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Advertising on LinkedIn: The Free Step By Step Guide

February 23, 2021


In this article, I'm going to take you through the basics of advertising on Linkedin.

Wondering if you should advertise on this platform?

Let's let the numbers give us some clarity:

That's at least 760 million business professionals.

This platform has the most affluent user base by a lot in comparison to the other big advertising platforms and is #1 among all social networks when it comes to lead generation for B2B (Business to Business).

The fact that there are tons of business professionals, executives and decision makers on one platform, has got to make you think that this is a golden opportunity to reach out and network so you can grow your business.

LinkedIn clearly has a powerful audience and you have access to all of them.

Before getting into this step by step guide...

Allow me to reintroduce myself... My name is Ippei...

I became an online entrepreneur in 2014 and have been helping businesses by generating them leads each and every month.

This has all changed my life.

The tree site you can see above is just one of my many lead gen sites earning me money passively every month.

I'm talking getting paid on autopilot.

Interested in learning more?

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If you've found that advertising on Facebook has worked out for you, you should take a shot and bring that ad or campaign to this platform.

Of course you'll have to make some changes and tweak some things, but it's definitely worth a shot.

If you want to learn...

You've come to the right place.

This is the free step by step guide for how to advertise on LinkedIn.

Check out what it is that you'll be learning in this free guide.

What You'll Learn

To your left are all of the steps that you're going to learn in regards to advertising on LinkedIn.

I believe that LinkedIn makes it very easy to craft your ad, target your ideal audience, retarget audiences that are similar to your ideal audience and even download your leads as they flow in.

It goes without saying that you want to be successful when running ads on any platform.

All you need to do is take daily action, even if it's imperfect, and you'll continuously get closer to your goal.

Take notes and go through the lessons a few times so that the steps you learn can stick with you. 

After going through this guide, you'll feel much more comfortable and confident while on LinkedIn, so go ahead and start learning so that you can achieve your goals.

As a reminder, this guide is absolutely free.

You won't be asked to sign-up or pay for any lesson you learn in this guide, nor any other guide on this site.

Step 1: How To Set Up LinkedIn Campaign Manager

As with any advertising platform, you need to setup an account where you can manage your ads.

On LinkedIn, your manager account is called the Campaign Manager.

When you create yourself an account, you're going to be in complete control of your advertising.

You'll be able to set your campaign objective, be it lead generation, website conversions, brand awareness and more.

After you set your objective, you can then choose your audience, set your budget, select the ad format you'd like to use, set up conversion tracking and last but not least, create your ad.

Just like on Facebook, you have the option to create different types of ads.

You definitely have more ad types to choose from than Google, but less than Facebook.

Remember that your audience is a more professional one though, therefore your ads need to be more direct, clear and you guessed it, professional.

The creation of your Campaign Manager account is a very simple, free process.

These are the steps you need to take to setup this account:

If you don't have a LinkedIn account already, then you'll have the chance to create one before moving forward. 

You must have a LinkedIn account if you want to advertise on this platform.

Step 2: How To Create LinkedIn Ads

Time to create your ad!

You have plenty of options as far as how and what type of ad to create. 

As I mentioned before, you have a better creative opportunity here than you do on Google.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that as you create your ads, you need to constantly test what works and what doesn't.

For example, you may want to test a single image ad against a video ad to see which ones converts better for you.

Below are the different types of ads you can create if your campaign objective is "Website Conversions".

As I mentioned before, there are things you can do here on LinkedIn that you can't when advertising on other platforms.

For example, you can make text, spotlight and message ads.

These are not options you have available on Facebook.

I will say that creating an ad on LinkedIn may actually be a bit simpler than when you create one on Facebook because everything you need to worry about is all on a couple of pages.

Here's what I mean.

On Facebook, you create an ad in one section of the Facebook Business Manager, then you have to take that mockup ad into another section.

You find yourself going through various steps on various pages before you're done.

Not on LinkedIn.

Everything is organized well on a couple of pages so you shouldn't worry about getting lost nor confused.

Before you actually get to the point where you can add your ad copy and upload your image, you have to set up your campaign in a way that will help you achieve the goals you've set for your business.

