Amazon Influencer Program Commission Rates (Is It the Same With Amazon Associates?)

March 27, 2024

The Amazon Influencer Program’s commission rates include standard, special, trade-in, and onsite commissions. These rates make up the total average monthly income of Amazon Influencers in 2024. According to Travis Stephenson, creator of the Simple Profit System, being an Amazon Influencer can yield a $10,000 recurring monthly revenue. This proves that the influencer marketing industry is still booming amidst market saturation.

Aspiring Amazon Influencers make money through product purchases. The more followers you have, the greater your chances of scaling your income to $40,000. In fact, Linqia’s The State of Influencer Marketing 2024 reveals that 36% of brands and marketers worldwide have proven that influencer marketing content outperforms brand-created content. This study highlights the profitability of the Amazon Influencer Program in the 21st century.

Christina Galbato, founder of The Influencer Bootcamp, said that brands pay more for higher quality content and a massive follower base. However, earning commissions on Amazon requires consistently publishing high-quality content, building a significant social media following, and creatively engaging your target audience. This requires in-depth knowledge of the Amazon Influencer Program commission rates, platform features, and customer behavior. Today’s article delves into the different commissions you can earn on Amazon, how to withdraw your earnings, and products with high profitability.

Amazon Influencer Program Commission Rates

Amazon Standard Commission Rates

Amazon’s standard commission rates apply to direct qualifying purchases on Amazon Influencer Storefronts, special links on websites or social media platforms, and Amazon Live Influencer streams. Amazon Games offer a 20% commission, while Amazon Explore and luxury beauty products have a 10% commission. Books, kitchenware, digital music, Amazon devices, jewelry, shoes, and accessories offer a 4%-5% commission. PC accessories, toys, home improvement and pet products, furniture, TVs, Amazon Fresh, video games, personal care and outdoor products, and tools have a 1%-3% commission. All the other product categories not included on the Amazon affiliate program standard commission rate table are set at a 4% commission rate.

Amazon Special Commission Rates

Amazon’s special commission rates are income you earn from the Amazon Bounty Program and other bonus events. These events are the first purchases of Amazon products from the Amazon Fresh store and the Amazon Pet Food & Supplies store. Bounty events like Audible Premium Plus annual memberships have a $25 commission, while Amazon Business registrations have a $15 bounty commission. The Drop Text Alerts subscriptions and Audible Premium/Audible Plus free trials offer a $5 bounty.

Other events like Amazon Prime free trials, Amazon Baby Registry, Amazon Home Services, Amazon Music, Amazon Wedding Registry, Amazon Prime Video/Prime Video Channels free trials, Prime Gaming, and Amazon Kids+ let you earn $2-$3 in commissions. Their special rates table lists bounty events with specific home pages, bounty actions, and customer eligibility.

Amazon Trade-In Program Commission Rates

Amazon’s trade-in program commission rates are benefits that you earn on every Amazon and non-Amazon device you trade in. It offers a 4% commission on textbooks, trade books, and consumer electronic products like Echo devices, Kindles, and Fire tablets. You will get a discount of 10%-20% for every qualifying Amazon device. This Amazon affiliate commission comes in the form of a gift card. The Amazon affiliate marketing trade-in program is currently available only in the U.S.

Amazon Onsite Commission Rates

Amazon onsite commission rates apply to the products and services that a customer purchases on Amazon’s search results or featured products. Its commission income flows from Amazon’s various landing pages and not from your Amazon Storefront. You get a direct qualifying purchase whenever a potential customer clicks on your product recommendations or shoppable videos from the Amazon website. Onsite commissions have a lower rate than standard commissions. However, onsite commissions and standard commissions are completely separate. This means that you get to earn more if you’re chosen for the onsite commissions program. You also get more exposure since Amazon will use your content for onsite promotions.

You can track your onsite earnings by logging into your Associates Central account and copying your store ID. There are detailed dashboards on the Amazon platform that offer in-depth information about your onsite earnings (including your Amazon Storefront earnings) using your copied store ID.

Amazon Commission Limitations

Amazon has commission income limitations on fine art products and free book promotions. The Amazon affiliate commission rate limit for any fine art product is set at $200 max. Also, promoting free Kindle eBooks (20,000 or 80% downloads/orders) will prevent you from earning standard or special commissions for the current month.

Do Amazon Influencers Have the Same Commission Structure as Amazon Associates?

Yes, Amazon Influencers have the same commission structure as Amazon Associates, except for onsite commissions. Amazon Influencers have a higher chance of generating more income through Amazon platform features like Amazon Live, Amazon Storefront, and Creator Connections. Amazon Associates' commissions are limited to standard, special, and trade-in commissions only. Another defining factor between influencers and associates is the number of followers they have. Amazon Influencers are content creators and social media influencers who mostly have a significant following, while Amazon Associates rely on their target audience. In this industry, the more potential customers you have, the higher your commissions will be.

How Much Commission Can You Earn From an Amazon Storefront?

You can earn $1,000 to $10,000 monthly in commissions from an Amazon Storefront, given that you utilize Amazon’s online features and tools. According to Amanda Perelli’s 2022 article on Business Insider, successful Amazon Influencers like Jeremy Sciarappa earn around $16,000 monthly. As an Amazon seller, your potential income depends on your digital marketing strategy, social media following and engagement, and generated content. You shouldn’t rely on your Amazon Storefront commissions. Some influencers even go international and maximize features like The Drop and Creator Ads. Travis Stephenson also backs this claim, stating that Amazon Influencers can earn up to $40,000 per month max by choosing products with high commissions.

