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FBA Ninja Module 3

August 16, 2020


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Amazon FBA Ninja

MODULE 3 - Review including all 3 sections

Written on Sept 2, 2019

Extremely meticulous review of Mod 3 of Kevin David's Amazon FBA Ninja  

Since you are here, I take it you are looking for a real overview of FBA Ninja by KD. Scroll now. I promise you won't be disappointed.

MODULE 3 - Registering Your Brand and Optimizing Your Listing

 Total Length: 1 hour, 33 minutes and 40 seconds 

Part 1: Vid 1 - Are Brand Registry and Registering a Trademark Right for Your Business?

Kevin advocates for going through the process and spending the money to get your brand registered and your product lines trademarked.

It is worth it, according to Kevin, because it really helps protect your listing from hijackers and is a relatively simple (though long) process. 

Kevin shares the company that he uses to trademark his products as well as how much approximately it costs to have it done. 

He notes that it is one of the first things you should do as the procedure takes anywhere from 6 to 10 months to complete (Kevin is estimating from his experience). 
 Video Time: 5 minutes and 30 seconds 

Part 1: Vid 2 -Mistakes to Avoid when Originally Setting Your Product Price

This is essentially a repeat of an earlier video where Kevin reiterates the importance of setting the "your price" of your listing super high and then utilizing the discount or "sales price" to reduce the cost of your product for specific periods of time. 

Kevin also shares some suggestions regarding maintaining control of the "buy box" of your listing, which is what other companies attempt to steal (hence "hijacking") if you aren't carefully monitoring your item. 

Here are some keys to keeping your buy box under your possession:
  1. Kevin states that the biggest factor that determines buy box eligibility is being prime eligible
  2. Never, Kevin emphasizes, ever change your products "your price," as Amazon might give control of the buy box to a competitor/hijacker because adjusting the "your price" is a common indicator of fraudulent activity. 
 Video Time: 4 minutes and 15 seconds 

Part 1: Vid 3 - Controlling Your Canonical URL and Why It Matters

Inside Seller Central, it is possible to manipulate the keywords inside the URL link to your product listing so that the main keywords relevant to your product are visible. 

Kevin does a brisk walkthrough of the canonical url set up process. 

Below is an example of a canonical URL (notice how main keywords are present):

amazon product listing canonical url explained
 Video Time: 2 minutes and 29 seconds 

Part 1: Vid 4 - Hacking Your Amazon Images to Significantly Increase CTR and Organic Ranking

Delivering valuable information, Kevin shows two ways that sellers on Amazon can optimize the images on their listing prior to uploading them that aids the exponential swell of the click-through-rate (CTR) as well as the rise in organic search appearances of your listing. 

1. The first method is seen only by Amazon's search engine. Accomplished by saving the photo as the product's keywords, the "Alt Text" of the product is changed and the search engine is given even more information. 

2. The second method involves the resizing of product images in such a way that doesn't reduce the pop, or quality of the image, but does reduce the picture's file size, which in turn reduces the page load speed.

If the page loads slowly, Kevin declares, it is a turn off for today's buyers. 
 Video Time: 2 minutes and 19 seconds 

Part 2: Vid 1 - Increasing Organic Sales by nearly 200% by Indexing All Product-Related Keywords

At the beginning of the second section of the module, Kevin demonstrates how to create a complete, non-repetitive list of essential keywords to insert in the back of your product listing, which dramatically multiplies the frequency that your product appears before products (because the search engine on Bez's platform has so much more information to go off of). 

Step 1: Using a web-based keyword tool, provided at a 66% discount to course members, Kevin shows how to collect a huge list of search terms in an excel sheet. 

Step 2: Carefully adjusting the filters on a second online tool, he quickly eliminates all duplicates of key phrases, because Amazon only allows for 500 to 700 characters worth of terms, which makes it imperative that that behind-the-scenes real estate is filled with unique, high-volume keywords. 

Step 3: Copying and pasting the carefully combed list of key terms, Kevin moves it to his favorite character-counter,, to make sure that he has included as many terms as he is allowed. 

Kevin's Tip
-Include in your list common misspellings of terms as well as some frequently used Spanish words (padre, madre, etc.) if applicable to widen your organic reach. 
 Video Time: 8 minutes and 41 seconds 

Part 2: Vid 2 - Building Your Product's Organic Keyword Rank Quickly and Effectively

Normally, when promoting product giveaways, advertisers put out FB ads with links to their product listings. Kevin promotes his product giveaways in a different way, which enables him to dramatically increase his product's organic ranking in a very short amount of time. 

His strategy is summarized below:

  • Tell interested parties to search for a specific long tail keyword combination that brings up either only your product or a list of products where your product is the first product.

 Video Time: 6 minutes and 37 seconds 

Part 2: Vid 3 - 10X-ing Your Listing Conversions using Hypnotic Copy Bullet Points

Kevin gives title tips
  • make your customer feel like your product is the premium option
Kevin’s bullet construction tips
1. Use phrases that create the experience for the prospect, not merely description of the product using language like,“Imagine” or “Discover”
2. Selling prospects on the feelings that they get from using your product, selling them on the experience of life with your product, not on the characteristics of the product (which you do include but don’t give as much prime real estate in the listing)
3. Kevin calls this kind of copy writing “experiential copy writing” but notes that it is also referred to as “hypnotic copy writing

 Video Time: 4 minutes and 46 seconds 

Part 2: Vid 4 - Creating Astounding Videos that Appear on Your Amazon Listing

In order to get the high quality videos that attract buyers, Kevin highly recommends outsourcing product video creation. Professional product shorts are worth their cost as most sellers don't go to the trouble of incorporating the film medium into their listings, so you have the opportunity to stand out in yet another way. 

