Keaton Walker’s Agency Dominance Review – Is Starting A Digital Marketing Agency Lucrative In 2024?

March 18, 2024

Agency Dominance by Keaton Walker, a 34 hours' worth of information teaching people to build and scale their own agency. The course offers 4 parts, such as the course materials, downloadable resources, weekly Zoom meetings, and a private community. Keaton says the course focuses on 2 things: getting clients and keeping the clients. Statista's data shows the profitability that digital agencies in the United States' estimated revenue is $55.7 billion. 

There are no online reviews found on other platforms aside from the published testimonials and screenshots on the website. Majority of the video testimonials praised Keaton and the Agency Dominance for giving more than what you paid for the course. A YouTube video reviewing the course mentioned he had a great experience with the course, complimenting Keaton for being helpful and responsive.  

In this Agency Dominance Review, you learn the pros and cons, course content, bonus content and student testimonials. You know the course creator, his course claims, and his net worth. You learn that creating your own digital marketing agency is still lucrative in 2024 and if there is another business model that offers a better income stream.

Agency Dominance Review: Pros and Cons


Agency Dominance allows you to access the private Facebook Community.

Keaton Walker provides weekly Recorded Zoom Calls

Agency Dominance offers three-month access for HighLevel using Keaton’s sub account.

Keaton Walker is active in answering questions in the Facebook community.


The Agency Dominance course is fresh.

There is no guarantee that what worked for Keaton Walker will work on your own agency.

You need extra money to spend on paid ads.


The price of Agency Dominance is a one-time payment of $1,997 or 5 monthly payments of $450.


The group of Agency Dominance is a private Facebook community with 122 members. He offers a free ItsKeaton Group community for aspiring entrepreneurs teaching them to create their own social media marketing agency.

Refund Policy

There are no refunds for any purchase of Agency Dominance.


Agency Dominance started in March 2023.


The training of Agency Dominance is a self-paced course.


The online reputation of Keaton Walker is good. Featured in HighLevel, dashClicks, and Side Hustle School.

What’s Included in Agency Dominance?

Chapter 1: Welcome

This chapter shows you the introduction of the course and what you’ll get. You’ll get access to the private community, Standard Operation Procedure (SOPs) and downloadable content. Keaton says that you’ll earn $5 for mistakes found in the course. You also get the chance to join Agency Dominance’s affiliate program.

Chapter 2: Business Foundations

Keaton gives you what you know might be wrong. He teaches the skills needed for building your own agency. You’ll learn to pick the right niche, market research, and choose the best service for your business.

Chapter 3: Business Housekeeping

Keaton guides you in creating a business email, name and domain. He teaches you the ways of registering your online business, logo creation, and business cards. Aside from learning the basic housekeeping, you’ll also learn the importance of payment collection and how to do it.

Chapter 4: Mindset + Productivity

The chapter gives tips for productivity, evolution, and understanding. Keaton teaches why the right mindset is important in building and growing your business.

Chapter 5: The Business Model

In this chapter, Keaton goes over the business models you can choose from, such as Performance, 1 Off Business, Billboard Ads, Leader Dealer, SaaS, Retainer, Done-With-You model. He teaches you to add Follow Up Leads, consultation, and CRM.

Chapter 6: Marketing Skills Database

You learn the essential skill of transforming strangers to potential consumers. Plus the essential skills needed, such as marketing terms, copywriting, and branding. Keaton teaches email marketing, script setting and GoHighLevel.

Chapter 7: Marketing Yourself

Keaton teaches different online marketing styles as outbound, hybrid, inbound and social media marketing. He focuses on Agency Dominance’s client grabbing system and how to craft the best offer for potential customers.

Chapter 8: Sales

After learning the perfect mindset for building your business in chapter 4. This chapter focuses on teaching you the sales mindset. The difference between outbound and inbound sales, how to set appointments. And the process for sales calls, slides, and recordings.