What Amazon Influencer Products Have the Highest Commissions?

Amazon Games, luxury beauty products, and Audible Premium Plus annual memberships are the Amazon Influencer products that have the highest commissions. Amazon Games like New World and Lost Ark offer a 20% commission. You can make a sizable income from this industry because of the 3 billion active gamers worldwide, as per BCC Research’s latest data. Luxury beauty products are also gaining popularity in the 21st century. Products such as face serums, crystal press-on nails, and makeup brushes allow you to earn a 10% commission. You can also earn a $25 bounty for every successful registration of an Audible Premium Plus annual membership.

How Much Does an Amazon Influencer Typically Make Per Item?

An Amazon Influencer typically makes $2 to $10 per item. But this amount depends on the product price and the product category commission rate. Take the Apple AirTag 4 Pack for example. This product ranks number one on Amazon’s best-seller page, and this category ranks first in the Top 10 Best Selling Categories on Amazon in 2024 article on SageMailer. It costs $79.19 per item. And since this category has a 4% commission rate, Amazon Influencers can earn $3.17 per item. Each influencer’s commissions and qualifying revenue are different, but all Amazon Influencers have a standardized earning withdrawal process.

How Do Amazon Influencers Withdraw Their Commissions?

Amazon Influencers withdraw their commissions through a bank transfer, a cheque, or an Amazon Gift Certificate. You can receive your commissions monthly (60 days after the end of each month). For bank transfers, you must provide your name and account number and the bank’s name and sort number. Amazon Influencers outside the U.S. have to give their bank’s International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and Bank Identifier Code (BIC). For cheques, there is a $15 processing fee. Amazon will waive the fee if you are located outside the U.S. Gift cards don’t have any processing fees for withdrawals.

What are the Minimum Withdrawal Amounts for Amazon Influencer Commissions?

$100 (for cheques) and $10 (for bank transfers and Amazon Gift Certificates) are the minimum withdrawal amounts for Amazon Influencer commissions. The Amazon team will not send the payment if the amount on the influencer’s account doesn’t reach the specified withdrawal threshold. If this happens, Amazon will roll out the existing amount to the next month’s total.

How To Increase Your Amazon Influencer Commission?

To increase your Amazon Influencer commission, maximize different earning features like Creator Ads, Amazon Live, and Video On Demand. Promoting your affiliate link to social media platforms, blogs, and shoppable videos will also help you scale your potential monthly income. You can learn many other ways to earn by undergoing the Amazon Influencer Program’s self-paced onboarding.

Amazon Influencer Program FAQs

What are the Requirements for the Amazon Influencer Program?

An active social media account, a sizable follower base, high engagement, and quality content are the requirements for the Amazon Influencer Program. Aspiring influencers can use their TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook accounts. You can apply as many times as you want.

How To Become an Amazon Influencer?

To become an Amazon Influencer, create an Amazon account, understand the influencer program’s terms, apply to the program, and create your Amazon Storefront. You must then proceed with the Amazon Influencer Program onboarding to learn the basics and the strategies for earning. Once you complete all these steps, you can start producing high-quality, relevant, and engaging content to promote Amazon products.

How To Get Approved for the Amazon Influencer Program?

To get approved for the Amazon Influencer Program, build your social media profile, target a profitable niche, create engaging content, post consistently, and adhere to Amazon’s regulations. You can increase your chances of getting approved by using your Amazon Associates Program account to sign up for the influencer program. Amazon doesn’t have set guidelines on the specific factors that affect the approval process.

Why Earning Stable Local Lead Gen Income is Better Than Amazon Influencer Commissions

The Amazon Influencer Program can yield sizable commissions, but local lead generation offers a more stable monthly income. Amazon’s affiliate marketing programs are gaining popularity. However, this makes it an oversaturated industry to venture into. Your customers can easily come and go.

According to Erica Santiago’s article on HubSpot entitled The Top Channels for Influencer Marketing in 2024, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook remain the top four most preferred platforms for influencer marketing. This means that all four platforms used by the Amazon Influencer Program will be in demand in the 21st century. On the other hand, competing in an oversaturated market requires massive time and effort to learn the business model, customer buying behavior, and the best digital marketing strategies. It’s also mentally demanding to generate engaging content daily just to increase your income potential. And if you have fewer followers, your chances of earning $5K-$10K monthly plummets. You can expect to earn $100 to less than $1,000 on average.


Local lead generation still offers a more stable, sustainable, and scalable income than Amazon influencer marketing. You don’t need to worry about oversaturation because of its localized niches. Plus, grinding to create high-quality content is no longer an issue. Once your service site ranks organically on search engines like Google, it stays ranked. You don’t need Amazon affiliate links to drive customers and profit. Free leads start calling, and you make instant money by forwarding them to local business owners. You can earn around $2,000 to $10,000 for a single service site and a 6-figure income for several microsites.

Enjoy exciting outdoor activities, splurge on food trips, and travel internationally while earning passive income. It all starts with a local lead gen coaching program.

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