Affluent Academy by Jordan Platten. FULL 2024 review.

March 14, 2024

According to Jordan Platten, this is a step-by-step mentorship program that teaches you everything you need, to launch and scale a wildly profitable digital agency. 

Affluent Academy is making waves, as it is the only digital marketing course I know of, that offers a money-back guarantee if you do not get a client within 30 days...

Can Jordan Patten's course make good on that promise?

Affluent Academy Course Overview

Affluent Academy costs $947 and contains 80 different video lessons, with a total of  29 hours and 11 minutes of tutorials. Each module also ens with a Recap Quiz, which consists of short end of module multiple-choice quiz.

Introduction to Jordan

According to Jordan's LinkedIn page, he is a keynote speaker, author & digital marketing authority from the UK.
On his official site, it claims that Jordan is a university dropout, entrepreneur and digital marketing expert from the UK.

At the age of 23 he scaled a marketing agency to six figures, with clients all over the world.

Having quit the corporate rat race, he now works less than a quarter of the hours he did while enjoying a life of complete freedom.

Jordan made it his ongoing mission to help others on the pursuit for a better life and has since mentored thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs.

If you want more background on Jordan, follow this, or this link.
Jordan has a substantial social media following. He has almost 80k subscribers and boasts nearly 3.7 million views. His Facebook page has  17.6k followers and Instagram has  34.3k followers.  

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What to Expect in Affluent AcademyProgram

  • Jordan's pledge: "It’s our ongoing mission to help aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve success that flows freely in abundance. That’s what defines Affluent."
  • The Academy offers a proven system that has already helped its students, with no previous experience, generate £millions in revenue – creating numerous successful marketing agencies.
  • You will be guided by experts towards financial freedom; thereby taking control of your life and being successful.
  • The Worlds First Programme To Guarantee Your First Or Next Client Within 30 Days... ‍Or You'll Receive A Full Refund
Inside Affluent Academy, you gain access to:

 11 Modules with 100+ Lessons

 A private Mastermind Facebook group

  VIP Email Support directly with Jordan

 Full script, contract & funnel templates

  50 Fully Qualified Agency Leads (your chosen niche & location)

In addition, Affluent Academy also offers: 

Weekly Live Video Q&A's

Every week, the Affluent community gets together for a live Q&A session, which is exclusively for members. It gives you the chance to ask Jordan anything you want about the business model.

Affluent Lead Sourcing Service

Generating leads and prospecting are some of the most time-consuming tasks when growing your agency. When joining the academy, you gain exclusive access to their in-house lead sourcing team who can generate 100+ fully qualified leads for you in less than 24hrs. There is a fee that applies to this service though.

Jordan Platten

The Affluent Academy Course Curriculum Breakdown


In this module you learn how to set yourself up for success. It’s important that you personally geared up for success, before you can begin on launching your agency. These crucial foundations separate the successful from the unsuccessful.

This module covers:
- Navigating the Affluent Academy
- Fundamental rules of play
- Getting your house in order
- Clearing the fog
- Employee to employer mentality

- Harnessing the social media revolution

This module contains 6 video tutorials. Total module length is 1 hour and  27 minutes.

In this module you will learn how to set up all the essentials before starting work on your marketing agency, even if you’re completely new to business.

The goal is to establish your position in the industry, giving you the highest chance of success right from launch.
This module covers:
- Establishing your business
- The New Era Agency
- Building a brand
- Website and email creation
- Service offering formula

- Value based pricing structure

This module contains 6 video tutorials. Total module length is  1 hour and 24 minutes.

During this module you will learn the importance of picking a niche, as well as how to target the fastest growing industries in the world and keep up with trends. 

You also learn how to get clients and generate leads for your agency on a consistent basis. 
This module covers:
Niche, trends, finding the perfect client, using your existing network, different lead generation techniques, pipeline organization and CRM.
This module contains 7 video tutorials. Total module length is 1 hour and 59  minutes.

In this module you will learn how to convert cold leads into meetings, using a variety of different strategies.

You will also learn how to master sales, even if you have no previous experience in sales.
This module covers:

The psychology of sales, demanding respect, self-analysis, cold-calling, email automation, direct messaging, securing face-to-face meetings, video auditing, and more. 

