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Mikkelsen Twins AI Publishing Academy Review: What Is The One Upload Method?

June 22, 2024

AI Publishing Academy by Christian and Rasmus Mikkelsen is a program that teaches you how to self publish using AI. They teach you to use their AI software,, to create an outline for your book/audiobook, send the outline to a cheap ghostwriter, hire a narrator on ACX, a graphic designer on Fiver and to upload your book to Amazon.

The problem with using AI software is that AI generated content from platforms like ChatGPT and aren't always quality. This is why AI Publishing Academy only teaches you to use AI in creating outlines. You still have to spend hundreds of dollars on a ghostwriter for content creation. A book can take weeks or months to finish.

AI Publishing Academy reviews are positive. The program is praised for its training and helpful community. Students have criticized the unrealistic earning claims and low success rates. There are also questions about the legitimacy of the Mikkelsen twins' own success.

This review is going to uncover what you get when you buy the AI Publishing Academy course, if the new Mikkelsen Twins course is legit even though you incorporate AI in your audiobook business, if there is any truth to their claim that AI self publishing isn't saturated, and if it's still lucrative in 2023.

AI Publishing Academy Pros and Cons


The Mikkelsen twins will provide you with a list of the top 100 topics to write audiobooks on.

They will give you access to their team of ghostwriters.

Marketing training is included.

Private Facebook community with over 39.7K members.

Live coaching calls 5 times per week. 


You won't receive the highest quality books if you pay the least amount of money on ghostwriters.

You still have to pay Audible royalties (25%-40% depending on what option you choose).

AI tools will not provide you with unique content if you are trying to write a book with thousands of words.

Thousands of people are using AI platforms to create content, and it is all similar sounding. 

It takes 20 to 70 hours to produce an audiobook.


The AI Publishing Academy cost is $1,995.

Refund Policy

There is an action-based 1-year money-back guarantee in the AI Publishing Academy.


The AI Publishing Academy was released in August 2023.


The Mikkelsen twins are notorious online for their extensive YouTube ads and pushy marketing tactics. This doesn't mean the entire program is a scam.

June 22, 2024

The training materials are okay but the community alone is worth the investment! I haven’t recuperated the cost of the program yet but I have a good feeling I’ll get there. It’s not an easy business, it will take a lot of perseverance.

Greg C.

4.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)

What Is the One Upload Method?

The One Upload Method is the unique AI Publishing Academy strategy that helps you create passive income. It leverages AI, freelancing, and strategic marketing to create non-fiction books. Using proven book topics, you use AI to automate most of the creation process. You can also use AI to generate reviews and market on multiple platforms.

Step 1: Choose

The first step is to choose a topic for your book. You should choose popular nonfiction topics to ensure high demand. Tools like Book Beam and KD Spy are used to research high demand topics.

Step 2: Automate

The next step is to automate the creation of your book. This step leverages the power of AI to streamline the process, making it faster and more efficient. You will be using the Mikkelsen brother’s proprietary tool, This tool can generate a detailed, fully researched book outline in minutes. The outline serves as the blueprint for your book.

Once the outline is ready, you will hand it off to a ghostwriter to complete the writing. This significantly reduces the time and effort required to create a high-quality book.

Step 3: Upload

The third step involves uploading your book to Amazon and optimizing your listing. Reviews are important in attracting customers and with Amazon's algorithms. By using a strategy called the "gift book method," you can quickly gather real reviews from readers. Having many positive reviews will help the visibility of your book.

Additionally, you can use Amazon ads to further boost your book's visibility. Utilizing Amazon ads for new listings can drive additional traffic to your book. This can lead to more reviews, which will help your listings in the long run.

Step 4: Multiply

The final step in the One Upload Method is to multiply your income streams. This involves publishing your book on other platforms and converting your book as an audiobook. You can list your audiobooks on Audible. Also publish your books on other platforms like IngramSpark, Draft2Digital, and PublishDrive. When you have multiple books in a series, you can also sell them as bundles.

What Is Inside AI Publishing Academy?

Module 1

Module 1 in the AI Publishing Academy is the introduction to this course, and it is a mindset training. 

Module 2

In module 2, the Mikkelsen twins reveal the 4 pieces of a successful book, how to leverage artificial intelligence in your audiobook business, and how to use ChatGPT for ideas. They also give you their Ultimate Prompt Sheet. This will help you "train" ChatGPT to understand what kind of content you need from it. 

Module 3

In module 3, you learn how to use AI for the following.

  • Create a book title
  • Perform customer research
  • Create a book outline
  • 4 new ghostwriting lessons

Module 4

This module will train you on creating your book cover, properly proofreading and editing your book's content, and formatting and laying out your book. The Mikkelsen twins now have you create your book's description using AI to save time.

