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Aleric Heck Review – Youtube AdOutreach and OmniPresent Retargeting a Smart Investment in 2024?

April 8, 2024

Aleric Heck is a YouTube personality and businessman. He founded AppFind, the largest app review channel on YouTube. And also Youtube AdOutreach, a YouTube advertising program. Aleric Heck has ran successful YouTube Ads campaigns for thousands of companies worldwide for over six years. He also created OmniPresent Retargeting, an advertising program that “follows” warm leads across multiple platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. Aleric Heck is estimated to have a net worth of $5 million.

Aleric also specializes in using paid advertising to grow businesses. It's quite different from a business model like Local Lead Generation, which uses free traffic to help businesses attract leads and grow profits. So we'll be able to compare Aleric's methods with another solid business model at the end of this article.

So in this Aleric Heck, Youtube AdOutreach, and OmniPresent Retargeting review, we’ll be discussing:

  • Who is Aleric Heck?
  • What are People Saying About Aleric Heck Online?
  • Is Aleric Heck a Scam?
  • What is YouTube AdOutreach?
  • What does Youtube AdOutreach Come With?
  • What Types of Businesses Does Aleric Heck Work With?
  • How do you make money with Youtube AdOutreach?
  • How Much Does AdOutreach Cost
  • What is OmniPresent Retargeting?
  • What Does OmniPresent Retargeting Come With?
  • How Do You Make Money With Omnipresent Retargeting?
  • How Much Does OmniPresent Retargeting Cost?
  • Risks Involved With Paid Advertising?
  • Is Paid Advertising Worth It In 2024?
Aleric Heck smiling in blue suit

Pros & Cons of Aleric Heck


Aleric is a Youtube ads expert and has helped thousands of companies with their Youtube ad campaigns. To name a few, there’s Eli Grelecki of Sky View Trading, Chris Evans of Traffic & Funnels, and Ann Sieg of E-Commerce Business School.

Multiple clients report 10x their investment in working with Aleric by using Youtube AdOutreach and OmniPresent Retargeting.

The Done-For/With-You experience makes the process simple. With Aleric's team helping you create and run the advertising material, you aren’t left figuring things out with trial and error.


The price is never explicitly mentioned. You’ll need to get on a call to get specifics. I understand that different businesses have different requirements, but a range would be nice to work with.

Confusing home page. The structure shows a Youtube Advertising Masterclass to buy. Then an OmniPresent Retargeting Masterclass to attend. Next a Youtube Ads webinar to (also) attend. Finally, a Strategy Call to book. I had no clue where to start.

Although there’s lots of compelling proof of success on Aleric’s website, it’d be nice if there was some discussion on a site like Reddit. That could really add some objective evidence of Aleric Heck’s credibility.

Who is Aleric Heck?


Aleric Heck

Net Worth

Estimated $5 million

Birth Year






Chelmsford, Massachusetts

Attended Chelmsford High School in North Chelmsford, Massachusetts, from 2011 - 2015. Also attended Isenberg School of Management and got a Bachelor of Business Administration during 2015 - 2018.

Camp counselor, president and director of marketing for UMass Entrepreneurship Club, Founder and president of Appfind youtube channel, Founder and president of Youtube AdOutreach

Aleric Heck face up close

In 2009, 12-year-old Aleric Heck started the Youtube channel Appfind. It was funded by the money he made by running a lemonade stand. And its goal was to review mobile apps and produce technology tutorials. With nothing more than a Sony Camcorder and an Ipod Touch, Aleric Heck produced videos that attracted thousands of followers.

Today, it boasts 475,000+ subscribers and growing. Because of the popularity of Appfind, hundreds of mobile app development companies approached Aleric in hopes of getting their applications promoted on the channel. This made the business potential of his Youtube channel clear. 

With his eyes on the future, Aleric reinvested his Youtube earnings into education. And in 2015, he paid for his education at Isenberg School of Management and got his Bachelor of Business Administration with his Youtube income. 

His first year in college as a freshman, Aleric’s Youtube channel was earning more than $120,000 a year. The next year in 2016, one year into Aleric’s college education, Aleric learned about the power of Youtube advertising. That very year, Aleric attended the HubSpot Inbound Conference in Boston. He used his position as president of the UMass Entrepreneurship Club to arrange the trip. And the goal was to get fresh business and marketing ideas to bring back to his entrepreneur-focused school.