This module contains 10 video tutorials. Total module length is 2 hours and 40 minutes.

In this module you will learn how to convert warm leads into paying clients using the Affluent Academy complete, multi-platform meeting strategy.
This module covers:

The fundamentals to success, a multi-platform strategy, closing clients, case studies. The module also includes access to a coaching call.

This module contains 12 video tutorials. Total module length is  4 hours and 7  minutes.

In this module you will learn the psychology behind marketing and why it works. You also learn the foundations around getting set up with both your agency and a brand new client.
This module covers:

Content creation, marketing psychology and strategy, introduction to Facebook and Instagram Ads, setting up Business and Ads Manager, FB Pixel, integrating product catalogues. 

This module contains 9 video tutorials. Total module length is  2 hours and 8 minutes.

In this module you will learn how to create exceptional advertisements. It covers content from beginner knowledge to expert.
This module covers:
Campaign objectives, budget optimization, audience identification and targeting, managing ad placements, million dollar ad copy, and the perfect ad creative. 

This module contains 6 video tutorials. Total module length is 1 hour and 28 minutes.

In this module you will learn how to maximize return on investment with your clients, ensuring all of your strategies are performing to their highest capacity.
This module covers:

Custom audiences and lookalikes, re-targeting, ad testing, analysis and optimization, automation, manual bidding, scaling, managing ad spends, funnel building, monthly client reporting.

This module contains 10 video tutorials. Total module length is 3 hours and 46 minutes.

In this module you will learn exactly how to generate results for specific niches, using a variety of proven, up-to-date marketing strategies.
This module covers:

FB lead generation, free trial ads, niche specific advertising, messenger bots. This module also includes sales funnel templates.

This module contains 10 video tutorials. Total module length is 5 hours and 37 minutes.

In this module you will learn how to scale your agency to reach your personal goals. 

You also learn how to build an incredible team that will grant you what every business owner strives for - more time for themselves.
This module covers:

Agency targets, scaling referrals, closing high ticket, case study funnel, team build-out and recruitment, automation of your agency. 

This module contains 7 video tutorials. Total module length is 3 hours and 37  minutes.

In this module you will learn a variety of different strategies used to improve your agency and its processes.

These lessons will be updated regularly when new and relevant marketing trends materialize.
This module covers:

Organic posts, free FB page likes, social proofing ads, managing your agency, and third-party tools. 

This module contains 7 video tutorials. Total module length is 58 minutes.

Is it a worthwhile course?

First off, there are many courses that cost more than Affluent Academy's $947, and some of them actually offer less.

As a whole, Affluent Academy is a very well-rounded program and includes most of what you will need to start a digital marketing agency. With over 29 hours of lessons, you certainly get your money's worth.

Jordan seems to have covered all the bases where content is concerned and even offers a service that will find you qualified leads.

As a whole, this is definitely a worthwhile course. The only issue I have, is with the business model itself. Starting a digital agency from scratch takes a lot of hard work and the rewards are often not worth the effort...

Review Conclusion

At $947 Affluent Academy offers a lot of bang for your buck. The course content is well thought out and covers a wide range of topics.

Jordan has also included lessons on not just finding clients, but how to close them that you don't find in most other courses/programs. He even thought of how to present an initial marketing plan to a client, and something as simple as Ad Placements of FB and Instagram newsfeeds.

A nice touch is the Recap Quizes found at the end of every module that tests your knowledge to make sure you've understood the concepts taught.

In conclusion, Affluent Academy is a well-rounded course that offers you a solid foundation for starting a digital marketing agency.

There is a refund policy in place, but make sure to read the Terms and Conditions before signing up, as there are some hoops to jump through to qualify for the full refund.


What I like:

  • Very comprehensive content.
  • Easy to follow lessons with applicable advice. 
  • Competitive price. 
  • Good support and additional services.

What I didn't like:

  • Very steep learning curve. You need to become an expert in a short space of time.
  • Not the best online business model in 2020.

SMMA is in demand, but it's not the most exciting opportunity in 2020...

Social Media Marketing is definitely on the rise, that much is true. 


What do you think is better? Paying for an add that pops up on someone's Instagram feed (Interruption Marketing - more on that later), or ranking Number One on a search in Google?

