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ASM Module 2

August 15, 2020


Amazing Selling Machine

MODULE 2 - Suppliers, Samples, & Profit Numbers

Detailed Review of Module 2 of the Amazing Selling Machine online course. 

If you're looking for a unique in-depth, up-to-date review of ASM, then this is it.

MODULE 2 - Suppliers, Samples, and Profit Numbers

 Module Length: 2 hours and 3 minutes 

Video 01 - Welcome to Mod 2

Rich gives a minute long overview of the module. 

Video 02-Understanding Amazon's Fees

Rich goes over all the different kinds of fees that Amazon charges, from their product warehousing fees to their labeling fees. 

As an Amazon seller, you need be aware of your numbers, plain and simple. There's a lot to know, but Rich does a very good job of laying it out quite clearly. 

Video 03 - Product Tuning

This lesson could be called "product listing tuning" to be more specific and clear. 

This video is all about making your listing stand out in front of the others, making both customers and Amazon's search engine give it more attention than the other sellers' listings. 

In this lesson, Rich will show you several ways that you can make your product get better rankings as well as get more sales by making your listing more professional. 

Video 04 - Simple Product Sourcing

Basically this lesson is centered on logo
Rich does a walkthrough of Jack Ma's creation and talks about how it can really help you find the best manufacturer of your top product opportunity. 

He also gives an overview on a 7 step sourcing process that really helps get your ducks in a row and get your first inventory order on its way to Amazon's Warehouses. 

Rich also offers some advice about where to source certain categories of products from based on the red tape that surrounds them. 

I agree with Rich, Alibaba is the best thing since sliced bread for the ecommerce and dropshipping community. I use Alibaba a great deal and have established relationships with several overseas suppliers by using the site as a means of connection. 

Video 05 - Creating a Professional Online Presence

When you are building a brand, it's important to look the part as well as perform as the part. 

In this lesson, Rich shows you how to create a basic website and begin different kinds of social media pages to establish yourself as a professional brand. 

Additionally, Rich offers suggestions on naming your company as well as different domain name hosting providers you can use. 

From my point of view, I have already constructed my brand's online presence prior to undergoing this course, but I believe that Rich provides the necessities here. 

Video 06 - Finding and Contacting Suppliers

In this lesson, Rich shows how to start the process of discovering the suppliers you could use as well as initiating contact with them. 

The ASM course materials provide templates for the different phases of communication from first message to first order as well as suggested communication protocol. 

These materials would have really accelerated my progress in finding and communicating with suppliers had I had them when I began my Amazon FBA journey a few years ago. 
calculating the cost of a product

Video 07 - Calculating the True Cost of a Product

Lesson 7 is all about finding the true cost of your product.

Simply put, Mike goes over the costs nearly always charged by manufacturers from the per unit rate (based on your products MOQ) to the shipping rate (whether you ship your products to Amazon by air or by sea). 

Mike uses a proprietary freight estimating tool that accelerates his discovery of the sum of all the costs incurred by having your products made and moving them to Amazon. 

Video 08 - Calculating Final Profit Numbers for Your Focused Opportunity List

In lesson 8, Mike goes through the final calculation of finding your products actual net profit margin. 

I must say at this point that the ASM workbook that is provided in the course is really helpful at staying organized while researching different quotes and estimates from different suppliers on Alibaba. 
how to request product samples from suppliers

Video 09 - Getting Samples for your Top Opportunity

Once you have found your three top suppliers, it is time to order product samples from each of them and have them all shipped to your house or business so that you can personally inspect them closely for quality and other characteristics that might make that product better than the competing sellers' items listed on Amazon. 

In this lesson, Rich talks about:
  • how many samples you should order
  • how much the samples should cost
  • how to pay for the samples
  • and how long it will take for the samples to arrive

Video 10 - Mod 2 Wrap up

This is a quick module recap and a renaming of all the action steps you need to take since you have now completed the second module. 

Module 2 - My Key Takeaways 

Module 2 is really a lot of great meat that will take time to process and then act on, but Rich and Mike do a really great job of laying the steps and processes out clearly and quickly so you can start taking action immediately. 

The tool that Mike introduces to estimate the all the shipping and freight costs really caught my attention as it has enabled me to obtain quick estimates from a lot of different shippers. This tool measures both on the cost of shipping and the overall best value of the shipping service. Also, this tool enables me to quickly compare quotes of air shippers and trucking transportation services side by side with sea shipping providers. This tool has enabled me to see a lot more options and ultimately build my business faster. I guess the old saying is still true: knowledge is power.

I love the tools and the ASM workbook that are used in this module as together, they have made my communication processes a lot more organized and quite a bit faster. 


Video Quality: 8/10

Good video quality. Clear and doesn't take long at all to load or buffer. 


Sound: 8/10

Overall, this module offers good, consistent sound quality. If anything, Rich and Mike both speak fast and it can be hard to keep up, but that's why they both reiterate the importance of watching the meaty lessons two or three times. 


Content: 9/10 Initial info is very basic. 

Rich and Mike's content is the best that I have seen thus far (and I have been through a lot of courses focused on Amazon FBA). They are organized and clear communicators of the steps to success in Bezo's FBA. 



This is a great third module and it is packed with tips, tools and resources that will improve any seller's processes. 

Lead Generation is my #1 Online Business Choice 
(IMO Less Hassle Than Selling Physical Products)
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