Chapter 9: Onboarding & Operations

You learn how to outsource tasks to your employees. Start from hiring and managing your team. Includes the step-by-step guide to onboarding protocols and processes. Plus the creation of your team’s operation manual and client retention system.

Chapter 10: Marketing Results for Local Businesses

A comprehensive discussion on how to use Facebook ads for your local business. Receive workshops about SEO, YouTube, Google Ads, and TikTok Ads and how to take advantage of them.

Chapter 11: Marketing Results for Online Businesses

Similar to Chapter 10, but with additional information using organic content and Facebook groups. Learn how to create content for marketing campaigns, YouTube, blogging, and short form content.

Agency Dominance Bonuses

  • 3 Months Group Coaching (Once a Week)
  • HighLevel Sub-Account FREE (3 Months)

Who Is Agency Dominance For?

Agency Dominance is for aspiring owners and established owners who want to learn under Keaton Walker. The website’s landing page says that it is for aspiring owners and marketing entrepreneurs who want to earn $80,000 a month. It is also for anyone who wants to streamline their processes in appointment setting, client fulfillment and acquisition. Keaton says that Agency Dominance has over 5 and half worth of knowledge for beginners. And 11 hours' worth of total required content for all agency owners. 

Is Agency Dominance Legit?

Yes, Agency Dominance is legit because of the amount of student testimonials found on the website. Even if the course is only 9 months old, there are many people who still purchased the course. Student testimonials on the website comprise video testimonials and screenshots from previous students. Additonally, Keaton Walker looks authentic and genuine based on his credentials.

On Keaton’s Facebook page there is one review from 2019 from Fabian Stamminger enticing people to get help from Keaton. He says that Keaton understands and knows how marketing works. It shows that Keaton has been helping other online entrepreneurs for 4 years and has made his name in the industry.

Are Agency Dominance Testimonials Positive?

Yes, the testimonials of Agency Dominance on the website are positive. It shows multiple testimonials and reviews from students praising Keaton’s technique of teaching. Aside from Keaton and course being a good investment for students, they also mention how helpful the community is especially for beginners.

Ashley Beene, a senior analyst at Besler, says that after spending a lot of money on self development alone, he now has a course that is worth more than he paid. He continues by saying how the course helped him a lot. Marshall Lawlor, Bota Hub owner, says that Keaton’s approach to growing an agency is practical, and it has exceeded his expectations. And the worth of what you’re paying is remarkable.

Aside from video testimonials, there are also screenshots that show how Agency Dominance has helped other students. These mention how they are extremely impressed by Keaton’s course and how it offers more value than other SMMA courses on the market.

Most recent review about Agency Dominance is from Brady Mullen posted in 2023. He praised both Keaton Walker and the course as they provide you with the right mindset. The program helps you find the right niche while guiding you with marketing strategies. Brady also commends the community where you get good feedbacks and interactions. He receives a fantastic experience as Keaton is responsive to his concerns.

Who is Keaton Walker?

Keaton Walker is a consultant, online entrepreneur and the creator of Agency Dominance from Salt Lake City, Utah. He took 2 communication classes in college for a year at Brigham Young University in 2018. He enjoys helping agencies and business minded people in building their own business. Keaton has helped over 250 clients. 

He started his journey in high school when he created a blog. Keaton says that he learned a lot from that experience even if it didn’t earn him an income. He went to Washington, DC, to study for his church mission, which taught him the importance of hard work and sales. When he returned to Salt Lake City, he worked on the marketing side for their family business. That is when he started getting clients and founded OrthoPatients in 2019. 

Keaton Walker works on coaching marketers based on how he succeeds in his own agency. He has a YouTube channel where he posts informative videos on how other entrepreneurs could succeed on their own. The channel has over 23.3K subscribers. He is active on Instagram with 2,086 followers, Facebook with 3.8K followers, and TikTok with 206 followers.

What is Keaton Walker’s Net Worth?