How Aleric Heck Started Youtube Advertising

Now loaded with knowledge of inbound marketing, it was only a matter of time till he could use this new info. Eventually, one of the mobile app developers received thousands of downloads from a video Aleric had produced. This led the developer to ask Aleric about other ways to grow their business. So Aleric, with his new knowledge of inbound marketing, suggested taking the same video and turning it into a Youtube advertisement. 

Skeptical but willing, the developer provided $500 for the advertisement. In a single week, the Youtube ad generated 11,000 downloads for the company. They immediately offered Aleric a position with their business. It came with a six-figure income and stock options. They encouraged Aleric to quit college and relocate to their office in Silicon Valley. But Aleric refused.

Aleric was now aware of the potential of Youtube advertising after this project. He then started a new company called App Outreach, which is now called Youtube AdOutreach. And today, Youtube AdOutreach helps entrepreneurs and marketers create Youtube ads that scale and grow their businesses. And combined with his latest program, OmniPresent Retargeting, he’s expanded his advertising efforts to include major platforms such as Linkedin, Instagram, and more.

What Are People Saying About Aleric Heck Online?

The majority of reviews about Aleric Heck and Youtube AdOutreach are positive. There’s lots of praise for him and his team’s professional manner, skill, and knowledge of digital marketing. Below are a few examples:

Steve testimonial for Aleric Heck

"This glowing review comes from someone that also trains other people. He was impressed by their work etiquette and copywriting skills."

Joseph testimonial for Aleric Heck

"Another person impressed by Aleric Heck and his team’s professional abilities. This person also pointed out that you need your business in order if you want the program to work for you."

Aleric Heck testimonial from Ahmed

"Taken directly from Aleric’s website, Ahmad Munawar hit 6 figures monthly with Youtube AdOutreach."

Aleric Heck testimonial from Jon

"Jonathan Kirchner earned $100k after spending $10k. This gives you an idea of how much you’ll need to invest in Aleric Heck’s Youtube AdOutreach."

It’s obvious that Aleric and his program, Youtube AdOutreach, have a great reputation online. I will say I had issues locating talk about Aleric on sites like Reddit or Quora. But what I could find left a good image.

I did find one negative review for Youtube AdOutreach. But the response from Aleric’s team made a compelling statement about what “really” happened. See what you think:

Aleric Heck complaint from Rene

That's a pretty harsh accusation. Does that sound like they were being scammed to you? Below is part of the response Aleric's team gave to Rene. It basically summarizes the entire interaction between them:

Aleric Heck's team responding to complaint

So during the Discovery session, the prospect refused to answer questions about their business. And also made it hard for Aleric’s team to see if they were a good fit. Combined with the prospect’s bad attitude, they made the call to abandon the prospect altogether.

So, who’s truly in the right here? Of course, we can’t truly say for sure. But based on Aleric Heck’s positive overall reputation on Trustpilot, we can probably assume Aleric wasn’t tricking this prospect.

Is Aleric Heck a Scam?

No, Aleric Heck is not a scam. His positive Trustpilot reviews can attest to his stellar reputation. Plus, he's been working on YouTube for longer than most have been using it. He created a profitable Youtube channel in his teens. And he spent a decade tweaking and readying an ad system that’s helped thousands of businesses make 75+ million dollars.

Now, let's get on to his main programs, YouTube AdOutreach and OmniPresent Retargeting.

Aleric Heck's Advice on How To Survive Google's "Cookiepocalypse" in 2024

7 "Cookiepocalypse" Tips by Aleric Heck

  • Use CRM: Customer Relationship Management software will become essential for storing first-party data. Aleric suggests investing in a CRM like HubSpot, Go High Level, or Pipedrive for managing customer data. 
  • Gather Hidden Data: Implement UTM tracking across ads to collect detailed insights about traffic sources, campaign performance, and user behavior.
  • Leverage Ad Attribution Software: This software leverages advanced data modeling and machine learning to provide insights into marketing performance without using cookies.
  • Focus on Value-Driven Content: Organic marketing efforts will gain importance with Google's algorithm update. Digital marketers should deliver valuable content that encourages audience engagement and opt-ins.
  • Focus on Value-Driven Content: Organic marketing efforts will gain importance with Google's algorithm update. Digital marketers should deliver valuable content that encourages audience engagement and opt-ins.
  • Explore Contextual Advertising: Engage audiences based on their current interests and mindsets by placing ads within relevant content.

