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FBA Ninja Module 8

August 16, 2020


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Amazon FBA Ninja

MODULE 8 - A Critical Summary of All Parts

Written Sept 7, 2019

In-Depth Overview of Module 8 of Kevin David's Amazon FBA Ninja

If you are searching for an different, detailed, contemporary review of the Amazon FBA Ninja Online Course, then you've arrived. Now Scroll.

MODULE 8 - Specific Business Advancement Tips

 Time: 49 minutes and 28 seconds 

Part 1: Video 01 - Better Support Staff + Free Headline Ads + Professional Amazon Inserts + Twitter Boost Feature

First, Kevin provides recommendations to getting ahold of the most helpful Amazon Support call center with the best English. 

Second, he introduces a organic rankings hack that, put simply, involves inserting products that are being promoted (by other sellers) to your backend keywords. 

Third, Kevin opens his product insert file and pulls out what he calls "the insert of the future," which he explains is a USB insert put in with your product that when plugged in to their computer, it brings them to your website to see product set up instructions either in a pdf form or a video, depending on what you have put together.

Fourth and finally, Kevin shows a special Twitter url created by Amazon that has the power to exponentially increase the level of traffic to your product listings than your ordinary listing link does when posted on the tweeting forum.
Kevin's advice on when to call Amazon support is really spot on. Depending on the time of day that you contact them, you get routed to different call centers. Kevin shares the call center that he has experienced the best help from and I agree with his evaluation. 
 Video: 4 minutes and 34 seconds 

Part 1: Video 02 - Find Any Reviewers Profile (Even When They Use a Fake Name)

In this video, Kevin shows how to dive into the code of Amazon and find those who have left negative reviews and contact them, attempting to remedy the situation. 

Here's an overview of the reviewer finding process: 
  • Using Chrome, you go to the listing, view the code, and pull a specific string of digits that is their customer id and then go into manage orders and then search for the string of digits pulled earlier, so you can message the specific customer and see if you can get them to change their negative review into a good review by giving them a coupon or other incentive.

First of all, getting rid of negative reviews is important, but secondary to getting positive reviews. That said, I trained a VA to go through each of my products and contact the dissatisfied customers who left less than 4 stars and the organic rankings increased significantly after most of their issues were resolved to their satisfaction.

Key Takeaway
1. Don't give up if your negative reviewers don't use their real names!
 Video: 2 minutes and 21 seconds 

Part 1: Video 03 - Ensuring Your Account Doesn't Get Taken Over by Hackers

In this video, Kevin shares a link that enables you set up a two-step authentication process which keeps hackers from accessing your account as they don’t have the second step (usually a code sent to your phone).

 Video: 1 minute and 8 seconds 

Part 1: Video 04 - Erasing Negative Seller Feedback

  • Kevin said it’s almost impossible to get Amazon to change a negative review, but it's simple to get negative seller feedback if it fits a certain set of criteria, namely  that the feedback is not related to the seller, but to a product, because it is against Amazon’s TOS to put product reviews in the seller feedback section.
 Video: 1 minute and 33 seconds 

Part 2: Video 01 - Openning Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts the Right Way to Mitigate Risk of Suspension

  • One of the worries of Amazon sellers is having their accounts suspended and not being able to sell (and make a living)
  • Kevin lays out the process and provides templated requests that have worked for him
  • The basic reason why Amazon grants you multiple accounts is if you are creating an additional brand or collection of products that do not relate at all to your first brand.
  • Kevin's Tips to Creating a New Account:
    1. use unique checking account,
    2. create new business name,
    3. ​sign up for a new credit card.
    4. It’s also recommended that you get another Limited Liability Company License a.k.a. an LLC (which gives you an additional EIN), but Kevin does mention that it is okay to start the new account application process without a 2nd employer identification number (aka you can get by with using your same EIN).
 Video: 2 minutes and 53 seconds 

Part 2: Video 02 - Getting Featured by Popular Bloggers' Gift Guides for Top Ten Holiday Ideas and More

  • Kevin shares a platform that gives you a door into getting your products featured on popular blogs
Here's an overview of the process: 
  1. Get on the platform’s email list, 
  2. Look through a list of article titles that gets emailed out on a regular basis. 
  3. Find a title that could work for your products, 
  4. Email the blog publishers some HQ product images and offer a short explanation as to why your products are a good fit for that topic.
Pro Tip:
  • Kevin encourages his students to watch every day, and respond quickly, because they are competitive as a multitude of sellers and advertisers are also viewing the lists of titles.
 Video: 3 minutes and 37 seconds 

Part 2: Video 03 - Crosslisting All Your Amazon Listings to Ebay in 5 Minutes

In this video, Kevin shows a way to cross-list all your amazon listings on eBay in 5 minutes
  • Kevin unveils a software transition service that migrates your Amazon Product Listings into eBay Item listings in only a few minutes, pulling your title, bullets, description and even your high definition photos.