Keaton Walker’s net worth is not mentioned on any website or social media platform. But looking at the number of testimonials about Agency Dominance shows that many people pay for the course. An informative guess based on the contents he posts on his YouTube channel suggests that he is earning at least $2 million dollars a year. Since he created one YouTube video, he posted 3 months ago titled “$2M SMMA Owner Reacts to TERRIBLE SMMA TikToks”, where he reacts to different TikTok videos compiled by his team.

Keaton Walker Claims

Keaton Walker claims the Agency Dominance course rates at  4.9 over 5 stars. He mentions that the course will provide everything you need to know about building, growing, and managing your own agency. He claims the course will help you achieve a jump from earning nothing to $50,000 a month.

Does Keaton Walker’s Claim Make Sense?

Keaton Walker’s claim makes sense, but it is hard to achieve, especially for beginners. It is challenging to earn $50,000. There is a Reddit discussion asking about how much SMMA owners earn in a month. One Redditor answered that he’s been doing it for 2 years and he is earning $15,000 to $20,000 a month. This shows that Keaton’s claim of earning $50,000 is not possible for a beginner. It is easy to create an agency, but it’s difficult to maintain and sustain.

The profit you earn depends on how many clients you have. A beginner will struggle to get a client in a month’s time. Data from Agency Analytics says that agencies earn $15,000 to $25,000 a month for one client. If a beginner can get 2 or more clients in a month’s time after the launch, then Keaton Walker’s claim is true. It is possible, but it is a lot of work.

Is Starting a Digital Marketing Agency Lucrative in 2024?

Starting a digital marketing agency is not lucrative in 2024 unless you’re persistent, consistent and hard working. It will take a lot of your personal time to start and get clients. The Agency Dominance course alone offers 34 hours' worth of information, which will take a lot of time absorbing and understanding. There are a lot of ways to grow and scale a digital marketing agency. It’s better to expand your learning and research before starting your own agency. Beginners will struggle most since they start with a zero understanding of the business and will spend most of their personal time learning. 

You also need to spend a huge amount of money on paid ads. Since paid ads are expensive, if you’re starting with not a lot of extra money to spend on ads, this may not be the business model for you. According to Statistica, the projected total of ad spend in the United States will be $365.40 billion. It shows that a lot of digital agencies spend a good amount of money on paid ads. Aside from paid ads, you need money to build your team. And that means you will spend money on hiring and onboarding. 

The biggest risk is the longevity of your profit. You don’t have any digital assets since you work for your clients to help them build their own assets. Once you’ve done the work, they can fire you. Clients who don’t need your guidance can also remove you from the project. This can be an issue, as you can be replaced by a better or cheaper competitors. 

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the promotion of service, brands, and people to create a connection between potential consumers with the use of any digital communication methods; emails, social media, online advertisements. Any marketing campaign involving digital communication or software is digital marketing.

Is Social Media Marketing Agency Profitable?

Yes, social marketing agencies are profitable because of their high potential, especially if done well. IbisWorld suggests that the expected market size is worth $72.2 billion. If you’re a beginner, it is important to learn and understand the business model first. It will be difficult creating your own agency not knowing where to begin. Like other business models, it requires hard work and dedication to succeed. But people who are starting with marketing experience have an advantage of being profitable.

Create Passive Income Streams with Digital Properties You Control

Local lead generation offers a passive income stream while controlling your own digital properties. It is a business model where you create websites and you rank them on search engines and rent your website to local market business owners for a price. You don’t pay for ads since you use your expertise to rank your websites using search engine optimization. Free traffic as long as your website ranks. 

Unlike starting your own agency where you don’t own assets in local lead generation you own assets as long as you create your websites. More websites you own, the more profit you earn. You own it so you don’t have to worry about losing clients or income.

A tree care website I created years ago is still earning $2,000 a month. If the local business stops renting your website, you can look for other owners with the same niche. You won’t stop earning money. You control everything, even the amount they pay you for. This is the best business model for passive income streams. I earn $500 to $2,000 per website depending on the niche. If you’re interested in learning more, I offer a local lead generation program. I give an in-depth understanding about this business model without the risk of starting your own digital agency.

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