Tanner J Fox – Amazon Seller Mastery Review – Is it Legit?

May 15, 2018

Tanner’s Amazon FBA course, is it worth it?

Let me guess

You found one of Tanner’s videos on youtube and want to find out more about how kids like them are making money online?

You heard about selling physical products with Amazon FBA ?

Well you come to the right place to hear an honest assessment of this business model because I’ve done it, made money with it but also I make money online with other businesses as well.

Like all businesses, there are pros & cons.

I’m here to give it to ye straight.

What’s Amazon FBA? It means Amazon’s program where they’ll handle the inventory, packaging & shipping for you. So all you have to do is order bulk from some supplier in China, ship it to one of Amazon’s warehouses, create a product listing on Amazon and BAM you’re in business.

I’ll show you what it takes to become successful in this business, and some of the challenges you might face.

How does it compare to other online business opportunities?

This my no holds barred review on this whole Amazon FBA business shit.

Amazon Seller Mastery Course Curriculum

One should note that the product research is the most important part of this Amazon FBA business.

Your success depends on picking the right niche or product.

Many people get stuck on this stage and fail to pull the trigger.

I think Tanner does a great job teaching you how best to find a good product, using tools like Jungle Scout is a must, greatly saves time.

Another one is ASINspector

There’s different metrics you can look at to best determine what kind of products you should be going after.

For example, you should be picking a product that sells consistently all year round, & not something seasonal.

And a product that can sell atleast 1-2 purchases per day, not 1-2 purchases per week.

This is why having coaching is majorly important, otherwise, you’re taking a shot in the dark.

But What if I pick the wrong product?

This will inevitably happen during your Amazon career.

Its not the end of the world, lets say you already purchased bulk.

Well, you liquify your inventory by lowering the price a bit and they will sell out in time.

Unless you pick a product with no demand, the product will eventually sell out.  Which if you follow the training, you are required to always check for the demand of the product.

The biggest cost actually to picking the wrong product is the time it took to find out that the product was a flop.

The opportunity cost.

You had to order samples, then order bulk, do the product logo & packaging and create the listing & begin optimizing it.

You will never get that time back but you have to be optimistic and take that as a learning experience.

Don’t be one of those people that get stuck in analysis and never pull the trigger.

Fail faster so you learn faster.

Reasons to Try the Amazon FBA Business

I would say Amazon FBA business is quite the awesome online business opportunity, possibly right under my #1 recommendation which is local lead generation.

First of all, Amazon is the third most visited website on the internet next to Facebook and Google.

As an e-commerce site, that’s pretty insane.

Their Net Profit growth rate in the past few years has been quite ridiculous as well, 20-30% growth every year and we are above $180 billion per year now.

70% of Americans that make more than $160K per year own an Amazon prime account.

They’re also investing heavily in new delivery systems including local pick up spots, drone deliveries & investing in their own shipping companies.

This a company with a big vision.

So even though some of the naysayers might say well what if something happens with Amazon?

its safe to say that this company will be around for quite some time.

Also, why not try to capitalize on their growing popularity.

What’s the challenge of the Amazon FBA Business?

After selling few things on Amazon myself, there are some challenges to this business as well. Some of which aren’t mentioned much by these gurus, understandably.

  • Only if you can get your product to the first page of the Amazon search results, do you really start making sales. The challenge is you don’t have as much control over that rankings as you would with Google search & utilizing SEO skills like I do in my local lead generation business. As more people become Amazon FBA sellers, its getting more competitive and harder to get to page 1.
  • Limited suppliers and many people begin using the same suppliers so now you have competition selling the same product as you.
  • Its challenging to protect yourself from copycats, people that take your idea and try to one-up you.
  • The nussance of dealing with suppliers from overseas. Long shipping times. Ordering samples & vetting bad suppliers can be quite time consuming before you can ever test if you have a winner or not.
  • Despite doing everything correctly per the coaching material, you can still fail because you picked a bad product.
  • Up front cost of having to order products in bulk, but no guarantee of profits.

Amazon FBA is just like starting any other physical product business, you just never know if the product you picked will sell well or if the quality lives up to customer expectations.

So there’s a lot of these factors that are outside your control.

What’s great about Amazon FBA is that they manage the inventory, packaging, & shipping for you so at least you don’t have to be spending time on that.

But the challenge is always going to be that for any physical product out there that people actually NEED & purchase on a wide scale basis, you have to understand its going to have plenty of tough competitors in the market already.

Now in these coaching programs, you will learn various tips on how to optimize your listing, etc to hopefully get the upper hand on your competition.

So if you decide to start this business, having a course to go by from someone that’s already done it is a must.

Tanner’s course is solid.

Why I love the Local Lead Generation Business?

My readers know that although I sell physical products, the majority of my income comes from my online lead generation business.

Why do I like it?

  • No hassle of dealing with physical products or suppliers
  • Easier competition
  • More control over my rankings aka greater ability to dominate a niche
  • You can manage a lot more projects at once, because you’re not tied down to managing continued order fulfillment of a physical product. Like once my site ranks, it keeps making money for me and I don’t ever have to touch it.

Also I feel like I’ve learned more skills with the lead gen biz that translates to other areas as an entrepreneur such as getting better at sales & closing deals. Which I enjoy.

I like seeing the noticeable impact I can have on other business owner’s lives.

I like building a personal relationship with other business owners.

Selling physical products through Amazon is cool but you’re mostly dealing with numbers only.

If you’re good with people, you may not be capitalizing on your natural gifts.


Tanner does a good job with his Amazon Seller Mastery course.

Maybe some of it a bit dated, but overall there’s plenty of goods in here to get you successful.

I’ve gone through other more comprehensive Amazon courses as well, but sometimes adding more complication doesn’t always mean better.

I still believe local lead generation business is bit easier to do for most newbies, so that’s still my #1 recommendation after trying both businesses.

However, the Amazon FBA would definitely be my #2 pick for a great online business opportunity.

Ultimately there’s more than 1 vehicle to that laptop lifestyle.

I quit my job back in 2015 and I’ve never looked back, been a full-time entrepreneur ever since. With the internet, its amazing how much opportunities are out here. Being able to start a business with such low overhead cost and the ability to scale massively so fast. The upsides are enormous compared to the cost of business.

Compare it to any offline business? Not even close…

That internet lifestyle is worth pursuing, trust me.

You may hear about the mindset stuff often, but its true. The greatest determining factor to make it online is your hunger & tenacity.

Are you willing to do whatever it takes?

What’s your why?

Sometimes desperation is better than inspiration.

Also you need to have a vision of what kind of life you want to live.

Do you want to travel?

Have location freedom?

Because it’s not about how much money you make, it’s about how you make it.

I wanted that laptop lifestyle, the ability to work whenever I want & from wherever I want.

Both Amazon FBA and Local Lead Generation business provides that life.

and both are scalable businesses, which is important.

To find out more about the lead gen biz, go here to check out the coaching program that made me a successful entrepreneur.

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