Leads from Social Media Marketing (SMM) are often low quality leads because the person who clicked on the ad isn't necessarily looking to buy at that moment.

People who do a search on Google for a plumber (as example), most often need a plumber immediately. So your leads from Google are of a much higher quality as they convert into sales more often. This is because of INTENT. Intent is missing from SMM.

The biggest problem for business owners is not how to market/advertise their business, but how to get more customers that have the INTENT of buying their product or service. 

Most businesses still shy away from marketing and many don't even have a marketing budget. So, as a digital agency, it makes it almost impossible to get new clients.

According to Forbes, even big companies are less worried about marketing and more stressed about finding customers. In a survey of 750 CEO's, "They found that 58% indicated that lead generation is a key challenge business leaders face. Over 40% describe their business’ current sales and marketing efforts as outdated..."

Let's put a pin in that and imagine that you get a client interested in digital marketing. Now you need to gain the expertize to service this business.

Doing a course is all good and well, but you only become an expert after doing a something for an extended period - usually years. It takes a million hours to become a master, right? 

This is especially true for a digital marketing agency/SMMA.

Business owners want to know that you have the necessary skill-set to fulfill their (often unrealistic) expectations. 

They ALWAYS want to see proof of your claims. So, when you're starting out, it's impossible to prove. The only way to convince a new client to give you a try, is to offer them a free ad trial - and that's not good for your pocket... There's still no guarantee you land the client!

When you finally manage to sign a client, they expect massive results, for the minimum amount of money, in a very short space of time. 

There's a lot of effort that goes into running a digital marketing agency and the rewards are often not worth all the input.

It's a every tough industry to get a foothold in... 

A Digital Agency is Cool But I Like Doing Lead Generation More. Here's Why.

There are many online business opportunities available to you, and I have tried most of them. Some did O.K., others were fails.

But, there's only one business model that has stood the test of time and generates a residual income month-to-month, year-on-year. 

I still offer SEO and SMM services, but it's a sideline to my main business. Nothing beats lead generation! Look at this:

Grand Rapids Tree Care is just one of almost 80 virtual real estate sites that I own. This site alone brings in $2k a month on autopilot, and that = a passive income.

Here's another example:
Limo Lead Gen

My Lansing Limo site took about 7 hours to build, and it's been making me $750 a month since 2014. $750 x 60 months = $45,000. 

That's $45k for a couple of hours work! Where else will you find that ROI in a business?!?

If each site only makes you $500 a month and you have 50 rank and rent sites... Do the math! 

Remember: it is passive income. This means little to no maintenance and guaranteed money in the bank every month. 

Lead gen also has some great advantages over an SMMA/digital agency. It takes care of your biggest digital agency concerns: 

1. Clients
You don't need to constantly find new clients, or convince them to work with you. 

With a digital agency, there's the CONSTANT PITCH. 

Because client retention is low, you are always looking for new clients. This means pitching (and striking out) all the time. Business owners are tired of getting pitched to by marketers. They simply want more clients.

That's where lead gen comes in! 

The magic of lead gen lets you approach business owners after you've sent them FREE LEADS. What better proof of your skills? 

You offer them FREE leads (= free money in their pockets), even before you sign them up as clients. 
They get free money without paying you a cent - Is there a better pitch than this? 

By the time you see them, they already made money  thanks to you. Now, they're EXCITED to see you and EAGER to sign a deal.

They end up begging you for business, and you get to choose your clients.

You are in control, not the client. How powerful is that?

Also, client retention is MUCH, MUCH higher with lead gen than a digital agency. 

Because you own the lead generation websites, if the business owner doesn't pay, you can easily replace them with someone else. But since you are getting all these new leads, they definitely don't want to lose you to their competitor.

This means they always stay loyal, and they always pay you on time. 

2. Passive income

Digital marketing requires constant work, updating, and tweaking to keep your clients happy. Lead generation requires no maintenance once your site has ranked.

Once the site is up and running and the leads are coming in, you move on to the next site. This means you can SCALE and grow your business. 

Here's an example of one of my lead gen sites that has been making me more than $2k per month on autopilot since 2015.
Lead gen is one of the few business models that offers a true recurring income. 

