Humza Zafar’s Airbnb Accelerator Review: Can You Make 7-Figures From $4,000 With Airbnb Arbitrage?

September 2, 2023

Humza Zafar’s Airbnb Accelerator program teaches how to earn extra money through Airbnb without owning property. It focuses on Airbnb arbitrage, a business model that involves renting properties and subletting them on Airbnb for a profit. With step-by-step guidance, Humza Zafar will teach you how to start, scale, and automate your Airbnb arbitrage business.

While the program has a steep price ranging from $4,000 to $22,499, it provides access to a private community of like-minded entrepreneurs and industry experts, as well as personalized guidance from Humza and his success representatives.

However, the business model has its drawbacks. For instance, compared to a business model like local lead generation, Airbnb arbitrage comes with:

  • Higher upfront costs
  • Legal and regulatory considerations
  • Property management challenges
  • Market volatility

Humza Zafar’s Airbnb Accelerator Review: Pros and Cons


Well-Structured Course: The course has a step-by-step approach, simplifying the A-Z of starting a rental business from scratch to automating a 7-figure Airbnb arbitrage business.

Engaged Instructor: Humza Zafar actively engages with each person who purchases his program with hands-on guidance and support. This interactive teaching style enhances the overall learning experience.

Lifetime Access: You’ll gain unrestricted lifetime access to the course material, which will serve as a valuable resource even after you complete the program.

Complimentary Value Modules: There are free course modules available in Airbnb Accelerator’s landing page. This can help you sample the course content before committing to the entire program.

Lower Capital Requirement: Airbnb arbitrage requires lower capital compared to conventionally investing in real estate. So, it’s more accessible if you want to invest in real estate but have limited financial resources.


Availability of Free Information: The concepts taught in Airbnb Accelerator can be obtained for free from alternative sources such as YouTube. While the course offers a curated and structured approach, those willing to invest time and effort in research can find similar information without incurring additional costs.

Focus on US Markets: The course primarily focuses on US markets, so it’s not as applicable for individuals outside the United States. However, the course still attracts students from various countries.

No Refund Policy: There’s no refund policy, so be careful when enrolling. You should thoroughly evaluate your goals and expectations.

Location Dependence: The business model relies on physical properties for rentals. Unless you have reliable on-site assistance, Airbnb arbitrage won’t offer full location independence, which can impede flexibility.

Limited Recognition: While Humza Zafar has achieved success in Airbnb arbitrage, his program doesn’t enjoy the same level of recognition as similar programs.

No Property Ownership Benefits: Because you don’t own property in this business model, your income will primarily come from rental cash flow. You won’t gain from property appreciation or depreciation or other long-term wealth-building opportunities from real estate investments.


$4,000 to $22,499

Refund Policy



Airbnb Accelerator started in 2022


Humza Zafar has been featured in Business Insider twice. He started making $450,000+ monthly with Airbnb arbitrage just 18 months after starting

Overall Airbnb Accelerator Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

Airbnb Accelerator is worth it for:

  • Beginners with capital and good credit
  • Airbnb hosts with 1-10 properties seeking to scale their business
  • Residents of US states that allow short-term rentals

If you find this course not worth it, Anbe Group Rental Arbitrage is an option.

Airbnb Accelerator is not worth it for:

  • Beginners strapped for cash
  • Residents of US states that don’t allow short-term rentals
  • People with bad credit

If you’re looking to scale or start a fast-growing business, you’ll find Humza’s lessons on growth and automation valuable. But you need capital and excellent credit. That’s because Humza’s method relies on business credit cards for constant unit acquisition and furnishing to scale fast.

With Airbnb Accelerator’s guidance, community, and mentorship, you’ll be able to reach your goals faster. This is especially true if you live in US states allowing short-term rentals. Humza has plenty of insights about rental arbitrage in the US markets, so his hands-on coaching can help your business thrive.

That said, the program has steep prices. The lowest tier costs $4,000 and the highest costs $22,499. You’ll have access to the course lessons no matter which package you choose.

But the lessons, while informative, can be found scattered online for free. Just look for them on YouTube, Humza’s social media accounts, and platforms of other industry experts. So, what you’re really paying for with the Airbnb Accelerator packages are:

  • The private community for connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs and industry experts
  • The guidance that Humza and his success representatives give you throughout your journey

If you’d rather save up and go without the extra hand holding, you’re better off studying Airbnb arbitrage on your own. You can still succeed, especially if you’re already familiar with rental arbitrage and sales (prospecting, cold calling, negotiating, etc.)