Module 5

This course's main content wraps up in module 5 by showing you how to use the Pubby platform to help you generate more reviews for your audiobooks. They explain how to copyright your books and the importance of doing so. You will also learn how to navigate the Amazon Author Central area.


With your purchase of AI Publishing Academy, you are given BETA access to their AI Writing Software,

With Publishing AI, you can create high-quality books faster and more cost effectively. The AI technology the Mikkelsen twins implement has been trained to write Amazon audiobooks, which is something other AI systems like ChatGPT and don't automatically have built in. 

Also, with your purchase of AI Publishing Academy, you'll be provided with the following.

  • $500 cash bonus
  • Access to a private review group
  • Low content Kickstarter setup
  • Tech & Computers 101 training
  • Tax savings secrets
  • Extra Audiobook Income Academy membership

AI Publishing Academy Success Stories

AI Publishing Academy reviews & testimonials reveal how thousands of students have found the self publishing training valuable. The reviews and success stories on their website reflect the success students had with the Audiobook Income Academy course instead of the AI Publishing Academy.

This student has an estimated $20,023 in estimated royalties from the 54 audiobooks they created. They thanked Christian and Rasmus for helping his reach his dreams through their mentorship.

Trevor grew his self publishing business to over $58,000 in estimated royalties. Across all platforms where he sold his audiobooks, he generated over $65,000 by the end of 2021.

Who Are the Mikkelsen Brothers?

The Mikkelsen brothers are Christian and Rasmus Mikkelsen. They were born in New Jersey in 1995. They lived 2 years in Aarhus, Denmark, but they could not hold a job for over 6 weeks and got high to cope with the disappointment. In 2015, they moved back with their parents in New Jersey, enrolled in a two-year college, and worked delivering Chinese food. While working, they learned about the self-publishing business model from the Project Life Mastery course by Stephan James. 

They also tried other business models like dropshipping, but they realized that publishing was their most consistent passive income. Eventually, they dropped out of college. In 2018, they made $60,000 in revenue from their audiobooks. However, Christian's account got suspended for trying to use translation AI in their books, which was of poor quality. They tried to use Rasmus' account, but Amazon shut down his account too. Still, they created the Audiobook Income Academy in September 2018, and made over $53,000 in revenue on just the first 100 students. 

In 2019, they rebuilt the course over 6 months, and Audiobook Income Academy 2.0 came out. This course spanned 7 weeks and had many of the perks the partnership program offered. The Audiobook Income Academy model still works but today, the updated AI Publishing Academy is the course they promote.

As of March 2021, the Mikkelsen twins were still banned from selling books on Amazon. In 2023, their account was accessible. They even created an eBook, The Freedom Shortcut, which reveals how to anyone can create a passive income. 

The Mikkelsen twins have a good and bad reputation because many people have had success with their course and others on social media platforms have negative things to say. They have also been accused of creating fake reviews for their books. The Mikkelsen twins are making money through their self publishing online business and actively mentoring others to follow their steps to making money through self publishing. 

What Is Publishinglife?

Publishinglife is the name of the Mikkelsen twins' education company. They founded Publishinglife in 2020 and, to this day, continue coaching students on their platform. 

What Is the Mikkelsen Twins’ Net Worth?

The Mikkelsen twins have a net worth of between $20 million each and $70 million after you factor in the over 26,000 people who have taken their online courses and all the sales from the audiobooks they've created.

What Do the Mikkelsen Twins Claim?

The Mikkelsen twins claim that you can make money every single month and every single year from audiobook publishing without having to touch your book anymore. Over a 7 month span, Christian made over $50,000 in a 7-month span and his wife, Charlotte, published 8 books in a matter of months, and gets paid $1,500 to $2,000 every month. 

Is There Truth to What the Mikkelsen Twins Claim?

There is truth to what the Mikkelsen Twins claim, to an extent. If you create an online book that is profitable, you will get paid for several months on end. The problem is that you can't predict how many sales you're going to have each month or for how long you're going to see any sales. Rasmus admitted that eventually sales drop off. If you get used to a certain lifestyle with the income you're generating when your books are selling well, you need to take time and money to create more books. 

Is Self-Publishing with AI Worth it in 2024?

Self Publishing with AI is worth it in 2024 as it keeps productivity high and lowers costs. AI tools can help lower costs by automating tasks that would otherwise require hiring freelancers. A study by Reedsy found that authors using AI for formatting and editing saved an average of $500 per book. According to a report by Author Earnings, self-published authors who utilize AI tools for cover design and marketing spend 40% less on these services.

