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ASM Module 8

August 15, 2020


Amazing Selling Machine

MODULE 8 - Overview

Detailed Review of Module 8 of the Amazing Selling Machine online course. 

If you're looking for a unique in-depth, up-to-date review of ASM, then this is it.

MODULE 8 - Taking Your Business to the Next Level

 Module 8 Length: 50 Minutes 

Video 01 - Welcome to Module 8

This is a 56 second long introduction to the module, and names the topics that will be covered. 

Video 02-Running Out of Inventory and Reordering

In this video, Mike will cover the following 9 points:
  1. Why almost everyone runs out of inventory at first
  2. Immediate actions when inventory is low
  3. Immediate actions to take when you are out
  4. Checking how many days of inventory you have left
  5. Forecasting if you need to reorder
  6. How to use Amazon's inventory planning Features
  7. Two things to do when you reorder inventory
  8. What to do while you are out of stock
  9. What to to when you are back in stock
Mike is very practical in this video and addresses a lot of questions and worries that new sellers have, I know I did. I found his suggestions down-to-earth and straight to the point. 

Video 03 - When to Launch Your Next Product

In this lesson, Mike covers the essentials that must be decided before launching a second product. 

Mike's advice: Launch your next product when the following 4 statements are true:
  1. You've fully launched your first product
  2. Your first product is well-optimized (surpassing the 20% minimum conversion rate)
  3. Your confident that your first product will not run out of inventory
  4. You have enough cash to buy and maintain inventory for two products

Video 04 - Choosing Your Next Product to Launch

In this lesson, Mike discusses the power of leveraging your brand and existing customers when launching your next product. 

Mike urges the consideration of two primary factors when choosing a second product:
1. Can leverage your existing list of buyers
2. Is a good Amazon opportunity by itself (meets the ASM criteria covered in Mod 1)

Video 05 - How to Keep Scaling Your Business

In this lesson, Mike goes through the following three points to explain how others have kept scaling their businesses. 

  1. Marketing (Traffic)
  2. Optimization (Conversions)
  3. Adding More Products 
The System for Scaling:
  1. Make sure that your next product can be sold to existing customers
  2. Evaluate the opportunity to make sure it's a good Amazon opportunity (Mod 1)
  3. Calculate the profit and order samples (Mod 2)
  4. Determine supplier and order inventory (Mod 3)
  5. Set up optimized listing (Mod 5)
  6. Get your 5-10 initial reviews and execute LB&R strategy (Mod 6)
  7. Create and optimize your Sponsored Ads plus use Amazon's other marketing tools (Mod 7)
  8. Provide raving fan customer service and gets lots of reviews (Mod 7)
  9. Monitor your stats and optimize your listing (Mod 7)
  10. Repeat entire Process (Mod 8)
  11. Important: Be sure to apply for Brand Registry when you are ready. 
I like how Mike summarized the whole process and showed the big picture here at the end of the course. It's cool to reflect and be like "wow, I went through all that?!" Amazing. Mike is right that the process of scaling isn't complicated. It's incredibly simple. As Mike put it, simply keep doing what you have already done and add more products. 

Video 06 - Scaling Your Business to Success

In this lesson, Mike discusses scaling more, and begins by asking, "What's the difference between a 10k per month and 100k per month business?"

Mike then goes on to give a lot of examples on how to scale your business exponentially, when has a mind broadening effect. 

This video is great because it shows what's possible with a little bit of knowledge and a lot of grinding. 

Video 07 - Deciding When to Enter Other Markets

In this lesson, Mike entertains the question of when does a seller broaden their market outside the United States. 

Mike lists the considerations that be decided like:
  • If you will create a new business in the new region or you will use your existing business 
  • Do you need to apply for additional tax id numbers?
  • How do you translate and localize your product listing(s)?
  • Do you have the cash flow?

Video 08 - Building a Team that Runs Your Business

In this lesson, Mike covers five points regarding expanding your business team:
  1. The biggest mistake most successful sellers still make
  2. The best time to start building your team
  3. Which jobs to hire help
    1. Mike suggests making a position that covers the daily maintenance list
  4. The one essential job you have to do before hiring #maketrainingguides
  5. How and where to hire from

Module 8 - My Key Takeaways 

This final module is a visionary module, as it shows you what could be made. Mike does an excellent job showing the process of scaling your business to the next level in multiple different ways, such as adding new products that are related to your brand so that you can sell to the audience that you have already built. 

Mike does a great job of comparing a 10k/month business to a 100k/month business to show what is possible when you build a team and add more products. He does an excellent job at placing the desire to scale your business in the back of your mind. 


Video Quality: 8/10

Good video quality. Constant through the entire course. 


Sound: 8/10

Overall, this module offers good, consistent sound quality. 


Content: 9/10

Mike does an excellent job in his discussion of scaling, both in his examples and in his word choice.



This Module goes into great detail on what scaling your business entails. It teaches different methods and ways to take your business to the next level. Both beginners and more advanced FBA Sellers will find this capstone module valuable.

Lead Generation is my #1 Online Business Choice 
(IMO Less Hassle Than Selling Physical Products)
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