Brian Brewer’s Affiliate Escape Plan Review: Is Organic Traffic Better for Affiliate Marketing?

September 18, 2023

Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 is an online affiliate marketing course by Brian Brewer. It teaches aspiring affiliates how to make high-ticket commissions by driving organic traffic on TikTok. AEP combines organized modules, mastermind classes, case studies, and bi-monthly group coaching. Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 is an upgrade of 90-Minute Affiliate Challenge, Brian's free course. Brian teaches his students to learn and promote AEP through his L.D.T (Learn, Do, Teach) Formula. 

8 of 10 brands have an affiliate program. It's a $17 Billion industry with an annual growth of at least 10%. With a lucrative income opportunity and low barriers to entry, it's easy to understand why affiliate marketing is an easy option for people looking for an online income stream. But, is it really the best choice? 

In this Affiliate Escape Plan review, you'll have an overview of what the Affiliate Escape Plan is about, what's inside the program, the modules covered, and some pros and cons of the course. We'll also cover the course creator, Super Affiliate Brian Brewer, his L.D.T Formula, 90-Minute Challenge Free Course, his awards (from Click Funnels and Legendary Marketer), how he started making money online, and his edge that made him the 7-figure affiliate that he is today. This course review will also discuss the business model and answer if organic traffic is the better option for affiliate marketing (vs. paid traffic). 

Affiliate Escape Plan Pros and Cons 

Affiliate Escape Plan Pros

Active Facebook Group: Enrollment in the course gives you access to a private Facebook group (Affiliate Marketing and Passive Income w/ Brian Brewer) that currently has 31.7K members. 

Legit Course with Positive Reviews: AEP is a legit course and there is a good deal of good feedback on it.

Super Affiliate Coach: Get coaching from one of the best affiliates who teaches his strategies and secrets for making high ticket sales with his online business. 

Well-Organized Modules: All the lessons in the course are sequentially organized. The course material is also regularly updated, existing students may get the updates for free. 

Complete Resources: Students also get other resources, such as landing pages and funnel scripts. Students also get access to checklists, templates, and worksheets can be downloaded within the course. 

Organic Traffic: AEP focuses on generating free traffic through social media platforms (plus YouTube traffic strategy). 

Affiliate Escape Plan Cons

MLM-Style:  AEP is giving MLM vibe because it teaches students to promote the course and be an affiliate for them

No Refund: AEP does not give a refund under any circumstances. Other similar courses like Super Affiliate System have a 30-day refund guarantee.

Upsells and Add-on Costs: Additional costs and upsells are not disclosed at the beginning of the program.

In-Course Promotions: Brian has many promotions within the course. He strongly promotes other affiliate programs like their top affiliate, Legendary Marketer.


Affiliate Escape Plan is priced at $997 onetime payment or pay $149 monthly for 10 installments. The installment option totals $1,490. Other minimal expenses are $10 annually for the domain and $20 monthly for the email autoresponder. 

Refund Policy

Affiliates Escape Plan and Madcam Publishing LLC do not give refunds under any circumstances and without exception. 


A free version of AEP was launched in 2020. Brian improved the material and turned it into a premium paid course, which is now Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 


Brian Brewer and AEP have good reviews online. 

What is Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0? 

Affiliate Escape Plan is the premium version of AEP 1.0 that was launched as a free course in 2020. This upgraded version contains strategically organized modules and lessons that teach an introduction to affiliate marketing. In Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0, students will get access to the 3-Day First Sale Then Scale Challenge, Organic Traffic Masterclass, $200K Affiliate Marketing Case Study, Master Your Marketing Mindset, Become a TikTok Ads Expert In 2 Days, and Live Twice Monthly Group Coaching with Replay Access, plus bonus videos. 

Is Affiliate Escape Plan Legit or Scam?

Affiliate Escape Plan is not a scam. It’s one of the best affiliate marketing courses to take if you're a beginner because it's mentored by a Super Affiliate who grew from 0 to 7 figures through self-made strategies and techniques. The course material you get from an AEP sign-up offers excellent learning value. Brian is a hands-on coach to his students, and he actively replies on AEP’s private Facebook community. Affiliates can ask questions directly to Brian in the live group coaching that he conducts twice monthly. 

What Will You Get From Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0?

3-Day First Sale Then Scale Challenge

This program teaches affiliate marketing to beginners in just 3 days. It’s a step-by-step walkthrough on everything new affiliates need to learn about the business.

