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Amz Champions Review-Is Trevin Peterson The Real Deal?

January 13, 2023

image of amz champions logo

Are you a beginner just starting out with Amazon FBA?

Have you tried and failed with multiple products?

Or are you looking for a way to accelerate your business?

Trevin Peterson shares a blueprint on how to be successful.

Unveiling a plan of action based on his personal business strategies.

He shows you how to build a Private Label Amazon FBA business.

Learn how you can save yourself time and money and gain a competitive edge.

What Model Does The Amz Champion Course Teach?

The Amz Champion course is all about Private Label, probably the most popular model out of the 10 other Amazon business models because you're creating something that you own, your own brand.

If your brand does well, you can even sell the brand eventually.

It teaches you how to generate a customer base and brand loyalty.

Secure higher ROIs and spend less time researching products (Wholesale Model) or hustling to find deals (Reseller Model).

I like Trevin's teaching style as he really goes into specific details around choosing the right products, optimizing your listing, and more. 

Throughout the course he shares his screen and offers a ton of examples to demonstrate what he's talking about in each module.

For beginners just getting started with Amazon FBA he really breaks down exactly how to set yourself up for success.

And for seasoned sellers, he shows you how to scale your business, and techniques to maximize your profit margins.

Who Is Trevin Peterson?

He's 24 years old, a college dropout, and the founder of the Amz Champion course.

But Trevin Peterson has what most course gurus lack.

Authenticity. Transparency. Honesty.

Failed at Shopify dropshipping.

Failed at MLM.

Multiple products on Amazon FBA were duds.

Not an overnight sensation, just a kid who was willing to hustle and do the work.

picture of trevin peterson

Why Trevin Peterson Likes The Private Label Amazon FBA Model:

Trevin advises that if you do the hard work at the beginning you'll create a business that will last 20-30-40 years or until you want to sell.

In this course he shares his techniques on growing a Private Label Amazon FBA business.

He explains why the Private Label Model is more scalable than the Reseller Model, with less initial startup costs and lower risks than the Wholesale Model.

Is Amazon FBA Profitable In 2021?

They say it's a saturated market.

But is it possible to make money with Amazon FBA in 2021?

Consider the facts:

  • Over 150 million active users
  • Amazon has market share of 50% of all e-commerce sales (GMV)
  • 70% of consumers shopped on Amazon in Q3

Sure as time goes on, things are getting more competitive. You just have to employ the latest tactics to get ahead.

So is Amazon FBA still profitable? It is for those that take the time to study current trends and deploy the best strategies, which is the reason for investing in courses like Amz Champion.

How Much Does Amz Champion Cost?

Amz Champion will teach you how to make money with Amazon FBA for $1,497.

That includes everything listed in this article with a couple of bonus features like:

  • Five extra months of email mentorship
  • A 1:1 coaching call (30 minutes) with Trevin

What Is The Amz Champion Course Refund Policy?

Trevin Peterson's goal is to sell a course that provides value and helps his students excel as Amazon FBA sellers.

But he doesn't want unhappy customers and is transparent with regards to his refund policy.

If you purchase the course and aren't satisfied, contact him within the first 14 days after purchase, and you are entitled to a full refund around the following criteria:

  • Have not used Trevin for mentorship or product verification.
  • Have completed less than 25% of the course content-no skipping from module to module permitted.
  • No 'course manipulation'.
  • Purchased the course through a promotion or discount.

If you can tick the boxes, you just email Trevin and request a refund.

A bit sticky but full transparency IMO.

image of amz champions course

Just so we're clear-I'm not an affiliate of the Amz Champion course.

And the goal of this review is to bear the facts.

No hype-no gimmicks.

Just facts.

But before we get after it let me give you my quick 411.

He only teaches what he implements in his business.

Sharing live updates of his sales and makes seven figures/year.

With over 200,000 followers on TikTok.

41.8K subscribers on YouTube.

And a course with 1200+ students-Trevin Peterson is the real deal.

What Is The Amz Champion Course By Trevin Peterson?

Course Length: 12 hours-25+ PDF Guides & Templates  Price: $1,497

Learn how to build your Private Label Amazon FBA business from ground zero in 13 modules and bonus content.

How to pick products that sell in 12 hours of content and 25+ PDF guides and templates including:


Unlimited email support for one month from the date of signing (6 months if you purchase the upgrade).