  • Invest in Partnerships: Use joint ventures, cross-promotions, and embedded partnerships to tap into complementary audiences and share resources.

Google's Massive Changes: End of Third-Party Cookies

  • End of Third-Party CookiesStarting as a test phase with 1% (26.5 million of the 26.5 billion) Chrome users, Google aims to eliminate third-party cookies for all Chrome users by the second half of 2024. This change will significantly impact how digital marketers track user activities across all sites. 

What is YouTube AdOutreach?

Youtube AdOutreach Logo

Youtube AdOutreach is a done-with/for-you Youtube advertising program. It’s designed to help marketers and entrepreneurs create and run profitable marketing campaigns on Youtube. This marketing program handles everything from script writing, to campaign management, to testing, to optimizing, and even ad scaling.


Youtube AdOutreach


Done-with/for-you Youtube advertising program


$3,000 minimum. Plus the cost of running Youtube ads (which can easily be thousands).

Refund Policy



No refunds


According to many sources, Aleric Heck and Youtube AdOutreach are reliable to work with. But many are deterred by the large expense of the course and don’t recommend it unless you’re already making decent profits.

What does Youtube AdOutreach Come With?

  1. The Youtube Ads Workshop. Let's you monitor your Youtube ad results, track traffic generation, and check conversions into sales.
  2. A Dedicated Ads Coach. Get an ad coach who will answer any and all advertising questions. 
  3. A Business and Funnels Coach. Get a person to handle all the copywriting, funnel creation, and optimization.
  4. A Client Concierge. Get someone to update and assist you with all the details of your advertising campaign.

What Types of Businesses is Youtube AdOutreach Designed for?

  • Coaches and consultants. A great choice as the primary goal of Youtube AdOutreach is to send good prospects to your website where you can set up a call to sell your services.
  • Entrepreneurs and Marketers. It’s more general but if you have a high-ticket offer then you’ll have a MUCH easier time affording the cost of Youtube AdReach and the Youtube advertising itself. Or if you can generate large quantities of traffic and make lots of sales, that could work here as well.

How do you make money with Youtube AdOutreach?

Youtube AdOutreach makes you money by generating traffic from Youtube ads, sending it to your website, and then letting your sales funnel close the sale. It’s a simple yet proven process that relies on Youtube having lax advertising rules compared to Facebook advertising.

The key here is that, by letting the AdOutreach team focus on creating paid ads and getting traffic from Youtube, you can focus 100% on your sales and marketing process. So basically, they generate the leads and you close them.

How Much Does Youtube AdOutreach Cost

Youtube AdOutreach costs a minimum of $3,000. You’ll also have to spend money to fund the Youtube ads as well. And this can cost you up to $10,000 according to some testimonials. 

But technically speaking, Aleric doesn’t explicitly share this price online. You have to set up a strategy session to get the cost. But multiple reviewers have suggested a $3,000 minimum (not including the cost of Youtube Advertising).

What is OmniPresent Retargeting?

OmniPresent Retargeting logo

OmniPresent Retargeting is a complementary program designed to speed up Youtube AdOutreach’s profitability. It does this by shortening the length of each step in your sales funnel. You can think of it like this - a basic funnel follows this process:

  1. Ad
  2. Opt-in
  3. Training Webinar/Lead Magnet
  4. Call/Order form
  5. Client/Sale

And every prospect must go through each step before they become a customer or client. But in between each of these 5 steps is a “dead time.” And during this period, the prospect has yet to complete the next step in the funnel.

And during this dead time, they’ll be on Facebook, Google, Twitter and other social media, just working or browsing for fun. But while they’re doing this, you can create an “omnipresent” business by creating ads and content that targets your prospects on these major websites. It’s essentially the Youtube AdOutreach program applied outside of Youtube.

This pairs incredibly well with Youtube AdOutreach because once a prospect clicks your ad and lands on your website, Omnipresent Retargeting will then “follow them” around on all the major platforms. They’ll see more of your ads and (by mere constant exposure) your credibility and authority will grow.

Examples of OmniPresent Retargeting in action

"Aleric Heck practicing what he preaches. If you visit his website, then you’ll be retargeted on the major platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and so on, gently nudging you to set up a strategy call with his business."

What Does OmniPresent Retargeting Come With?

