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Anthony Morrison - Partner With Anthony, and Morrison Publishing Reviewed
This is a full review of not only the Morrison Publishing Courses, specifically Partner With Anthony, but also of Anthony Morrison as an entrepreneur. 

Anthony Morrison head shot

Introduction to Anthony

According to the official Anthony Morrison website, he launched his first business in 2005 when he was just twenty-one. Since then, Anthony Morrison’s career has expanded exponentially.

A self-taught Internet mogul, Morrison devised a one-man business operation while attending college full-time. The success of that venture saved his family’s fortunes, and from there Anthony devised a systematic approach to entrepreneurial success. He used this to develop another eleven companies, all of which have been highly profitable. 
There's no doubt that Anthony has made it as an online entrepreneur. He has received numerous ClickFunnel Awards, including an 8 Figure and two 2 Comma Awards, proving that he is an entrepreneur who has made millions online. 
Morrison Publishing has an extensive (or is it exhaustive?) list of products (last I checked there were 26!), which include a number of books and training courses that can help you unleash the power of the internet. Anthony has learned a variety of techniques that have helped him become successful, and he offers these via Morrison Publishing that could help you make money online.
The different course logos from Morrison Publishing

Before I get to the nuts and bolts of the course, MY DISCLAIMER:
I AM NOT AN AFFILIATE. Fullstop. I don't earn money by giving favorable reviews and referring you to the course site. This means you don't get ANY bias at all. Only honest opinions. Nothing more. 

What to Expect from Morrison Publishing

Most of Morrison Publishing's training products focus on e-mail marketing, digital publishing, and e-commerce. 
  • Anthony also offers training and advice in the form of self-help books. His books and self-help DVD series, were all published around ten years ago, with his last book Automated Profits From Home, having been published in 2011.
  • Since then, Anthony has focused on building his online brand, which also includes software to help online entrepreneurs automate many of their business processes. These include monetization, tracking, and mobile traffic optimization software.
  • Morrison Publishing also offers publishing services and live events for their students. The most expensive opt-in from Anthony, is his coaching programmes, in the form of Morrison Coaching. Some of these programs run into thousands of dollars.
  • Most of Morrison Publishing's offers seem very reasonably priced on the surface. It's $7 a month here (Partner With Anthony, and Digital Marketing Mastermind), $17 a month there (Marketing Software), to flat fee courses for $97 (such as Funnel Hacks Bootcamp).
Here's a warning though: Morrison Publishing lures you in with what seems like cheap prices for training from a self-made online multi-millionaire, who seemingly just wants to help people become successful. 

But, the upsells during each of the courses or training programs are insane. Not only are the courses littered with opt-in and call-to-action buttons, but they have sales people trained to hound you into buying more detailed and better training all the time...

To illustrate, let's look at one of Anthony's programs in more detail.

Partner With Anthony program logo

The Partner with Anthony Program Breakdown

The Partner With Anthony (PWA) affiliate marketing program contains 13 sessions (modules), each with their own downloadable PDF documents and video lessons. 
Once you've reached the landing page for the course sign up, you'll notice a few things.

First off, you're met with a big heading stating:

"Looking To Build Your Online Business?

Why Not Partner With Me For 2020?"

It tells you immediately what the course should be about and why you need it. It also implies that you will be working with Anthony. Who wouldn't want to partner up with a multi-millionaire and build their business?

The next line in the yellow banner (pictured below), illustrates this point in more detail. 

Then you'll see a "LIVE" feed of Anthony. He sits at his desk at home with quirky images behind him, all done to create a sense of familiarity. Anthony tells you why he became an entrepreneur and why he wants to help you. 

He includes pics and clips of his own successes, which ncludes a clip where he was featured on CNN to build his credibility. One thing I did pick up was that with this program, Anthony will show you the exact process he used to make  "...a million dollars over ten years ago." 

I have to ask: Is this training then still relevant? It's a weird statement to make for someone who consistently makes 7 figures a year from the internet. If we sign up, do we get his old (and possibly outdated) methods, processes and strategies? 

Then, Anthony also shows small wins from his students using the PWA program. These range from a few dollars to the maximim amount shown of $227 per month.

So, straight off the bat, Anthony tells you that you are not going to make thousands of dollars per month using his affiliate program training... 

So, can you make money?


Will it be a lot, or enough to quit your job?

Doesn't seem like it...

Then there's this:

It's not "live", by the way. It's a recording and once you close the page and open it again, it starts playing again from the beginning. I can only wonder why Anthony would want you to believe that he is "live"..? 