The Mikkelsen twins do not suggest you use AI to write the entire book. This leads to quality issues. According to a survey by the Authors Guild, 55% of authors believe that AI-generated content lacks the depth and creativity of human-written content. There are also legal issues as AI created content cannot be copyrighted. The U.S. Copyright Office has stated that works created entirely by AI are not eligible for copyright protection. This is why they teach you to hire ghost writers instead. This does not guarantee quality, as it will still depend on the skill of your ghostwriter. Editorial Freelancers Association reported that ghostwriters costs $0.10 to $1.00 per word based on the writer's experience.

AI Publishing Academy Alternatives

  • Royalty Hero - Sean Dollwet's latest online course teaches the self publishing business model through his method called Book Stacking. You learn how to create a brand and build an audience to continue generating consistent sales.
  • Publishing CEOs - This course by Alex Kaplo teaches you how to outsource your content writing. You learn how to repurpose your manuscript and scale your publishing business. You'll also see how you can scale to other publishing platforms to increase your revenue.
  • Kindle Publishing Income - Sophie Howard's course takes you from beginner to expert by showing you how to create audiobooks without having to write any of the content in a low-hanging fruit niche, with high demand.

Is Amazon KDP Worth It?

Amazon KDP is worth it, as it has the potential to create long-term passive income. It is a good business to create additional income stream. A survey by Written Word Media found that 63% of self-published Amazon KDP authors earn $1 to $500 per month. However, if you are looking to earn thousands with Amazon KDP, you might find very difficult to accomplish. Kindlepreneur states that only 5% of self-published authors make more than $1,000 per month on Amazon KDP.

Creating and publishing books that would sell is a time consuming and expensive investment. Reedsy reported that the average cost of self-publishing a book costs $1,000 to $2,500. Outsourcing the work costs money and creates additional risks. A survey by Alliance of Independent Authors found that 45% of authors who outsourced their book production experienced delays and quality issues.

If you are passionate and like to write in your free time, sel-publishing books on Amazon KDP is definitely worth it. If your sole aim is to make profits, then be ready to deal with the challenges that come with it.

How to Make Money on Amazon KDP without AI

Making money on Amazon KDP involves traditional publishing strategies and the use of online tools. Start by selecting a non-saturated high-demand niche. You should also spend enough time studying your competitors. You need to create high-quality and unique content to stand out.  Invest in professionals for editing and cover design.

When your book is ready, you still need to build your brand. Building an audience can be difficult, expensive, and take a long time. You need to do continuous marketing like blogging and social media. It takes a lot more time and resources but can pay off big in the long-run.

Create Predictable Passive Income With Local Lead Generation

Similar to self publishing with AI, local lead generation allows you to create digital assets and earn a passive income. The difference is that you have all the control over your business. You control the content creation process, your ranking process, what local small business you work with and how much money you earn every month.

The big difference is, you don't have to rely on sales to earn money. You do not need to run any marketing campaigns and spend on ads. By ranking a site on Google using SEO, you can rent it out to local business for the leads it generates. You can earn $500 to $3,000 a month of predictable income.


Selling on Amazon KDP means you'll be competing with hundreds of other authors. With local lead generation, You only need to outrank a handful of sites.As long as your sites generate leads, your clients will pay you. If they ever decided they can't handle all the leads you send them, you can forward the calls to their competitor. If you want to leverage AI, you can use it to help you create some content. Though always check to prevent Google from flagging your content as AI generated and unoriginal.

Scaling an Amazon KDP business means spending more to increase production and visibility. Hiring more writers risks drop in quality and negative profits. Increasing ad spend also risks unprofitability. Scaling a local lead generation is as simple as repeating the rank and rent process. This is why local lead generation is my recommended business to create financial freedom through passive income.

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  1. The $58,000 screenshot is mine, and I just randomly found your website Ippei. It made me chuckle because there are a lot of reviews on their websites, and the odds of mine showing up are slim. If nobody believes it's true you can see the unboxing video of the 50k award under my username here.

    Regardless of what anyone says about AI Publishing Academy, at its core it's self-publishing books, and as long as people are reading or listening to words, it will be a great industry to be in. It's also by far the most passive online model that already has multiple platforms with people waiting to buy, so you don't have to go find customers they already are waiting on Amazon.

    The other thing ill say is most programs work if you're consistent. I know Ippei has his own suggestion, and I've never done it, but I'm sure if I applied the same work ethic to it as I did AIA, I'd be wildly successful with it, too.

  2. As legit as this business is, they have a no exceptions policy for a refund. Do NOT sign up if there is a death in the family and the endeavor becomes impossible because of mourning and grief. They don’t care

  3. I just found out about this; It sounds really interesting. As you know, Ippei, I do lead generation, but I have a passion for speaking and helping people. I knew where to come to get the best and unbiased review.

