Carly Campbell’s Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers Review: 5 Key Benefits of Blogging in Affiliate Marketing

March 17, 2024

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers is an online course that teaches how to multiply your blogging profit 2 to 4 times through affiliate marketing. This course is created by full-time mom blogger Carly Campbell based on her own expertise and experience as a mom blogger herself for over 7 years. Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers is a short but comprehensive course that includes an introduction to affiliate marketing, strategies for finding the right niches and affiliate programs, and how to write blogs and emails that sell. It can be completed in one sitting. 

The affiliate marketing industry is valued at $12 billion in 2022, growing at a 10% rate annually. Studies show that approximately 40% of affiliate commission is generated through blogs and articles. Blogging and affiliate marketing work well together. Many excellent bloggers become successful and profitable affiliate marketers because they know how to write converting content. 

In this Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers review, we'll reveal the 5 key benefits of blogging in affiliate marketing. We'll also cover the overview of the course, its pros & cons, who should take it, the course creator's story, other digital products they offer, and the most popular and profitable niches for blogging. 

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers Pros and Cons 

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers Pros

Affordable Upfront Cost: Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers is one of the most affordable courses for rookie affiliates. 

For Passionate Bloggers: This course helps passionate bloggers increase their earnings by monetizing their skills in blog writing by incorporating an affiliate link. 

Conversion Strategies: It focuses on getting people to buy through your affiliate link to increase affiliate sales. 

Free Content: Carly has a few blog sites on parenting and motherhood that are full of informative content, which makes her a trusted authority in her niche. 

Does Not Over-Upsell: Although you’ll find lots of affiliate links in Carly’s courses, she only recommends them and is not forcing anyone to buy. She also reminds her students to only promote affiliate offers that they love and can vouch for.

WFH Opportunity: This course helps moms earn from home through blogging and affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers Cons

Shallow Training: The Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers course is short and shallow. It does not give in-depth discussions on important topics. 

Questionable Results: Because of the type of learning material and shallow training, it’s unlikely to deliver successful results. 

No Success Stories: There are no unsolicited success stories that could prove the effectiveness of the course. 

No Refund: Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers does not give refunds.

Not for Beginners: It is only ideal for those who already have an existing blog site and traffic, not for beginners. 

Experience-Based: Carly only shares her personal experiences and does not go deep on specific topics. 


Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers costs a $79 onetime fee for lifetime access. 

Refund Policy

No Refund 


Carly started freelancing as a blogger in 2016


Carly Campbell seems genuine. There are no bad reviews on her. 

What is Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers? 

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers is an online course that teaches a method of making an affiliate sale through blogging. It teaches new and experienced affiliates how to make an affiliate income by writing catchy blogs that convert leads to sales. The course includes an introduction to affiliate marketing, a walkthrough on blog posting for affiliate marketing, and building a list for email marketing.The Ministry of Freedom for a more comprehensive program.

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers Modules 

  • Introduction (Getting Started): An overview of the affiliate marketing business. This module discusses what affiliate marketing is and the common terminologies associated with the business. 
  • Finding the Right Niche: This module covers the fundamentals of finding the most profitable niche and affiliate product for marketers. Students will also learn how to different traffic posts and money posts and understand why both are equally important. 

  • Finding the Best Affiliate Program: In this module, students will learn how to find the best affiliate program to join to grow their affiliate network. 

  • Four Best Types of Affiliates: In this module, Carly reveals the 4 types of affiliate programs you should work with. She says you should only work with these 4 types to make the most money from your affiliate promotion. 

  • How To Write Blogs That Make Sales: This module teaches students how to drive more traffic to their blogs and increase the number of clicks, her "secret sauce of selling". It also includes two case studies from Carly's blogs, the 7 types of money-making posts, tips to make your blog stand out, and how to position these "tricks" in your blog post. 

  • How To Write Emails That Make Sales: In this module, Carly teaches a method of monetizing an email list. It includes real email marketing examples Carly sent at an affiliate launch that earned over $5K in just a 5-day period. 

What Should You Expect in Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers?

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers is a 30-module course. It's made of 80% text content and 20% video content. 

How Much Is Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers?  

