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Anthony Morrison Review – Are his affiliate marketing courses worth it?

February 29, 2024

My overall Anthony Morrison Review is that he knows how to be a good marketer of his own courses. However, the methods of traffic generation that he's teaching to his students is questionable. There's also an absence of raving testimonials, despite Anthony being in the course business for over 15 years. Is it possible that he is focusing too much on selling his own courses rather than focusing on creating the best training there is and allowing the testimonials of his students to do the selling for him?

Many of his marketing tactics are the norm in affiliate marketing, so if anything, some of the blame needs to be placed on the culture of affiliate marketing as well.

There's a dark side to affiliate marketing... 

Affiliate Marketing can become all about doing whatever it takes to increase conversions. Using hype or "buzz" words on landing pages and videos because it increases CTR (click through rate) or conversions by X%. Remember in affiliate marketing you're only earning a fraction of the total product price. So it becomes way more cut throat. Every % of conversions count.

What happens overtime is the marketing gradually becomes more and more embellished, and the line between being ethical & truthful gets blurred, all in the pursuit of getting higher ROI. Justifying the means to an end, because it works.  

$79 million??? And a business you can COPY+PASTE? Sorry but the only thing you're copying are his funnels & e-mail marketing. That's not a business. You don't have a business until you can generate traffic!

Anthony Morrison is still tame compared to other hardcore affiliate marketers. But these people never dare to put their name on what they're doing. For example, there're offers where they give out free samples like CBD product. You just have to pay for shipping. But what's in fine print is they're getting signed up on a monthly auto-bill. 

Anthony Morrison at least has created a tangible product you get for signing up, which is his training videos. In this article, we'll explore Anthony Morrison's online reputation and help you decide for yourself if his training is worth your time or not.

Anthony Morrison Pros & Cons


Anthony Morrison is a master of selling info products using funnels and webinars

Anthony Morrison has longevity in internet marketing space, over 15 years

Many of Anthony's courses are very affordable. Great for beginners to learn about e-mail marketing, funnels, landing pages, affiliate marketing.

He does weekly live coaching on Thursdays


The strategies of traffic generation that he teaches his students is not really what he uses.

He has over a dozen courses and some of the training is overlapping

Some complaints found online about not honoring the 30 day money back guarantee

Aggressive upselling

Reviews From Students

Review by Lawrence - "The whole really to just help him promote Morrison Publishing"

  • Verified Student

"Hello. My name is Lawrence. I took the plunge into Anthony Morrison's Partner with Anthony course. I had always wanted to make money online, but I didn't have any idea of where to start. I saw that Anthony Morrison was offering this course for $7. So I obviously thought that I'd give it a shot and see what I could learn and if I could make some money.

It's a decent course for what you pay. I learned some interesting things about funnels and landing pages and email marketing. Things I had no clue about, really. Anthony even teaches you about solo ads.

I haven't had any success inviting someone into the course yet, and I followed a lot of what he teaches in the course. I think that if you want to make some serious money, we're talking thousands of dollars per month. There are other courses that you can buy to learn more about affiliate marketing.

The whole point of the Partner with Anthony course is really to just help him promote Morrison Publishing, which is his education platform. The more people buy in, the more will be buying his other courses and services that he's also an affiliate for, like ClickFunnels and GetResponse.

What I didn't like about the course is that when you need help, their response time is horrible. I didn't really get a response when I reached out to Anthony himself. I get that he's busy, but someone should be responding to students when we need help with something or have a question.

I think Partner with Anthony isn't bad, but I don't think it's a must buy course that will change your life. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't spend the $7 and would do more research on what other courses are actually going to provide you more value and actionable steps."

