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Amazon FBA Mastery Review – Is this FBA course by Seth Kniep from Just One Dime legit?

January 13, 2023

Just One Dime Logo

Just One Dime is a coaching company that helps you start a profitable private label Amazon FBA brand in their Amazon FBA Mastery course. The program's coaches handpick suppliers (that are often not on Alibaba) for you, give you 3 product ideas to get started and teach you how to scale your FBA business. After going through all the details of what you'll learn in this course, we'll find out what other alternatives there are to this course, what you need to succeed as an Amazon seller and what the difference between Amazon FBA and dropshipping is. I'll also get into how Amazon FBA differs from the local lead generation business model


Option to choose between the Basic Membership or the Premium

Five 1-on-1 private mentor sessions with Amazon expert coaches with Premium Membership

Live weekly workshops where they talk about the latest Amazon updates and Q&As with the Premium Membership

You're taught how to get 30-50 legit reviews on each product launch


Few recent student success stories

They won't tell you the price of the course until you get on a consultation call.

You don't get access to the private community for support in the Basic membership


The cost of Just One Dime is broken up in 2 membership plans; Basic: $997 & Premium: $3,997.

Refund Policy:

14 day money-back guarantee with a written explanation of why you're requesting a refund


150 training videos & 500+ pages of training material (PDFs, spreadsheets and slides) Interactive quizzes


Private Facebook seller community with the Premium membership


Seth Kniep started the course in 2016 after making millions of dollars selling products online.


Seth has a fantastic reputation with some of the biggest companies and countries in the world having contracted him. Reviews are mixed for this course, but there are more positive reviews than negative.

Who is Seth Kniep?

Seth Kniep is a self-made millionaire who hails from Austin, Texas, and who initially worked at Apple. He was miserable there and also $24,000 in debt. When he had enough working a 9-5 job, he began selling products online. First, he started selling on eBay and then found that selling products on Amazon was more lucrative. After learning from a supplier mistake that cost him $20,000, his store eventually made $100,000 in 6 months. Within the year, the store made $1 million.

Today, he makes over $4.5 million per year and many large companies, including Amazon, BMW, Century 21 and more, have contracted him to help them improve their online stores. Even entire countries have requested his services. A shark from Shark Tank's companies also asked him to run their Amazon and eCommerce division.

To date, Seth Kniep has taught over 10,000 students worldwide. 32 have become millionaires and hundreds are earning 6-figures. He shares much of his Amazon FBA knowledge on the Just One Dime YouTube channel which has more than 254K subscribers.

Seth and his son, Josiah, also started the Kniep'n It Real Podcast where they talk about Amazon, eBay, selling online and more.

Seth Kniep's Net Worth

Seth Kniep's net worth is estimated to be over $7 million. You can ready my Seth Kniep Review for more info.

What comes included with the Amazon FBA Mastery Basic Membership?

The Amazon FBA Mastery Basic Membership only includes lifetime access to the 150 training videos and over 500 pages of training material. You do not get access to any of the mentor sessions, workshops, product ideas or the private Facebook group.

Amazon FBA Mastery Module Breakdown

Amazon FBA Mastery has 5 modules or sections. Read through the breakdown of each of the modules.


The first module is all about getting setup and having your base in this business model. You setup your Amazon FBA business, seller account, brand and more.


This module is all about doing product research in North America and Europe, as well as how to narrow down the products you've found to find the winning product.


This section teaches you how you to make your product stand out among the competition. You learn how to create your Amazon listing, get product images, deal with suppliers and send your products to Amazon's fulfillment centers.


This module focuses on launching your product, running PPC (pay per click) ads, boosting sales, getting more reviews, and continuing to build your brand.


The last section teaches you how to grow your business by optimizing your product listing, dealing with negative reviews, and learning what parts of the business you need to automate.

What is Amazon FBA private label?

Amazon FBA private label is selling products manufactured by a third party manufacturer or creating them yourself and selling them under your brand name. Once your products are sent to Amazon's fulfillment centers, they handle the logistics of each incoming order. 59% of Amazon sellers use the private label method.

What is Amazon Arbitrage Mastery?

Amazon Arbitrage Mastery is a training course by Just One Dime that teaches you how to buy products with the purpose of reselling them using Amazon's fulfillment service. The Just One Dime expert coaches train you in online arbitrage and retail arbitrage.


Amazon Arbitrage Mastery costs $997


60 step-by-step training videos; 35 bonus tutorial videos


Private Facebook group


One live Q&A coaching session per week


4 bonus videos per month on how to generate more sales or how to source profitable products

What is Done For You by Just One Dime?

Done For You by Just One Dime is a service where the Just One Dime team builds you an entire Amazon business. Their focus is on building you a brand instead of just an Amazon store. The cost of this service is $30,000-$60,000. Currently, the service is not available, but you can join the waiting list.