Can You Make 7-Figures Doing Airbnb Arbitrage With Just $4,000?

You can make 7 figures doing Airbnb arbitrage with just $4,000. Humza Zafar's journey is a perfect example. But, there are criteria you need to meet. While Humza started with only $4000, he used business credit cards to cover furniture costs, rent, and other expenses. He also scaled fast, closing new apartment deals every month. He currently has over 200 units. So, approach this claim with skepticism because it’s highly dependent on specific circumstances.

How Much Money Do You Actually Need To Be Successful with Airbnb Arbitrage?

You’ll need more than $4,000 to start a successful Airbnb arbitrage business. Here's a breakdown of the funding you’ll need:

1. Initial Investments

  • Airbnb Accelerator Program: $4,000 to $22,499
  • Security Deposits: $500 per unit
  • Furnishing & Decor: $5,000 per unit

2. Ongoing Expenses

  • Rent: $1.5k average monthly rent, but you can negotiate free rent for the first 1-2 months
  • Utilities: $150-$200 per month
  • Cleaning & Maintenance: $13-15 per hour for cleaners

If you’re starting with 3 units, you’re looking at a minimum funding of $21,000. In addition, you should have contingency funds to cover unexpected expenses, such as property repairs, periods of low occupancy, or legal fees if any issues arise. All in all, your investment will vary based on the number and quality of properties you manage.

Is Airbnb Arbitrage Still Profitable in 2024?

Airbnb arbitrage is still profitable in 2024. Travel demand is higher now than pre-pandemic levels, and vacation rental guests are staying longer in one place. Plus, according to Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky, there’s an undersupply of Airbnb hosts. So there’s a gap to fill in this area.

Chesky has also talked about major changes coming to the Airbnb platform. One is incorporating artificial intelligence to improve customer service and user recommendations. Another is launching paid products and services to users and an ad product for hosts. If that’s the case, the platform will only get better over time.

On the other hand, some argue that Airbnb arbitrage is risky and not worth the effort. They say it’s difficult to manage properties remotely. There’s also the risk of running afoul of local laws and regulations. And as Airbnb grows in popularity, you’ll have plenty of competition as an Airbnb host. The market may become saturated, leading to lower occupancy rates and potentially impacting profitability.

How Much Does It Cost to Become a Member of Airbnb Accelerator?

It costs $4,000, $9,800, or $22,499 to become a member of Airbnb Accelerator, depending on the package you choose. The Airbnb Accelerator program consists of 3 packages:
  • Essential Package – $4,000
  • Blitz Package – $9,800
  • Platinum Mentorship – $22,499 (or 2 installments of $13,000)

What Do You Get in the Airbnb Accelerator Program?

No matter what tier you choose, you’ll get lifetime access to:

  • 20 hours of video content on starting, scaling, and automating your Airbnb business
  • A furniture cheat sheet for every single amenity and furniture item you need
  • A rental arbitrage lease addendum
  • The exact scripts, sales process, and tools Humza use for closing deals with different management companies and landlords
  • A system for hiring VAs for your Airbnb business
  • A housekeeping checklist for training and onboarding your own housekeeping team
  • Copywriting frameworks to optimize your Airbnb listing

The Blitz package comes with additional mentorship and bonus pitch decks, templates, and frameworks. You’ll get more guidance on automating every aspect of your Airbnb business. You’ll also get access to Humza’s market analysis tool (that he claims is better than AirDNA).

The Platinum Mentorship package is best for those looking for a hands-on mentor. You’ll also get a fully-trained VA, access to private lenders, and tickets to Humza’s private mastermind events. Plus, you can fly to his current city and shadow him for 4 days to learn behind the scenes of his business.

Humza has made it clear that his program is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You can achieve the same amount of results that he has, but you’ll need a significant investment to do it.

How Long Does It Take To Make Money From Airbnb Accelerator?