 Video: 1 minute and 0 seconds 

Part 2: Video 04 - Getting $1000's of Dollars You didn't Know Amazon Owes You in Minutes

In this lesson, Kevin shares multiple methods on reconciling the difference between what Amazon reported arrives in their warehouse versus what they reported what was sellable vs marked as destroyed, damaged or lost units.

He also shares some tips how to get your reimbursement faster:
  • Such as size of reimbursements that agents can give without the approval of a manager.
 Video: 6 minutes and 33 seconds 

Part 2: Video 05 - Getting Ungated in Beauty and Grocery

In this video, Kevin demonstrates how to use special service get ungated for a price of $249 and that price only (no additional requirements), which Kevin says is a steal, because other services are charging over $700 and require you to buy large amounts of products from certain suppliers (aka they’ve got lots of conditions to finalizing your “ungatement”).

 Video: 1 minute and 59 seconds 

Part 2: Video 6 - Making Your Products Appear in the Frequently Bought Together (FBT) Section

Kevin explains how to set up a paired promotion that, after Amazon’s algorithm recognizes the pairing of those items consistently in shoppers’ carts, it will give the frequently bought together section to those products (which happen to be all yours).

 Video: 4 minutes and 44 seconds 

Part 2: Video 7 - Outsourcing Your Amazon Customer Service the Right Way

Kevin introduces a specific service that integrates directly to your amazon seller account and takes care of the customer queries that come through. He recommends this service because it is inexpensive, starting at 79 dollars a month, as well as because he has experienced the professionalism of the service.

 Video: 1 minute and 59 seconds 

Part 2: Video 8 - Super URL Amazon Update Time Stamp 2017

The short answer that Kevin gives is no, and then he explains how Amazon solved the super URL problem by incorporating a Unix Time Stamp, which is a particular section of a web link that records the time when the link is copied from Amazon.

 Video Length: 2 minutes and 22 seconds 

Part 2: Video 9 - The #1 Way I Use VA's to Power My Amazon Business

  • First, Kevin explains where to find excellent quality, hardworking, yet affordable virtual assistants.
  • Then, he goes further telling what tasks he has his VAs do; the simple, mundane tasks that need to be done, but you don’t have time to do.
  • Finally, he leaves us with two examples, namely having a VA do the ITRACK 999 method on the items in his cart as well as begin the initial communications with prospective suppliers.

Establishing processes that you can train other people to do for you is essential to scaling your business. It is well worth your time to put together training videos and edifying your staff so they can take more off your plate so that you can focus on growing the business, not simply running it. 

 Video Length: 4 minutes and 15 seconds 

Part 2: Video 10 - Linking Your Seller Name to your AMS Brand Page

Kevin describes how to have Amazon set up your Seller Brand Page in a way that is beautiful and unique, setting you apart from the normal results that customers are accustomed to seeing.

He also shares a link where you can send a ticket to Amazon to request the aforementioned exceptional set up of your ams brand page so you can get the process rolling straightaway.
 Video Length: 2 minutes and 38 seconds 

Part 3: Video 1 - Three Secrets to Getting Your Account Back After Suspension

Warning **Delicate Process Ahead**

Kevin's three principles for getting your account back as quickly as possible: 
  1. Don’t act hasty
  2. Clear your head
  3. Create a plan of action
Additional Details: 
  • Kevin lays out how to organize your action plan

  • He shares specific emails that you might have to use after you have submitted your initial appeal and not received a response within two weeks.

  • After you have waited and found out the reason why you have been suspended (it’s under the performance tab in seller central), you can begin your action plan.

  • Continuously throughout, Kevin stresses that it is very, very important to do it right the first time to minimize the length of time that your account is suspended.
 Video Length: 6 minutes and 19 seconds 

Part 3: Video 2 -  Action Plan If You Get Suspended

Kevin provides a bonus pdf containing a professionally written action plan that has been edited and rewritten by a copyright infringement lawyer for a large seller on Amazon.

Use it well, Kevin encouraged, you can get your account restored.
 Video Length: 1 minutes and 33 seconds 

Module 8 - My Key Takeaways 

Kevin offers a lot in this final module in his FBA Ninja course. The reason I bought into this course was to assist my knowledge of how to scale several of the Amazon brands that I have. 

KD offers multiple tips to scale your FBA biz in this module, from outsourcing using VAs to how to create multiple accounts, thereby mitigating the risk of account suspension. 

Each of my accounts has been suspended at some point or another due to copyright issues, and solidifying a suspension-response process has been one of my goals to accomplish this quarter. Kevin's teaching has assisted the establishment of the process I am training my employees to take in getting the accounts restored. 


Video Quality: 7.5/10

moderate video quality. consistent with the rest of the course. 


Sound: 8/10

The sound quality is moderate. It cuts from the video on occasion, but it will not detract from the information of the course. 


Content: 6/10  

While Kevin is clearly a legitimate guru, having real experience in Amazon FBA and PPC, the absence of structure makes the module more difficult to understand. 



This eighth module is similar to the previous seven as Kevin supplies great info, but still has no real structure. 

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