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers costs $79 upfront for lifetime access. It's one of the most affordable affiliate marketing courses out there (most cost $100 up). However, expect lots of affiliate links and upsells within the course. 

You can also get it as a bundle with Carly's two other courses: Pin Design Rules to Start Breaking and Pinteresting Strategies for only $95. 

Does Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers Give Discounts?

Yes. Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers gives discounts. On Black Friday, the course is 15% off. They may also offer a discount on other promotion periods, so best to sign up for their email list to get notified. 

Who Should Get Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers? 

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers is for anyone who wants to make money online through blogging and affiliate marketing. However, the course does not cover how to build a blog site and how to drive traffic. So, this course is ideal for an intermediate affiliate blogger who has existing content, site, and traffic. 

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers is also an ideal course for stay-at-home moms who want to explore income opportunities online through blogging and affiliate marketing. Carly made her online platform to give full-time moms an opportunity to earn while spending time with their children. 

Are there Success Stories of Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers? 

No, there are no verified, unsolicited success stories from students of the course. There are also no negative reviews on Carly or the course. So, it’s likely that it's not that popular, or it’s not impactful enough to have a good deal of students giving it reviews online. 

Who is the Creator of Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers? 

Carly Campbell is the creator of Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers. She is a full-time mom who runs the blog site Mommy on Purpose. Mom On Purpose is a mom niche-only blog site where she earns a lucrative affiliate income from pre-partum, post-partum, child development, and household stuff. Aside from Mommy on Purpose, Carly also runs Blogging Like You Mean It, a marketing blog and digital tools store. She sells virtual goods like Canva logo library, eBook template, and slide deck template. 

Carly started blogging while she was pregnant with her firstborn back in 2016 (she is now a mom of 2). After giving birth, she started a six-figure online business while being a new mom going through postpartum recovery. She made at least $10K monthly from her blogging sites. Affiliate marketing helped her grow her income two to four times. She claims on her sales page that she now makes more than an Amazon associate. 

What are Other Courses by Carly Campbell?

Pinteresting Strategies 2022 (base course)

A beginner course on how to start affiliate marketing on Pinterest. This course includes an overview of the platform, getting started with Pinterest boards, setting up pins, keyword research, Pinterest analytics, FAQS, and more. 

What are Other Digital Offers of Carly Campbell?

Digital Products Sold on Mommy on Purpose

  • The Ultimate Cleaning Planner

    A cleaning guide for moms that includes daily/weekly tasks, room-by-room checklists, spring/fall cleaning tasks, and a cleaning supplies inventory checklist. 

    Price: $8.50 

  • The Ultimate Budget Planner

    A simple system for financial planning and budgeting is made for moms. It includes a 69-page budget planning template, monthly calendars, debt payoff plan sheets, bills, and budgeting sheets, expense tracker, yearly goals, and look-back sheets. 

    Price: $8.50 

  • The Ultimate Meal Planner

    The Ultimate Meal Planner is for keeping track (and minimizing) of takeout spending through a simplified plan for planning daily meals. It includes daily and monthly meal pages, grocery lists, inventory templates, and new recipe ideas. 

    Price: $8.50 

Digital Products Sold on Blogging Like You Mean It

  • The Easy Logo Library for Canva

    Access to 50 done-for-you logo designs, video tutorials, tips on editing a logo on Canva, and how to create different logo versions (black and white, transparent background). This package is ideal for business owners and VAs. 

    Price: $27 

  • Bold Blocks eBook Template

    A versatile eBook template that lets you create a complete eBook in a few hours. This virtual package includes 10 ebook pages: cover page, copyright, table of contents, section title page, about the author page, 3 content pages template, and 2 highlight pages. It's suitable for all niches! 

    Price: $27 

  • Cheerful Pro eBook Template

    A bright and colorful eBook Canva template that includes a cover page, copyright, table of contents, quote page, author's note, 4 content pages, and highlight page. 

    Price: $27 

  • Very Basic eBook Template

    A clean, simple, and minimalist eBook design that includes a cover page, copyright page, table of contents page, chapter title page, author's note page, and 6 content pages. 

