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FBA Ninja Module 7

August 16, 2020


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Amazon FBA Ninja

MODULE 7 - Detailed Review 

Written on 9/6/19

In-Depth Overview of Module 7 of Kevin David's Amazon FBA Ninja 

If you are on a hunt for an uniquely detailed, up-to-the-times current review of  the Amazon FBA Ninja online course, then you have come to the right place. 

MODULE 7 - Advanced Marketing Techniques

 Time: 44 minutes and 26 seconds 

Part 1: Video 01 - Instagram Influencer Marketing

Sharing recommendations on where to find the best influencing personalities as well as characteristics of profiles of influencers that you should be keen on contacting, Kevin opens up the door to getting increased traffic to your listings via instagram. 

His list of directives include what number of follows the influencer should have as well as how much you should expect to pay for getting a product shoutout from a popular figure on the FB-owned subsidiary. 

Kevin offers some steps to success on Insta towards the end of the lesson, saying

After you've found an influencer, plan a time that will get you lots of traffic both on the east coast and the west coast (think stategically to get the most bank for your buck). 

DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE like making sure that the followers are actively engaging with the influencers posts with likes and comments. 

Kevin notes that there are two main benefits from a successful instagram promo:
1. First, there's the sales that are coming directly from the post. 
2. Second, the upsurge in traffic leads to a boost in longer term organic rank, which leads to even more sales!
 Video Time: 4 minutes and 26 seconds 

Part 1: Video 02 - Making a Custom FB Ad Audience for Your Amazon Product Niche based on Your Actual Amazon Customers

First, in order to create an audience similar to those who have bought your product, you will need information, data on the customers you've already acquired. 

Where do you get that info?

Kevin has a specific recommendation and it's not free, but it does provide super simple extraction of the necessary information into a convenient CSV file that includes their name, phone number, zip code, and a few more characteristics (unfortunately Amazon doesn't share customers' emails). 

Second, after you've got a list, head over to your FB ads manager. Kevin does a walkthrough of how to create a custom lookalike audience, choosing "customer file" and uploading that CSV you pulled from Amazon and BOOM! You are ready to go and get similar customers from Zuckerberg to become your clientele. 

 Video Time: 4 minutes and 40 seconds 

Part 1: Video 03 - Advertising and Building Highly Targeted FaceBook Groups Related to Your Business in Fast and Cheap Ways

In this lesson, Kevin explains a way to build a long-term resource to sell to, but (**warning**) it takes a lot of time upfront to initiate the turbulent tornado of sales this method generates. 

At the beginning of this lesson, he explains the benefits of controlling a FB group over a Facebook page. It has to do with the amount of people who receive notifications of posts in groups verses pgs. 

After introducing the idea that he has done a few times over, Kev explains a series of 4 steps to create a fb group of passionate people who are on fire for subjects that are related to your product niche. 

Step 1: Construct the frame of the group on facebook and then make 10 (or more) HQ original content related to passion points of your future targeted audience. 

Step 2: Find groups that are related to your niche and have you or VA's join them.

Step 3: Pick the top groups with the most members who are active. 

Step 4: Then add engaged members as friends and then add them to your new group when they have accepted your friend request. 

 Video Time: 7 minutes and 12 seconds 

Part 2: Video 01 - Targeting FaceBook Users who are Most Likely to Buy Your Amazon Products

In this video, Kevin dives into Facebook's targeting abilities as he explains how to set up an ad campaign that has the accuracy of a navy seal sniper using a tool called Audience Insights. 

He divulges the variety of features such as location, gender and most importantly, page likes. 

Additionally, he dives deeper into finding prospects who are interested in the product example that he used, elaborating on what pages to choose and why, and other pages to stay away from and also explains the reasons behind his choices.

 Video Length: 9 minutes and 57 seconds 

Part 2: Video 2 - Utilizing FaceBook Advertising to Drive Traffic Directly to an Amazon Product Page the Right way

Tracking conversions from FB PPC can be difficult because Amazon doesn't give sellers access to insert a facebook pixel into the backend of seller central. 

In this video, Kevin explains a work-around for tracking FB traffic conversions on Amazon product pages without using a non-Amazon landing page (like WordPress, Bluehost, etc.).

  • He explains where to get a trackable link for your product, which gives you the ability to compare the number of clicks versus the amount of conversions.
  • Then he does a walkthrough of the process to construct the creative system, all step-by-step-by-step.
 Video Time: 6 minutes and 17 seconds 

Part 2: Video 3 - Setting Up ClickFunnels to Explode Amazon Sales and Collect Customer Emails

No teaching on ppc and landing pages would be complete without at least a mention of  Russell Brunson's platform.

In this video, Kevin walks through the set up of a Clickfunnels sales funnel.

He also shares a copy of that funnel for the members of his course

  • He briefly recaps how to set up a Amazon Coupon code
  • He shows how to modify your funnel to increase your organic rankings
He finishes by saying that the funnel does three things for your business: 

  1. First, it increases your BSR by having a lot of sales
  2. Second, the funnel collects customer email addresses for future marketing, product launches, and more. 
  3. And finally, the boost in traffic jolts your organic rankings through the unique modification of how the buyers arrive at your listing (you don't give them the link but another super simple way to get to your listing. 
 Video Time: 5 minutes and 27 seconds 

Part 3: Video 01 - Additional Marketing Resources

In this video, Kevin literally simply goes down a long list of about 33 tools and other online business resources, from keyword research, to places to partner with virtual assistants, to finding free, citation-free photos. 

 Video Time: 4 minutes and 2 seconds 

Part 3: Video 02 - Adding an Autoresponder that Links to Your Website Automatically

In this video, Kevin rapidly delivers instructions on how to set up an autoresponder on your FB messenger, which KD says will eventually become so inundated with messages that you will not have time to respond to them all individually. 

Kevin's solution is an autoresponder that gives out pre-written responses, directing the inquirer to your other social media and web-based resources. 

 Video Time : 2 minutes and 27 seconds 

Module 7 - My Key Takeaways 

In this module, Kevin teaches a lot of what could be called "advanced" marketing methods and he does a nice job of it. 

Kevin's expertise in FB PPC Targeting is superb. I went through that lesson multiple times, pulling more and more details that I can specify in my ppc ads, to make my audience better targeted than ever. 

I really appreciate the creativity that Kevin showed in his creation of his own controlled FB group and the work required before results appear reminds me of the construction process I go through when building and ranking my lead gen sites. 


Video Quality: 7.5/10

moderate video quality. consistent throughout the course thus far. 


Sound: 8/10

The sound quality is moderate as well. It is a bit off-set from the video at times, but the majority of the time it is aligned. 


Content: 6/10  

Even though he delivers a lot of great substance, Kevin's organization of his teachings isn't something to write home about as his lessons do not clearly build on the one before. 



Kevin did a nice job at explaining many advanced marketing methods in ways that are accessible to the beginner, but also beneficial for the experienced PPC practitioner. 

Lead Generation is my #1 Online Business Choice 
(IMO Less Hassle Than Selling Physical Products)
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