Review by Jackie - "Upsells from Anthony got on my nerves"

  • Verified Student

"Hey, this is Jackie and I'm going to give my experience with the Partner with Anthony Course by Anthony Morrison that I took earlier this year. . . What sold me on the course was that it teaches you how, or it says it teaches you how to build an online business and it's seven bucks a month from one of the most well-known marketers in the digital marketing space so it looked like a bargain deal. I'll be honest, it is a lot of good info that you're getting in there for the $7 a month, and you can definitely make money from that. But I have more issues with the course than things I was happy about. 

So first off, the thing that I really didn't like about the course is that even though it taught me some good skills, all the materials geared towards how to sell Anthony's products and you're relying on Anthony to pay your commission. So I really don't feel like I'm able to make my own affiliate marketing business outside of the course, but I definitely made a bit of money promoting Anthony's products. I wish I could also expand into other affiliate niches. 

Besides that, I had one issue that I reached out to support. The process is that you have to submit a support ticket, but I didn't get a response on that for two or three weeks, which was kind of annoying. That was another thing I didn't really care for. 

And the last thing that really kind of got on my nerves is that you're always getting upsells from Anthony when you're in his like ecosystem. When you're in the course, he's always trying to upsell you something and get you to get another one of his programs, which really feels a bit spammy to me.

So all in all, I would say that the course has great information for just $7 a month, but only if you are okay with promoting Anthony's products and having Anthony always try to sell you stuff along the way."

Review by Pat - "I found the mindset aspect most valuable"

  • Verified Student

"Hey guys, Pat here. Today I'm going to give my experience with the Partner with Anthony Course, which I took last year. I just paid the one time $97 fee for the course instead of paying monthly, which I figured would save me some money in the long run. That gave me access to 14 sessions, which were really informative. They went over a lot of technical skills like email marketing, but what I found most valuable for myself was the mindset portion. Or, the mindset that Anthony Morrison talks about throughout the course for what it takes to be successful at online business and make a really good income online. 

I really don't think I had the belief before taking the course, but then Anthony really made me feel like it was possible to make it. So what I also like about the program in general, is that Anthony has quite a few products that you can promote so you're not just limited to one affiliate offer that might not be for everybody. There are quite a few different courses Anthony has available that anybody could find interesting or find value in and want and be interested in taking as well. 

At this point, I'm making between $250 and $500 bucks a month in profit after taking the course and promoting Anthony's products, which I'm really happy with, considering I just paid that $97 one time fee at the beginning. I'm finding some great value from it, but what kind of sucks is that you do need to put a lot of money into it. You need to invest in tools like a page builder, tracker, email manager, and stuff like that. So that costs me at least $150 bucks a month, if not a little bit more. That eats into the profit margins quite a bit and you really can't run the business without it. 

Overall I was really happy with my purchase because I am making a good amount of money from it just working part-time after my day job a bit here and there throughout the week. I even bought another one of Anthony's courses, Digital Marketing Mastermind, which I'm going through right now and learning some more valuable skills from one of the best online marketers out there."

Review by Devin - "I feel like I could have learned everything on YouTube or through trial and error"

  • Verified Student

"Hey, I'm Devin and I signed up for the Ambassador Club by Anthony Morrison a little over a year ago. Affiliate marketing caught my attention because of how straightforward of a business model it seemed to be. Of course, now I know that there is much more to it and it's not as easy as all the online gurus make it seem.

Still, I thought Anthony Morrison was a reliable source to learn affiliate marketing from and make some money promoting his courses. It's a decent course that shows you several ways to promote his courses. It trains you on email marketing, PPC ads. You even get over 200 done for you funnels, which you can use in your ads. Those were helpful because I had no idea where to start when it came to putting ads together. Paid traffic is so complex, which is why I still struggle with that today. Anthony's training doesn't really go so deep in training you how to master paid ads.

The downside of this program is that you're only selling his courses, which can limit your income. Up until now I've only gotten one person to buy one of Anthony's courses as well as a family member. So, looking back, I feel like I could have learned everything on YouTube or through trial and error.

