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FBA Ninja Module 6

August 16, 2020


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Amazon FBA Ninja

MODULE 6 - Overview of Both Parts 1 & 2


Complete Review of Module 6 of the Amazon FBA Ninja Course

If you are looking for an unique detailed, contemporary review of Kevin David's FBA Ninja, then you have arrived at the right place. 

MODULE 6 - Amazon Marketing Services, PPC Optimization, and Converting Keywords

 Time: 1 hour, 6 minutes and 13 seconds 

Part 1: Video 01 - All Serious Amazon Sellers Use AMS 

In this lesson, Kevin goes through the benefits you recieve when you opt in to Amazon Marketing Service. 

Kevin showcases 3 main benefits:
  1. Sponsored Product Ads
  2. Headline Search Ads
  3. Product Display Ads
First, Kevin illustrates what "Amazon Sponsored Ads" are and shows a quick way to set them up. 

Second, he points out a "headline search ad" as well as how to make them via the promotional tab in Seller Central.

Third, Kevin shows how you can piggyback on the best organically ranking products using Amazon's "Product Display" promotion option.

 Video Length: 6 minutes and 29 seconds 

Part 1: Video 02 - Flying to Brazil for Free by Spending Money on PPC

In this video, Kevin David explains how he worked the system by using a credit card that earned travel points to run his FB and ppc campaigns. 
  • Kevin shows how to switch the advertising billing from your seller account method to the credit card method

Key Takeaways
1. Be Creative and find ways to pay yourself when you spend money on your business.
 Video Length: 2 minutes and 24 seconds 

Part 2: Video 01 - PPC Cheatsheet Explained In-Depth

An extremely helpful part of Kevin's 6th module are the pdfs he provides with written step-by-step guides. In this video, he goes line-by-line down his pay-per-click campaign development process document.

He walks through 3 different types of campaigns: 

  1. Broad Match
  2. Phrase Match
  3. Exact Match

1. The first type of ppc campaign he narrates is a broad match campaign.

Summary: With this kind of campaign, anytime a customer types in a related search term, your ad can come up.


Purpose: This specific campaign is great for determining converting keywords.

2. The second type of ppc campaign Kevin explains is a phase match campaign

Summary: In this narrower campaign type, anytime a shopper includes your search term in their searched phrase, your ad can be displayed. 

Purpose: This kind of promotion is used to refine and sift the number of keywords in your campaigns, decreasing your ad spend, while maintaining or even increasing your conversion rate. 

3. The third type of campaign Kevin D describes is an exact match campaign. 

Summary: Being the narrowest campaign, it is only when an explorer matches your ppc key phrases to-the-letter will your ad be shown. 

Purpose: This is the sort of campaign you run when you know exactly what keywords are converting for your product. 

 Video Length: 16 minutes and 47 seconds 

Part 2: Video 02 - Discovering Keywords that Convert for Your Product

The second video of pt 2 is Kevin doing the work of building a keyword list and refining it over an outline of 5 phases of optimization.

The first couple phases are the longest as they are the most foundational and require the greatest amount of keyword sorting as you are delineating the perimeter of your keyphrases and words. 

In the AMS section, you can create two different kinds of campaigns: automatic and manual

Selecting the automatic circle means that Amazon will use its marketing tools and pick a selection of keywords to automatically insert into your ppc campaign. 

Phase 1: Therefore, Kevin recommends that you begin your keyword selection by running an automatic targeting campaign for a short period of time with a limited budget to take advantage of Amazon's extensive advertising data that it has collected over the years.

That's Kevin's first phase. 

Phase 2: The second phase is began by creating a manual ad campaign.  

This is when Kevin pulls on tools that he has introduced in early modules that offer keyword research estimates. Kevin is avid that the data provided by the tools are estimates, predictions constructed by algorithms based on past results. He declares often throughout that the only reliable method to track sales is the ITRACK 999 method that he taught in Mod. 1. 

Once you have created and refined a list of keywords using the variety of internet-based tools on Kevin's recommended-use list and ran your first broad match campaign, it is time to begin the third phase. 

Phase 3: Beginning with campaign structuring, then Kevin teaches the basics of determining the average cost of sales (ACoS) as well as does a walkthrough of setting up individual ad groups for each keyword set. By the end of this phase, Kevin will have shown you how to structure your first phrase match campaign.

Phase 4: The fourth phase continues the campaign optimization process by focusing on the key terms that have led to conversions.

Quickly elaborating on seed words and how to expand your keyword research by planting the rest of your campaigns on those words that have produced sales. 