    Price: $27 

  • Pretty Painted eBook Template

    An artsy and feminine eBook template that includes for those who prefer softer colors and fewer lines. 

    Price: $27 

  • Slide Deck Template

    A template for creating a course or presentation using Canva. It includes a title slide, a module slide, and 3 content slides. 

    Price: $17 

  • Instructional PDF

    An instructional PDF template for writing step-by-step instructions. This virtual package includes a cover design, supplies list page, and instructional layout suitable for recipes, diet plans, arts & crafts, and more. 

    Price: $17 

  • Checklist Templates

    5-page checklist templates 

    Price: $17

  • Canva Pin Templates

    Set of 10 Canva pin templates 

    Price: $27

What is Mommy on Purpose Blog? 

Mommy on Purpose is a blog site by Carly Campbell that publishes motherhood and parenting topics. The blog site is full of recipes, tips, and parenting strategies that moms (old and new) will find useful and informative. It’s an all-in-one blog site with everything new and experienced moms need to know about pregnancy, childbirth, child-raising, and homemaking. 

Does Carly Campbell Have a Good Reputation?

There's not much said online about Carly Campbell. But, I found an interview with her from four years ago uploaded by a YouTuber, Eden Fried. In the 41-minute interview, you can see how Carly is so laid back, honest, and confident in delivering her presentation on blogging and traffic generation using Pinterest. 

Why Are Blogs Important in Affiliate Marketing? 

Blogs are important in affiliate marketing because it makes you an authority in your niche. A recent study shows that 40% of affiliate sale is made through blogs and articles. So, blogs are a great way to drive quality traffic that converts to a sale. High-quality written content attracts readers, so they'll likely come back to you the next time they search the web for information that you have. Through blogs, potential customers will learn more about your business, so they'll trust you more. You'll become a top-of-mind option in case a need for a product or service you offer come up in the future. 

5 Key Benefits of Blogging in Affiliate Marketing

  • Blogs make you an authority in your niche. 

    Regularly adding blogs to your website makes you more credible than your competitors. 59% of affiliate links on social media are never clicked because readers don't think they are credible enough. To be a trusted authority, show your expertise through informative, well-researched blog posts while subtly promoting your affiliate offers. Studies show that sites that publish 2 to 6 blogs weekly have a 50% higher chance of being a go-to source for information. 

  • Blogs drive free traffic to your site.

    Consistently uploading a new blog to your website increases traffic through organic search. Statistics say that 90% of pages don’t get traffic from Google. But content-heavy websites have a high repeat readership rate. So they get more traffic and conversions. 

  • Blogs educate readers about your product and service offerings.

    Educating customers on your product and service offers through blog posts is a strategic marketing tactic. Through blogs, you can go more in-depth on the details of your offers. Sharing quality content on your site makes you a trustworthy name in the industry because they get value from you. 

  • Blogs improve customer engagement and brand recognition.

    Good blogs improve your brand identity, 55% of brands acquire new customers through blog posts. 

  • Blogs generate more leads and conversions.

    70% of customers want to learn about a business through blogs. So, if you want quality leads that convert, invest in well-optimized, high-quality blogs. When readers find value in your blog post, they keep coming back. As a result, you get more leads and higher conversions. 

What are the Best Blog Types for Affiliate Marketing? 

  • List Blogs (Listicle)

    The listicle is a blog or article in list form. In the listicle, the writer enumerates methods, strategies, tips, facts, statistics, and other data in numbered bullets. Each item can have varying lengths, from short phrases to long paragraphs.

  • Product Review

    Review blogs are specifically written to give feedback (a review) on products or services. The goal of this blog type is to provide reviews and recommendations on products/services based on certain parameters.

  • Case Studies

    A case study blog’s main purpose is to find out if a product/service is worth buying. This blog type gives an analysis based on situations that have been resolved through the product/service offers. Case studies may sometimes include the writer’s personal observation, analysis, and test surveys. 

  • Product/Service Comparison

    This blog type’s goal is to make a direct comparison of products or services between brands. The comparison is based on different categories, such as quality, effectiveness, design, ease of use, practicality, and others. 