The best part of this course has to be the funnels. Other than that, I didn't think it was worth the price tag. I realized that I would have much rather gone on to learn a different aspect of affiliate marketing. Something that someone such as Matt diggity teaches by selling affiliate niche sites.

To me, that's more of a valuable skill than just selling Anthony Morrison's courses."

Anthony Morrison's Story

Anthony Morrison head shot

Anthony Morrison's focus for figuring out the money problem came at age 22 when his dad lost his fortunes overnight because he invested his life saving into Worldcom who went bankrupt because of fraud. Anthony was trying to get into medical school at the time. Suddenly there was no money to get in, and dropping out wasn't an option. With his family in the midst of financial ruins, he decided he needs to make money, so he turned to the internet.

Andrew first got started with selling performance auto parts. He started dropshipping straight from the manufacturer. He built this business to $200K to $300K per month in revenue at 25% profit margins, so $50K to $75K per month in net profit. Internet back then had a lot of untapped opportunities and Anthony capitalized on it, still very impressive.

Then he stumbled upon affiliate marketing by mistake. He needed a credit card at the time, so he went on the website and saw "Become our affiliate" at the bottom of the site. He jumped on the opportunity and became one of the top affiliates for Chase, Bank of America, and American Express by placing ads online. This affiliate business started doing $200K per month for him as well.

His college roommate got curious, so he taught him what to do and he made $1 million by the time he graduated college. He taught his brother, Adrian Morrison, and he also made $1 million by the time he graduated.

This is when he saw the power of transferring knowledge to people, which became the foundation of his digital publishing business. Taking what's working for him online, converting it into a course and selling the course with good marketing.

What is Morrison Publishing?

Anthony Morrison has produced so many info products over the years that he created an umbrella company. Morrison Publishing LLC is the company that Anthony & his brother Adrian uses to sell all of their info products. They teach everything from e-commerce to affiliate marketing to selling online courses. They also do live events and weekly coaching calls.

Digital Marketing Academy teaches you how to start a course business. How to find a niche, how to create a course and how to use webinars, similar ones that Anthony uses to sell your course using paid traffic.

Profit Boosters is a course on optimizing your business by making minor changes that make a big difference. Things like tweaks to e-mail marketing that increase open rates. Making your website look great on mobile traffic. How to bump up the conversions on a landing page.

Partner with Anthony is a course that's only $7 per month, gives  you access to a platform with over 30 training modules and in many of the modules you're recommended to purchase softwares like ClickFunnels or Mail Chimp. The business model is to promote the Partner with Anthony as an affiliate and whenever people purchase these softwares you earn a commission. According to Anthony this is his most proud program, because he made it so cheap and so accessible. It also acts as an entry point into his funnel, where he can upsell his high ticket programs using sales people.

Digital Marketing Mastermind is access to a more exclusive group with Anthony Morrison's business partners and other mastermind members. You get a private Facebook group, mothly interviews & training.

Ambassador Club is his high ticket affiliate marketing program that costs $1497. It unlocks the ability to sell all of Anthony's courses as an affiliate. If your referral buys one program and then later on buys other products from Anthony, you still earn commission on all those purchases. You don't get access to all the programs, you simply get the ability to promote them. 


Traffic is the major difficulty in affiliate marketing. Anthony Morrison teaches solo ads. Where you buy promotional emails from people with big email lists. The problem is many of these emails end up in spam or the list is low quality with no trust established. Conversion is not good. Just look at what Anthony & his brothers are doing. They are running paid traffic because they're selling their own course so they have enough profit margins to run paid traffic. You as the affiliate, cannot because you're only making a commission. This is not enough margin to run paid ads, so you're left with solo ads. Or doing free methods like making YouTube videos or a blog, but blogging is difficult and there's no training on that from Anthony. Ultimately, all the landing pages and e-mail marketing funnels they give you is pointless without a consistent quality traffic source.

