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Top 3+ Amazon FBA Coaches To Learn From in 2024

May 15, 2023

What is Amazon FBA?

Fulfillment by Amazon, or Amazon FBA, is a strategy for selling products in the Amazon marketplace, drawing on their large customer base and trustworthy reputation while using their warehouses for product packaging, storage, and shipment. There are many Amazon FBA business models. Different business models include wholesale Amazon FBA, where you buy items in bulk and sell them at a higher price, Amazon private label, where you buy a brandless product and put your brand on it, and retail/online arbitrage, where you buy products at a store or on a website and sell them on Amazon. Other models include the passion product, liquidations, Amazon Handmade, Merch by Amazon, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and dropshipping. Each model requires a specific skill set to become an Amazon expert. That’s why it's so important to find a coach with experience in the specific Amazon FBA you are doing. 

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What Does an Amazon FBA Coach Do?

An Amazon FBA coach teaches students about Amazon FBA fees, product research strategies, product listing optimization, how to generate organic traffic on Amazon, Amazon PPC, Amazon Terms of Service, getting customer reviews, and more. The best Amazon FBA coaches provide live Q&A coaching sessions, live “office hours”, one-on-one calls, and other forms of support. These coaches should currently sell on Amazon, and have verifiable success and great reviews off their own platform- perhaps on Reddit, Quora, YouTube, etc. Great coaches also offer private, dedicated Facebook groups for students to connect.

Amazon FBA Coaches

Tim Sanders: Private Label Masters

Tim Sanders is an 8-figure Amazon FBA private seller who has sold over $60 million in the past few years and continues to sell on the platform today. He has launched over 120+ products and with the help of only his virtual assistants, he runs his business. On his Private Label Masters YouTube channel, he has over 52K subscribers and his content is all about how to build an Amazon business. Tim's course is the top rated Amazon FBA course because Tim covers all the steps and strategies to run an efficient business. The best part of learning Amazon FBA from Tim is that his methods and strategies are all currently what works for him in his business today. He also hosts live coaching calls each week for his students.

Tim Sanders Net Worth: Tim Sanders has an estimated net worth of between $5 million and $10 million.

More Information: Private Label Masters Review

Seth Kniep: Amazon FBA Mastery

Seth Kniep is another 8-figure Amazon FBA private seller who has taught over 10,000 students from all around the world. 32 of his students have become millionaires and hundreds of his students are making over 6-figures in revenue selling on Amazon. Companies including Amazon themselves, BMW, Century 21, and more have contracted Seth for his FBA knowledge so he can help them improve their online stores. Seth hosts live workshops each week and shows his students how to generate between 30 and 50 legitimate product reviews on each product launch. The Just One Dime YouTube channel has over 260K subscribers and Seth posts content about how to make money on Amazon. 

Seth Kniep Net Worth: Seth Kniep has net worth of between $6 million and $12 million when factoring in the millions he's made while working for large organizations and the money he makes from selling his online course.

More Information: Amazon FBA Mastery Review

Brandon Young Coach: Seller Systems Inner Circle

brandon young

Brandon Young is an 8-figure Amazon private label seller who currently sells products on Amazon and actively mentors within his course, the Seller Systems Inner Circle. Brandon Young also has an active YouTube channel that includes the latest Amazon Terms of Service updates, interviews with successful students, and walkthrough demonstrations of his product research software, Data Dive. Data Dive compares the keywords used in competitors’ product listings and uses Helium 10 Cerebro, Google Trends, and Amazon to generate a Master Keyword List within 2 minutes that you can use to optimize listings and boost sales. If you choose to purchase Brandon Young Seller Systems Inner Circle, you will enjoy live office hours with Brandon, live classes every 2-3 weeks, and a dedicated group of like-minded sellers.

Brandon Young Net Worth: $10 million/ year on Amazon + at least $3 million in course sales (1K students currently in the Inner Circle)

More Information: Brandon Young Review

Larry Lubarsky: Wholesale Academy

Larry Lubarsky has generated over 8-figures in revenue, wholesaling over 3,000 products on Amazon. Before his success with making money online, he was over $100K in debt. With the help of a friend, he turned things around and in his first year of wholesaling, he made over $3 million in sales. Larry provides plenty of support to his students in his program. There are over 50 training videos, along with templates, phone scripts, and checklists that will help guide you through this business model seamlessly. Larry also holds 2 live coaching calls on Zoom each month to help students with questions and concerns they have. 