Here's a list of important things you'll need to address before making the ad itself:

It's important that you sit down before you come on to the LinkedIn advertising platform and think about what your business goals are and what your budget is.

If you take time to do that, this section won't be as difficult for you to go through.

Step 3: LinkedIn Insight Tag

Ahh, another tag!

That means it's time to track actions that are taken by visitors to your site.

This is similar to Google's Site Tag and the Facebook Pixel where you're able to monitor actions on your site.

Why is this necessary?

Think about it.

If you're able to see that people are visiting your site but not taking any action, such as making a purchase or entering their information on a landing page, then that should be a sign to you that you need to make an adjustment somewhere.

The Insight Tag is a great way to see what people are or aren't doing so that you can know if your campaign is working or if it needs changes. 

If I were you, I'd consider this tag my best friend who keeps an eye on your campaign for you.

If you feel lazy and don't want to do it, hire someone off of Fiverr or Upwork.

Just get it installed.

Step 4: LinkedIn Ad Copy

You didn't think you were going to get away from ad copy, right?

This is key so that your ad can convert. If there's ever a platform that you want your ad to convert, it's LinkedIn.

Keep in mind that because your audience is a more professional audience as opposed to the audience that's on Facebook, your ad copy needs to be specific, direct and not come off as "advertisey". 

If you come off as spammy, you can be sure that you won't be landing many clients. 

Don't shoot yourself in the foot.

What are the key factors to focus on when writing ad copy on LinkedIn?

There are so many decision makers on this platform.

Therefore, you need to offer value instead of being as funny as you can be on Facebook.

Remember, your audience is different on LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn gives you plenty of ad format options so that you can impress your potential clients.

All you need to do is get good or even great at articulating what you can do for these business professionals.

If you go the gimmicky or spammy route, you're going to just get annoying and people will not want to even see your ad.

If you're smart and offer solutions, expect to generate awareness to your brand and even leads.

Step 5: Retargeting On LinkedIn

Do you view retargeting as optional?

If you do, you really shouldn't.

If you want the most amount of people to take action on your ad or on your website, you need to retarget.

After you've installed your Insight Tag on your website, it's time to analyze your data and see what actions are being taken.

After analyzing the data, you can come up with a new game plan to try and capture the attention of people who haven't taken action and get them to do so.

In this lesson, you'll learn about:

  • Conversion Tracking
  • Matched Audiences

By tracking conversions and taking advantage of matched audiences, you're going to have the great opportunity to increase your brand awareness or generate more leads.

No matter the platform, you should always track your conversions.

LinkedIn and Facebook allow you to increase the number of people your ad gets shown to by means of matched or lookalike audiences.

The great thing about matched audiences is that they're similar to the audience you originally decide to target.

LinkedIn does all of the work.

The only thing you need to do is set it up in the beginning.

The question is...

Why wouldn't you retarget?

Step 6: Download Leads From LinkedIn

Great job!

By now you've hopefully generated some leads.

This means that your ad is a success.

The image you selected drew people in, your ad copy was clear and to the point with multiple calls to action.

Most importantly, you were professional and provided your potential clients with value.

Where do you go to gather your lead's information now?

The two ways you can gather this information is:

  • CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) 
  • Manually

If you have a CRM set up, your leads will automatically go to you. 

If you're going to manually recover your lead's information, follow these steps:

Step 7: How To Prospect On LinkedIn

Everyone wants to get into business, but not everyone knows how to get clients so that they can stay in business.

Surely, you’ve heard many marketing gurus say that to prospect, you need to do things such as:

  • Cold Call
  • Cold Email
  • Visit Businesses
  • Friend Business Owners On Facebook
  • Target Owners With Facebook Ads
  • Attend/Join A BNI Chapter
  • Attend/Join Local Chamber of Commerce

The truth is that if you work hard at each of those and are determined to land a client, eventually, you will.

LinkedIn is great for prospecting.

Many people may view it as difficult or confusing to be on LinkedIn in the first place.

Before starting, you need to get it in your head that you need to be talking with business professionals, preferably owners and decision makers, every day.

