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ASM Module 1

August 15, 2020


Amazing Selling Machine

MODULE 1 - Overview

Detailed Review of Module 1 of the Amazing Selling Machine online course. 

If you're looking for a unique in-depth, up-to-date review of ASM, then this is it.

MODULE 1 - Overview

 2 hours and 35 minutes 

Video 01 - Welcome to Module 1

This is a short video that gives a quick, one minute summary of the upcoming module.
building a brand, not merely a business

Video 02-Dominate Your Competition by Creating a Brand

In this video, Rich introduces the idea of creating a brand out of a series of related best-selling products, rather than merely finding one product that sells super well. 

As Rich elaborated on the brand concept, I saw the wisdom in his logic. When you build a brand, you are building a more stable business because you are not merely depending on a single product, but have a multi-faceted foundation of selling items. 

Video 03 - The 7 Elements of a Red Hot Profitable Product Opportunity

These 7 characteristics will ultimately determine your product.

These seven qualities are so helpful because they are the lighthouse that shows you through the storm of product opportunities that come your way. 

Since I journeyed this course to fine-tune and expand my Amazon FBA biz, I had already found products that (with only a couple exceptions) fit the description that these elements construction. 

I can't give you the characteristics in detail as that would be stealing from the course, but I will say that it will be helpful if you are familiar with BSR and can see the difference between the different kinds of ways Amazon rates their products. 

Video 04 - The Only Amazon Categories to Choose for Success

Below this video on the ASM Dashboard, Rich and the ASM team actually provide you with a proprietary list of the best product niches to select in order to succeed. 

Rich gives a couple of helpful examples of different types of categories that exist on Amazon and highlights which one you need to be aware of and asks you to disregard the rest. 

Basically, Rich shows the category type that really matters, which really helps dam the flow of unnecessary information that you are faced with when you pull up a product listing on Amazon. 

Video 05 - Make Your life Simpler: Products to Avoid

In this video, Rich goes over several categories of products that novice sellers on Amazon should stay away from. These products have more issues with shipping, red tape and listing set up than other (dare I say) easier products. 

Some issues are pretty easily handled once you are familiar with your supplier and how they operate, your manufacturer's country's applicable legislation and the potential issues the products could pose in the nation they are sold in. This kind of knowledge only comes with time. 

Video 06 - The Perfect Product Selection System

Rich does a walkthrough of the system, using several examples to demonstrate the process of sorting through to discover primary products, then sifting them so that only the hot opportunities remain. 

Rich recommends that you find three hot opportunities, confirmed by the Magnificent Seven explained in the fifth video. 

Video 07 - ASM Product Criteria

In this vid, Rich descriptively dives into the qualities of a hot product, and he notes that this process he's showing has been updated from a few years ago, which lets us know the best part...

The Information is current, not some ancient old wives tale. 

One of the characteristics is the number of reviews. 

Here's Rich's classification of the levels of competition. 

Video 08 - Tools to Accelerate Your Success

The previous video illustrates the sorting process and I have got to tell you...

It was super tedious and took super long, I felt like we were traveling like a slug through molasses. 

Yep, not setting any speed records (I think I even saw a snail pass us...)


But hey, in this eighth vid, Rich delivers one of my favorite lessons

How to find the best product and...

Find it faster than a cheetah captures its prey. 

Rich shows a suite of tools that put a turbo boost on the process

Cutting the time down by Grant Cardone's favorite equation...

Video 09 - Finding Your Primary Products

Here's the one where Rich goes off the deep end...

Showing how to use the tools intro'd in 8 to do most of the dirty work so

we can keep our hands clean. 

Oh and btw

One of the goodies in the ASM course is a proprietary workbook (made in google sheets) that contains all the categories for the information you'd gather while doing your homework on your hot pockets (er) products. 

Video 10 - Prove Viability with Competiting Products

One way to verify that you have chosen the right product is by looking at the competing products. 

Rich covers
  • the definition of competing products
  • the fact that it's okay to adjust your hot product if you find better competition
  • and how to set the Amazon search bar settings to make sure you have considered all the potential competing products

Video 11 - Build Your Hot Product Opportunity List Even Faster

We all know that taking one step is much faster than performing two steps

In this lesson, Rich shows how to do just that and further accelerate the sorting process by searching for both competing products and hot opportunity products at the same time after they have been imported from Amazon into the awesome sorting tool that will remain unmentioned. 

Video 12 - Narrowing Your Product List


When you are narrowing down your list, be sure to keep the products you have worked to select in another sheet because  they very well may be viable future products.

Rich shows how to narrow your products by finding the ones you can afford by getting an estimated price from Jack Ma's creation,

Video 13 - Stretching the ASM Criteria

Remember the magnificent Seven?

In this lesson, Rich tells about the purpose of the ASM Criteria and which ones can be stretched and which ones are rigid and brittle (and would negate your product opportunity if bent even a little bit). 

Here's one nugget:

Video 14 - The ASM Tool Suite

Here Rich goes over the list of tools you will find in the ASM Tool Suite (on the ASM Dashboard. 

Pretty straight forward

Video 15 - Patent Search

There's a couple places you can search to see if your product opportunities have either pending or current patents. Rich shows you those search tools in this lesson. 

Video 16 - Mod 1 Wrap up and Action Items Recap

This is a one minute recap of the module and recounts the Actions that you need to do once you have completed the lessons. 

Module 01 - My Key Takeaways 

The biggest thing that I gleaned from this module was the expediting the product selection process that Rich demonstrated by using the unnamed tools. 

Another aspect that I believe is key to building a successful business in our day is building exactly what Rich said, a brand, not merely selling a single product. Brands do take significantly more effort to establish, but when they are dug in, they dominate. Rich explained the brand mindset very well in this module. 


Video Quality: 8/10

Good video quality. Not bad, but not excellent


Sound: 8/10

Overall, this module offers okay,  relatively consistent sound levels and quality. 


Content: 9/10 Initial info is very basic. 

Rich does a great job of making the module acceptable for both the novice and the experienced. He puts in enough details to get you started, but not too many to leave experts drowning in the basics.



This module does a great job at showing the process of picking a product that has proven to sell well. 

Lead Generation is my #1 Online Business Choice 
(IMO Less Hassle Than Selling Physical Products)
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