A network of over 1000 Amazon sellers.


Access to live weekly calls & 5 product verifications.


Lifetime access to all future course updates.

You know you need $2000-$5000+ to get your Amazon FBA business up and running.

You know the Amz Champion course will run you $1,497.

Now you need to know what’s inside this course and if it’s worth the price of admission.

Getting The Most Out Of The Amz Champion Course:

It starts with a brief intro and an overview of the Amazon FBA business model.

Here Trevin shares his recommendations on how to get the best bang for your buck with his course and suggests taking the following steps:

  • Download and print corresponding PDFs. 
  • Take notes as you watch the videos.
  • Watch-re-watch-then take action.

Module 1: Understanding Amazon FBA

Begin your training with an overall picture of being an Amazon FBA seller.

Associated fees and recommended tools to help you grow your business following this list of steps:

  1. Register
  2. Choose a plan
  3. Start selling
  4. Amazon ships your products
  5. And you get paid

Key Takeaways:

  • Time is mostly upfront.
  • Amazon fulfills the orders.
  • Easy to scale.
  • You don't need to be tech-savvy.
  • Warm leads.
  • High success rate.

Module 2: Seller Central Account Set Up

This module discusses the benefits of forming an LLC and the six-step process.

An overview of taxes and Amazon's Marketplace Facilitator Legislation.

How to establish a Seller Central Account, and disparities between Amazon's Free versus Pro Plans.

Additional Topics Covered In This Module:
  • A Canadian Amazon Seller Guide pdf.
  • Using the Seller app.

Key Takeaways:

  • LLCs protect you and are superior to Sole Proprietorship.
  • Why you need to keep personal and business assets separate.
  • Hire professional bookkeepers/CPAs to save money long-term.
  • Business bank accounts make it easier to create a Seller Account.

Module 3: Creating A Legitimate Brand

Private Label is about creating a brand and includes fundamental components like:

  • Logo & Customized Packaging
  • Images & Slogans
  • Thank You Cards & Extras

Trevin does a great job explaining the importance of brand creation and why you need one.

How to choose a brand name not already trademarked.

Why a brand name protects you from Chinese counterfeiters known as 'hijackers'.

Pros & Cons To Building A Brand:


  • Customers Think Higher Quality Product

  • Customers Are More Likely To Buy

  • Minimizes Risk Of Hijackers & Poachers


  • Higher Start-Up Costs

  • Higher MOQ (minimum order quantity)

  • Longer Lead Time


A legitimate brand will protect you from getting ripped off and set you up for the future.

You need to understand the difference between Brand Name versus Store Name.

How to get creative with a common name for your store and tricks to selling multiple brands under the same store.

building a brand, not merely a business

Key Takeaways:

  • Build a brand to protect yourself and your product.
  • Brands build trust with customers.
  • Customized packaging makes your product stand out from your competition.
  • Include your logo in more than one place to build trust and elevate your product.
  • Choose a generic name for your store.

Module 4: Understanding Product Research

There are nine videos and six corresponding PDFs in this module.

Trevin Peterson covers a lot of information and specific criteria for choosing and verifying products to sell on Amazon including:

Amz Champion Course Product Research Criteria:

  • Demand (keyword search volume)

  • Competition

  • Patents & Trademarks

  • Gated Category Or Restricted Product

  • Profit Margins (over 30%)

  • Number Of Sellers

  • Reviews (less than 200)

  • How Can You Be Different?

picture of trevin peterson

You also get an in-depth breakdown of product requirements and compliance including:

  • UPC barcodes
  • Policies
  • Packaging & warning labels

And learn which products to avoid and products not sellable on Amazon FBA including:

  • Patented & restricted products
  • Gated categories & trademarks
  • Glass & electronics
  • Lithium batteries & heavy products
  • High variations of the product
  • HAZMAT products

Key Takeaways:

  • Find a product you can actively sell on Amazon.
  • Steer clear of products he calls "home run products" (merchandise that is expensive to launch and highly competitive).
  • Avoid "million-dollar products" (ones with hundreds of reviews, high sales velocity, and significant earnings).
  • Focus on "hitting singles" (products with lower rates of competition and fewer reviews).
graph explaining singles

Module 5: How To Destroy Your Competition

Increase your profit margins using Trevin's Alibaba supplier hack, and specific criteria for utilizing sea shipping.