Positive Anthony Morrison Reviews

This lady uploaded an Anthony Morrison review video on YouTube on May 19, 2011, over 11 years ago. Just goes to show how long Anthony has been promoting his affiliate marketing programs. She claims she got a lot of value from one of Anthony's $20 book Advertising Profits from Home. She also has a link in her description that's no longer active, so that could've been her affiliate link to the book. 

Ed Newman makes a bunch of course review videos on YouTube. He made one of Anthony Morrison and even showed the backend where its shows that he made $400 in his first month. His presentations are not very good to be honest, he just recorded his screen of him reading a review that he typed up about Partner with Anthony program. He's making $25 commission on each sign up and you also see some $40 commission for the upsells. What Ed is doing will work to generate some sells but when the commission is so low you wonder just how sustainable it is.

  • Many of Anthony's positive reviews end up being his affiliates.

Negative Anthony Morrison Reviews

Holly Dawn Hewlett made a YouTube video on May 24, 2021, claiming that Anthony Morrison is a scammer because she has tried over a month to get a refund of $700 with no luck. She's upset because they say over and over in their videos that there's a 30 Day money-back guarantee. She joined the Facebook community and heard from a lot of members that most of Anthony's programs don't work. Anthony is promoting those programs as an affiliate. She has been asking for a refund since mid-January, so i'ts been 4 months so I can understand why she's upset.

Tan made a comment on an Anthony Morrison review blog post about purchasing the Anthony Morrison Ambassador program for $1500 and asked for a refund immediately but they refused. So he called his bank and asked for a chargeback. But their team reversed the chargeback and never reinstated his account. 


We dug deep into the different complaints we found about Anthony Morrison. The overall sentiment is not very good. IMO the biggest issue I see is that if you're going to say over and over in your webinars that there's a 30 day money-back guarantee, then you must honor that promise quickly without questions. I'm not saying this is Anthony, however I've seen affiliate marketers just throw that refund promise around to increase their conversions, counting on the fact that most people throw the white towel and give up on their refund. This is an idiotic strategy if you want to build a business that has any longevity to it. Because your online reputation is everything, especially if you're trying to sell info products. Most affiliate marketers that employ these edgy practices don't put their name on it.

Dan Miller- Anthony Morrison Student Shares His Story

Dan Miller's Background and Story

Dan Miller is a drywall finisher with 30 years of experience. At 50 years old, he faces increasing physical challenges in his job and recognizes the limited opportunities in his field. This motivated him to find an alternative source of income, so he doesn't have to work physically demanding jobs anymore. 

Current Status of Dan Miller’s Business

Dan Miller achieved early success in his new business within the first month. He made over $75 in the first few days and around $250 in the first week. By the fourth week, his earnings were already around $500. He follows Anthony's strategy that focuses on paid ads and selling products online. This process highlights ease and efficiency, notably not requiring website maintenance.

Lessons Learned on Challenges Faced

Approach to Business: Miller treats his new venture as a serious business, not as a get-rich-quick scheme. He commits to learning and scaling it. 

Learning and Adaptation: Despite having no background in social networking and a very small personal network, he effectively used the strategies taught to him and applied them to his business. 

Belief in Success: Miller expresses a strong belief in the potential of the business. He believes he can scale the business enough to replace his 9-to-5. 

What's not mentioned in the interview: Affiliate marketing is an unstable income source. It may not be the best replacement for a 9-to-5. The failure rate of the affiliate marketing businesses is a staggering 95%. Only 1% make it super-affiliate level and earn above 6 figures. 