Aleric doesn’t share the details of what OmniPresent Retargeting comes with online. But it’s similar to what he does with Youtube just applied to other platforms - he creates ads that are seen by your prospect that drive them to your website. The only difference is the ads in OmniPresent Retargeting cover a wide range of platforms that most people use, such as Linkedin and Instagram. 

So you can assume the same features as Youtube AdOutreach will be used. And this will include a digital advertising tool for tracking ads and conversions. An ad manager and copywriter. And a person to manage and coordinate all these things with you. Likely you'll end up working with the same team but on a larger scale.

How Do You Make Money With Omnipresent Retargeting?

OmniPresent Retargeting makes you money by keeping you top-of-mind with advertising on all major platforms. After seeing your ads so often and in so many places, your warmest prospects will be more compelled to visit your website and purchase your offer.

How Much Does OmniPresent Retargeting Cost?

There’s no definitive price mentioned anywhere on Aleric Heck’s website. But it’s safe to assume that we can at least double the minimum $3,000 price tag for Youtube AdOutreach. You also need to pay for ads being made on multiple platforms. All in all, we can estimate at least $10,000+ to get OmniPresent Retargeting for your business.

Does OmniPresent Retargeting Actually Work?

Yes, OmniPresent Retargeting works. When bundled with Youtube AdOutreach, the program automatically goes to work retargeting prospects the moment they land on your website. From there, they’ll see you everywhere they go. This creates more “touch points” with your brand. Eventually, they’ll begin to see you as the go-to source to solve their problem or achieve the goal your offer provides. 

Lady named Queen interested in working with Aleric Heck

"It’s obvious Omnipresent Retargeting worked on this person. She even said she’ll hit up Aleric to set up a few projects because she was retargeted so often."

Aleric Heck client happy with results

"OmniPresent Retargeting helped Todd & Jordan earn 2-3x or more from their Youtube advertising."

One thing to note is I couldn’t find anything on discussion boards (e.g. Reddit) about OmniPresent Retargeting (same as Youtube AdOutreach). Although Aleric has a sturdy and solid reputation, a little outside discussion could really bolster his perception.

Risks Involved With Paid Advertising?

Aleric Heck’s entire business model revolves around paid advertising. Primarily from Youtube with Youtube AdOutreach. But also from other major websites with OmniPresent Retargeting. But are there risks involved with this approach? Yes, take a look.

  • First, paid ads can fail spectacularly. You can follow all the templates you want. But sometimes Facebook ads or Youtube Ads just don't work. And then you're left investing more money trying to revive a dead ad. This can be expensive.
  • Secondly, all ads exhaust their lifespan. Those who were supposed to click on them already have. Eventually, nobody's going to respond to most of them.
  • Lastly, paying for Facebook ads or YouTube video ads is risky business. Your money is going to be spent without a guarantee. Sometimes you'll get returns. Other times you won't (even if you monitor the ad constantly).

Is Paid Advertising Worth It In 2024?

Yes, paid advertising is still profitable even in 2024. It drives traffic, builds brand awareness, and can generate 2x, 5x, or even 10x ROI if you’re (very) lucky and have some highly profitable campaigns. In fact, we can help you get started with Youtube Advertising today. 

However, not only do you need to invest hours of time into ad writing, testing, and account management, you might spend hundreds or thousands of dollars and get nothing in return. 

Sure, you can always get a marketing agency such as Aleric Heck's to do all the work. But even he said that Youtube is only “currently” a good medium. It can (and will) go down the same path as Facebook. 

And that means writing any “good” ads (as in those with any persuasive power) can lead to account shutdowns. In fact, for most paid advertising programs, this can happen. When you don’t control the medium, you can easily lose large investments at any moment.

So if you do plan to go down this path, just remember that it’s a high-risk/high-return activity.

Final Thoughts on Alerick Heck Review

If you’re interested in Youtube advertising and make at least 5 figures every month (and have some extra capital to spend), Aleric Heck and Youtube AdOutreach is a great online business to work with. You don’t learn so much as Aleric and his team just do most of the work for you. Your job is mostly to ensure your website and the sales/marketing process are ready to handle the leads Aleric’s program sends your way.

But you MUST have several thousand dollars to spend for 1-3 months. Paid advertising can sometimes take time to kick in. So you’ll need to be comfortable seeing a lack of results (or even a loss) till the ads can start generating profits.

