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Andrew Tate Review – Is He Still The World’s Most Hated Man?

October 1, 2023

Andrew Tate is one of the most polarizing figures in the world of social media. Andrew Tate is so popular because his opinions have been a topic of controversy between men and women worldwide. While some news outlets and social media personalities paint him as a villain to society, others agree with his views on life.

Does Andrew Tate merit all the negative press? In this Andrew Tate review, I uncover who he is, what he's been recently accused of, what his online education platforms teach, and more. I'll also touch on how the popular local lead generation training program compares to Andrew's Real World education platform.

Andrew Tate Pros and Cons


Andrew is a multi-millionaire because of his many business ventures.

He owns a charity which rescues street dogs in Romania.

He has a loyal following from males of all ages.

As of 2023, Andrew has not been so direct or insensitive about his views on women. 


There is so much controversy around Andrew Tate because he shares misogynistic views.

The 18 different ways to get money in his Hustler's University won't earn you a passive income.

Many women believe he is a prime example of toxic masculinity.

Even though some things he says are true, the way he delivers his message makes it difficult for some people to digest it.

Who is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate was born December 1st, 1986 in Washington DC, and grew up in Chicago. His father is Emory Tate, an international chess master, and his mother was a British catering assistant. His brother, Tristan Tate, is a former European kickboxing champion and business man. When Andrew was 4 years old, his father entered him into the country wrestling championship for kindergartners. When he was 5 years old, his father entered him into an adult chess tournament.

Andrew's parents got divorced when he was 10 years old and his mother moved them from the United States to Luton, England. Luton is considered the most dangerous city in Bedfordshire. His mother enrolled him and Tristan in self-defense classes so they could stand up for themselves because they were constantly being bullied. These classes helped Andrew improve his martial arts skills and compete at a higher level. Andrew Tate has two world titles in martial arts. In 2009, he won the International Sport Karate Association (ISKA) Full Contact Cruiserweight Championship in England, becoming the top ranked kickboxer in his division in all of Europe. In 2013, he won his second ISKA world title in France.

Andrew's celebrity started when they invited him to take part in the reality TV show called 'Big Brother UK'. He was soon kicked off the show because a video surfaced of him hitting his girlfriend with a belt.

Today, Andrew and Tristan live in Romania and have several ventures that have made him hundreds of millions of dollars. The Tates make their money from the casinos they own in Romania, The Real World and Hustler's University programs and The War Room group. Andrew also has a property portfolio across 6 countries.

What is the Andrew Tate Net Worth?

Andrew Tate has an estimated net worth of anywhere between $10 million and upwards of $350 million, according to some report. Andrew Tate is so rich because of the money he makes from Hustler's University, The Real World and other business ventures.

What is Andrew Tate Accused of?

Andrew Tate is accused of:

  • Misogyny: Andrew says he loves women, but he makes it seem like they're beneath men by saying women belong in a home, and that they're a man's property.
  • Domestic Violence: There was a video that went viral where Andrew is seen hitting his girlfriend with a belt which he disputed in the Andrew Tate's Final Message (Full Vid) YouTube video he released in August. In that video, his girlfriend also shared a video explaining that everything they did was all in fun and that it wasn't the sexual assault or sexual harassment everyone thought it was.
  • Human Trafficking: Romanian authorities responded to a call that the Tate brothers were holding women captive in their home. They were arrested in December 2022 and were put under house arrest in March 2023. In June 2023, they were charged with rape and human trafficking. Andrew states he's 100% innocent. 

When was Andrew Tate Banned from Social Media?

Andrew Tate was banned from social media in August 2022. Andrew Tate's social media platforms were taken down because there was concern about the level of influence he would have on millions of people. He wasn't happy about the ban and felt they should have first reached out to him and explain why he was getting shut down.

Before they shut down his accounts, his Instagram had over 4.5 million followers, over 740,000 subscribers on YouTube, and billions of views on TikTok. Andrew closed down his own Twitch account so that he could avoid a ban there. In his final message video, he seemed intent on reaching out to social media platforms to establish communication so he could get his accounts back online and continue making money.

Positive Andrew Tate Reviews

This person posted the following comment about Andrew. They believe he's intelligent and entertaining.

