Dylan Vanas’ AgencyBox Review – 3 Roadblocks When Scaling Your Digital Marketing Agency

October 21, 2023

AgencyBox is a mentorship program by Dylan Vanas that helps you scale your digital marketing agency by avoiding the pitfalls and long timelines that many digital marketers make. They offer done for you solutions in areas like lead generation, sales, customer relations, and service fulfillment. 

Many digital marketers aren't able to scale because they take on all the roles in their business. As a result, they cap themselves on what their profit is and they also burn themselves out, which can affect their health if they don't outsource or hire a team that focuses on service fulfillment. If you're going to scale your business, you've got to outsource certain parts of your business or find a mentor that will guide you through this process. Is Dylan's program the key to putting you on the path to scale your digital marketing agency?

If you're looking for a way to make money online without having to deal with the challenges that come with starting and scaling a digital marketing agency, check out the local lead generation business model, which offers a passive income and more control in your business. 


Dylan is a 2-time 8-figure founder and CEO. 

The AgencyBox program comes with a software that lets you offer several services to other businesses. That way, you're not a "one-trick pony" in the digital marketing world. 

AgencyBox is not hard to learn how to use for an agency owner. 


Social media marketing clients can refuse to pay if they aren't happy with the work you do for them. 

Many business owners have learned how to use social media to promote their businesses, which decreases your chances of gaining more clients. 

Profit margins are low in a social media marketing agency business (10% to 20%)


AgencyBox has three pricing tiers. 

Base Software costs $997 per year. 

Premium Software costs $4,997 per year. 

For pricing of the premium software along with coaching, you must get on a call with the AgencyBox team. 

Refund Policy

One-year, action-based money-back guarantee except for subscription services and live events. 


Private Facebook group for support. 


Dylan founded AgencyBox in 2018. 


Dylan has an excellent reputation because he has helped 7, 8 and 9 -figure brands scale even more. 

3 Roadblocks When Scaling Your Digital Marketing Agency

1. Expensive Paid Advertising

With each passing year cost to run advertisements on social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok and YouTube continues to rise. This is because of the steady increase in marketers and business owners competing for traffic. Meta's CPM has increased 61% annually over the last few years and this trend will continue upward. Running ads 4 to 5 years ago on social media was far less competitive and expensive, making it easy for you to generate more traffic and sales. In 2024, marketing agencies need to set aside a large amount of capital to run Facebook ads or TikTok and YouTube ads effectively while testing different creatives until they find a winning ad that converts well enough to increase revenue. 

2. Clients Can Leave You Anytime

When you take on digital marketing clients, your clients can choose to stop working with you at anytime. In the United States alone, there are over 14,000 marketing agencies. Your clients can be approached by another agency and decide to stop working with you for many reasons like better pricing, support, service fulfillment and more. Unless you lock your clients in on a contract, which most businesses don't enjoy doing, your clients are yours until they aren't. It's on you to make sure you are providing the best service and customer support possible. Still, no matter how good of a business marketing plan you put together, your clients can leave you. It's no sure shot you're going to keep your clients long-term.

3. Digital Marketing Clients are Demanding

Digital marketing clients are demanding because they expect to see results immediately. Especially after every time they pay you. The most demanding clients are high paying clients. Many times, they don't realize that social media marketing is a process. This is why it is important to set their expectations before working together. If not, they will start micro-managing you, calling, texting, and emailing you often. This is not something you want to deal with if you left your 9-5 job to become an entrepreneur. You want each client to be a happy client, and it starts with setting their expectations. If they are still going to fuss every day, they are bad clients and you should part ways with them. 

What's Included with AgencyBox?


The dashboard is your starting point where you have access to your links and resources. Your community is also within this section and you can have any of your questions answered. 

Learning Center

In the learning center, you get access to several training videos that are presented as whiteboard animations. There are courses on:

  • Getting clients
  • Sales
  • New client acquisition
  • SEO, and more.

Your Agency

In this section, you get an outline about the AgencyBox outline. You also get to set up or purchase the website and logo special they offer. They even share a list of software and tools you can use in your digital marketing agency that will help you scale. 

Order Management Portal

In the order management portal, you can view all the products you offer your clients, view prices, and place client orders. You can also get all the support you need by submitting tickets through this portal. 

Success Resources

Dylan's team provides you with over 50 scripts, templates, case studies, pitch decks, and more. 

Who is Dylan Vanas?

Dylan Vanas is the CEO of AgencyBox who hails from Vancouver, Canada. Since he was 14 years old, he always wanted to run a business. At 18 years old, he joined a company that sold flying squirrels, or sugar gliders. They had done $30 million in revenue in only a couple of years and were trying to expand into Canada. In his first year, he did over $1 million in sales. But over time, he realized that he was working too much on the business and had no time for anything else. 

In 2018, he founded the Mindful Agency. The Mindful Agency is a digital marketing company that helps businesses get featured on major publications to increase sales, earn credibility and rank at the top of Google. Dylan grew this business to over 8-figures in revenue. He also founded the AgencyBox in 2018. AgencyBox is an online platform that agency owners can use to provide several services to their clients, such as Google ads, graphic design, social media management, podcasting, and more. In 2021, he worked as a contributor at Entrepreneur Media. One year later, he became a board member at the Entrepreneurs' Organization

Today, Dylan primarily promotes the AgencyBox platform and only posts several YouTube Shorts on the AgencyBox YouTube channel for his over 415K subscribers.

