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Agency Master Academy Review – Is Jeff Baxter’s Ad Agency Course Legit?

March 15, 2024

With so many ad agency courses out there, Jeff Baxter’s Agency Master Academy course (formerly the similar Consulting Master Academy course) is one of the more obscure ones. There isn’t much info to find online about his ad agency and I haven’t found a single negative review throughout my extensive research.

There are so many online business courses with their self-proclaimed gurus that have turned less than legitimate, with some being outright scams. So who is Jeff Baxter and why is his Agency Master Academy program so obscure? Is it a scam? How exactly can you make money with the course? We'll get straight into the point with this Agency Master Academy Review.

Social media marketing is a passive income business model. You run ads to create leads for clients. A similar passive income alternative model is Local Lead Generation, where you rent out digital space on your ranked site that brings leads to your clients. It's easier to maintain so it might be worth checking out.

Pros And Cons Of Agency Master Academy?

Agency Master Academy is NOT a scam but a legitimate coaching program. It is definitely not one of those pyramid schemes that masks itself as coaching courses. There is no commission to be made from selling the program. In fact, you can’t just join the program, you have to go through an application process before you are even given a price tag.


Does not sell you the dream (advertises earning 10k).

Ready to use templates.

2 live weekly calls.

Client ad budget is separate from your payment.

Expert coaches.


Hassle of the application process

No price transparency.

Refund policy is not no-question-asked. Conditions must be met to apply.

Sells you a 1-2 months success timeframe.

Training focuses on Facebook ads only.

Who Is Agency Master Academy For?

The Agency Master Academy course teaches the skills to run a successful ad agency. This is for?

  • Newbies who wish to run an ad agency business.
  • Those who are already running an ad agency and wish to improve their business.

If you are a beginner, the course can definitely help you find success.. The problem is that this business model is not the best pick for beginners. Before you consider taking this course, keep in mind that running an ad agency is for those with these 3 traits:

  1. Can speak well and build rapport, as you will be selling your services to businesses.
  2. Have no problem with cold calling as this will be your main method of getting clients.
  3. Able to handle rejection well, as the client conversion rate is low in the social media marketing agency business.

Who Is Jeff Baxter?

From Dallas, Texas and holding a degree from Navarro College, Jeff Baxter is no stranger in the ad agency business. With over a decade of experience under his belt, he runs a successful business in providing social media marketing services for major companies.

Jeff is the founder and CEO of Ad Ninja Pro, which has been in business since 2008 and claims to be the number Facebook ad agency. The company deals with copywriting, banner designing, budget managing, etc. for its clients and boasts a 90% client success rate. The company deals with running Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube ads.

Jeff has his own YouTube channel, Jeff Baxter Official, since 2014, with 104 videos to date and 6.21k subscribers. He constantly posts student reviews, motivational, and additional how-to videos.

On Jeff Baxter’s site, you will also find a 21 Day Done For You Agency service. Before you can sign up for this service, you have to book a call which comes with a refundable $5 application fee. This service provides you with your own customized social media marketing agency business within 21 days or less.

Jeff is also a recipient of the 2 comma club award. This is given to those who are able to grow their business to the 7-figure using ClickFunnels.

How Do You Make Money With Agency Master Academy?

The Agency Master Academy teaches its students how to attain consistent and predictable income by creating and running imaginative online ads for businesses. You will be advised to start with one niche (restaurants, landscaping services, etc.) and stick with one for at least a year.

The course teaches you (primarily via webinars) how to create funnels to create converting leads, and how to run ads through YouTube, Facebook, and other paid traffic avenues. They will also teach you how to close deals over the phone. Finally, you will learn how to scale your business. Jeff Baxter summarizes the process in a 3-step method he calls DAS:

  1. Define - focus on one niche until you master it.
  2. Acquire - generate and chase leads to secure clients.
  3. Systemize - create, set up, and run ads for clients.

Your job as an ad agency is basically to keep their ads running and leads flowing.