It takes 1-2 years to make money from Airbnb Accelerator. The program claims that you can hit 7 figures during this time period by using Humza's methods. It’ll be passive and fully automated, which will allow you to quit your 9-5 career. As far as short-term wins go, you can get your first unit within 2-3 weeks with an action plan to find the next one. You can even get 3 units within 20 days, which can give you about $10,000 in monthly revenue.

But you can’t start with just $4,000. You’ll need a significantly larger investment or leverage business credit cards, and you should scale fast to reach this kind of success.

What Kind of Returns Should You Be Looking for With Rental Arbitrage?

You should be looking for 20%-30% net profit margin returns with rental arbitrage. Others strive for even higher returns. Ideally, you should aim for returns that significantly exceed your expenses, including rent, utilities, maintenance, cleaning, and other operational costs.

Who’s the Creator of Airbnb Accelerator?

Humza Zafar transitioned from being a full-time engineer in October 2020 to earning over $500k per month doing Airbnb arbitrage by September 2022. His success in the industry led him to develop Airbnb Accelerator, sharing his knowledge and processes with aspiring short term rental business owners.

Is Humza Zafar Legit or a Scam?

Humza Zafar is legitimate and not a scam. He has been featured in Business Insider, which adds credibility to his profile. You can assess his legitimacy by verifying the Business Insider articles, researching his online presence, and seeking customer reviews and testimonials. You can also consult independent sources and even reach out to Humza directly for more information.

Airbnb Accelerator Reviews: What Students Are Saying About the Program

The program has acquired plenty of positive reviews from its participants. They like the structured approach and specifics about working within the US market. They also mention that investing just a few hours is enough to grasp the concepts taught by Humza.

While acknowledging that similar material can be found on YouTube for free, the value of the course lies in the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals on a similar journey. However, some have raised concerns about the price of the course and opted to learn rental arbitrage on their own instead.

Have Airbnb Accelerator Students Made Money After Joining the Program?

Airbnb Accelerator students have made money after joining the program. The website features numerous testimonials from students showcasing their achievements. While not all testimonials mention earning 6-7 figures, they demonstrate success in securing units and generating substantial rental income, typically ranging from $3,000 to $4,500 per month per unit.

Humza Zafar himself started with only $4,000 in 2020. Within 18 months, he and his wife have built a successful Airbnb business, generating over $450,000 per month in revenue across multiple states, including Texas, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Iowa

In the Airbnb Accelerator sales video, a former corporate banker with no prior experience in Airbnb arbitrage shares that after joining the program, he secured 4 apartments in his first deal and earned $10,295 in the first month. In the second month, his earnings increased to almost $20,000 without adding new units.

Another student mentioned the support received through platforms like Discord, the Facebook group, and direct interaction with Humza. He currently manages 10 units and is in negotiations to acquire 10 more. He attributes his success to the automation and systems taught in the course.

More positive reviews highlight the program’s guidelines on engaging with landlords, managing staff, and building teams. These efficient systems helped students avoid getting caught up in operational tasks.

Is Airbnb Accelerator Up-to-Date?

Yes, Airbnb Accelerator is up-to-date for 2024. So, its content and strategies are relevant to current market conditions and industry trends. The private Facebook group is also active with 1,000+ members and regular posts (3 per week). This means that the course creator and community members actively share updates and insights on Airbnb-related topics.

How Active Is Humza Zafar in Airbnb Accelerator?

Humza Zafar is very active in the course, particularly in engaging with new members and those who’ve purchased his mentorship program. His hands-on approach helps in providing guidance, answering questions, and offering support to participants. He also has success managers who interact with course members on his behalf.

Can You Succeed in Airbnb Arbitrage Without Joining the Airbnb Accelerator Program?

Yes, you can succeed in Airbnb arbitrage without purchasing any Airbnb Accelerator package. The program is designed to provide guidance, strategies, and support to those wanting to start and scale their Airbnb business. While it’s good to learn from industry experts, there are alternative ways to achieve success in Airbnb arbitrage.

