Chris Luck’s AMBSDR Review — 3 Major Red Flags With The Course

July 31, 2023

The AMBSDR program is an excellent affiliate marketing course by Chris Luck. Chris Luck teaches how to do affiliate marketing by becoming an ambassador for your brands. AMBSDR includes a detailed six-week training with 26 step-by-step lessons. You can complete the program at your own pace, which may take less than six weeks.

AMBSDR is a legit affiliate marketing program that can help you learn how to make money online by promoting other people's products. He provides guidance on maximizing blogging by posting AI-generated articles to rank in Google and generate traffic, which can lead to affiliate leads.

Chris Luck's strategy is to create a blog, write interesting articles about products, and rank them in Google, which can be difficult and time-consuming. Generating traffic through SEO takes patience. Therefore, being patient and persistent in building your affiliate is essential. Can Chris' strategy shorten the learning curve and shorten your time to income?

Local lead generation is a quicker path to passive income compared to affiliate marketing, which requires ongoing content creation and blog monitoring. By utilizing the rank and rent model, you can generate consistent revenue by creating a website that ranks highly on search engines and renting out leads to local businesses. This model requires less ongoing maintenance and is simpler, yet profitable.

AMBSDR Pros And Cons


Chris Luck has been in the business industry since 1999.

The course has good inclusions and promos, including a website template you may use to blog for your brand.

AMBSDR program is very popular.  

No experience is needed. AMBSDR is entirely for beginners.

AMBSDR is a well-structured and straightforward course.


Expensive. Must pay for subscriptions on top of course cost.

Negative reviews from its students in Trustpilot.

Affiliate marketing requires a lot of work to drive traffic. Some of Chris’ students earned their first dollar within 3 weeks up to 3 months. But some of them took a year to generate income.


The AMBSDR program costs $1,997 for lifetime access. You can split it into 3 separate payments of $797, which is $2,391 in total.

Refund Policy

AMBSDR offers a 365-day refund policy after a year of not generating income.


AMBSDR Program started in 2022. 


Chris Luck has been in the business industry and has worked as a marketing specialist since 1999. He’s had more than $25 million in sales..

3 Major Considerations About The Course

1. AMBSDR program comes at a high price

The AMBSDR program costs $1,997. Beginners should carefully consider this before enrolling. There is more risk with a higher investment. Additionally, you'll need to pay for other tools that require a pricey subscription. SemRush costs $199/month. SurfSEO costs $119/month. JasperAI costs $39/month for a basic account. However, Chris Luck offers some free resources to help keep costs low.

2. 26% left really negative reviews.

Chris' program receives 26% of the 69 reviews being terrible. 74% of the reviews praise Chris Luck as a great mentor and the course as helpful in covering everything about affiliate marketing, including strategies for generating traffic through blogging and SEO.

Many of the negative reviews complain about the program's refund policy, despite Chris promising a 365-day money-back guarantee. Some students had trouble getting their money back. Some claimed that Chris did not respond. Some of the reviews online say that Chris is a big scam and there will be many lawsuits against him and his program.

Despite these negative reviews, AMBSDR is a legitimate affiliate marketing program created by a successful affiliate marketer with over 20 years of experience. Still, it's important to consider the negative reviews before enrolling in the course.

3. Using blogging to succeed in affiliate marketing may not be the best option.

Some students reach 6 months to 1 year to generate any income. Some students have been successful in just 3 weeks, but it’s rare. Despite Google being the largest search engine with over 20K searches per day, using blogging as a strategy is not ideal. This strategy is difficult for beginners and not recommended due to Google's changing algorithms. Plus,Chris teaches AI-generated articles to post 3-4 times a day, which Google dislikes.

What Do I Get In AMBSDR?

With the AMBSDR program, you will get lifetime access to a 6-week certification program, weekly livestream Q&A meetings, weekly livestream workshops, various resources, a private community with over 2,000 members, and direct access to Chris Luck. Additionally, you receive live group coaching calls three times a week, access to templates and checklists, and almost 5,000 proven products.

Week 1: Plan

During your first week in AMBSDR, Chris will help you consider if affiliate marketing according to his strategy is truly the best way for you to make money. He will also show you how to research other successful people so that you can learn from them. Finally, he will discuss how to gain instant authority online and how to organize your digital workspace.