Why you need to take full advantage of Amazon's infrastructure (like their free 2-day prime shipping and fulfillment).

Design a better product then the competition:
  • Add color to your images
  • Create interesting and unique designs 
  • Include bonuses & bundles
picture of an amazon listing

See how the toothbrushes with the colored bristles stand out from the other listings?

Simple yet effective strategies to differentiate your listing from the competition.

Expose your competitors' weak links, like bad reviews, poor packaging, and grammatical errors (all signs that you've found "a really good product").

Keyword research is essential to understanding what people are looking for and is why you need to invest in third-party tools like Helium 10.

Key Takeaways:

  • Take advantage of Amazon Prime.
  • Reviews=Credibility.
  • Add product value with bundles and bonuses.
  • Manipulate your invoices.
  • Bulk orders=savings.
  • Make your product "pop."

Module 6: Product Research Tools 

Knowing how to use the best software tools in the industry will drastically improve your success with Amazon FBA and without them you're "basically guessing".

Trevin Peterson recommends investing in Helium 10 to research, find, and verify products.

Learn how to effectively use:

  1. Helium 10 X-Ray Chrome Extension 
  2. Helium 10 Cerebro
  3. Helium 10 Black Box
image of helium 10 logo

Use his "lazy and easy" strategy to find new product ideas in places like:

  • Order History

  • Amazon Bestseller Lists

  • Social Media & Off-line Trends

Key Takeaways:

  • Data from third-party tools assists you in making the best decision on products and launches.
  • Helium 10 Platinum Plan is a necessary investment for your business, and the simplest way to validate products.
  • Use other sources like for product research and additional ideas on current trends and product popularity.

Module 7: Verifying Products

I like how in this module Trevin takes something as complex as product verification and simplifies the process by identifying a few pivotal questions including:

Product Verification Questions:
  • Is it in demand?
  • High or low competition?
  • What are the profit margins?
  • How many reviews?
  • Can you be different?

He also shares a profitability calculator that breaks down demand and potential profit margins.

image of profitability calculator

The goal is build your brand and scale for the long-term and the best way to do that is to add products.

Shift your mindset and start looking at products from a different perspective.

Accomplish this by taking advantage of Amazon suggestions and their 'products sold together' ideas.

Key Takeaways:

  • Do your research and verify products.
  • Double-check that the product is one you can actually sell on Amazon.
  • Use Google Trends to compliment data from Helium 10.
  • Build your brand around successful products.
  • Assess products from altering perspectives.

Module 8: Finding Suppliers & Making First Order

Trevin uses Alibaba as his supplier.

But he's clear you need to research multiple suppliers and protect yourself from getting ripped off.

Vet suppliers and make sure they meet this criterion:

  • Has trade assurance
  • Is a verified supplier
  • Are willing to send you a sample
image of shipping sea vs air

Know the difference between shipping land versus sea, and how it affects your profit margins.

Shipping by sea takes more time but is the best option if your product is heavy or oversized.

But remember you'll need to order more units which means a bigger budget up front to cover your costs.

Gotta give Trevin props here as he goes into detail on why a shipping plan is non-negotiable, and discusses key elements to be mindful of including:

  1. Where products are being shipped from.
  2. How many units are being sent?
  3. Product weight & dimensions.
  4. One box or multiple packages?
  5. Shipping box weight & dimensions.
picture of trevin peterson on youtube

Module 8 is also where UPC bar codes are explained, and why you need them to create your listing on Amazon.

An overview of Amazon's own bar code version known as FNSKU (Fulfilment Network SKU).

And additional information including:

Additional Information Covered In This Module:
  • Inventory storage limits
  • Order a sample from your manufacturer first
  • How many units to start with

Get a sample before you commit to an inventory requisition to assess:

  • Quality (does it match what was advertised?)
  • Save yourself money and your brand reputation (cheaply made products don't sell well).
  • How many units to purchase.