This next person says that Andrew is fully aware of what he says and how he says it.

Another guy says that Andrew understands human behavior but admits he is too extreme with how he presents his beliefs. Andrew Tate admitted that he could have said things in a much nicer way in an interview with Chian Reynolds. (1:06:00 mark).

If you continue to scroll through the comment sections of all videos where Andrew Tate is talking, you're going to see millions of comments talking positively of him proving that he's not the world's most hated man. It is possible that he's the world's most hated man by women.

Negative Andrew Tate Reviews

There are just as many negative comments about Andrew Tate as there are positive. This Reddit comment comes from a teacher who is complaining about the effect Tate's content and beliefs are having on their students.

This teacher said that all the boys in their school are addicted to Andrew Tate's content. They imitate Andrew and speak down on women. If this is true, clearly, Andrew's words have a certain influence on the younger generations.

These next two comments accuse Andrew of a crypto pump-and-dump scheme.

They say that he pumped his own crypto, then dumped it after the price went up because many people bought into it. They also mention that all Andrew currently talks about in his Discord server is crypto.

Is Andrew Tate a Scam Artist?

Andrew Tate is not a scam artist, but his persona, celebrity, and opinions will make it hard for many people to trust him or any of his products/services. You can really make money online by following Andrew Tate and what each campus teaches. It is important to know it is not a get-rich-quick scheme and you need to do more research on each business model and invest in more expert coaching.

What are Andrew Tate's Programs?

Andrew Tate's program is called The Real World. Previously, it was Hustler's University version 1-3.

The Real World Tate Review: Is it Good?

The Real World by Andrew Tate is the updated version of Hustlers University. There are over 230,000 students, most of who were already HU students that were given free access. They host the Real World on a private server with their own coded setup and app. You learn how to make money online with business models such as Amazon FBA, dropshipping, crypto, stocks, and more. There is even a copywriting campus. Now, there are courses that teach how to leverage AI for content creation and how to stay in shape. For support, they've incorporated Telegram. Andrew Tate wanted to separate himself from mainstream media and host his course on an independent platform so he and his professors can say what they want, how they want. The Real World is different from Hustler's University because it is an improved version.

Price: The Real World cost is $49 per month (monthly subscription).

More Info: The Real World Review

What is Andrew Tate University?

Andrew Tate University refers to the Real World. 

What are The Real World Tate Reviews?

The Real World Tate Reviews present this education platform in a positive light. Each review answers the question, "Is the Real Word legit?". The consensus is that it is because of how in-depth each course is in teaching each business model. 

What is the Real World Tate Free?

The Real World Tate free is not an option. You must pay $49.99 each month if you are going to join their platform.  

What is The War Room?

The War Room is a private global network of over 2,500 men from over 70 countries. Andrew claims that this network of men contains so much expertise and power that they can exert their influence all over the world. He jokingly said in a recent interview that The War Room "is like the Illuminati or Free Masons of old, but cooler". 

The War Room website states that no man is ready to join but that you will change for the better after you do. There are tasks and tests you must do to remain in the group, no matter what it is. Also, anyone can get kicked out at anytime with no refund. The War Room is an additional resource to The Real World. According to Andrew Tate, 600 of the over 2,500 members are millionaires. People really find success with The War Room because there are testimonials of members making thousands of dollars in only 31 days, as shown below.

What is the Andrew Tate Website?

The Andrew Tate website is called There, you can purchase The Real World, The War Room, learn free life lessons, buy merchandise, and more.

Final Thoughts on Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate is highly opinionated and controversial, hated by many and loved by many more. But it appears he is making hundreds of millions of dollars through several business ventures. The Real World is proof of that. To some extent, Andrew is trying to help people break from the mold that society has set with modern education.

If you hate Andrew, you're glad they have canceled him on social media platforms and that Romanian authorities detained him and his brother Tristan Tate frequently. If you love him, there are still ways you can continue to follow him. 

Finally, it doesn't appear that Andrew Tate is the most hated man in the world anymore after the content that is posted about him on social media has changed. Today, he is shown in a more motivational light, though he still stands firm on some of the original beliefs. Many podcasters have worked hard to get an interview with Andrew and those interviews show Andrew Tate in a more positive, realistic light.

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