Phase 5: In this phase, Kevin delivers further campaign optimization tips like adding words to your negative keyword list that are similar to your target keywords, but have really only been money-drainers to your ppc budget. 

Part 2 of this video:

Diving into more keyword research, Kevin goes through 3 of his favorite keyword research tools, 2 of which are free to use; one does cost about 11 dollars a month, but it does give you reverse ASIN search, so you can backtrack winning products.

Kevin starts his research with looking at where he wants his product to be: the number 1 organic position. He inputs that product into a keyword research tool, and then drops some quick ppc wisdom bombs:

1. Don't put more than 100 keywords into Amazon PPC, or Amazon probably won't give you many impressions

2. Regarding other brands and PPC: While you aren't allowed to use other brand names in your backend keywords, you are allowed to put brands into your ppc key phrase lists. 

Summary: In this video, Kevin shows how to sift the keywords that will make up your first phrase match manual campaign and walks through how to set up that campaign in seller central, from how you name your campaigns

Conclusion: Kevin is a ppc fanatic, really into testing metrics and optimizing listing, testing new sets of keywords (created by seed words).

 Video Length: 18 minutes and 48 seconds 

Part 1: Video 03 - Automatically Setting Your PPC Bids 1 Cent Higher than Your Competitors

First, Kevin explains how the Amazon algorithm works, specifically how it relates the highest bid with the most correlated content.

Then he shows how to set the bid price super quickly to just a cent above the suggested bid using the adjustment tool that Amazon provides

Kevin takes this bidding ahead strategy one step farther, showing how he beats his competitors who know about the strategy he just revealed.

This way you get the winning bids, but aren’t paying much more than your competitors.

 Video Length: 4 minutes and 14 seconds 

Part 1: Video 04 - Using AMS Headline Ads Autofill Textbox to Populate Homerun PPC Campaigns

Kevin shows yet another way in this video to let Amazon's marketing research team do the heavy lifting for you as you set up your PPC campaigns.

KD shows that AMS gives you a huge head start in your keyword research.

Kevin shows how to “play around” with AMS headline ads autofill textbox to come up with keyword lists (long tail) in minutes, without using other tools used in previous videos.

 Video Length: 5 minutes and 16 seconds 

Part 2: Video 05 - Finding Common Mispellings and Make Exact Match PPC Campaigns for Extra Low Cost Sales

If you aren't a perfect speller when you set up your campaigns, that can actually be a good thing.

In this video, Kevin goes through how to unearth common misspellings to pick up a few each month additional sales. 

Kevin unveils a free tool that shows the words often spelled wrong at no cost to you. He collects 9 and puts them in a Google Sheet. 

The competition for these words, since they are incorrectly spelled, Kevin explains, is fairly low, because this trick is not well-known. 

To wrap up the lesson, Kevin does a quick walk through of how to set up an exact match campaign for these misspelled key terms. 

 Video Length: 6 minutes and 26 seconds 

Part 2: Video 06 - Employing Headline Ads and Landing Pages with AMS to Get Paid to Advertise Your Own Products

When you have successful set up the process that Kevin shows in this lesson, you will be paid a commission every time you sell one of your own products on Amazon. 

A bonus in this lesson is that Kevin includes step-by-step written instructions for easy, correct setup. 

Kevin also quickly shows how to set up a headline ad campaign where you pay for one click and have your prospect view 20 of your products, all using amazon’s landing page creator (you don't have to use clickfunnels or another website for your lp.

Then he tops it off by showing how to get paid every time you sell your own stuff, which is an excellent way to finish off this module. 

 Video Length: 6 minutes and 33 seconds 

Module 6 - My Key Takeaways 

This module continues to be one of my favorites due to the deets that Kevin goes into while optimizing his keyword research over and over again. 

I really appreciate the number of high quality tools that Kevin demonstrates and employs in unique ways. 

Additionally, I appreciate Kevin's creativity when he shows how to make money two ways: off of the product profit as well as a commission of the sale of your own profit when you sign up for a particular program that Amazon offers. 


Video Quality: 7.5/10

moderate video quality. Same as the other videos in the course.


Sound: 8/10

the sound and the video are sometimes not lined up, but the sound is all there. 


Content: 6/10  

Kevin is consistently a scatter shot teacher. He shows you the basics and more advanced tips of what you need, but you have to string it together yourself to put it in a logical order. 



This module has a done of gold material as Kevin is really passionate about the continual optimization of the pay-per-click campaigns that drive large amounts of traffic your product listings. 

Lead Generation is my #1 Online Business Choice 
(IMO Less Hassle Than Selling Physical Products)
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