Here's prospecting on LinkedIn in a nutshell.

Prospecting is necessary or else your business just won't have a chance at growing.

Niching down shows that you're an expert in your niche.

Connections need to be made on a daily basis.

If you can keep these 3 steps in mind, you're going to be in great position to land clients on LinkedIn.

Final Thoughts: Advertising on LinkedIn

Advertising on LinkedIn is a smart move if your business serves other businesses.

It's really a no brainer.

The reason why many people are hesitant to jumping on this platform is because initially it can seem confusing.

That shouldn't hold you back though.

Everyone else who doesn't advertise on LinkedIn simply just don't realize that they can.

Because there are CEOs, CFOs, directors etc. on this platform, you should be on LinkedIn getting in front of them by running ads and provide as much value as possible while you're at it.

The type of ads that you can create will also assist you in providing value.

As with anything, you have to get comfortable using the advertising platform.

Once you accomplish that, your ads will then start converting much more and you'll be in position to scale your campaigns and ads.

The most important things you need to keep in mind when advertising on LinkedIn are:

  • LinkedIn's audience is professional
  • Install your Insight Tag
  • Fully understand your campaign objectives
  • Create matched audiences for better retargeting
  • Don't come off as spammy nor gimmicky in your ad
  • Be unique
  • Provide value
  • Be professional
  • Your cost up-front will be higher than on Facebook
  • Higher conversion rates on back-end
  • TEST ads

I encourage you to bookmark this guide so that you can come back to it at any time.

If you forget of miss a step, simply refer back to each of the lessons. 

There is a whole business audience on this platform willing to grow their connections on a daily basis.

It's on you to draw their attention your way.

Be bold and take action.

That's the only way to keep moving forward.

How To Advertise On LinkedIn: FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions

Let's go over some of the questions that most people usually have when it comes to advertising on LinkedIn.

Hopefully, you can find the answers to each of these useful.

Who sees your ads?

You decide who does based on their profession and other attributes that you can look through as you set up you campaign settings.

Why advertise on LinkedIn?

For starters, there are 610 million business professionals and decision makers on LinkedIn worldwide. Everyday, people are looking to make connections and with this platform, it's easier to get in front of them.

How much does it cost to create a Campaign Manager account on LinkedIn?

Free of charge and not to mention super easy to set up.

Why is it more expensive to run ads on LinkedIn than on Facebook?

The audience is different, but your focus needs to be on the ROI. It's much higher than on Facebook.

What is the Insight Tag?

You can call this LinkedIn's "pixel". With the aid of this tool, you're able to see what it is people are doing when they visit your website. You can tell if they're staying long enough, taking action or not taking action. With this valuable data, you're going to be able to better retarget those who didn't take action or who didn't stay long enough on your website. The Insight Tag really is your best friend.

What are matched audiences?

These are people that are similar to the audience you've targeted in which the possibility of them converting is high if you show them the same ad you showed your original audience.

Where do you go to collect your leads on LinkedIn?

There are two ways to go about this. The easy way is to integrate a CRM so that you can automatically receive your leads as they come in. The hard way is to simply go into your Campaign Manager account, click on 'Account Assets', 'Lead Gen Forms', choose the form you want to download from and then download them. It's the harder way, but either way, it's not difficult to collect your leads.

How is advertising on LinkedIn different than Facebook?

Your audience are all professionals in the business world. You won't find teenagers posting selfies on LinkedIn. This platform is great to network and connect with professionals.

How do I know if advertising on LinkedIn is for me?

If your business serves other businesses, then you should definitely give LinkedIn a shot. You'll be able to scroll through the attributes and see if your ideal clients are on LinkedIn. If so, get to it.

What if my first ad or campaign isn't successful?

You need to keep on testing to see which ad will convert. Obviously, if you don't have the budget to keep that up, then don't. If you're serious and have some money to allow you to test your ads, go for it. Test your ad copy, image, audience and ad format. The most important thing is to monitor your ads closely to see which one is the winner.

When is the best time to scale my ads?

Only you'll know the exact answer to that. Once you see that your ads are converting and generating plenty of leads. You could scale that ad or campaign to possibly a larger audience.

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