Dylan Vanas Net Worth

Dylan Vanas an estimated net worth of between $10 million and $15 million if you take into consideration the fact that he founded two 8-figure businesses he continues to promote. These two businesses are an essential part of the reason why his net worth is within that range.

Agency Box Successful Student

Gavin is a 19-year-old AgencyBox client from Wisconsin who never enjoyed school. He always wanted to own a business. When AgencyBox first started, he joined and was only making around $1,200, which is not big money. He felt that nothing was working. Gavin didn't give up and focused on the process. Eventually, he grew his digital marketing agency to over $22K in revenue per month.

AgencyBox Review: Is Agency Box legit?

AgencyBox is legit because Dylan Vanas' company offers software that helps digital marketing agencies manage their social media marketing campaigns and that of their clients in an organized way. Many of the services you have access to will help you provide legitimate results. If you look at the Results page on the AgencyBox website, you'll also see how many students have been successful with the guidance of Dylan Vanas and his team. If you want to learn exactly how to learn specific digital marketing skills like running paid traffic ads, consider Jason Hornung's Academy of Advertising

AgencyBox Alternatives

Agency Navigator by Iman Gadzhi is a course where you learn how to start and scale your own digital marketing agency. Iman provides you with all the tools, templates, funnels, and more that will put you on the path of running a SMMA efficiently. There are over 50 hours' worth of content and Iman hosts live coaching calls every Tuesday for his students. There is a forum-style community, you get access to over 25 custom built website templates, and ongoing support. 

Price: Agency Navigator costs $1,499.

More Info: Agency Navigator Review

AltAgency by Greg Hickman is a more advanced program for digital marketing agencies. Greg teaches you how to scale your agency to additional levels by helping you package your services so that your sales process becomes a much simpler one. You are taught how to automate several parts of your agency to aid in this process of growth. Greg offers two programs depending on what level you are at in your business. AltAgency Foundations and AltAgency Academy. Foundations is a 6-week program and the Academy is 12-months only available after you finish Foundations and are making over $10K per month in revenue with your agency. 

Price: AltAgency is offered as a subscription service according to their Terms & Conditions page, but the price is not specified.

More Info: AltAgency Review

Jason Wojo is a social media marketing expert who runs a digital marketing agency, Wojo Media. The agency offers ad creatives, ad campaign management, social media marketing, and more. Jason also sells a social media marketing agency course that teaches you how to create and manage your own agency. You can also do a 1-by-1 mentorship with Jason where he will run your ad campaigns and teach you how it's done.

Price: Depends on the services. Course costs $97.

More Info: Jason Wojo Review 

There are many online coaching programs that teach you how to scale your agency like Faizan Saeed's Lead Gen Accelerator mentorship, but who you choose to invest with comes down to your budget and what you want to learn.

Is Starting a Digital Marketing Agency profitable in 2024

Starting a digital marketing agency is profitable in 2024 because of the over 8 billion people on Earth, over 4.9 billion are active social media users. In the United States, over 96% of small businesses are using social media and for good reason. All eyes are on social media, which is why it makes sense to continue posting content across all social media channels if possible. 

The problem with starting a digital marketing agency is you don't really own anything. You are helping another business build their brand and they can choose to fire you at any point. To be one of the most profitable agencies that businesses won't want to fire, you must be a do-it-all agency. You've got to run ads on all social media platforms which is expensive and time-consuming, and your clients are going to want to see immediate results, which is not realistic. There are other services you should be able to offer, like an SEO (SEO audit too), social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and reputation management. Although you can operate your digital marketing agency as a freelancer and earn some decent cash, your scalability is limited. As a one-man show, you can't do all the work and still close more deals unless you hire a team which can also be expensive.

Starting a digital marketing agency will make you some money, same with other online business models, but it doesn't offer the obvious benefits that local lead generation does. 

Local Lead Generation is more profitable long-term than a SMMA

Local lead generation allows you to set up your digital properties and make money on autopilot every month. You build simple service sites, rank them on Google and send the leads to a local small business owner for a flat rate. 

There's no need to pay for any traffic on Google, manage any campaigns, deal with high maintenance business owners as clients and no one can fire you because you own the digital assets. It all starts with a strong online presence. This is a tree care site that pays me $2,000 every month and has for over 8 years now. 

Local lead generation

Service-based businesses need leads, but don't know how to generate them in 2024. Our lead generation sites are their solution, which is why they have no problem paying us a $750, $1,000 or even a few thousand dollars each month, depending on the niche. 

The best part is that once you set everything up, you don't need to do much else to your websites when they are ranked on Google in your town of choice. This is why your income is passive. Also, your profit margins are over 95% when generating leads for a local business.

To get started creating assets in a business that will not require you to deal with all the hassle that comes with starting a digital marketing agency, check out the local lead generation business model

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