Week 2: Research

During this week, Chris covers topics including reverse engineering competitors for quick results, using spy tools to understand market demand, capitalizing on trends for income, converting conversations into revenue, and discovering hidden bestseller lists. Participants will learn practical strategies and actionable steps to improve their marketing skills and generate more revenue for their business.

Week 3: Build

In Week 3 Chris teaches you to establish credibility, generate income streams, and appear professional online. You will learn how to organize your blog effectively to create a strong first impression, secure a high-quality domain name to be easily remembered, and customize your blog to look professional. In addition, Chris guides you through creating a social media strategy that can help them reach and engage with their audience effectively.

Week 4: Write

In your fourth week, Chris shows how to create a profitable article database, write engaging content that generates income, and use artificial intelligence to rank high on Google. They will also learn how to find professional images for their blog and create shared links to earn money while discussing various topics. Throughout the week, Chris provides steps you can apply to their content creation efforts to monetize their blog.

Week 5: Promo

Week 5 focuses on marketing strategies for you to generate income. You will learn to use questions and mentions to market yourself and earn money from conversations. Additionally, you will discover how to promote your business through hashtags, pins, and notifications to connect with others and get paid. Throughout the week, Chris provides practical tips that you can apply to your marketing efforts to increase revenue.

Week 6: Automated

Chris focuses on automation in the final week to help you save time and focus on your passions. He guides you on how to use automation tools to streamline their work, manage emails and social media, and become more efficient.

What else can you get from AMBSDR?

AMBSDR Certification

This comprehensive certification system is for beginners, providing you with the tools and knowledge to build a successful affiliate marketing business from scratch.

AMBSDR Coaching

You can take part in live group coaching sessions held via Zoom three days a week, where you'll gain valuable insights from experienced affiliate marketers to help grow your business.

AMBSDR Community

As an AMBSDR program member, you'll gain access to a global community of ambassadors, where you can connect with other affiliates around the world, share your experiences, and learn from what works for others.

AMBSDR Concierge

The AMBSDR Concierge offers one-on-one assistance for any issues you may have, providing help with your website and answering questions about affiliate marketing.

AMBSDR Quickstart

The Quickstart program provides step-by-step guidance on how to start and run a successful affiliate marketing business, including tips on how to make a fortune from home.

AMBSDR Cheatsheets

These handy tools optimize your affiliate marketing campaigns, saving you time and increasing your earnings.

AMBSDR Templates

Create high-quality websites and marketing materials using professionally designed templates, improving the overall quality of your marketing efforts.

AMBSDR Checklists

Stay organized and make progress towards your affiliate marketing goals using detailed checklists providing precise instructions on what to do and when to do it.

AMBSDR Accelerator Copy

With access to almost 4,800 passive income-generating products, you can promote affiliate products and earn more money while growing your business.

AMBSDR Partnership

The program allows you to earn $1,000 per person you recommend to the AMBSDR program, providing a great opportunity to earn extra income and help others succeed in affiliate marketing.

AMBSDR Guarantee

See if the program is the right fit for you with a risk-free trial for a full day and up to 365 days.

Who Is The Founder Of AMBSDR?

Chris Luck is the founder of AMBSDR. He is an entrepreneur and has worked in marketing since 1999. Chris has generated over $25 million in sales through his online marketing programs and courses. He teaches beginners how to build and grow their online businesses with a focus on developing services that can generate regular passive income. He is also the owner of Membership Method, another program aimed at helping people develop successful online businesses.

Unlike other online marketing "gurus," Chris emphasizes the importance of building a supportive community. He has created over 10 different online businesses in various fields, including affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA, and dropshipping. However, he discovered that building a community is what he enjoys the most and focuses on that aspect with his brand ambassador program, AMBSDR.

Who Is AMBSDR For?

AMBSDR program is for anyone who wants to learn how to create their own online business through affiliate marketing. It is suitable for beginners who want to change their lives and start earning passive income. This program is for individuals who will put in the hard work and take part in activities to learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. It's essential to note that this method depends on free traffic, so it may take time before seeing results. AMBSDR offers a comprehensive tutorial on creating income streams through affiliate marketing. However, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme and requires effort and dedication to achieve success. But affiliate marketing is one of the top passive income streams while working full time in 2024. 

Is AMBSDR Worth It?

The AMBSDR course may not be worth it for beginners because of its high cost. The course alone costs $2,000, and additional tools like SemRush and SurfSEO can also be expensive. It can be risky for beginners to invest this much money. Additionally, using AI-generated articles for SEO is not recommended since Google dislikes AI-generated content. Chris Luck's strategy is to create a blog, write interesting articles about products, and rank them in Google, which can be difficult and time-consuming. Generating traffic through SEO takes patience, and many people may give up before seeing success.