How to Pursue Airbnb Arbitrage Independently and Make Passive Income (8 Tips)

  • Research and Self-Study: You can find plenty of online resources (books, articles, and YouTube videos) for learning the fundamentals of Airbnb arbitrage. Important concepts include property selection, pricing strategies, guest management, and optimizing listings.
  • Network: Connect with experienced Airbnb hosts or people involved in the short term rental industry. Attend local meetups, join relevant forums, or participate in online communities.
  • Develop a System for Negotiating and Closing Deals: Establish a process for approaching property managers and landlords to secure favorable lease agreements for your Airbnb units. This involves researching potential properties, making cold calls, and presenting a compelling sales pitch.
  • Furnish Units Efficiently: Source furniture from Amazon, Sam's Club, Costco, Wayfair, and Best Buy. You can use TaskRabbit and Thumbtack to find furniture builders and handymen who can assist with assembling furniture. You can also hire cleaners from Thumbtack to stage the units for professional HDR pictures. Additionally, install smart locks (such as Schlage Encode Smart Lock + Ring Camera) for automated check-in processes, and use a noise detector like Minut to prevent parties.
  • Leverage Online Tools & Services: Sign up for services like Beyond Pricing to enable dynamic pricing for your Airbnb listings. This will ensure optimal rates based on market demand. Then, use Guesty for Hosts as a channel manager to automate processes and streamline communication with guests. This tool allows you to import all your listings from Airbnb and provides a messaging workflow for automated messages, reducing the need for extensive customer service.
  • Hire & Train Workers: Hire VAs to assist you with guest communication, property management, and administrative tasks. Develop a housekeeping checklist to train and onboard your own housekeeping team.
  • Optimize Your Listings: Develop effective copywriting frameworks to craft listing descriptions that attract potential guests. Highlight the unique features and benefits of your units to stand out from competitors and maximize bookings.
  • Expand Strategically: Conduct thorough market research to identify areas with high potential for success. Consider factors such as market saturation, regulations, permits, and seasonality.

Success in Airbnb arbitrage requires continuous learning, adaptability, and dedication. Stay updated with industry trends, provide exceptional guest experiences, and refine your strategies based on market conditions.

Airbnb Accelerator Alternatives

  • BNB Standard Academy by Charbel Milan: This is an Airbnb arbitrage course on how to start, scale, and automate your own short-term rental business. It also has lessons on co-hosting and other ways to make money on Airbnb without owning property.
  • Passive Airbnb by Sam Zuo: This is a 7-week-long Airbnb arbitrage course focusing on finding profitable properties, negotiating subleasing with landlords, and automations to maximize your Airbnb profits.
  • BNB University by Chi Ta: BNB University is another Airbnb arbitrage course teaching you how to start and scale a rental arbitrage business. It's a 3-tiered program, with the first one available for free, which is particularly useful for beginners.
  • The Airbnb Course by Nathan Rice: This Airbnb arbitrage course heavily focuses on automation, so you can be as hands-off on your business as possible. However, the course hasn't been updated since 2019.
  • The BNB Mastery Program by James Svetec: This 6-week online training is James Svetec's flagship program. He has other products revolving around the Airbnb space, like BNB Inner Circle and BNB Hosting Accelerator.
  • BNB Profits by Blake Rocha offers a fast-track method of learning the Airbnb business model. The course breaks down the process so it’s easy to understand for beginners. Blake offers a free live webinar if you want to check his coaching style before enrolling. 
  • BnB Riches by Noelle Randall: BnB Riches is a four-module Airbnb rental arbitrage course that also covers other short term rental platforms like FlipKey, Tripping, and VRBO.
  • Airbnb Arbitrage Roadmap by Preston Seo: Airbnb Arbitrage Roadmap is a $2500 video course promising to help you earn $2500 per month per Airbnb unit within 12 weeks.

Is There a Better Way to Build Passive Income Than Airbnb Rental Arbitrage?

Yes, a popular alternative method for building passive income is local lead generation. Unlike Airbnb rental arbitrage, which involves managing short-term rentals, local lead generation focuses on generating leads for local businesses.

With local lead generation, you create and rank websites that generate leads for local businesses in various niches, such as plumbing, landscaping, or legal services. By using effective SEO (search engine optimization) strategies, you can ensure that these websites appear prominently in search engine results, attracting potential customers for the businesses.

The advantages of local lead generation include greater scalability, as you can create multiple lead generation websites targeting different industries and locations. Additionally, it offers more control and flexibility since you’re not bound by the regulations and challenges associated with managing physical properties. Moreover, once the lead generation websites are set up and ranking well, they can continue to generate passive income for you over an extended period, requiring minimal maintenance and ongoing effort.

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