Anthony Morrison Complaints

List of complaints from Anthony Morrison customers

  • Aggressive upsells: Once you join Partner with Anthony, you're contacted by their sales team to purchase their ambassador program for $1500. Also, seemingly every module in the training has some sort of tool that you're told to purchase and all the links are affiliate links. 
  • Support issues: We've seen some complaints on the unresponsiveness of Anthony's support staff. At the very least, Anthony does live weekly coaching calls.
  • Is it a MLM?: Some people are immediately turned off once they joined Anthony's program because you're taught to promote his program as an affiliate. Many online programs give you an opportunity to promote their program as an affiliate once you purchase. Legendary Marketer by David Sharpe is one of those programs. The big question is if the training is actually valuable or not. If the training is good, there is no complaints because you got your money's worth from the training. The training should show you a real skill that allows you to make money whether you promote their course. If the promoting the course is the only way to make money, then it starts to become more like a pyramid scheme. We found mixed feelings online about Anthony's training. Some have found value in it, while others believe it's simply a funnel to get you to promote his courses.
  • Misleading Marketing: His main course that he's promoting current, The Partner with Anthony makes it sound like he will partner with you which gives people the impression that he's going to be very hands on and work closely with you. The reality is that you will be able to promote his course as an affiliate. He has also created other funnels like promoting Clickfunnel webinars or other newsletters as an affiliate and this is what he calls Done For You. Yes the funnel has been created inside Clickfunnels for you that you can simply duplicate but this is the easy part of affiliate marketing. The hardest part is generating the traffic. You're taught solo ads which isn't known to be consistent.

Clickbank banned Anthony Morrison?

Apparently, Clickbank banned Anthony Morrison because his product had too high of a return rate. Which raises alarms for the quality of info products that he has put out over the years. I always felt that it's not possible to master so many disciplines. But I have not found concrete evidence that he was actually banned or not. Just these course review articles that regurgitate information.

There's tons of low quality info products on Clickbank as it is. To date, Anthony has produced over 30 different courses and books. So I'm sure some of those products were lower quality, but I have to give Anthony respect for his willingness to take massive action.

is Anthony Morrison a scam?

Anthony Morrison has mixed reviews on the internet. There's not enough evidence to suggest that Anthony Morrison is a scam. When you buy his courses, you're getting tangible products. The refund gets a little weird with info products, because there are people out there that unethically abuse the refund policy. They go through the info, extract the knowledge, and ask for the refund.

There has been numerous complaints about Anthony Morrison's team failing to issue a refund, which is a shame because these people are bashing his name online. However, some of these people never took action on the training. Are they generating too much customers where the refunds on these smaller programs are falling on the way side? Either way, their team should probably get this area sorted for their own sake.

As far as whether you believe his training was worth the investment or not is all subjective. A complete beginner will without a doubt get value from it and at very affordable prices.

Alternatively, you can check out other affiliate marketing courses such as Jonathan Montoya's Freedom Breakthrough.

My final thoughts on Anthony Morrison

Anthony Morrison has been coaching affiliate marketing for over 15 years, yet his funnels seem to use a lot of old-school marketing tactics to increase conversions like fake timers to create scarcity or fake live webinars. 

What's missing from his landing pages is in-depth student testimonials. If his training works as he claims he should have world shattering case studies, yet I haven't seen it.

The fact that he is teaching only solo ads for traffic generation is a concern. Chad Bartlett is another option if you're looking for an alternative affiliate marketing guru. 

I believe affiliate marketing isn't the best online business for beginners. This business model has one major flaw. Generating traffic is very difficult because ranking organically requires high-level skills because you need to go after global search terms.

Using paid ads is also difficult because you're earning commissions so often times there's not enough room for the ad spend. 

Unless you bend your ethics and begin promoting offers and landing pages that use unreasonable hype and some deceptive marketing, most affiliates are dead in the water running paid traffic.

You also need lots of traffic because the commissions per sale could be low. 

Local Lead Generation is easier, here's why

Ranking websites and generating leads for small businesses in a city is much more doable because you're not competing for global search terms. Local search terms is so much easier to rank.

The key to making money online is your ability to generate traffic effectively. That's the most important thing. Swiping e-mail marketing & done-for-you funnel isn't going to make anyone a dime unless you master traffic.

My #1 recommendation is first, focus on being able to generate traffic in local search engines, find out how here: local lead generation training

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