And the pros and cons to test orders versus ordering more:

Pros and Cons Of Test Orders Vs. Ordering More
Test Orders
  • Low Risk

  • Gauge Sellability

  • Takes Longer To Restock

  • May Lose Your Listing & Product Ranking

Ordering More
  • More To Sell=More Money

  • Inventory Means Active Listing

  • Won't Lose Product Ranking

  • Higher Risk But Higher Reward

  • Can't Guarantee Your Product Will Sell

Key Takeaways:

  • Download Alibaba's mobile app. 
  • Use Alibaba's auto-populate keywords as another method of product research.
  • Reach out to multiple suppliers for the best quotes and to ensure they're legit.
  • Give yourself lead time when shipping by sea.
  • Why it makes sense to send Amazon barcodes to your supplier.
  • Why to order a sample.
  • Calculate costs/fees and know your profit margins.

Module 9: How To Create Effective Product Listings 

Your listing needs to be better than your competitors and capture the attention of your target market.

Optimize your listing for maximum exposure and increased sales with things like:

  • Images (professional-infographics-comparison charts-lifestyle photos)
  • Bullet Points
  • Description
  • Keywords
image of an inactive listing on amazon

To be a successful Amazon seller you need to know the difference between profits versus revenue.

Understand how fees plus the cost of doing business affect your overall margins.

This module also covers information about:

  • Pricing your product correctly by using comparison techniques and research strategies.
  • Leveraging the "honeymoon phase" (the 2-3 weeks after you launch your product). 
  • How to add additional products and product variations.
  • Overcoming the 411 on Amazon's 5665 error code.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the difference between profit and revenue.
  • Price your product mid-range unless you can prove it's a premium brand.
  • "Jam pack" the search term section with all of your keywords.
  • Use all images and take professional photos.
  • Optimize your listing for mobile.

Module 10: Amazon FBA Champion Product Launch

Amz Champion 4.0 includes new content like techniques and best practices on how to set up your listing and ensure success out of the gate using things like:

  • Conversion & Coupon Codes

  • Early Reviews & Review Automation

  • Search-Find-Buy & Product Questions

He also explains why 5-star reviews are crucial to your product listing credibility and how product questions make your listing look better than your competitors.

Launching products that hit page one in a week and stick, and a video interview with Isabella Hamilton-the 'white glove concierge' of Amazon FBA.

picture of isabella hamilton

Key Takeaways:

  • Best way to get organic 5-star reviews (that are 100% Amazon TOS compliant).
  • Coupon codes are flexible and drive sales.
  • More Reviews=More Credibility
  • Product questions differ from reviews.
  • Product questions should make your listing look like it's the best option.

Module 11: Mastering  & Understanding AMAZON PPC

In this module, Trevin discusses the ins and outs of Amazon PPC strategies.

How to use PPC (pay-per click) effectively without breaking the bank with hacks like:


Launching automatic PPC campaigns that run for a minimum of 3-5 days.


Extracting data to determine spend.


How to use negative keywords in PPC advertising repeats and what not to do with brand names.

Learn how to set up manual keyword campaigns.

Broad names versus exact keywords for product targeting campaigns.

Why sales velocity is crucial, and how to target your top competitors' product listings to "steal their sells" and show up for "super cheap".

Key Takeaways:

  • Start paid campaigns low-view data-and adjust spend accordingly.
  • How dynamic bid-ups and downs are an aggressive but profitable campaign hack that can increase sales.
  • How ASIN shows you what your number one competitor is doing (remember success leaves clues).
  • Low reviews + similar products + big $$$ on ad spend = savings for your listing
  • The difference between exact and broad match keyword campaigns.

Module 12: Marketing & Advertising

I really appreciated the time Trevin took to explain why keywords are the secret sauce to optimizing campaigns.

How the right keywords can equate to lower acquisition costs and higher sales of your product and their role in manual PPC campaigns.

How to create the most influential manual PPC campaigns:
  • Finding optimal keywords to lower costs and drive sales.
  • Adjusting keywords as necessary to focus on the best to increase your organic ranking.
  • Using Helium 10 Cerebro to pull competitors' keywords to maximize your campaign.

Leverage Facebook groups to showcase your product(s) using strategies like:

  • Paid promotions with bloggers and IG influencers.
  • Choosing accounts related to your product.
image of facebook groups

Increase sales by creating Amazon keyword links which helps rank your product and increase traffic.

Implement best techniques for targeting keywords (ones that will get your product ranking high organically and increase sales velocity).

Key Takeaways:

  • Social media promo codes and PPC campaigns put your product in front of more customers but come with a price tag.
  • Different types of keywords.  
  • Why you need Helium 10 Cerebro.
  • How to pay influencers and bloggers to promote your product
  • How to find the best options for your product that aren't related to fake accounts.