  •  Day 1: The first day covers topics on choosing the right product and niche. Students will also learn how to launch a funnel and build an email list.
  •  Day 2: On day 2, students will learn how to fill funnels with free traffic.
  •  Day 3: On day 3, students will learn how to increase conversions and grow the business through email marketing..

Organic Traffic Masterclass

Brian says driving organic traffic is a crucial part of affiliate marketing success. Organic Traffic Masterclass teaches in-depth training on how to get organic traffic through a YouTube channel, Facebook ads, Instagram, and TikTok. Students will learn strategies and frameworks for generating leads by taking advantage of free social media platforms.

$200K Affiliate Marketing Case Study

This 14-lesson module teaches the exact method Brian used to make $200K on his #1 affiliate partner. The module teaches a copy-and-paste system that helps affiliates earn $100K or more.

Master Your Marketing Mindset

This 11-step framework module teaches the right mindset for achieving affiliate marketing success. Students will uncover their “why” in this module so they build the business for the right purpose. It also helps affiliates understand the mind of their target customers.

Retargeting with Facebook & Google Ads

Brian says that the cheapest way to learn paid advertising is by retargeting ads. This strategy focuses on getting hot leads that already know, like, and trust your business. Through Retargeting Ads 101, leads can turn into buyers by just using existing traffic. 

Become a TikTok Ads Expert In 2 Days

In this module, students will learn how to use TikTok ads to generate traffic. Brian says it’s the cheapest and highest-converting ads platform. Rookie affiliates can start with as little as $6/day.

Live Twice Monthly Group Coaching with Replay Access

Bi-monthly live coaching with Super Affiliate Brian Brewer helps you get the right mindset in your affiliate business. In his live coaching session, students can ask questions to Brian and get insights on how to promote high-converting offers. 

What’s Inside Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 Core Training? 

Phase 1- Your First $100K

Phase 1 of AEP 2.0 is broken down into 14 lessons on the fundamentals of affiliate marketing. The lessons start with Brian discussing the advantages of being an affiliate marketer and the emotional cycles of change. He then moves to the bigger topics such as finding the best product and niches to promote, the three evergreen niches (health, wealth, and relationships) the 6-figure framework, how to go viral with TikTok, 7 habits of effective people, how to get everything you desire, and tips on overcoming objections. 

Phase 2- You Are Your First Avatar 

Phase 2 of AEP 2.0 focuses on increasing awareness of where to focus marketing efforts and resources. It’s a 2-lecture course that emphasizes the importance of identifying your ideal customer because this will help you create the most successful messaging to attract converting leads. 

Phase 3- Mindset, Motivation, and Momentum

Phase 3 of AEP 2.0 focuses on getting your mind in the right place so you can become the best version of yourself. Students will learn the Heart of Your Why, an exercise he took in a mastermind class with Dean Graziosi. This phase also includes the Momentum Slingshot, an 11-step process of gaining momentum in life & career, and How To Achieve Anything, a mindset hack for taking consistent action daily that he learned from Tony Robbins. 

Phase 4- Conversion Optimization and Omnipresence 

Phase 4 is Brian’s favorite in AEP 2.0. This 5-lesson module focuses on achieving omnipresence or on how to appear to your leads more frequently than your competitors. It also includes Brian’s personal strategies for achieving omnipresence, a step-by-step tutorial on Facebook Pixel, creating a custom target audience, behind-the-scenes of his Facebook advertising strategies, and a look inside Brian’s Google Ads dashboard. 

Phase 5- Automated Conversions at Scale 

Brian reveals his storytelling formula as an effective marketing tool for the catching attention of your target customers. 

Note: Updates are being made to this module as of July 2023. 

Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0 Extra Content

  • 5 Massive Bonuses 
  • AEP Group Coaching Replay 
  • $1,000 by Promoting AEP 2.0 and 90 Minute Affiliate Challenge

What are the Bonus Lessons in Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0?

Bonus Lesson #1: Mastering Short-Form Content

Brian’s case study interview with Sarah Ravel, the fastest affiliate marketer who went from 0 to $100K in just 90 days by promoting Legendary Marketer. 

Bonus Lesson #2: How I Won the ClickFunnels Dream Car

Brian’s secret strategy on how he won Click Funnel’s Dream Car award and ranked in their Top 50 affiliates the year before that.

Bonus Lesson #3: Affiliate Marketing Mastermind Replays 

One full year of access to an exclusive mastermind on how to become a high ticker affiliate. This bonus lesson is 3 hours long and broken down into 11 videos. 