Amazon FBA Mastery Just One Dime Alternatives

There are many alternatives out there, like Wifi Wealth. But, Amazing Selling Machine and Proven Amazon Course 2.0 are a bit more popular. Let's compare.

1. Amazing Selling Machine

amazing selling machine

Amazing Selling Machine is an 8-week Amazon FBA course taught by Rich Henderson, Jason Katzenback, Mike McClary, and Matt Clark. This course costs you $5000 and in 2022 they made updates that include an Amazon Branding Tool Suite, a private sourcing agent, monthly coaching calls, and the ASM's Product Research Tool.

For more information on the course, read my Amazing Selling Machine Review.

To go to AMS's sales page, go here.

2. Proven Amazon Course 2.0

Proven Amazon Course 2.0 is a training library that comprises various courses that teach you how to sell products on Amazon. Jim Cockrum teaches you Private Label, Wholesale, Online Arbitrage and more. This is beneficial for those who want to learn the different business models under the umbrella of Amazon FBA. The course costs $499 for lifetime access or $29 for a monthly membership.

For more information on the course, read my Proven Amazon Course 2.0 Review.

To go to Jim's sales page, go here.

If you'd like to see which is the best Amazon FBA course, look at the list we compiled of what we think are the best FBA courses in 2024.

Amazon FBA Mastery vs. Marketplace Superheroes Ignite Program

The Marketplace Superheroes Ignite Program is another popular Amazon FBA course. Read through the brief comparison between Amazon FBA Mastery and the Marketplace Superheroes Ignite Program.

          Amazon FBA Mastery
Marketplace Superheroes



$997 or twelve payments of $97


Seth Kniep has made millions selling products online and large corporations have had him handle their eCommerce presence.

Stephen Somers and Robert Rickey are multiple 7 figure earners for selling products online.

Training Highlight:

Seth teaches you how to sell products on Amazon and you also learn about online and retail arbitrage

You learn how to sell products on Amazon as well as in 5 different countries of the European Union (Germany, France, Italy, UK and Spain)


The basic membership doesn't offer much else but the Amazon FBA training. No private community included.

Limited 1-on-1 coaching opportunities

For more info on this course, read my Marketplace Superheroes Review.

How to write the ideal Amazon product listing?

Seth shared some tips on how to optimize your Amazon product listing.

  • Choose the correct product category; doesn't have to be perfect and can be changed later
  • Fill out all the vital product information (brand name, UPC code, Product ID, manufacturer, unit count, etc.)
  • Use computer rendered images (add side images, action shots, images on how to use the product, avoid too much white space in your photo)
  • Create a short title that is easily searchable (5 word canonical is best, add the right keywords using a software like Helium 10)
  • Use bullet points to explain the use and benefits of the products (put the first line in all CAPS)
  • Description; should have heading followed by paragraphs (enhanced brand content (need to be brand registered, must have a trademark), focus on the benefits)
  • Create variations of your products (colors, sizes)
  • Have friends ask questions on your Amazon listing so that you can answer them to give people more insight on your product
  • Offer your product at a discounted price if bought in bulk
  • Get as many reviews as possible

What's the difference between Amazon FBA and dropshipping?

Amazon FBA and dropshipping have some differences as shown below...

          Amazon FBA


You send the products you're going to sell to Amazon's fulfillment center

You never touch the products you're going to sell. The supplier sends them directly to customers.


More of a hassle than dropshipping because you need to buy and send your products to Amazon so they can fulfill orders for you; running PPC ads is a hassle

Dropshipping is a bit more passive because you simply focus on promoting the products you want. No need to take the extra steps of buying products and sending them to fulfillment centers; PPC ads are expensive and time-consuming.


Higher risk than dropshipping because you have to buy inventory up front with no guarantee you're going to sell any products.

Less risk than Amazon FBA because you don't need to buy any products. Your risk is in not creating ads that convert, choosing products that aren't in demand, or your suppliers selling low-quality products.


Amazon owns their platform, and they can suspend your Amazon account without notice. Play by their rules.

More control than Amazon FBA except for when running ads on Facebook. FB can suspend your ad account anytime.

Is there a better alternative to Amazon FBA?

Local lead generation is a better alternative to Amazon FBA. Many people have found that helping local small businesses generate more leads each month is much more passive and fulfilling. I love this business model because I don't have to deal with any physical products or customer orders.

Amazon FBA is worth it if you're going to treat it like a business and understand that you need to dedicate plenty of money and time to it. According to JungleScout, 76% of sellers are profitable despite the supply chain issues. Clearly, Amazon FBA can still be profitable.

You just need to remember that you're competing against thousands of sellers from all over the world and constantly running PPC ads, so doing it part time isn't the best way to be successful or earn any kind of passive income.

Learn about the lead generation coaching program that has over 7400 students who are creating new passive income streams and living life on their terms.

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