Why Local Lead Generation is Better Than Paid Advertising

Local lead generation is better than paid advertising because it is less-costly, the audience is more targeted, and has higher conversion rates. Paid advertising needs time to work, money to invest, optimization, and trial and error. It can have good returns, but expect to exert a lot of hard work, especially if you're a newbie. 

Digital marketing is a high-maintenance business. As a digital marketer, you always need to be on the lookout for algorithm changes and market trends. Big changes like Google's move to end third-party cookies will force you to re-strategize to survive in this industry. You may also need to play by the rules of your medium. And as Facebook has shown, your advertising account can be shut down at any time, without warning. 

Local Lead Generation is more hands-off because you don't need to constantly monitor and adjust your websites. Once they are ranked, they're likely to stay ranked in a while. There's also no risk of account shutdowns with Local Lead Generation, as opposed to paid advertising platforms like Facebook advertising, which can shut down an account at any time. 

Income is more stable and consistent in this business because you don't depend on clients. You have 100% control of the business and you even choose who you want to work with. Clients stay with you long-term because your leads drive their business. 

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  1. DO YOU HAVE $20k to lose?

    First, Ippei, let me comment on the statements made above THAT ARE FALSE. (Thank you for this opportunity to let people know my truth of AO).

    My Qualification: I came on board April 17, 2023 after a "new launch" by AO that was put together in 24 hours. These are my experiences, backed by recorded calls, and I can and will swear to them in court.

    "Summary: "Done with you/for you." Absolutely FALSE. They do NOTHING "FOR" you. YOU are completely on your own with outdated tutorials that AO does NOT update and expects YOU to navigate, understand, and learn from.

    "Price": $3000 minimum. Absolutely FALSE. You sign a mandatory 6-month contract for $19,600, then $3000 thereafter if you want to continue working with them. Otherwise, you are cut off from all tutorials and support.

    "REPUTATION": Here it states that AO is not recommended unless you are already making decent profits. This is true TO A POINT. What isn't said is, "HAVE A PRODUCT BEFORE YOU SIGN ON." I was told I didn't need a product, and that AO had everything I needed to get started. Absolutely false on several levels.

    Level 1: I had to outsource EVERY aspect of my product, which means paying for in addition to AO's fee. You even have to outsource an element in your "product" that is required for AO's audits! You are on your own for your product and your products technical problems and support. AdOutreach IS STRICTLY a marketing company that works WITH you NOT FOR you, and has nothing to do with your "product" other than market it.

    Level 2: MOST IMPORTANTLY, I spent my entire 6-month contract BUILDING MY PRODUCT, therefore, I never utilized AO's YouTube marketing expertise. I never would have signed a contract had AO been honest with me from the very beginning, maybe even have the integrity to say, "Build your product and we'd love to have you back." No nooo. They lied, and these lies and misleading statements are recorded and are provable, and yet, so far, AO stands by their "NO REFUND" policy. Wow, that takes balls.

    BEWARE of their UNqualified testimonials.

    IN TRUTH: AO can lie to get your money and stand behind a "NO REFUND" policy. This is especially an in-your-face-fu when you see a video with Mr. Heck in Cancun, Mr. Heck playing with expensive new toys, Mr. Aleric Heck, I mean Bernie Madoff, presents a video with mistakes like multiple takes.

    But hey, who cares, right? AO got your money and their "policy" is "NO REFUNDS".

    Yes, I have in my possession my initial sales call with every misleading statement made to get me to sign. I have requested all other recorded calls with staff and coaches that also prove misleading statements because eventually, the truth comes forth, and I'm sitting there thinking, "Wait a minute, that's not what I was told?!"

    Yes, these recordings CONTRADICT and EXPOSE every AO lie.

    Yes, I have retained an attorney to recover my fee.

    Yes, AO made "concessions" because they new they were caught in lies, but trust me to say, these concessions benefited AO, AND they prove culpability. But hey, AO has a "NO REFUND" policy, so we will see what happens with my case.

    FINAL SUMMARY: UNLESS YOU HAVE A PRODUCT AND HAVE EXPERIENCE IN THIS INDUSTRY, AO is a possibility, just BEWARE. If you are newbee to this industry and DO NOT HAVE A PRODUCT, DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT sign on with AO.

