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Stefan James’ Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review – Is This Project Life Mastery Course Legit?

April 15, 2024

Affiliate Marketing Mastery is an affiliate marketing training program by Stefan James that teaches you how to make money online through affiliate marketing. You will learn how to create a low-cost affiliate marketing business with zero experience within 1-3 months. But is affiliate marketing a business model that can make you rich online? The downsides of affiliate marketing is that it can either be done at low-cost but will take a long time to grow, or can be done quickly through paid methods but at a high risk. As you are promoting someone else’s offer, you do not have control over the product or service, and this can prove unprofitable.

Local lead generation is a low-cost business model that creates predictable and immediate passive income. As a type of digital real estate business, you are the landlord and earn a set amount every month. To simplify, you rank a site on Google using free SEO tactics and rent it out to local businesses. Unlike affiliate marketing, you have full control of your business and don’t have to rely on making sales in order to make money. Check out local lead generation of a highly scalable job killing business model.

In this Affiliate Marketing Mastery course review, we find out what Project Life Mastery is, what strategies Stefan uses, which mediums work well for affiliate product promotion, and different affiliate marketing types to help you decide if you should invest in Affiliate Marketing Mastery. and I go over how affiliate marketing differs from local lead generation, another popular online business model. Don't confuse this course by Stefan James with Ivan Mana's Affiliate Marketing Mastery course because it has the same.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review: Pros and Cons


You get access to Stefan’s 90-day email coaching program

Live weekly webinars

You're shown how to find products to promote on 8 different affiliate platforms


Basic paid traffic (PPC) training

Students could use more guidance on picking the right niche (you better have a lot of passion for it or it better be something that is low competition & easy to dominate)

Advanced SEO training could be better


Affiliate Marketing Mastery costs $997 or 3 payments of $397 (you're better off paying the one time price).

Refund Policy

No refund policy.


Over 70 training videos divided up between 7 total modules; transcripts and summaries in PDF form are available for each module.


Private Facebook group.


Stefan started this course in 2016.


Stefan is one of the more successful Amazon sellers in the world and is also a world-class, inspirational speaker.

Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery One of the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs?

Affiliate Marketing Mastery is one of the best affiliate marketing programs. The in-depth 7-module training earns it a spot on the top 10 of the best affiliate marketing courses. What differentiates Affiliate Marketing Mastery from other popular affiliate marketing courses is its focus.

Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery the Best Place to Learn Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing Mastery is one of the best place to learn affiliate marketing if you want to create and sell your own digital products. The focus of Affiliate Marketing Mastery is more suitable for intermediate affiliate marketers rather than beginners. A similar course that is much suited for beginners is Wealthy Affiliate.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Similar to Affiliate Marketing Mastery?

Wealthy Affiliate is similar to Affiliate Marketing Mastery that they both teach you how to earn commission using affiliate marketing. However, there are key differences with both courses.

  • Focus - Wealthy Affiliate focus is on earning affiliate commission by driving traffic to your funnel using various marketing methods. Affiliate Marketing Mastery focuses on building your brand to generate organic leads for your offer.
  • Pricing - Affiliate Marketing Mastery costs a onetime fee of $977. Wealthy Affiliate has 2 monthly premium membership packages for $49 or $99 a month.
  • Content - Wealthy Affiliate uses a combination of videos, text-based lessons, tutorials, and webinars. They also provide website development and research tools and hosting. Affiliate Marketing Mastery has self-paced video-only training on product creation, sales funnels, and generating traffic through affiliate marketing.
  • Community - Affiliate Marketing Mastery has an active community  . Wealthy Affiliate has a larger community and has a live chat feature for members to support each other in real time.

What Is Project Life Mastery?

Project Life Mastery is an educational platform, blog, and YouTube channel created by Stefan James in 2012. He created the platform to help others become masters in many areas of their lives, not just with money. The Project Life Mastery platform offers 4 courses created by Stefan and promotes other affiliate courses. 2 of the affiliate courses that Stefan promotes are Amazing Selling Machine and Marketplace Superheroes.

Stefan James' Project Life Mastery Courses

  • Morning Ritual Mastery - A 7 day step-by-step course on how to model the most successful morning ritual for your body, mind ,and spirit. The morning ritual removes stress and puts you in the right mindset in order to have a good and productive day.
  • Mastering Book Publishing - This is a 5 step-by-step module course that teaches you how to build an Amazon book publishing empire. Earn passive income by forming an army of ghost writers to publish books under your pen name.
  • Affiliate Marketing Mastery - The step-by-step 7-module course that teaches you how to make money with affiliate marketing. You will learn how to promote affiliate offers without paying for ads.
  • Life & Business Mastery Accelerator - This training program comprises video and audio training and monthly coaching and Q&A for a year. You will learn how to master your health, fitness, emotions, and mindset, which affects your relationships, finances, business, and career.

