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How To Optimize YouTube Ads

August 15, 2020


If your advertising campaigns are working, then you're getting many customers and you don't really have to test anything.

Still though, you should make sure that your ad is optimized so that you have a peace of mind knowing you've got your best ad out there attracting people.

There really is always something you can do to make your video ad better.

Understand that your first ad may not convert and that's ok.

The more you test, the closer you will get to finding your winner.

By following the steps below, you're going to end up creating fully optimized, quality YouTube ads that will make you plenty of money.

Optimizing your ads, no matter the platform and no matter the types of YouTube ads, is a must. The more you optimize, the more of an idea you'll have as to how YouTube ads work. You always want to be up to date as to how your ads are doing.

Dive in to these YouTube advertising tips on optimization.

Proper Targeting

The great thing about advertising on YouTube is that you can actually target your ideal customer.

How great is YouTube ads targeting?

Great, great.

If someone where to ask, "why YouTube ads?"

Targeting is one of the reasons why.

The fact that you can have your ad be shown to people who are already interested in what you have to offer matters big time.

You can target people based on keywords as was discussed in my YouTube Ads Keyword Targeting article.

Also, you can target people based on customer intent.

When you were creating your ad, surely you remember coming across the section called 'Customer Intent'.

In this section, you're able to target people who already intend to buy certain products or services.

You can also target people based on their demographics.

Take time to think about who exactly is your ideal customer.

When you come to the conclusion of who that is, target them in these sections.

By doing so, you know that whatever you're spending on ad spend is being spent wisely and efficiently.

YouTube is smart and over time they will look for people who look similar or are identical that are interested in your product or service.

If you’re familiar with Facebook and LinkedIn ads, then this is similar to the Lookalike audiences that you can re-target with the help of the Facebook pixel and Insights tag.

We’re talking conversion tracking.

Why is conversion tracking important?

It's super important because with it, you'll be able to identify what actions people are taking when they come across your ad.

Also, you'll know which targeting method is driving the most conversions or if they're not driving any at all.

For more on conversion tracking, check out my article titled, Google Conversion Tracking.

Attention Capturing Video Content

Now, you need to impress when it comes to making video ads.

There's no need to get too crazy, but you do need to grab your audience's attention immediately.

Either way, you need to know your audience.

If you're running ads for a car dealership, clearly you want to show off your lot and make sure to have a great offer that's hard to resist.

Articulate the offer. Make it clear. Provide value.

If you were to run ads for an online course, then you want to show excitement and within the first few seconds speak to your audience's "pain".

For example: …”in this video, I’m going to share 4 things that you can do right now that will dramatically improve… that you can…..”

Did you notice how at the end, you should articulate the solution they need?

Also, you must show that you're credible. Doing so captures people's attention which reduces the chance of them pressing the 'Skip Ad'.

Let people know you’re the expert.

If you’re selling an online course, include a case study.

An example of how you can briefly speak on your credibility would be: ....“You can trust what I’m going to teach you because…”

Offer them the solution (your course), and again, make sure to have a great offer that's hard to resist.

Your call to action needs to be clear and direct. Don’t make things difficult for your potential customers.

You don’t want them to be guessing as to what they need to do once you’ve captured their attention.

If you’re running a lead generation campaign, clearly state what steps they need to take and what will happen when they do it.

Since we use Google Ads to manage our YouTube ads, there are other optimization tricks that are done for Google ads themselves that can apply to YouTube ads.

To learn more about those optimization tips such as, Ad Scheduling and Location targeting, read my article called, Optimize Google Ads.

There, you'll find tips that can be implemented in your video campaigns since you manage your ads in Google Ads.

Choosing Expanded Inventory Type

What is this?

When you create a new ad or campaign, you can choose the type of videos your ad will be shown on by the type of content that's on the video.

If it matters to you what type of content is on the videos where your ad shows up, then it would be best if you went with the 'Standard Inventory' option.

If you absolutely don't care what's on the videos (I don't), then make sure you select the 'Expanded Inventory' option.

Why is this a good route to go?

Many large businesses and brands don't want their products or services being offered on these videos with sensitive content.

That leaves the whole 'Expanded Inventory' section wide open.

By choosing 'Expanded Inventory', your cost to advertise will go down because they're simply less competition to run ads on videos with sensitive content. 

I don't care what's on the videos because my targeting is already done. Every niche is different so just take time to think on what is best for your business and if this matters.

I recommend going with 'Expanded Inventory' because it's cheaper to run ads this way.

By doing so, you're optimizing your campaign.

Increase Your Budget

If you want to scale an ad that’s converting very well on YouTube, then you simply need to increase your budget.

Don't let this freak you out.

It's actually a good and smart thing to do.

This step makes all the sense in the world because you already have a winning formula. By having a winning formula, your profits should be increasing. Therefore, take some of the extra profits and throw it right back at YouTube (Google) so that your ad can be viewed by more people.

This is really the first thing you want to do when you realize that you have a winning ad in your campaign.

What you don’t want to do is greatly increase the budget all at once because then you could possibly throw YouTube off. Remember that YouTube, in essence Google, is learning about your campaign and your audience. If you slowly increase your budget, it would be much better for Google to accurately capture the information on your campaign and audience.

Now, as with any platform, the cost to advertise will always go up.

It’s up to you to decrease cost.

One way to do this is to check your reporting and look at what percentage of people are coming from mobile and what percentage are coming from desktop.

If you eliminate desktop viewers from seeing your ad, your cost will actually go down because mobile views are much cheaper.

They're much cheaper because there's no shortage of people on their mobile devices.

If you’re all about brand awareness, mobile devices are the best for showing your ads.

If your goal is to generate leads and capture information, someone on a desktop will be more likely to take action.

There's just something about being on a desktop that makes people feel more comfortable with giving their information away.

It’s important to know what your advertising goal is before you jump on any platform so that you can plan accordingly.

Wait until you have found your winning ad BEFORE you begin to scale. Only scale a successful campaign or ad (ad that converts or that is profitable) so that you don't spend money unnecessarily.

By following all of these advertising tips for running YouTube ads, you'll surely create YouTube ads that convert.

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