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LinkedIn Insight Tag

August 15, 2020


The Insight Tag is LinkedIn’s “pixel” or “site tag”. It’s also a piece of code.

With it, you’ll allow LinkedIn to retarget visitors and gives you a lot of demographic information on those visitors. It can also be used to track conversions.

Adding this code to your site shouldn’t be ignored. Once you’ve created your ad, you should IMMEDIATELY get this code on your site. It needs to be added to every single page on your site so that you make sure you know every action that is taken on your site.

Once you have the code on your site, information will begin populating on LinkedIn for you to view. LinkedIn will start to build matched audiences based off of the actions they take. 

On Facebook, they're called "Custom Audiences".

If you’re not planning on running ads right now, you should still install this code anyway.

Why not?

It’s free, easy to find, install and you’ll have a greater idea as to what kind of people are visiting your site.

By getting this tag on your site even if you aren’t going to run ads on LinkedIn, you’re helping yourself out because by the time you do decide to run ads, the Insight Tag will have gathered so much information that you can use to better retarget people.

Let’s get right into how to add the Insight Tag to your website.

Step 1: Website Demographics

The first thing you need to do while you are in your Campaign Manager, is to click on where it says, ‘Website Demographics’.

Step 2: Set Up Insight Tag

Next, click on the ‘Set up your Insight Tag’ button to get the process started.

Step 3: Installation Method

Now, you need to choose what method you’ll use to install your tag.
There are various options of tag managers you can use to have your tag installed without changing your website’s code.

Step 4: Install Tag Yourself

For this guide, we’ll go with installing the tag yourself.

What you need to do is copy this HTML code and paste it in your website’s global footer, right above the closing HTML <body> tag.

Once you’ve done that, click on ‘I’m Done’ and you’ll be on your way to tracking conversions and retargeting on any page across your whole site.

This is not a difficult thing to do, so take a few minutes to get it on your site. Now, you just need to wait and see when the actions happen.

Be patient, the actions will occur.
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