What’s Inside This Affiliate Marketing Course?

You will have access to 7 modules of step-by-step training videos inside this affiliate marketing course. Inside Affiliate Marketing Mastery, you will learn how to create an affiliate marketing business from scratch, from keyword research to optimization.

1. Introduction, Strategy, Mindset

In this introduction module, Stefan shows you how to use the platform and how to go through the lessons. He also explains his Affiliate Blueprint marketing strategy and shows you all the steps to make it work. The focus of the lessons in this module is on developing a property mindset and identifying a good affiliate marketing strategy.

2. Market Research & Keywords

Module 2 is all about finding a profitable niche or affiliate marketing trends for you to get into. Stefan has you come up with 10 each. After that, he then has you come up with 5 potential products you can promote. Once this is done, he helps you find the most profitable keywords for your market and with the help of the Affilorama software, shows you how to do niche background research, how to look up search volumes for keywords, and check what competitors are doing.

3. Setting up Blog, YouTube & Social Media

In this module, Stefan gives you step-by-step guidance on how to set up your blog, your YouTube channel, and how to create accounts on social media platforms. It costs $0 to under $100 to build an affiliate marketing website or blog. You can set up your own on free blogging sites, such as Wix, for zero cost, or get paid domain hosting and even hire writers or web designers for a fee.

4. Content Creation

In module 4, you learn about the importance of quality content marketing. You will learn how to find keywords, the different articles to which you can write compelling content, how to create YouTube videos, and how to create content for your social media profiles.

5. Attracting Visitors, Followers & Build Your List

The 5th module is where Stefan explains how to optimize your website using basic SEO techniques and how to share articles on social media platforms with the goal of attracting more visitors. You also learn how to leverage different mediums in affiliate marketing. Some of the specific mediums that work well for affiliate product promotions are the following.

  • Blog (in-depth articles well optimized for the search engines)
  • Social Media (influencers can reach thousands of people with their content)
  • Mobile affiliate social (in-game ads, banner ads)
  • News & Media (native ads)
  • Coupon sites (customers visiting these are already looking to spend money; looking for deals)
  • Review sites (people who review products already have a community of people viewing their content)
  • Email marketing (cold emailing or follow-up campaigns)

6. Earning Revenue & Monetizing Your Traffic

In module 6, he goes over FTC Compliance, how to find high converting products to promote, and more tips on the ways you can promote your products, which include email marketing. Stefan focuses on free marketing compared to paid methods like Google Ads. You can check how effective your marketing strategy is by checking out your traffic on Google Analytics.

7. Tracking & Optimization

In the 7th and final module, Stefan focuses on tracking and optimization. He has you ask yourself a series of questions that will help you gain valuable insights. With these questions, you'll be able to identify any issues or if you need to optimize a certain part of your affiliate marketing business.

Stefan stresses the importance of tracking all your affiliate links, your metrics on YouTube, Google, and email marketing. He also mentions that it's a good idea to leverage your visitors and subscribers to help you make a more informed decision on what works. Finally, he talks about how to monetize on Google and YouTube and the importance of split testing your campaigns.  

Additional Training

  • Google SEO for YouTube videos
  • Press release marketing
  • LinkedIn marketing
  • Interviewing Strategy
  • Pinterest
  • Guest Blogging, and more

9 Ways To Make $1,000,000 According To Stefan James

  • Develop High-Income Skills: Developing high-income skills gives you better job and business opportunities.
  • Choose The Right Niche: The niche is the foundation of your business endeavors, so choose the one that's right for you. 
  • Build Your Brand: Create a brand around your chosen niche with your associated name and logo to make your business more recognizable to the audience. 
  • Quality Content: Produce valuable content in the form of videos, blogs, or podcasts. This helps you attract more audience. 
  • Affiliate Marketing: Monetize your content with affiliate marketing by promoting products that earn commissions. 
  • Sell on Amazon: Leverage Amazon for selling products by publishing books or selling physical items within your niche. 
  • Create an email list: Develop an email marketing strategy that captures leads. This helps maintain good engagement with your audience so you can directly promote products. 
  • Coaching and Consulting: Offer coaching and consulting services within your area of expertise and monetize your knowledge and expertise. 
  • Scale and Optimize: Focus on scaling the successful aspects of your business by optimizing processes to increase efficiency and profitability.