  4. Thanks for the review. it was well written. I do have a problem wih your rank and rent business. I've ranked 5 sites and they don't get calls despite the search volume being very good. google "brea blinds" "brea shutters" and some other KWds and I am above yelp, yet receive 0 calls. why does nothing workk the way people say?

    1. You need to rank for keywords with the city. You’re most likely not ranking for the proper keywords. It’s impossible to not get calls. Otherwise, there won’t be other companies staying in business.

  5. Thank you for the info. Our society needs more honesty and transparency. We all have financial freedom aspirations but Noone wants to do the research. The twins are asking a bit much for this course. Your informational blog helps.

    Thanks my dude

  6. Back when the internet started, there were some great hustlers like the twins. I remember being in Warrior Forum. You would see those one page ads written by professionals with emotional triggers every other line. So many people lost so much money until they realize they were being hustled to spend money on some course which didn't work.

    Call me selfish, but if I were making 10K per month with as little work as they say, I wouldn't be going around on internet telling people about it. I would be milking that source of income until it was dry. If you ask that question first before you take out your credit card, you would save a lot of money.

    Great article. I hope a few read it before spending $2K on this program.

  7. Howdy Ippei, and thank you for providing this unbiased insight to AIA. Much appreciated, amigo!

    You might have already mentioned it in your review, however I might have missed it.
    QUESTION: Are there other less expensive alternative training programs to this AIA program?

    1. Hi Keith! Thanks for taking the time to comment, and glad to hear you enjoyed the article. A few less expensive options I listed in my article include the following:
      Udemy: Audiobook Creation and Self-Publishing on Amazon and Audible ($59.99)
      Udemy: Amazon ACX Masterclass: Reach The Market That Prefers Audio ($84.99)
      ACX University (FREE)
      Hope that helps.

  8. Hello everybody. Yes, I made the mistake of buying it (on 23/01/2022) and I am here to tell why I think you shouldn’t.
    First, watching that advertising on YouTube, everything looks easy, fast. Then I watched almost 1 hour of explanations, even easier, faster and then it comes the pressure to pay. They say there are only a few places, like that webinar was live (it is not). And then I paid. And everything becomes more real, they start to say that it's possible, but not easy, neither fast. That we have to put a lot of effort on it. And then I started to think (which I haven’t done before paying) and realizing that is totally against my principles. I have a job, that I love, but doesn't pay me much. I saw this as an opportunity to keep this job and have a financial freedom, an easy money where I don't have to spend a lot of time. Fake. It needs time, especially at the beginning. It needs effort (not easy as they say before we pay). And particularly, I would have to go against my principles.
    Yes… I am totally against this superficial economy where everybody buys everything without the necessity. I was imaging myself paying someone to write a book for me, another one to make the cover and other to make the narrative and then myself selling on Amazon. And for all that I had to just choose a title, I probably wouldn't even read the book before selling. They probably don't do it either.
    So, when I realized that, like 6 or 7 hours later, I asked for a refund, based on the Contract Policies. They answered me in the next day and made the refund 2 days later.
    As I paid in euro and the euro was dropping, I received less money. Maybe I am wrong, but in my opinion, that's not right. They should guarantee I would receive the same amount in my own currency, as there is nothing being said differently in the contract.
    Anyway, that’s not the point. I just wanted to ask everybody to think before paying and not believe in the pressure they put on before we pay. There are a lot of wrong things on their process and I hope I could help some people to make a decision.

    1. Hello, I felt like I was mislead on this book writing scam and would only like to see that my money be returned to me. I f so many are making money from yur academy then where is the proof in them taking your course. which has bee said that there are more hidden fees along with the headache on trying to figure this out. I will call my c.c. co. and let them know that I've tried to contact your people and they were of know help. Thank you. Retired in Oregon

  9. I would like to have a discussion with you . I am a partner in a business that provides online directory placement for over 10 million business in 1700 local communities globally
    We also have the most powerful SEO based web tools in the industry enabling businesses to build their own websites
    Lead generation is key and I'd like to learn more about your system
    Let me know when we can talk please and the best number to reach you

      1. Hi,
        I Joined A.I.A well over a year ago. I didn't take the steps to succeed; however what I have done is write a script, completed and wrote and directed that script now showing at Dano Network, its also an Roku A Double Take. Go to IMBd to see the project and cast and crew.

        What I want to do now intake my scripts and turn it into a book. I woud like a experienced fiction write to work with me to turn it into a book and audio. I know it sounds backward but I have my clear goals on this.

        1. Hey Richard-well wishing you the very best of luck! Clear goals are a must for sure. Thanks for reading and taking the time to share your story.

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