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How To Prospect On LinkedIn

August 15, 2020


To get started in business, you need to be able to prospect.

If you don't prospect, you won't get clients and as a result, your business will sink.

This lesson is all about how to prospect for sales.

How then can you use LinkedIn to prospect and get lead or clients?

You want to at least start conversations, correct?

Prospecting on LinkedIn is great because you're able to talk to people who make decisions. 

Although initially it may appear to be a daunting and confusing thing to do, once you get the hang of things, you're going to be able to at least start conversations with business owners and decision makers on LinkedIn.

Check out these LinkedIn prospecting tips. After you're done, you can incorporate these tips into a prospecting system of your own. 

Some people might even call these tips, prospecting hacks because many marketers don't know about them or they don't bother to do them, especially this first one.

Step 1: Niche Down

Yes, you need to niche down, especially on LinkedIn

What does this mean?

This is directed more at digital marketers. All it means is that you focus on ONE niche instead of going after many niches.

If you focus on one niche, you’ll be presenting yourself as the authority in that niche. It shows that all of your focus is on one thing.

It’s also important that you be yourself. Don’t go around and copy how other people present themselves.

Be different.

Let’s now talk about how you can make your page more attractive.

Step 2: Optimize LinkedIn Profile

The first thing you need to do is get your LinkedIn page optimized correctly. It’s all about how you present yourself, right?

Your page is where you need to articulate what it is you do and how you can help other professionals.

Your banner, or background image, should have your business logo.

If you don’t have one, you should get one done ASAP.  Having a logo makes you look legit.

You can also add some text to your image saying what it is you can do for your prospects. By doing this, they’ll see exactly what you’re about.

You then want to start working on your headline. To edit your headline, click on the edit button which looks like a pencil.

This is where you need to make sure that you mention again what it is you do and how you can help other business professionals.

This is the section where you basically need to sell yourself and be convincing while you’re at it. Don’t add filler content just to have words filling up this section. Be professional, direct and clarify how you have the solution that other business owners need.

Continue filling out your profile with any past experience in the marketing field.

Also, you current marketing job should be the most recent entry in the experience section so that people know what it is you’re offering.

All of the marketing skills that you’ve acquired need to be listed also.

Step 3: Make Connections

When you’ve completed optimizing your profile, start working on building up your connections. Preferably, you want to have at the very least, 500 connections. Making connections on this platform needs to be a regular habit.

Don’t just add anyone. You should be connecting with business professionals that are in your target market in different areas.

I will remind you; this needs to be done every day.

You’ll be surprised how many other professionals you can connect with especially if you make connecting part of your daily routine.

When you connect with other business owners, you're able to send a message to the person you want to connect with. They're basically LinkedIn prospecting messages.

In review, to better prospect, follow these 3 LinkedIn ninja tricks:

By following these tips, you'll find yourself turning your LinkedIn connections into clients.

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