What's not mentioned in the video: Stefan makes it sound so easy, but in reality, 95% of businesses in the United States make less than $1,000,000 annually. This means only 1 in 20 entrepreneurs achieve reach at least 1 million dollars. 

What Is the Affiliate Marketing Mastery Login?

The Affiliate Marketing Mastery login is your email address and password that you set up after joining the program. You can access the entire program just by signing in the login.

affiliate marketing mastery login

What Are the Different Types of Affiliate Marketing?



The affiliate marketer has no experience or knowledge in connection to the product or service they’re promoting.



The affiliate marketer has some experience or knowledge in connection to their affiliate offer.



The affiliate marketer has a personal connection with the product or service, either through personal use or shared experiences.

You need a marketing strategy and $0 to $350 for affiliate marketing. The cost will depend on your marketing strategy and lead generation methods. In a nutshell, this is how your affiliate marketing journey looks likes:

Who is Stefan James?

Stefan James is a successful affiliate marketer, digital marketing, philanthropist, life and business coach from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He currently lives in Panama City, Panama. Stefan sells various courses that teach things like book publishing, Amazon FBA, morning rituals and affiliate marketing. He even privately coaches other entrepreneurs and holds masterminds.

As a child, parents struggled financially and were always fighting, which affected him. Because of the financial issues, Stefan had to move to 3 different high-schools which made him always feel like an outsider. His escape was in video games. He also worked in his Greek father's family businesses, who made him work even through summer breaks. This life made Stefan close up, becoming introverted.

At 17, he got into self-development learning from people like Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, and more. He wanted to become a better man so that he could attract women. In time, his confidence grew, and he began having more success with women. Stefan also went to Kwantlen College for one class, which was an Introduction to Marketing. He didn't have any motivation to continue and dropped out halfway through. 

In time, Stefan started working as an assistant to a dating coach. His clients started getting significant results with women and so at 21, he started his first business, Lifestyle Transformations. They did coaching, free seminars, and a weekend bootcamp to help men pickup women. Problems arose when they owed a lot of money in taxes to the Canada Revenue Agency. Eventually, they paid it all back.

Stefan James got into internet marketing with Kindle publishing, where he sold over 100 books and grew that business to $10K per month in sales. Within a year, he had already made almost $100K in revenue. In 2012, he started Project Life Mastery. Since then, he's been helping many people make money and improve their wellbeing.

By 2013, Stefan's net worth was already around $1 million. Stefan is also married to YouTuber, & successful Amazon seller, Tatiana James. He has over 1.28 million subscribers on his YouTube channel where he posts motivational content weekly.

Stefan James' Net Worth

Stefan James' net worth is estimated to be over $5 million. This figure is derived from course sales and high-ticket affiliate commissions. He currently lives in a luxury apartment in Panama City that is 3 times the size of his $1.7 million apartment in Vancouver.

Is Stefan James the Best Affiliate Marketing Coach?

Stefan James is one of the best affiliate marketing coaches out there today. He is certainly a leading expert in his field and his success and popularity proves this. On this course’s sales page, you’ll see that even Author and millionaire mentor, Dan Lok, endorsed Stefan and his course.

Should you invest in Affiliate Marketing Mastery?

You should invest in Affiliate Marketing Mastery if you want to learn how to earn from affiliate marketing through brand building. The Affiliate Marketing Mastery program is great for those who have at least some knowledge in affiliate marketing and want to learn new strategies.

You can make money with Affiliate Marketing Mastery by building your brand and based on your niche and promoting affiliate offers related to it. Brand building is a long-term strategy so it make take a while before you can generate much traffic and earn sizable commissions. The average full-time affiliate marketer earns $30,000 to $50,000 annually.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing as a Beginner

  • Easy to set up - You don’t need technical skills to start an affiliate marketing business. Posting on social media is easy and can only take a few minutes. Building websites can be learned in a few hours.
  • Low risk - It can cost you $0 to start an affiliate marketing business using free methods. Social media can be a free and effective tool with zero risk. You can also create a blog or YouTube channel for free.
  • Additional source of income - Can be done on the side while you work a 9-5. Affiliate marketing can be a good way to raise capital to start a business. If you already have a business, you can supplement your income by promoting affiliate products or services that are related to your business.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Alternatives

Savage Affiliates by Franklin Hatchett teaches you how to start an affiliate marketing business with $0 and eventually scale by using paid PCC ads. Franklin started affiliate marketing by promoting Shopify in his ecommerce blog. This is a great course to take for those who have side businesses and wish to create additional cash flow.

