
If you’re running ads for yourself then you choose the first option and click on ‘Go To YouTube’.
If you’re going to run ads for a client, then you should click on the second option. Enter your client’s email address and review the request message that’s already populated. When you have, click on the ‘Send Request’ button at the bottom right.

You will now be taken to YouTube and will need to sign into your YouTube channel if you haven’t already signed in.

Step 8: Enter Link Name

Naming your account is the next step in this process as well as setting the permissions that you want Google Ads to be able to access as shown below.

Here’s what each feature means:

  • View Counts – your view ads’ organic view metrics
  • Remarketing – Google Ads will be able to show ads to people who visit and interact with your channel
  • Engagement – Insights about how people interact with your channel after viewing your ads will be shared with the linked Google Ads account

Step 9: Link

Once you set your permissions, click ‘Link’.

At this point, you have successfully linked your YouTube channel with Google Ads and you're ready to move on with creating your ad.

Unlink Through Google Ads

If you want to unlink the accounts, go back into this section and click 'Unlink'.

YouTube Channel

Now, let’s get into how to do the linking through your channel.

Step 1: Settings

While in your Channel Dashboard, click on ‘Settings’ which will be on the your lower left side of the page.

Step 2: Advanced Settings

When the Settings box opens, click on ‘Channel’ and ‘Advanced Settings’.

Step 3: Link Account

Scroll down and click on ‘Link Account’ next to where it says ‘Google Ads Account Linking’.

Step 4: Enter Link Name

You’ll then need to enter a Link name so that you can easily identify the Google Ads account you’re linking to. You will also have to enter your Google Ads account customer ID. Both of these fields are required. If you don't know your customer ID, go to your Google Ads dashboard and you will find it at the top right of your screen.

When you’ve finished, click ‘Done’.

If you’ve entered your Google Ads account customer ID correctly, you’ll immediately see the account you just linked added to the list in the Advanced Settings section.

Unlink Through YouTube Channel

If at some point you would like to unlink your channel with Google ads, go back into the 'Advanced Settings' section, scroll down and click 'Unlink'.


In review, here are the two ways in which you can link your YouTube Channel and Google Ads account.

Time to move on and create your ad now.

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