Bonus Lesson #4: Brian Brewer’s Legendary Marketer 2021 Mastermind Presentation

Exclusive access to Legendary Marketer’s $4,500 live coaching event where Brian spoke for 2 hours, sharing his 15 principles of marketing. 

Bonus Lesson #5: Content & Copy for Facebook Reels

Who is Affiliate Escape Plan For?

Affiliate Escape Plan is targeted at beginners of affiliate marketing. Brian mentions several times in his course that beginners can learn 2x faster with this method than any other courses. He says total beginners can live the “laptop lifestyle” by learning how to make money through Affiliate Escape Plan.

How to Succeed with Affiliate Escape Plan?

  • Be prepared to put in work and effort 
  • Be willing to follow, adapt, and apply the proven strategies laid out by Brian 
  • Be willing to spend time and effort in learning the system 
  • Have the right mindset. As Brian says: you must go all-in or don't go at all 

Affiliate Escape Plan is not a get-rich-quick money-making method. Brian has laid out a straightforward plan for his affiliate methods, but it’s up to you to apply it in your affiliate business and make it work. 

What is the 90-Minute Affiliate Challenge? 

90-minute affiliate challenge is an introduction to affiliate marketing and a pre-course of Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0. It’s a free 9-module course that teaches how to use online marketing to make an additional income stream. Brian uses the 90-minute affiliate challenge to endorse his premium paid course, Affiliate Escape Plan 2.0. If you’re planning to get AEP, watching this free course first will help understand the modules in AEP 2.0 better. 

What’s in the 90-Minute Affiliate Challenge? 

Lesson 1 

The first module discusses what affiliate marketing is and the 3 reasons people succeed with it. Students will learn how to rank through keyword research, how to become an influencer, and growing with a community. 

Lesson 2

This module uncovers the three evergreen niches for making a lucrative affiliate commission. Brian also shares his secret to succeed in this business, his L.D.T Formula. 

Lesson 3

 This module is all about the 3-Step PSP Framework. It’s divided into three parts: identifying problems (content or ads), finding a solution (building the perfect affiliate funnel), and perfecting the sales process. 

Lesson 4

This module covers the 2-page funnel framework for your affiliate offers. In this module, Brian breaks down his method on how he made 7-figures. 

Lesson 5

The fifth module is about getting unlimited free and targeted traffic by capitalizing on 10 to 15-second videos. Brian discusses the importance of creating short content as Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok Videos. 

Lesson 6

In the module, Brian shows the importance of building an email list. He also teaches how to nurture the email list by creating content that resonates with them. 

Lesson 7

The seventh module is about increasing your value, so people are compelled to buy. In this lesson, he shares the “value formula” which increases people’s perception of your offer. 

Lesson 8

This module is all about creating omnipresence for your target audience. Brian also shares a sneak peek at his $4,500 mastermind, the 15 Principles of Marketing. 

Lesson 9

The last module is about generating income from leads while helping them. His method is helping people solve their problems, so they trust him in return and build a positive attitude toward his current and future offers. 

Who is Brian Brewer?

Brian Brewer is a 7-figure affiliate marketer and owner of Madcam Publishing LLC. He is the proud recipient of the Dream Car Award of Click Funnels' affiliate program. He achieved this by referring 100 active users who are paying at least $97 monthly. Brian also received a “Two Comma Club” award for generating over $1,000,000 from a single funnel in 2022. He is also a four-time Platinum Legendary Marketer Affiliate after making over $400K promoting the course. Many reviews say that he is one of the best coaches to learn affiliate marketing from. Aside from affiliate marketing, he is also an expert in eCommerce, email marketing, content marketing, business scaling, free & paid traffic, and blogging. 

How Did Brian Brewer Start Making Money Online? 

Brian started making money online when he become a full-time affiliate marketer in 2016. He made over $200K as a Shopify affiliate and become a four-time Platinum affiliate of Legendary Marketer. To rank platinum in Legendary Marketer’s affiliate program, you need to make 6 figures. In Brian’s case, he made over $400K. Some accounts say that he started his affiliate marketing career as early as 2012, but it was only in 2016 that he quit his job (as a waiter) to focus on affiliate marketing. His strategy to make a huge income over a short period is to focus his time and resources on high-ticket offers and stay away from low-ticket ones. 

What is Brian Brewer's Edge Over Other Affiliate Marketers?