    Frankly, I am stunned AdOutreach hasn't been pulled into a class-action lawsuit. If anyone wants to put their name in a hat to open one, respond to this reply.

    Again, thank you ippei for this opportunity. If I save ONE PERSON from losing their money and one disappointment after another, I'm happy.

  2. Do Not Sign Up With AdOutreach
    This company is the biggest scam and ripoff I've ever encountered in my ten years of marketing online.

    Take note that in the first 3 weeks of working with the "team", they ask you to review them, way before you get into the videos of the course which is where the fraud begins.

    The first month all you've done is work with the script team, who are nice capable people. My scripts were great. They communicated what I do. The big problem is, Youtube did not approve any of them.

    Prior to signing up, I had told the sales person that I had already worked with two Youtube "experts" and neither could get my scripts approved as I sell as weight loss program and it's difficult.

    I submitted ads with changes 5X and never got an ad approved and AdOutreach had nothing to say about it. You're on your own for the approval.

    As my 2nd month began and I began to watch all the videos to learn how to set up the details inside of Youtube ads, which are complex and change often, 90% of the videos are out of date. Not just a little, but 6 months to 3 years out of date. I made Loom recordings of every single one of them to prove it. The dates created are very clear.

    So when I set aside my very valuable time to go through this course, I could not complete many tasks as the training videos did not match the current way Youtube ads were set up. I would have to stop and try to explain it verbally for help, or wait until the next day to get on the Zoom, or ask in the Facebook group. All of this was incredibly time wasting because it was constant and I mean constant. It was every video. In the two weeks I was attempting to get through this course my frustration level was exponential.

    I have proof on four occasions that they admitted their videos needed to be updated. In the Facebook group, on Zoom, in an email, and on video. When I told my sales person that I thought this course was a fraud and wanted a refund. He literally said, "Yeah, that's a problem I"ve heard often." I have it on video.

    Here's the kicker. When I joined in March of 21, the cost was $15K for 12 weeks. The sales person's bottom line was affected by dissatisfied clients because after 12 weeks, he is to upsell you into a $20K program. Our conversation was calm and not adversarial and he said he would bring my concerns to "the team".

    At the time of my sending an email to request a refund, Adoutreach was having a weekend class of some sort out of the office, and they acknowledged receiving my email and they would get back to me when they returned to the home office in a few days. I never heard from them again ever despite emailing them again and sending a message to my sales person via Facebook. He had the gall to say he had no involvement in a refund process.

    I have video recordings of every one of their videos demonstrating how they are not up to date. I have screenshots of them admitting to it. I have a screenshot of a new member asking the exact same question as I did the first time I came across a video that was not up to date and useful in the training proving that 30 days from when I complained about a two minute video being out of date, they were not capable of updating it.

    This may sound trite on the surface, but with the training videos being out of date, one simply cannot learn how to set up the back office of Youtube ads. It's my belief that they want you dependent on them forever so you keep paying them.

    They are an odd bunch of millennials who seem completely incapable of dealing with any negative experience. They respond by saying, "oh we're trying to help you", but just offer to do it FOR you.

    From 2002 to 2010 I ran Google ads for my business spending $6K a month, so it's not like I was not familiar. I had just never done Youtube ads and was not successful getting approval and had no idea hot to set up the back office which is why I joined AdOutreach.

    I disputed with my credit cards and this is the only dispute I had not won in my entire life but the people who review disputes neither put their name on the review, nor will they ever look at the video evidence. I made Loom videos which tell you when someone has viewed them and they never were viewed.

    While Aleric and the entire team make me sick at how bizarrely unprofessional they are, and lack any modicum of integrity, the situation forced me to study the law and how I could deal with getting my remedy on my own.

    There is no statue of limitations on fraud, as the contract is riddled with fraud, and eventually I will get my summary judgment and collect.

    To anyone lucky enough to read this before signing up with AdOutreach, I can't express enough how you should not sign their contract which is not a lawful contract as it is not fully disclosed that the course was not up to date. You will be frustrated if you have any marketing experience and an IQ above 90.

    I have a 43 page document of the fraud with videos and screenshots to prove everything I've written.
    Date of experience: April 15, 2022

  3. After speaking with one of Aleric's Advisors, and getting the $30,000 price for 6 months, I quickly went to search for reviews and was surprised at all of the negative reviews across review sites and his F rating on the BBB with ZERO responses.

    Needless to say we will NOT use his service.

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