To me, if someone says they're "live" and they are clearly not, it questions their credibility...

Also, the "Special Offer" for a "select few founding members", is nothing but sales talk. The course price has been $7 for a year now. "#transparency #honesty", right?

Anyway, moving on. Once you're through the sales pitch and move forward, you will be redirected to the purchasing page.
You'll be given a choice between $7 per month, or a once-off payment of $97 that also includes a free "Account setup call". This is where the upsells start for other training and courses and software...

When you finally get to your course dashboard, it looks like this:
(Look at all the different courses!) Once you've clicked on the PWA link inside the Your Courses Section, you'll see that the Partner With Anthony program consists of 13 sessions (modules).
Partner With Anthony Course dashboard
The first module is pretty basic, and just gives you an overview of the members area, and what to expect in the course. 

An irritating feature of the course, is that you have to wait 24 hours after completing a module for the next one to unlock. So, it takes you much longer to work through the program than is necessary. Especially since some of the modules only contain a few videos and are only a few minutes long...

To make matters worse, some of the video lessons are very basic and cover the absolute minimum of content needed to start your affiliate marketing journey.

Oh, and there is virtually no support for the course content. If you don't understand something, you have to contact the technical support team. They will only help if you have a technical query about the course platform, not the course content itself.
The most important aspects covered in the course, are:
  • Creating a capture page using ClickFunnels, to collect email leads. You set it up to automatically redirect people who subscribe to the PWA sales page through your referral. Once they've signed up, you get a small "commission". 
  • You will also be sending people emails about joining PWA, who didnt't initially sign up. You are basically retargeting people with email marketing who abandoned their "cart". It's a similar process to eCommerce retargeting. 

And that is basically the entire program in a nutshell (bar the extras). Anthony also offers you some done for you funnels, which is probably what he referred to when he said: “I’ll do mostly everything for you...” 

The problem with done-for-you funnels, is that it is a template that all his students will be using. And if all his students use the same methods and traffic sources, how effective are these funnels then, anyway? This means you still don't know anything about internet marketing...

What does PWA offer?

Partner With Anthony is a training course that teaches you how to make money with affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is a business model throuugh which you promote other people’s products online, for a commission. If they buy the product, you get a commission.

It is a legitimate business model (I have used it myself), with good earning potential (with the right products). 

Does Anthony, however, offer value with his Partner With Anthony training?

The way Partner With Anthony (PWA) works is by teaching you how to promote PWA itself, as an affiliate. So when you refer others to the same business model, and they sign up (like you did), then you earn commissions.

You also earn commissions on any tools or additional training your referrals purchase, as they progress through the training.

For example, you will need to purchase tools like ClickFunnels, Aweber (email autoresponder) and link tracking software, in order to make your business work. So if your referral goes through with the training and starts implementing the PWA business model, you earn as they subscribe. 

If it's a once-off fee for a tool or training, you get a once-off commission. But if it's a monthly subscription, then you earn a monthly commission for as long as they keep paying. This offers you a form of passive income.

It's not as good as the passive income potential from my Number One business option for 2020, but it's at least a start.

Is PWA a worthwhile course?

$7 dollars a month or $97 once off, seems like a bargain, right?

But, this program generates its true money once your inside Anthony's “eco-system”. There are higher-priced upsells and monthly subscriptions that you are forced to buy if you want to get any results.

Upsell 1: ClickFunnels

Clickfunnels gives you the tools and software to create sales funnels. It has a free 14 day trial, but after that, subscriptions are between $99 and $297 per month. 

Upsell 2: BuildRedirects

Offers you click and conversion tracking software. It costs between $19.99 and $99.99 per month.

Upsell 3: Digital Marketing Mastermind

This is Anthony Morrison’s very own membership site with more training videos and a private Facebook group that will cost $69.95 per year. 

Upsell 4: M Insider Newsletter 

Another Morrison Publishing product, featuring a monthly newsletter about optimising your campaigns and earning "even more money". $9.95 per month.

Upsell 5: Get Response

Offers email autoresponders and landing pages between $15 and $1,199 per month (depending on volumes).

Upsell 6: AWeber

An effective tool to collect email subscribers. Available between $19 and $149 per month. 

You’re going to need to sign up to all of these monthly subscriptions if you want to implement the training, promote Partner With Anthony and see results.

That means even if you go for the lowest priced package options in each case, the best case scenario is that you’re going to need to shell out a whopping $159.99 per month (plus $69.95 per year and $9.95 if you want Anthony's additional training and tips). 