Also, it receives really terrible feedback from its students claiming that this is a big scam. However, Chris Luck has decades of experience in the online business industry. The course also has received positive reviews from content creators, and it provides a hands-on, guided approach to learning. The program also offers the opportunity to promote the course and earn commissions of $1,000 per referral, making it attractive to many people.

Is Affiliate Marketing Through Blogging My Ticket to Passive Income?

Affiliate marketing through blogging might be your ticket to passive income if you don't need to create high-quality content consistently, actively promote your blog, and continually monitor your performance metrics. But, local lead generation doesn't involve constant content creation, promotion, and outreach. With local lead generation, you can build a website, rank it for local keywords, and rent it out to a business needing leads. This method generates passive income without constant content creation and monitoring. Additionally, the competition in local lead generation is typically less fierce than in affiliate marketing since you're only competing with 20-30 companies in a small, localized area rather than millions of affiliate marketers.

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  1. Chris and the program is a total scam. The positive reviews are from people who haven't actually made any money, but rather because he pays people through random draws if they write positive reviews for him.

    In 15 months I haven't seen one person post that they've actually turned a profit from following what Chris teaches. He's engaging for sure, and it takes a while to realize he's a conman, but that's what he is (I think people fall for it because he actually believes his own lies).

    He isn't making money from his own teachings, but he has made millions from selling his course that doesn't work, up-selling (which he promised not to do) and marketing his friends' courses that typically don't work either.

    He consistently fails to do what he says he will do, he reneges on refund requests, censors and halts accounts of those who start to ask challenging (and valid) questions, and the list goes on. Chris has a history of running scams and has previously gone by other names, such as Mack Michaels, Chris Clayton, Chris Cavalli, and no doubt others too). I know some people have filed complaints with the FTC but I'm not sure what has come of those.

    Chris is beyond just exaggerating claims – he downright lies!

  2. I was part of this program.. total scam. Plus, he took the 365 Day Guarantee out of the Terms of Service, and is denying refunds to those who can't provide proof the guarantee was offered the day they signed up.

    All the positive reviews were made by people who just joined the program. They are incentivized to leave positive reviews in exchange for various giveaways which he does on his livestream every week.

  3. As an active participant in the AMBSDR program, I've found that the content seems to lack a comprehensive understanding of essential SEO principles and fails to adhere to Google's recommended best practices. The creator, Chris, seems to be highly inspired by Buzzfeed, but his approach to emulating their success is misguided.

    His constant shift in focus, often announcing new courses on various platforms like YouTube and TikTok, is confusing and ineffective as he himself doesn't seem to consistently engage with these platforms. This inconsistency manifests in the program's online presence as well. For instance, his 'Luck List' page houses over 2000 posts, but its keyword ranking hovers around 500, which indicates that the SEO strategies are ineffective.

    Additionally, the program's social media presence is practically non-existent, with few engagements or followers. The promise of a successful online presence and wealth creation is thus far unfulfilled, with the exception of the revenue generated from selling this course.

    Before investing in this program, I strongly suggest individuals take time to familiarize themselves with the basic principles of website building and SEO independently. This can save both time and money and provide a strong foundation for future online ventures.

    Unfortunately, I've found this program to be a disappointment, as it feels like a significant waste of time and resources. Furthermore, it seems that a large portion of positive reviews for AMBSDR are potentially biased, as they often come from individuals who were incentivized to write them during live streams in exchange for gift card raffles.

    1. Hey Rachel! Thanks for reading and taking the time to share your personal experience with the program. Appreciate it.

  4. AMBSDR is a scam. The course walks you through building a blog to sell affiliate products and shares SEO strategies, however, the owner and teacher Chris Luck, has not had success with the strategies himself. He literally changes tools to recommends mid way through the course saying the new tools are now better. They do not work and everyone in AMBSDR is upset because no one, including Chris's website is making any more or even getting much traffic.

    He upsells students to another $8000 course and those people don't have results either. He keeps promising the next new thing, and a lot of members are praising him in hopes that one day this will work for them, but there are no results. It is actually very cult like. The strategy should have been tested prior to being made into a course.

    Don't join and get scammed yourself. There will likely be many lawsuits against him and his project.

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