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Download Leads From LinkedIn

August 15, 2020


If you’re searching for how to download your leads from LinkedIn, that means that you’ve successfully created an ad that’s converting.

Great job!

To access your leads, you have two ways of doing so.

The automatic way, which involves integrating a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. Or, the manual way.

By using a CRM to obtain your leads, you won’t have to go into LinkedIn and download your leads manually. They will automatically go straight to you depending on which CRM program you use.

To manually download the leads that you’ve generated, follow these steps:

Step 1: Sign In

Sign in to your Campaign Manager account on LinkedIn.

Step 2: Select Account

Select your account from inside of your Campaign Manager account.

Step 3: Account Assets

Click on ‘Account Assets’ just as you did when you were going to set up your conversion tracking and matched audience. 

Step 4: Lead Gen Forms

When you see your asset options, select 'Lead Gen Forms'.

Step 5: Choose Lead Gen Form

Choose the lead gen forms you wish to download your leads from.

Step 6: Download Leads

Once you've selected your lead gen form, click on the ‘Download Leads’ button.

When you see the pop-up window open, click on ‘Download’ and your leads will then be downloaded as separate CSV Files.

As a reminder, LinkedIn will only allow you to download leads for different accounts if you’re the administrator for the company page or if you’re assigned as the Lead Gen Forms Manager.

Again, this is the longer way to retrieve your leads. Just like on Facebook, I recommend that you integrate a CRM. Your life will be made much easier because there will be no reason for you to go into the Campaign Manager.

Also, when you do have your CRM setup, make sure to do a test run to ensure that the integration was successful.

If you don’t test it and it’s not correctly integrated, you could really hurt your campaign and your ROI big time.

“Always be testing”

In review, this is how to download your leads on LinkedIn.
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