Larry Lubarsky Net Worth: Larry Lubarsky has an estimated net worth of $5 million. 

More Information: Wholesale Academy Review

Trevin Peterson: Amz Champions 4.0

Trevin Peterson is a 7-figure Amazon seller who started making money full time on Amazon in 2018. His Amz Champions course was updated for the fourth time in 2022 with his most current strategies. His course has over 12 hours of content divided into over 100 training videos along with over 30 step-by-step PDFs. Trevin hosts live coaching calls each week and provides verification of 5 products while you're in your product research phase to help you stay on track. 

Trevin Peterson Net Worth: Trevin Peterson has a net worth of between $2 million a $6 million because of the 7-figures he's generated with FBA and when you consider he has over 15 units in his real estate investing portfolio. 

More Information: Amz Champions Review

Tom Wang Coach: FBA Masterclass

tom wang

Tom Wang is a 7-figure Amazon FBA seller who specializes in Amazon FBA private label. Tom has 7 years of experience selling on Amazon, and sold his private label brand Sdara in 2021 to Thrasio for over $4 million. He also has an active Instagram account and YouTube channel, where he posts content on hiring virtual assistants, starting your business, imposter syndrome, and his ongoing health battles. He and his wife, Christina, continue to build private label brands and his course, FBA Masterclass. FBA Masterclass costs $6997, and includes a private Facebook group and mentorship, though this is sometimes with his team. His scammy marketing of this course has led to some negative Reddit reviews. However, his 7 years experience, active selling status, and verifiable history of creating, ranking, and selling a private label brand make him a great FBA coach. 

Tom Wang Net Worth: Around $2 million

More Information: Tom Wang Review

David Zaleski Coach: FBA Academy

david zaleski

David Zaleski is a 7-figure Amazon seller with over 10 years of experience across Amazon, Shopify, and eBay. This Chicago native came from a family of immigrants, has been in ecommerce since he was 14, and has continually grown his business into an outstanding Amazon private label platform called EcomHub. EcomHub offers a complete Amazon automation investment opportunity, product photography, product videography, 3D renderings for products, other product listing optimization features, and his course, FBA Academy. FBA Academy comes as a course ($997) or a Done-For-Your course and package ($4997). David offers unlimited support through his team and a private Facebook group.

David Zaleski Net Worth: At least $2 million in course sales alone, though probably closer to $10 million. Made $9 million in sales his first 6 years on Amazon. 

More Information: David Zaleski Review

Dan Meadors & Dylan Frost: The Wholesale Formula

Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost are co-founders of The Wholesale Formula. Together, they have generated over $31 million in revenue with the Amazon wholesale business model. Over 5,300 students have found success with what they teach in their course and have done over $1 billion in sales. Their model of wholesaling is slightly different from what other wholesale Amazon sellers do. Their model is called "Reverse Sourcing Wholesale". You scout already profitable products, source them from brand owners at retail stores, and sell them on Amazon. Their course has over 90 training videos and they provide you with spreadsheets, email templates, calculators, and checklists that will help you run your business efficiently. Dan and Dylan also host live coaching calls every week for support. 

Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost Net Worth: Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost has a combined net worth of between $4 million and $12 million with all the money they've generated on Amazon and the sales of their online course.

More Information: The Wholesale Formula Review

Marvin Leonard: Wholesale Underground

marvin leonard

Marvin Leonard is a detective turned entrepreneur. In 2018, Marvin left his full time job to pursue making money by selling products on Amazon. He has done over 6-figures in revenue doing wholesaling on Amazon. In his Wholesale Underground course, you learn how to get started with this business model and how to scale to other ecommerce platforms to boost your sales. Marvin reveals how you can generate more 5-star reviews for your product listings, and he even helps you when you are having issues deciding on if a product is going to be profitable or not. 

Marvin Leonard Net Worth: Marvin Leonard has a net worth estimated between $1 million and $3 million

More Information: Wholesale Underground Review

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