Brian’s edge over other affiliate marketers is being a great coach. He gives valuable free content through the 90-Day Affiliate Challenge and his YouTube uploads. His strategy is to help first and then he promotes his affiliate offers after. Unlike other affiliate marketing coaches, he is actively involved in his Facebook community and conducts bi-monthly live coaching for his students. He is serious about delivering quality content. No wonder his Udemy courses all have good reviews and recommendations. He also conducted a $4,500 per person in-person coaching event for Legendary Marketer, which made him more credible as an affiliate and coach. 

What is Brian Brewer's L.D.T Formula for Affiliate Marketing?

L.D.T Formula is the strategy taught by Brian Brewer, which he claims will make anyone a high-earning affiliate marketer half the time while doing less work. He says it allows any aspiring affiliate marketer to make high ticket sales ($300 to $1000) daily.

What Do People Say Online About Brian Brewer? 

Although Brian is a famous affiliate coach, not everyone agrees that he’s one of the best out there. Some think he’s too stuck with Legendary Marketer that his course is becoming like LM. Legendary Marketer and is his biggest cash cow aside from his Click Funnels affiliate commission and coaching income from AEP. 

What are the Udemy Courses by Brian Brewer

As of writing, Brian has over 91k students on Udemy and received over 4.7K reviews that range from 4.2 to 5 stars.

The Udemy courses by Brian Brewer are: 

  • How to start Dropshipping with Shopify and AliExpress 
  • Start A T-shirt Dropshipping Business with Shopify (POD)
  • Create a Powerful Website for Your Business (WordPress)
  • Intro To Affiliate Marketing for Beginners 

What are the Most Active Social Media Platforms? 

The #1 most active social media platform is still Facebook (April 2023 data) followed by YouTube at number 2. Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn are also ranked as the most active and biggest social media platforms. The top 3 platforms for sharing videos (long and short), are YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. 

  • Facebook has 2.9B active users as of April 2023 and is still one of the best sources of free and paid traffic. It’s the world’s most active social media platform with an advertising audience that's 75% of its active user base. Facebook’s global advertising reach increased by 13% in the first quarter of 2023. With an ever-active user base and growing advertising reach, Facebook is still the go-to for traffic and leads. 

  • YouTube currently has 2.2B active users and is the 2nd most used social media platform. However, it has seen a 1.4% decrease in ad reach at the end of 2022. YT has a 48.8% ad reach vs all internet users globally. 

  • Instagram has 1.6B active users as of April 2023, ranking as the 4th most-active social media platform. Although TikTok beat Instagram in user base ranking, it is still keeping its momentum in ad reach. IG’s ad reach increased by 23% (roughly 310 million) in the first quarter of 2023 after closing 2022 with a 12.2% increase. 

  • TikTok has 1 Billion monthly active users, and it’s the 6th most used platform with a well-distributed user base. Its ad reach increased by 3.9% in the first three months of 2023, totaling 13.6% of the global population. 

  • LinkedIn has 922 million active users and is one of the largest social media sites today. Around 11% of the world’s population has a LinkedIn account (active or inactive). It has a target audience because most active users are working professionals. LinkedIn ads have seen an increase of 2.5% in the first quarter of the year. 

Is Organic Traffic Better for Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, some sources say that organic traffic is better for affiliate marketing because it gives long-lasting results and authority in your niche. Customers generated through organic traffic are high-converting and are loyal to the brand because they already know, like, and trust it. Brian Brewer recommends generating organic traffic for affiliate links by creating short videos on social media platforms, which is why Affiliate Escape Plan includes a module on becoming a TikTok Expert in 2 Days. Brian believes that it’s the cheapest and the highest-converting Ads platform where anyone can start with just $6 daily. 

What’s the Biggest Challenge of Using Organic Traffic?

The #1 challenge of organic traffic is that it's inconsistent. Social media is a very saturated market and you only have a few seconds to grab the attention of your target audience before you get buried in the mountain of content uploaded every day. Organic traffic is so unpredictable. Changes in your customers’ preferences, trends, and the platform’s algorithms will instantly affect results. There’s no guarantee of generating organic traffic after you have invested time and effort in creating and optimizing your content. 