Module 13: Scaling To 6 & 7 Figures

To get to the top of Amazon you need to replicate success.

Evaluate your top competitors' product by uncovering what they're doing and do better.

Access their listing and their product and ask yourself these questions:

  • What are they doing differently?
  • How can you be better?
picture of amazon lightning deals logo

Understand the method behind the madness of running 'lightning deals.'

  • What they are.
  • Why they work. 
  • How to properly set them up to maximize sales.

How to leverage special events.

And why scaling isn't about buying more products, it's about having enough inventory on hand.

image of trevin peterson

Key Takeaways:

  • Purchase competitor products in the name of research (see first hand what their packaging, logo, bundles and bonuses look like).
  • Make sure you have enough inventory on hand before running lightning deals.

Amz Champion Bonus Content

Trevin takes care to update this section regularly.

Here he goes into things like:

  • The power of TikTok
  • A new tool to get more reviews
  • How to get ungated
  • How to delete negative reviews
  • Product review TOS
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • Opening a 2nd account
  • Removing & avoiding hijackers
  • How to make your product look on sale
image of income streams

Key Takeaways:

  • TikTok can build your brand and increase sales.
  • More reviews=higher listing credibility.
  • The best time to attempt to get ungated is between February and August.
  • Learn the exact steps to avoid hijackers
  • How to get the 'discount look' for your listing even when it's not on sale.

Why Buy The Amz Champion Review?

Bound and determined to make a go of selling on Amazon FBA?

Have you tried and failed?

Ready to win?

Instead of attempting to connect the dots on your own, you might want to think about purchasing Amz Champions 4.0.

Excellent value for money, Trevin Peterson has priced his program fairly, and over-delivers on content and support.

picture of amazon logo

I would recommend this course to beginners and seasoned sellers alike based on the amount of value and detailed information Trevin shares.

Each module covers a step by step plan of action that is easy to understand and implement, in addition to coinciding PDFs to help with your research.

Remember Amazon FBA is a competitive market and you'll need the capital to make it happen.

You can make money selling with Amazon FBA.

And as far as purchasing this course?

Let's weigh in on the pros and cons.

Pros & Cons Of Amz Champions 4.0
  • Priced fairly
  • Trevin over-delivers on content & value
  • Regular updates
  • Ongoing support
  • Transparency
  • Amazon FBA is a competitive business model (even with stellar training)
  • Amazon FBA is going to cost you a ton of cash (more than you think)
  • The refund policy is a bit sticky


Trevin Peterson's Amz Champions 4.0 is solid.

You get 100+ in depth tutorials and over 12 hours of video content.

It can give you a competitive edge, connections with other sellers and ongoing support.

Testimonials from students are generally highly positive.

Far from a scam-Trevin looks to be the real deal.

He delivers a course with constant updates, and includes a ton of extras.

Trevin Peterson appears to be genuinely invested in the success of his students.

He goes above and beyond by including Q&As and weekly live training calls (stuff that most course gurus aren't putting on the table).

But even with a bomb course, the Amazon FBA business model is not my first choice.

If you're looking for a laptop lifestyle and the best way to reach your income goals, then you should also check out lead generation.

Common Complaints About Amazon FBA:

Even with courses like Amz Champions becoming an Amazon FBA seller is complicated.

And the business model has other pitfalls like:

  • Amazon FBA is competitive.
  • Low gross profits=FBA fees cutting into your profit margin.
  • Lack of control and increased returns.
  • Branding limitations.
  • No guarantee your product(s) will sell.
  • Big suppliers & brands beginning to do FBA themselves, cutting out the middleman

I don't know about you but if I'm dropping a couple grand and investing in a business model I want to be successful and recoup my expenses as fast as possible.

Start making a profit and generating a steady income.

But with Amazon FBA it's always a bit of a gamble.


Trevin is a good coach. Not the most experienced seller which would be someone like Tim Sanders, who's a 8 figure earner. However his course is $5000, Trevin's is much more affordable at $1,497.

Trevin's course still made it on our Best Amazon FBA course as one of the best affordable Amazon FBA courses.

I've made good money selling products on Amazon FBA, great way for passive income if you succeed.

There's also another great business model that I'm quite fond of, its called lead generation, check it out here.

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