Price: Savage Affiliates costs $197 for the Standard package and $297 for the Super package.

More Info: Savage Affiliates Review

The Affiliate Lab, by Matt Diggity, is a great option to learn affiliate marketing. Matt not only shows you how to create your affiliate sites and build their authority, but the end goal is to sell those sites for up to 40 times the monthly revenue that they generate. This course has hundreds of training videos that teach you how to become profitable with your niche sites. Matt is one of the world's top SEO experts and this training includes high-level link building to help you sites rank on Google no matter how many core updates they do.

Price: Affiliate Lab costs $997.

More Info: Affiliate Lab Review

Commission Hero by Robby Blanchard also teaches you how to make money with affiliate marketing. Robby shows you how to find affiliate offers to promote on affiliate platforms. The main platform you learn about is ClickBank. You'll learn how to advertise on platforms like Facebook and YouTube to get more traffic to your offers. The updated version of Commission Hero provides you with the newest tools that will help you run and scale your affiliate business. This 6-week training comes with automation tools, a private community for support, and more.

Price: Commission Hero costs $2,497.

More Info: Commission Hero Review

passive income geek review

Passive Income Geek by Morten Storgaard is an affiliate marketing course that teaches you how to monetize your blog. The course focuses on selecting broad niches and using SEO to rank your blog on Google. This long-term strategy takes awhile to gain traction but can create passive income in the long run for a very low cost.

Price: Passive Income Geek costs $399 initially and $199 per succeeding year.

More Info: Passive Income Geek Review

Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator by Tom Rogers and Anna Faustino is also a good affiliate marketing course you can try. It's a comprehensive course that will teach you how to earn passive income by building a robust "Affiliate Machine" 

Price: The course is priced at $697 for a lifetime access.

More InfoBlogging Fast Lane Accelerator

affiliate tube success academy review

Affiliate Tube Success Academy is a YouTube affiliate marketing course by Paul Murphy that teaches you how to create organic traffic to your affiliate offers by creating YouTube videos and ranking them on Google using SEO.

Price: The Affiliate Tube Success Academy costs $1,997 or 3 monthly payments of $747.

More Info: Affiliate Tube Success Academy

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It?

Affiliate marketing is worth it when doing it full-time or as a source of extra income. You can really make 7-figures with affiliate marketing. However, only 15% of affiliate marketers make over $80,000 annually and these are the ones who have been doing it full-time for years, like Ministry of Freedom creator Jono Armstrong.

Success with affiliate marketing comes down to perseverance and strategy. You need to find good programs in affiliate networks like ClickBank or JVZoo. Free marketing methods like SEO, social media, and blogging can be very effective in the long-term. Paid methods like PPC ads can drive immediately drive traffic to your affiliate link, but can be quite expensive and risky. It is important you weigh the pros and cons of affiliate marketing before jumping in.

Is Affiliate Marketing a MLM?

Affiliate marketing is not a MLM (multi-level marketing) scheme. With affiliate marketing, you simply apply for an affiliate program in order to get your link and you can start earning. Joining a MLM requires you to buy in into their program, which can cost a few thousands to $25,000 and above. Earning with affiliate marketing is through sales commissions, while earning through MLM is mostly from membership commissions.

Local Lead Generation Income is More Consistent than Affiliate Marketing

Local lead generation is like affiliate marketing in how you're attracting more business/sales for another company, but there are some glaring differences.

With affiliate marketing, you must rank globally for your search terms. To see a worthy return on investment, you need to generate a lot of traffic because you're competing with thousands of affiliate marketers worldwide. You can create a YouTube channel or a blog, but you've got to publish content often, and it takes a long time to build a following. If you run paid ads, you're going to end up spending a lot of money quickly in finding an ad that will convert, which makes it unsustainable. How much you earn depends on how much sales go through your affiliate link, which is very unpredictable.

With local lead generation, you're only competing with 10-15 local companies and your traffic is all local. You don't have to pay for ads or run marketing campaigns as your site generates organic leads on their own. As soon as your site is rented, you immediately start earning a predictable monthly income. I built a tree care site over 7 years ago and it still earns me $2K per month up until today.  

Scaling a local lead generation business is as simple as repeating the steps of ranking and renting. There are hundreds of niches and thousands of local areas which make your potential to scale virtually limitless. Check out local lead generation for a sustainable and predictable business that can potentially create financial freedom for you.

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