The majority of this lesson is Kevin doing a walkthrough of how to order a video product review from his favorite video creation source. 

As a seller, I have seen the effect that having a HQ video on a listing. If pretty much all the other sellers only have images and your prospect is scrolling through, your product will attract a lot of attention as the only listing moving is yours. 

 Video Time: 6 minutes and 38 seconds 
grant cardone quote money and power follow attention

Part 2: Vid 5 - Adding Upsells via Seller Central Account to Multiply Sales

Every eCommerce seller knows the advantages that come with offering upsells to a customer while they are going through the checkout process (exponentially higher product sales). 

The meat of this video is Kevin going through the process of setting up upsells for his products from his Amazon seller account. 

He shows it as a three step process:
1. Filling out the conditions form correctly (choosing "discount percentage" as well as the product you'd like to upsell)
2. Scheduling how long your upsell will be offered
3. Selecting the correct technical options, which finalize the promotional set up. 

When I added upsells to my Amazon products, my sales went through the roof. I am happy to see that Kevin offers this setup as other FBA courses I have reviewed have neglected showing this sales-boosting tactic. 

 Video Time: 6 minutes and 8 seconds 

Part 2: Vid 6 - Avoiding Common Mistakes with Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

Having experience gives you an edge above your competition. Kevin brings his years of experience on Bezo's platform to the table in this video, sharing several pieces of wisdom that are helpful to novice sellers. 

First, he sheds some light on what being Brand Registered (BR) enables sellers to do that non-registered sellers can't, such as having larger "banner" ads on your listing. 

Below is a BR seller, who has been given a special section ("From the Manufacturer") with the large banner ads (inside the large blue rectangle).
amazons priviledges for sellers who are brand registered

While being Brand Registered has a lot of advantages, Kevin does disclose Amazon's strict guidelines for BR content, such as it can have no mentions of Amazon, competitors or product guarantees and must be completely unique from the content that you have included in the normal part of your product's listing. 

Additionally, Kevin does note that it does take a week to 10 days to have BR content approved and implemented into your Amazon listing, so he urges those who are brand-registered to make sure their content is correct the first time so they only have to wait once rather than going through the process multiple times. 

 Video Time: 3 minutes and 39 seconds 

Part 2: Vid 7 - Creating a Fully Optimized Listing From Scratch (Process Walkthrough)

This lesson is the longest in Module 3 as Kevin does a live walkthrough of the setting up process of a completely enhanced item listing, going through all the previously taught processes from keyword research and selection to image optimization and bullet point creation. He uses one of the listings his consulting client's gave him to optimize.  

 Video Time: 32 minutes and 26 seconds 

Part 3: Vid 1 - Eliminating Your Listing's Hijackers Rapidly

Once you have created an optimized product listing, you must defend your listing against parasitic hijackers that try to steal the fruit of your labor. 

Kevin covers what actions you should take when you lose the buy box on your listing to a hijacker from legal defensive appeals to Amazon itself to ordering a product from the hijacking company to document and send the information to Amazon, letting them know of the thief's fraudulent activities with specific product information showing their deceit. 

One of the documents Kevin encourages the use of is a cease and desist letter, a note which Kevin provides as part of the FBA Ninja course. It has both English and Chinese translations as, Kevin explains, the hijacking company is often based in China. 

An additional situation that Kevin covers is what to do if you run out of stock while you are seeking to rectify a hijacked listing. 

Kevin then offers several suggestions of how to slow down the rate of sales while you correct the situation, as well as how to increase the sales to the rate you achieved before you ran out of stock and after the hijacker is removed.

One of his suggestions is to remove the keywords from the backend of your product listing so that your product no longer has the advanced ranking status and thus doesn't appear nearly as often in front of interested prospects.
 Video Time: 7 minutes and 38 seconds 

Part 3: Vid 2 - Handling the Stocking Out Situation Correctly

amazon fba out of stock stamp

FBA gurus have a variety of strategies they advocate to handle the out of stock situation. Some suggest that sellers raise prices in the effort to keep a couple products in stock so that they never run out completely out of stock. 

Kevin's advice is unique as he suggests that what really matters is keeping a steady rate of sales, not keeping items in stock. 

His advice in this lesson is to keep selling until you are completely sold out, not shutting off PPC until you stock out, and then devoting 110% of your effort to getting in stock again as fast as you possibly can. 

My own experiences with running out of stock substantiate Kevin's directions as I have quickly recovered my rankings (and sales rate) after running out of stock when I have simply kept the paid advertising on. I have tried it using the other strategy (maintaining a small amount of product instock while another shipment was transported into Amazon's warehouses) and it took about a month longer for me to get my sales rates to where they were previously. 

 Video Time: 2 minutes and 34 seconds 

Module 3 - My Key Takeaways 

Kevin David offers a solid, but disorganized third module that builds upon the prior two. 

I really appreciated how he showed a few tools to further optimize product listings that enable the rapid construction of thorough lists of applicable keywords. I took these optimization tools and turned them into training videos for my VAs.

He also does a pretty good job of enlightening the new seller to the benefits of having a registered brand, showing both how it enables better product promotion and enhanced listing protection (once your product is gated). 


Video Quality: 7.5/10

moderate video quality. Consistent through the entire module


Sound: 8/10

The sound quality is clear, but does cut out several times where Kevin has edited the film. 


Content: 8/10  

Although he has made a large amount of high-quality content, Kevin's organization of information isn't great as his lessons aren't sequential. 



The third module overall does build on the previous sections and provides a lot of helpful information, but could be improved as far as organization is concerned. 

Lead Generation is my #1 Online Business Choice 
(IMO Less Hassle Than Selling Physical Products)
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