  • Tutorial

    The tutorial blog teaches a process or method, usually how to make xxx or how to get to xxx. Its primary goal is to provide a concise, step-by-step guide to the reader. To write a good tutorial blog, the writer should be an expert or at least knowledgeable enough on the topic. 

What are the Most Popular Niches for Blogging? 

The most popular blog niches with the highest traffic and engagement are food blogs, travel blogs, DIY crafts, and lifestyle blogs. They account for about 74% of all high-traffic-generating blogs. These niches have over 50,000 monthly sessions. 

What are the Most Profitable Blog Niches? 

Food, personal finance, lifestyle, and travel blogs are the most profitable niches. A food affiliate blogger has an average monthly income of $9,169, finance bloggers earn about $9,100, lifestyle and mom bloggers (like Carly) earn about $5.1K, and travel bloggers make $5K on average. 

Is Blogging Good for Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, blogging is good for affiliate marketing. They're perfect complements because blogs attract organic traffic, engage your audience, and make you an authority in the niche. Blogs make up 64% of the traffic that affiliate marketers make and they increase your site's overall traffic by up to 67%. People love reading blogs online. 60% read a blog at least once weekly, so it's an extremely valuable tool for driving free traffic, generating leads, and creating brand awareness. All these factors make your affiliate offers easier to sell. 

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers Alternative Courses

  • Franklin Hatchett's Savage Affiliates is an affiliate marketing course that teaches how to find an affiliate program, drive free & paid traffic to funnels, and automate your digital marketing business.  
  • Matt Diggity’s Affiliate Lab is an online course that teaches a method of making money with affiliate marketing by flipping websites. In this course, the students learn how to build, rank, and monetize their affiliate niche.
  • Anubhav & Vaibhav Jain’s Digital Profit is a 30-day and 4-step program for both advanced and beginner students of affiliate marketing.
  • Morten Storgaard's Passive Income Geek is also a great course for beginners. It focuses on creating content and using SEO to rank them on Google, generating organic leads.
  • Sadie Smiley's Passive Income Pathways - The Passive Income Pathways is a membership program created by Sadie Smiley and it focuses on helping women create digital products, setup blogs, and earn from affiliate marketing.
  • Suzi Whitford’s Printables By Number - This course teaches you how to create and sell printables on your blog for extra passive income. You will also learn other methods of selling your printables such as ecommerce.
  • Chris Myles' Blog Builder Pro - This program is a blogging course that teaches affiliate marketing to earn money. It focuses on earning passive income by creating a ranking blog in search engines. 

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers Final Verdict: Is It The Best Way To Make Money Online? 

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers is not the best course for beginners because it does not include important fundamental lessons like how to set up the blog site, how to get traffic, and how to choose the most profitable blog topics. It can be valuable, though, for intermediate bloggers with an existing site and content. Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers is more of an experience-based course created by a successful affiliate blogger. But the course itself is too shallow and only gives a general overview. Carly does not dive deep into many important topics in the affiliate business. 

Although blogging and affiliate marketing are good and stable money-making methods, they depend heavily on traffic. To succeed with this business model, you need to be excellent at writing catchy blogs that sell. There are over 600 million blogs on the internet from over 1.9 billion websites. Carly also talks about Pinterest being her main traffic source. The problem with Pinterest is that it's relatively small compared to social media giants like Facebook who currently have 3 billion monthly active users (Pinterest only has 445 million). Although, to be fair, the Pinterest traffic strategy could work especially if you are targeting a female audience because 3 out of 4 users of the platform are women.


Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers' business model thrives in a highly saturated and competitive space with very limited traffic source. There's potential for profit and scalability, but the chance for success is low. 

My #1 online business recommendation is local lead generation. This business model is less-dependent on variables, so you have more control of the outcome because you own the digital properties and leads. It's also a lot less saturated compared to blogging and affiliate marketing. With lead gen, you can explore hundreds of niches and thousands of cities for business opportunity. In 2023, the average cost per lead is $198 in all industries. Imagine the income potential of this business model could bring you. My Grand Rapids tree care site alone makes $2K passive income monthly in the last 6 years. 

Tree Care Lead Gen Site

Learn the lead gen biz and earn even in your sleep! 

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