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LinkedIn Ad Copy

August 15, 2020


Ad copy!

This is an important lesson here.

I can't stress enough how important ad copy is when advertising.

It's something that needs a bit of time dedicated to it so that your ad can truly work the way it's supposed to.

Of course, you want your ad to convert, so you need to do a great job in articulating what you're offering, all the while getting to the point and not boring every business professional on LinkedIn.

Though there are a few things that are different on LinkedIn as opposed to advertising and writing ad copy on Facebook, though there are some things that are still similar.

Let’s say you’ve run ads on Facebook that are actually converting well and generating leads for you, you should absolutely test and see if that same ad or campaign can convert well on LinkedIn.

Why isn’t it a sure shot to convert though?

Remember that there’s a different audience here on LinkedIn.

If you do decide to try your Facebook campaign on LinkedIn though, you will have to make some minor adjustments.

In this lesson, we’ll go through how to craft a LinkedIn ad. If you've already advertised on Facebook before, you’ll notice on your own the differences.

Key Components Of An Ad

Let’s first get into what makes up a LinkedIn ad. 

Below are the key components of an ad on this platform:

The people that are on LinkedIn aren’t on this platform to buy something.

Therefore, you need to really capture people’s attention.

Here are some more important things to consider when it comes to ad copy:

Keep It Short

Ads estimated around 150 characters tend to convert better.

The shorter your ad is, the better it’ll look on mobile because people will be able to read the entire content of the ad.

 If you go over those 150 characters, people will tend to lose interest. Let people know what they’re going to receive if they take action on your ad.

Call Out Your Audience

This can be done in many different ways.

For example, you can call out your audience directly from your image.

Ex. "Are you the Director of Finance?"

This is why it’s important to get specific. You want people to feel that the ad is for them. By specifically calling out your audience, you’re going to no doubt end up with higher conversions because people will instantly relate to your ad.

Multiple Calls To Action

Tell people exactly what they need to do to get what it is they want.

Your ad needs to capture the attention and you then need to spell out what you want them to do.

It’s important to note that in your ad, you must include what your audience will gain from taking action on your ad.

This is not Facebook, so don’t get funny on your ad. Be direct, be professional.

Afterall, this is a professional platform.

An good idea would be to add a link in your introductory text that goes to your website or landing page.

Also, be sure to choose the CTA button that best describes what it is the prospect should do. As you can see below, these are your button options. If you understand what your goal is, knowing which button to use for you call to action will be a no-brainer.

If your ad isn’t short and doesn’t catch the attention of your audience, your ad won’t be successful.

Capturing the attention is the whole point of advertising on any platform.

Therefore, your call to action needs to be direct and clear.

If you can, let your potential clients know how long it will take for them to obtain results based off of what you’re offering.

Asking rhetorical questions is another good habit. Get these business people to think. 

More importantly, get them to reason why it's in their best interest to take action.

As always when it comes to advertising, test, test and test. Every audience is different so you need to test to see what works.

Image Ads

Be sure your image catches your audiences attention so that they can focus on you and how you’re going to be able to help them.

Professional images with great colors clearly do a much better job at grabbing people's attention.

When choosing the image you'd like to use for your ad, keep in mind that it needs to be relevant to who your prospects are.

Ex. If you’re calling out musical instructors or teachers, your image should have something to do with instruments.

Keep your text ad short and to the point.

Video Ads

If you’re looking to run video ads, you need to focus more on quality content than on production or making your video longer than normal.

Although this is a professional platform, you still need to keep things simple. Business professionals are always busy, so don't waste their time by boring them.

Subtitles are a great help for your video ads.


Many people are on their mobile devices or scrolling through LinkedIn while they are at work, while on public transportation and may not be using their headphones. By adding subtitles, it grabs people’s attention and allows them to still know what your ad is about.

It's all about making things easy for your prospects.

Retargeting Ad Copy

When you’re retargeting, you need follow the same process. You still need to take time and craft good retargeting copy.

You want your audience to take action on your original offer. You just need to word things differently. You already know what actions they took, so pay attention to that and adjust your copy.

Always keep your copy short and simple. Call them out and explain what they stand to benefit by taking action this time around.

A good idea is to actually call them out by the action they took.

Ex. "Hey there, I noticed you visited our website but didn't sign up...."

In your ad copy, you can ask them why and see if they’d want to talk with someone.

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