Organic Traffic VS. Paid Traffic for Affiliate Marketing

Organic Traffic

Paid Traffic 


More cost-effective, but results are not guaranteed 

You pay for traffic but it delivers quicker, consistent, and sure results 

Quality of Traffic 

Long-Term ROI 

Short-Term Conversions 

Amount of Traffic

Potential for unlimited free traffic that can keep coming for months or even years 

Traffic is only proportional to your ad spending


Know your customers by tracking them and then you set the parameters for your ads 

Targeted by demographic/desired audience, location, etc


Trial and Error 

Precise Targeting 


Competition, over-saturation, changes in trends & customer preference 

Changes in policies and algorithms, banner blindness, or brand fatigue 


Organic and paid traffic has its advantages, risks, and setbacks. Expert digital marketers recommend using combined paid and organic traffic to achieve optimal results. Paid traffic is ideal for testing new ad campaigns and then using the data gathered to improve and optimize your organic ads. Both work well hand-in-hand. Paid traffic is best for capturing leads and increasing your reach while organic traffic builds trust and authority in the niche. 

What are Short Videos? 

Short videos are content that’s only between 30 to 60 seconds long. YouTube allows short videos up to 60 seconds long while in TikTok, users can upload a video from 15 seconds to 10 minutes long. Instagram reels are limited to up to 90 seconds. 

What are the Advantages of Using Short Videos? 

  • Information is easier to understand 
  • Bite-size information so it’s not overwhelming 
  • Encourage an immediate action (great for affiliate marketing)
  • Easier to create, anyone can do this content without professional skills 
  • Instantly grabs attention 
  • Content is easily shareable 
  • Cost-effective (suitable for small businesses)
  • Higher engagement rate vs long video content 

Are Short Videos Effective for Ads? 

Yes, short videos are very effective for ads. It has shown the most growth among all the other digital marketing strategies in 2023. 73% of content consumers prefer short videos when learning about a new product or service offering. Because of this, 90% of digital marketers will invest more in short videos this year. Currently, 58% of marketers say they leverage short-form videos for advertising campaigns. 

Affiliate Marketing Related Courses and Articles

  • Robby Blanchard’s Commission Hero 2.0 is a course that teaches how to find the best affiliate programs. In this course, students will learn how to diversify their traffic sources using different strategies like YouTube Ads, Native Ads, and free traffic.
  • 2024 Matt Diggity’s Affiliate Lab is an SEO affiliate course that teaches different ways of making money through affiliate marketing. In this course, students learn how to build and rank affiliate niches and achieve 40X profit.
  •  James Fawcett's Affiliate One is a low-ticket and beginner-friendly course on affiliate marketing. It's one of the cheapest courses to get started with as an affiliate through a done-for-you system you can set up in 30 minutes. .
  • Is Affiliate Marketing Legal in UK? - Yes, affiliate marketing is legal in UK. Affiliate marketers must comply with the Federal Trade Commission’s Endorsement Guides and the Advertising Standards Authority’s CAP Code. This article also discusses the legal requirements when starting your affiliate marketing business in the UK.
  • Anubhav & Vaibhav Jain’s Digital Profit is a 30-day affiliate marketing course aimed at both novices and experienced students. Its goal is to create a profitable online business in an area members are passionate about.
  • Chris Myles' Blog Builder Pro is a blogging course that teaches affiliate marketing to earn money. The program focuses on creating articles and blogs that will rank well in search engines. 

Overall Affiliate Escape Plan Review: Is Affiliate Marketing Using Organic Traffic The Best Way To Make Money Online? 

Affiliate marketing can be a good opportunity for making money online. It's a booming industry and companies are expected to invest more in affiliate programs in the coming years. But on average, intermediate affiliate marketers only make $1K to $10K monthly from this business model. 80% of affiliates fall into the beginner to advanced category and would only earn from 0 to $80K monthly. There's an income potential in affiliate marketing, but there are also so many challenges that new affiliates need to overcome to be constantly profitable. 

Affiliate Escape Plan is one of the best courses to take if you're planning to become an affiliate marketer. Brian Brewer is an exceptional coach with a proven track record backed by his successful affiliate partnerships and awards as a Click Funnels Dream Car winner and 4-time Platinum Legendary Marketer. Using organic traffic for affiliate marketing is a viable strategy, but free traffic is inconsistent, and short video content doesn't go viral all the time. You should be a Super Affiliate to make 7-figures like Brian. However, statistics show that only 1% of affiliates reach the Super Affiliate level.

Are you willing to go all-in for a 1% chance of success? 

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The better business model (which I can vouch for) is local lead generation. With local lead gen, you build digital properties that you own infinitely and have full control over. Through your ranked digital properties, you can generate leads you sell to small businesses. It's a lot easier to start compared to affiliate marketing because it's not dependent on the response of your target audience. Even if you don't go viral, as long as your sites are ranked in Google, you'll be earning passively. My Grand Rapids Tree Care site is an example, it has been earning $2K passively in the last six years. 

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