That's a lot of additional expenses that you did not budget for...

(Ps: My #1 Online Business Model for 2020 has no hidden or unforeseen expenses. You don't even have a marketing budget... Oh, and don't forget about the massive potential to generate a passive income! Check it out by following the link below.)

Review Conclusion of Partner With Anthony

For a modest (some might even argue generous) fee, you get access to a fair amount of training. And you can definitely make money promoting PWA as an affiliate. But that is all you'll be doing.

In essence, the course is actually nothing more than a sales gimmick to promote PWA. Rather than teach you how to earn money as an affiliate for millions of products of YOUR choosing, you end up promoting only Anthony's product. To me, this is a very one-sided partnership, where he reaps most of the benefits.  

And let's not forget the dozens of add-on and upsell products that he suggests you buy from Morrison Publishing in order to be successful at (his version of) affiliate marketing. 

With the PWA program, you will not learn how to be an independent affiliate marketer, nor how to build your own affiliate marketing business around something that you enjoy. You also don't learn anything about internet marketing to help you be a successful affiliate marketer.  

Instead of getting people to buy something from you that you are passionate about, you end up selling Anthony's course to more people (like you) in the way that he subscribes. 

In conclusion:

In short, your partnership entails collecting email leads and promoting PWA as an affiliate. Thus, you are “partnering” with Anthony by learning how to promote his program. This is how the partnership benefits - both of you make money from each sale.

If you are eager to learn about affiliate marketing and being a successful online entrepreneur, then I don't suggest this course.

However, if you are a big fan and don't mind partnering up for Anthony, then you might find it interesting (and even make a few dollars per month - although that is not guaranteed).  

Partner With Anthony program logo

What I like:

  • Good content, teaching the basics behind affiliate marketing.

What I didn't like:

  • Limited to only one module per day.
  • Too many upsells. From $7 per month to at least $169 per month, is a huge jump.
  • Poor support.
  • Not the best online business model in 2020

Is Affiliate Marketing the right fit for you in 2020?

First off, you need to know what affiliate marketing is and how it works. The two sentence version is: 

To get started with affiliate marketing, you’d pick an interest, build a website, get traffic to the website, and refer the traffic to relevant products and services to make money. These products or services will then give you a comission if a referral (from you) buys from them. 

There are many different ways to make money with affiliate marketing. I've used it to generate some cash in the past and even have reviews on some of the Affiliate Marketing courses available. 

Based on experience though, it is a tough business model for beginners to make money.

You have to be a master at:
  • Knowing which products and/or services to sell. 
  • Researching and knowing your market/audience to whom you're selling.
  • Marketing: You need to know how to set up your sales funnels, which include marketing and retargeting with email campaigns. Instead of traditional sales methods, you need to know everything about digital marketing. And remember that ad costs constantly go up, eating away at your profits.
Getting the right products can be tricky. You need to know your niche and what sells. You have to know a winning product when you see one and be creative in your marketing if you're selling an old product.

To be more effective, you also need the right tools to automate your business as much as possible. These cost money and have an impact on your bottom line. 

Marketing has also become increasingly difficult. The whole process of getting winning ads on Facebook and showing it to the right audience is not as easy as it was 18 months ago. Another consideration is the increasing costs (and effectiveness) of marketing across all digital platforms. 

FB Ad Costs rise 90 percent year-on-year
These are all things to consider before deciding on affiliate marketing.

What's the alternative to Affiliate Marketing?

Luckily, there are tons of options to make money online in the digital age. I have tried my hand at many of them with varying degrees of success. I've had successes with affiliate marketing, dropshipping, Amazon FBA, digital agency (selling SEO and social media services) and lead generation.

There's only one business model though, that has consistently outperformed all the others - combined!

And it's done this for me for several years now. 

Here's one of my lead gen sites that I created a few years ago. Since then I haven't made many changes to it, and it still ranks Number One on Google's organic searches. 
Lead gen offers true passive income.

And unlike affiliate marketing, you don't have to:
  • constantly search for new, "winning/hot" products &/ services.
  • There are no new marketing skills to learn as the platforms change their algorithms. You don't need to constantly monitor and test your ad sets as you do with affiliate marketing.
  • You don't have to worry about marketing at all. Lead gen gets 100% FREE organic traffic from Google. 
Lead Generation makes me $50k per month, whereas I made $7.5k a month at the best of times with affiliate marketing.

There's no competition, really. 

Local lead generation is my hands-down number one business choice for 2020 and beyond. 

Want to know more? Scroll down and follow the link. 
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