One problem I have is that the course claims that you can grow a 10k business in 1-2 months. Setting up your business and finding and enrolling enough clients, especially as a new business, to reach that target would take more than just a month or two. In businesses that deal with clients, payment delays are very common, with some reaching up to half a year or worse, an unsatisfied client who refuses to pay.

Do Students of Agency Master Academy Actually Make Money?

You’ll find many testimonials on the course site, Jeff Baxter’s YouTube channel, and several other review sites. These testimonials are filled with praises and motivational success stories. With the lack of negative reviews, and positive ones mostly from his websites, take the success stories with a grain of salt.

What’s Included In Agency Master Academy Course?

Before you can join the course, you will be greeted with a “free training video” on the website. The link to apply will only be available after you have watched the entire video. This introduction video is surprisingly very informative. It does not give motivational speeches or brag about success stories like other course intro videos, but instead provides useful information. The free video explains an overview of how an ad agency business works and can be separated into 2 how-to parts:

  1. How to use Facebook Ads Library in order to find local businesses who do not run online ads. You can then use the prospecting template provided in the course to get clients.
  2. How to negotiate your retainer fee, set-up the client’s ad budget, create ads based on the client’s customer target, and run the ads.

The Agency Master Academy core course comes with 5 training modules:

  • Module 1: Business Foundation

    Find the best business structure for you (Sole proprietorship, S-corporation, or LLC). Find the right niche for you. Learn the tools you’ll be using for your ad agency.
  • Module 2: Client Acquisition Sales Funnel

    Learn how to use automated systems and templates for efficiency. Build you mailing list and set-up automated emails. You’ll be taught how to use ScheduleOnce and Zapier. Creating and testing your client acquisition funnel.
  • Module 3: Getting Clients Without Spending

    You’ll learn how to use LinkedIn and other free methods to find clients. Learn how to do cold calling and how to close deals over the phone.
  • Module 4: Facebook Ads

    Trains you how to set up Facebook Business Manager and prepare your clients to run ads with it. Step-by-step process on how to verify your domain, and set-up Facebook pixels, audiences, and conversions. Learn how to set-up a dynamic test campaign, and how to create effective standalone ad campaigns.
  • Module 5: Outsourcing Your Business

    Learn all you need to know about contracting sales calls and service deliveries.
  • Bonus Module: Business Secrets

    Teaches you how to improve your credit score and how to secure large amounts of funding.

The training provided in the core course is enough for anyone who wants to become an ad agency business owner.

How Much Is The Agency Academy Course?

The problem with this course is that there is no transparency when it comes to the price. The price is only given over the phone after you book your call. The price is estimated at $1500 and may increase depending on your ability to pay. Keep in mind that there are conditions to the 30 day refund policy.

Is Social Media Marketing Services Relevant In 2024?

As markets continue to shift and thrive online, more businesses will target their efforts to promote themselves online. With the world on its 2nd year of the pandemic, there is no better time to start your business online. The only question you should ask is what kind of business model should you go for.

The hard part of being a social media marketing agency owner is you need to know certain skills in order to be successful. There are 5 key skills you need to master to run a successful ad agency:

  1. Prospecting - you need to know where and how to find the right clients.
  2. Selling - you need to have good selling skills in order to close deals with potential clients.
  3. Targeted advertising - you need to know how to make convincing ads for the target customer.
  4. Ad buying - you need to know how to run ads at a profit.
  5. Automation - you need to perfect your automations to make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

Running an ad agency business will take a lot of your time from cold calling, email marketing, closing deals, creating ads and running them. This isn't what you would call a passive income model. Picking the right business model for you is the first step in becoming a successful online business owner.

I've tried many online business models throughout the years and where I found the best success is now my number one business, local lead generation. If you are like me, who prefers the financial freedom that I may spend my time elsewhere, then you might consider a passive income business model. If you believe this is the life you desire, then come check out Local Lead Generation.

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