3. Digital Assets

As a digital agency you don't own any of the assets. You have no leverage over the client and they can ditch you as soon as the marketing campaign is over.

With lead gen, you own the website that generates the leads. You own the phone number that people call. - You hold and own all the cards!

As long as your site brings in leads, you will have a client that happily pays you forever. How cool is that?

4. Attraction Marketing vs. Interruption Marketing 
When someone finds you on Google, they are already looking for your service. But, with SMMA your ads are interrupting someone on social media. 

Lead gen creates higher quality leads, where Facebook ads can get you a lot of low quality leads. There is a big noticeable difference for me.

Also, lead gen is ranked on Google for FREE (Yes, no marketing costs!). 

Marketing on FB and other social media platforms cost money and you have to know exactly what you're doing. Small results = bye-bye clients...

5. Stress? What stress?

You also have job security and peace of mind. At the end of the month, you know you'll have checks to cash because your clients love you.

Lead gen is also the perfect recession-proof business. As long as you bring in customers, your client will happily keep paying for the leads. Leads = money to a business.

Marketing is often seen as a gamble, and businesses ALWAYS cut their marketing budgets during tough economic times. According to Forbes, "In the aftermath of the last recession in 2008, ad spending in the U.S. dropped by 13%." 

Everything is up in the air in 2020, but it makes sense to me that businesses will have to cut their expenses even more during this economic downturn. I expect a bigger drop in ad spending than back in 2008/9. 

Luckily it doesn't affect Lead Gen, as our marketing efforts are FREE and we provide tangible results with high quality leads.

Our clients remain loyal because we keep sending them money...

Harry's Testimonial: Signed 12 Clients in a Few Months Through Cold Calling

Harry's Background and Story, and the Current Status of His Business

Harry worked as an account manager for DPD while reselling designer clothes as a side hustle. However, he encountered issues with his retail business because of the brand's copyright concerns. He shifted his focus to SMMA that caters to e-commerce businesses. His sister’s aesthetic clinic was his first client, and he scaled from there. 

Top Business Challenges in Starting His SMMA

Transitioning to a New Field: Moving from reselling to running an SMMA was a significant career shift for Harry because he had to learn new skills and adapt to a completely different market.

Client Acquisition: In the initial stages, Harry struggled to acquire clients because he didn't have results to show. He learned the importance of niching down (like focusing on aesthetic clinics first. It proved to be an effective strategy. 

Overcoming the iOS 14 Update Challenge: The height of iOS 14 update was a challenging time for Harry because Apple made significant changes in its privacy policy and data tracking guidelines. Since this version gave users an opt out of tracking, marketers had a tough time targeting ads based on behavior and preferences. 

Top Lessons Harry Learned on the Challenges He Faced 

Importance of Cold Calling: Harry emphasized the importance of cold-calling in client acquisition. He said this strategy is more effective than sending random DMs and emails. 

Client Relationship and Personalized Approach: It's crucial to identify customer pain points and offer tailored solutions to them, rather than using generic scripts (like what other course creators suggest). 

Setting Realistic Guarantees and Goals: Harry gives profit-based guarantees on his services to ensure customer satisfaction. This strategy builds trust and improves client retention.  

Consistent Follow-Ups and Relationship Building: Regular follow-ups and nurturing client relationships were crucial to Harry's success. He emphasized the importance of keeping in touch with prospects even when they're not ready to convert yet. 

What's not mentioned in the interview: Harry claims he signed 12 clients in just a few months. However, he did not mention how much these contracts are worth or how long the clients signed up for. 

Local Lead Gen vs. SMMA

There's no competition, really.

I can go on for days explaining why lead gen has been my best business for the last couple of years, but I'm sure you get the picture. 

I'll sign off with this: Lead Generation makes me $52k per month, where it's a struggle to break $10k per month with my digital agency. Local lead generation is more hands-off. Once the sites are ranked on Google and are fully optimized, they generate leads on auto-pilot.

With SMMA, you constantly need to satisfy the needs of your clients, but with local lead gen, they run after you for leads because it keeps their business going. 

Local lead gen is much less effort compared to running a social media marketing agency. It is hands-down my number one business choice for 2024 and beyond. 

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His #1 online business recommendation in 2024, is to build your own lead generation business.

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